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Date men and women from Arizona, United States. I don't know about the rest of you, but I really don't care for having to describe myself. I'd rather be asked questions which I would answer honestly and directly. The best description of this person in the winter picture is a well educated, well read, but still true to his simple country roots and work ethic. I may describe myself as average build because my body has not met my criteria of toned but I eat right and exercise. Snow sports are my passion but there are many others I do that don't require cold. I'd love to learn how to surf. . It is far better to participate. don't you think so? Life to seems
more fun to participate than to sit back and watch too!
Do you like to experience new things or places? I am intrigued by new experiences.
Are you tired of how complicated life can get? Sometimes, it is better to step back, calm down, and check out the other options.
So who am I looking for? A friend to start out with who likes to do interesting activities and at the same time enjoy life while inhabiting this earth. To admire nature, somedays challenge the mind or just kick back after a tough week. Nothing ventured is nothing gained. My armor may be dented some, but it is still there containing a gentleman who takes on all challenges.
I guess I better put out this warning. I am a sucker for animals, kids, charities ( the girls scouts know I will buy cookies even though I don't like them). I know my way around the kitchen and clean as I work. I clean up well and I can be non-embarassing at cocktail parties but I really prefer my jeans. I do know which is the salad fork but love eating with chopsticks. I choose to work for a non-profit but I was a professional. My jeep is a rescue from a farm yard, fun to drive and is the ultimate convertible. Keep me away from farmers and ranchers or english becomes a second language. I don't mind getting dirty and will help when asked. I won't admit to knowing wines until cornered since I really like Irish ales.
I love being outdoors. Will let you know what type of music I don't like but I will give it a chance and my iPod is 7 days worth full. So I am pretty open. The arts interest me. Good company make the world go around. I pack light and love to travel on the fly. As of July, 8, 2012 just returned from a trip to Alaska and back with the dogs
If you would like to know more, please write, I will answer

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. My friends describe me as consistent. I strive to live my life by a book called -"the Four Agreements" .. Easy read, life changing, easy concepts, leads to a life of less drama.I support a grassroots pediatric cancer charity..I want to meet someone who smiles easily and often,with a positive outlook that likes to laugh.I believe laughter is "the best medicine" . A good communicator who can think outside the box would be a good fit. I am spiritual without subscribing to any one religion.If you dont have photo's up on match ,please dont expect a response.
Some other things about me:
I believe in being friends first with whoever I meet her in "matchland". Then I will let nature takes its course.
I like seafood- however, I do not care much for sushi
I like the outdoors and doing things outdoors- However, I do not own hiking boots and I gave the last pair I owned away.
If your looking for a sushi loving ,hiker who attends weekly church services we definitely are not a match.
If you didnt get the humor I was trying to get across in the 3 previous sentences we probably arent a match either.I hope I was able to make at least one person laugh, reading the end of my profile, because you cant take any of this on or life in general too seriously

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. Hi, thanks for looking ... I'm a pretty normal guy and like doing all kinds of things including day trips, sports, working out, camping, hiking, travel, Jeeping ... basically anything outdoors, and civilized things like reading, dining out, concerts, theater, shopping (hey, I raised a daughter), art shows/festivals, wine, coffee, and (deep!) conversation.
It would be awesome to find someone with a great sense of humor and can take life as it comes. Compatibility and shared interests are also important since I read somewhere that the more two people have in common the less they have to fight about. :) I'm definitely not looking for perfection, just someone where we're perfect for each other. Either that or someone independently wealthy and very generous (ha!). Seriously, everyone seems to be intent on finding the right person but how about working on being the right person (just saying)? Also, honesty and trust are huge since I don't think it's possible to have any kind of relationship without them.

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. I just moved to Arizona and would like to meet new people and hope to become friends. I lived in Kansas all my life til i moved here to start my business. "A Natural Nutrition" pet food company.
I stay busy working, I like to go camping, walks, movies traveling. I would like to find smoeone to spend time with, go on walks, movies and have fun with. I am a good listner.

Date a man from Arizona, United States. My faith in Jesus Christ is the most important thing to me. I try to make everyday the best I can.
I like to travel, and do things without planning. I like music mostly classic rock, blues, I've been playing the drums forever. I love sports I play golf,workout, tennis. I Played competitive sports in college.
I feel I'm kind, loving, Faithful, and honest. I don't play games, and I'm very easy going.

Meet people from Arizona, United States. Successful and well educated professional... good core values from small town Midwestern upbringing and quite fit and muscular from an active lifestyle... im a loyal guy and NOT a "player" at all.... No drama queens or pretentious facades, Please........ My kids are predominantly grown and gone and its time to find a special someone... ;) Looking for a fit, attractive woman to enjoy life and its adventuress,,, ;=))

Date men and women from United States. I think men should not have man purses. I don't care what you call them. Wearing a fanny pack to the mall doesn't work for me either. I believe you have to add 3-5 years to a lot of people's picture on this site. But not mine. Just because you have nice things does not make you materialistic. I believe in long sexy kisses. I think politicians cannot be trusted but I don't think all lawyers are scum. I believe people make the world go round but will also destroy it. I believe in long conversations while sipping wine or coffee. I believe a warm hug works wonders. So do neck and foot massages. Laughter will make you live longer! I love sporting events but not fantasy sports. Most guys I know doing that have a boring marriage. If guns kill people, then spoons made Rosie Odonnell fat. I believe that music is a wonderful art that brings people together. I think a man should know how to build a camp fire, change a tire, barbeque a steak, make home repairs and open a car door for a lovely woman. I believe a couple should also be a team and watch each other's back. I believe in mutual compromise. I believe that you should care about your appearance; without being vain. I believe that you shouldn't get faith confused with religion. I believe 2 heads are better than one if they are on two different bodies. I have a fever and the only cure is more cowbell!!! One of my favorite things to do with someone special is lie in bed naked on freshly cleaned sheets still warm from the dryer, talking about what we can do tomorrow... or this morning...or the rest of the afternoon..... lol.
I own a tux for black tie events, I'll shoot pool in the local dive bar, I'm a wine connoisseur and love to cook at home. But I also love the fine restaurants we have here like Mastros and Eddy Vs. Love a nice cabin in the woods but also love to "rough it" in my tent trailer that has a shower, king size beds, toilet, heater, stove etc I have no debt and 6 weeks of vacation so I like to travel for fun. Love the tropical places, Love the mountains, love NYC! Been to Paris but ready to go Italy and Japan. But I am waiting for a special someone to do that with.

Meet a soulmate from United States. Looking for .
unbridled passion and love than a mutual addiction caused by the two.
The heart is a universe of infinite possibilities to be explored by my new baby and me.
We can do anything or nothing on any given day because we know that we'll end up with our lips whisper close and our bodies intertwined

Date someone special from United States. hi , I guess I'm kinda good looking , I like to keep busy by doing almost anything , even cleaning house , and yard work . I'm kinda GQ looking , keep my hair clean cut , ( old school fade ) keep my truck clean to . I'm kinda laid back and just like to have fun. I like woman who are confident , but then can relax to . I like kinda full figured woman , just a little to pinch ! I love to be afectionette and hold hands always . can you help !!

Meet single man from United States. Dear wandering heart,
I am an honest, honorable, most of all trustworthy- looking for depth in communication to bridge the gap between where we are to friendship, and a relationship that focuses on growth in a lasting partnership.
Silence and a held hand will do wonders when the need to “do” something overwhelms us. One last bit of effort or kind word could bring back harmony. I think we should help each other reach our full potential as individuals and a couple.
I am secure and happy with myself. If you have a ghost in your past, then let’s talk about it and not bury the issue. We like to touch and be touched and are able to express our affection whenever the mood strikes. We can separate work from home and we like to explore and take road trips to find weekend getaways, camping spots as well, travel anywhere we can be together like a day at the beach, exploring roadside geology and tramping off road, stargazing when warm. , A trip to the mountains, Southern Utah Red Rocks at Arches, Bryce, Zion, Capital Reef Natl. Parks, ANY Beach. We value our independence but want to be cared for as well. We communicate our needs, wishes and dreams to each other and allow participation on the journey. My humor is somewhat dry and observational, some times sarcastic or dark, but ends with a laugh and a lesson learned maybe. Laughing, security, and no fear-excited to take each new step together.
Oh yeah-ill cook for you sometimes as well and DEFINITELY no asparagus! Flowers or candles on the table?? Rose petals on the floor?---okay, too much on the petals thing, unless that just makes you crazy in which case submit your request in writing.

Date a man from United States. I m out go in and looking for some one that i can make veryhappy that would make me smile .i have a good job and proud of it .grateful for a good health.I hope to attract.someone that s a good life right know is on stop because im looking for the special person.things that make me laugh are very rear . im look in a relation for some that loves and get along with me.most passionate for the lady i m with to look sexy at any time.

Meet people from United States. My perfect match would have to be a person who can enjoy life and share her qualities socially and physically, yet, enjoy quiet, fun and romantic settings with special company. I am from the East Coast, born in Philly, raised in Boston. I have a new grandson and love that role. My family is important to me but know how to distance them when needed. I love the mountains, ocean and woods. My hobbies include writing, camping, weekend getaways. I am a little bit risky, spontaneous and hope you are to. I try to fit in everywhere. I hope to find someone who has intrests the same but is willing to explore new ventures. I am hoping that is you.