Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Corona de Tucson, 52 year old

Date single man from Corona de Tucson, United States. I am a little bit confused in life right now starting over after 20 years. I still love watching football and having a good times with friends and family.
I have two dogs and one cat, walk one of the younger dogs almost nightly.
Love to go to Cholla Bay with ATVs and swim in the ocean all day with no worries in the world!
Looking for a fun loving women that wont want to change me one bit and will watch NFL football with me.

Meet people from Corona de Tucson, United States. I just realized it is time to update this. So after some time on here I have realized that I don't have what everyone is looking for.
I spend ten hours a day every day at the gym. I want to make sure I have big strong arms to hold you with. After, I eat all natural organic foods only grown with natural spring water with no pesticides and harvested by hand. After I eat I have to balance my time memorizing Lifetime movies, helping the elderly, rescuing puppies, reading romance novels, practicing my stand up comedy and looking in the mirror trying to decide if I should change my hair color to dark and handsome. That doesn't leave much time left of my day, but the time it does leave I spend with a therapist to learn warm, caring, hygiene, honesty, chivalry, charity, giving, listening for hours to all of your problems, and making sure I do not have a hair out of place. Then I like to travel all over the world with my independent wealth and try to end everyone elses problems which leaves very little time for vacations.
OK, none of that is true. But maybe out of all of it I have a few.
I hope that person exists for some people, but it isn't me.