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Date people from Arizona, United States. Greetings girls! July 2012... I sold my home here in Havasu and I'm looking for property in the Phoenix area. I'm a retired police officer who's searching for a companion who enjoys similiar interests. Fitness is a big part of my life. The gym is my second home and I take daily street hikes...even in the heat. I am a firm believer in a healthy moderate life style. Fitness has been a lifelong commitment and I believe my mate should feel the same. I will admit however, that I am a sucker for home made chocolate chip cookies! My perfect match is not as complicated as you think...I just want you! The first step is friendship. I'll visit your home and world and you visit mine. We all have life experiences of likes and dislikes that have shaped us into what we are today. Bring all of that with you as we blend our minds, hearts and treasures together. With those building blocks, we will create a life and form an unbeatable team that will carry us into our golden years. Let's get started!
BTW...there is certainly no hard feelings if my profile is not of interest to you. Likewise, the same should hold true. Internet dating appears to be a huge challenge. We're all looking for the same thing...we want to find that special person who we can CELEBRATE the rest of our lives with. Best of luck to you with your search!

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. HER:
She will be genuine, trusting,my best friend and my lover. She will enjoy being with good friends, outgoing and vibrant. She will be attractive, making me smile when she enters the room. She will prefer being casual, but stunning when she wants to be. She will bring an unexpected chemistry. She will be a hand holder and sensual. She will like to be pampered, but not high mainteance. We will be able to share a list of why we love and appreciate each other. We'll enjoy travelling, being out of the city, dining with close friends, the outdoors,our mountain home and most importantly simply staying at home together.
I am caring, supportive, open and committed to those that I love. I am affectionate, sensitive and romantic to the one I love. I have fallen in love at first sight, but realize that love and trust often take time to flourish. I am open minded, not in any hurry and will enjoy making new relationships, but I am monogomous and hope to have that type of relationship again. Love, lover, trust and frienship all in one.
Genuine, independant and entrepreneurial describe me. Honesty and trust have allowed me to be successful. I am outgoing with an upbeat perspective and comfortable in most situations. I appreciate and prefer the outdoors, hiking, flyfishing and golfing, but also enjoy fine restaurants and entertaining good friends. Fitness is important, my workout partner is my athletic 24 year old son. My faith and family are most important to me.

Date a man from Arizona, United States. I'm not good at talking about myself. But little kids and animals make me smile. I'm most proud of my life with my wife before nshe died and our children and my career. I'm grateful for having fond memories of my life up till now. I don't have much of a social life but, once I get out there, I seem to be a lot of fun. I'm just looking for someone to relate to. I'm most passionate about living life and doing what we want on earth while we can without offending anyone else. I'm also pretty passionate about injustices in life such as prejudice and people judging others without knowing them first. I hope I didn't sound like an idiot!

Meet men and women from Arizona, United States. I have my own place with the dogs. I perfer to listen to soft rock and western music than watch TV other than the 5pm News that I enjoy. I would perfer a friend with benifits to start with without any commitments. I enjoy going to the casino playing slots keno and bingo once in a while not a habit. Enjoy keeping my house up and in middle of tile the whole house! Enjoy garge sales and looking for something differant. Open to all things within reason.

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. im 60 dob 7/26/51 born in colo. spent 3 yrs in gelnhausen germany with good ole uncle sam had fun. retired from 20 yrs of service with the v.a. hospital here in prescott. currently living at orchard ranch rv park between p.v.@ dewey enjoying the rv life im 6ft 160lbs br hair ;hazel eyes. not into games ,not interested. im a semi pro photographer nature also a pro scroller work with wood @ plastics also known as plexiglass.seeking lady with similar interests. love to read history to sci-fi love music everything from big band to new age not a new ager however. hate rap kinda like to dance but my feet go in different directions so i just dont dance. im a leo seeking a saggitarian.bye for now


Date people from United States. Hello, I'm a very happy go lucky Guy, with a great sense of humor. I'm from Az., ! These are pictures of me 2 yrs ago When I was working in BC Canada.I haven't gotten around to get some new ones. Since then I dropped 30lbs got rid of the gotee, still have the truck and old Jeep. I'm now back in the valley of the sun Thank God. I enjoy the outdoors and love to go out, just to see the scenery. But I would rather camp at the Holiday Inn. I like to fish but haven't in a long time. I enjoy cooking and can make a killer chicken enchilata. And of course a good Margrita. I also Paint watercolours when.I get the time. I love animal, espeacailly dogs although I don't have any.
I'm looking for a lady my age , that takes pride in herself, someone adventuIreous and enjoyes the outdoor. But like to dress up for a night out.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I'm a science professor and a parent of two wonderful young men, one in college and one in grad school.
I'm looking for a long-term relationship with someone special who is progressive, sweet and loving, pro peace and diversity, and passionate about her avocation.
I'm a progressive democrat, loving, kind, and romantic.
In addition to spending time with family and friends, I like hiking (especially in Sedona), swimming, conversation, music, art, theater, astronomy, movies, dining out, and traveling (California beaches, NYC, Maui).
And of course roses, champagne, and strawberries!

Date a man from United States. Looks are important. This old man needs a trophy granny. When we go out I want to show you off. In turn, considerately, I will carry an extra pair of reading glasses.
Fresh food matters. To that end, I began marking items that didn’t already have “best if used by” timestamps, especially because, getting older, I didn’t want my memory to fail. I’ve even been a cereal dater, but stopped writing on the boxes when I cut down on processed carbohydrates.
My pictures are so recent that, with the miracle of time prolapsed technology, they are actually taken in the future! The July 4th photo shows how I will look when we spend our Xmas together in Hawaii or the Caribbean.
Seriously, I would tell myself that having no woman is better than having the wrong woman. Yet, as some of you who have been living without a partner for some time understand, we enter this online venture with trepidation. Accordingly, I’m empathetic to those with low self esteem when it comes to approaching and interacting with the opposite sex. While I ask for a lot in the woman I wish to meet, I accept that I may fall short of her expectations. Still, where I have and will continue to change is in interacting with people - growth as a better human being - more patient, more caring, more loving, more understanding.
You are evolving, too. We both feel the whole is better than the sum of the parts and strive not just for each other but the synergy of being a couple. We also know when not to take ourselves too seriously and aren’t afraid to laugh at ourselves to keep perspective.
While I will courteously respond to all overtures, here are some points you should consider if you are deciding on whether to wink, email, IM, or favorite me.
I get to a lot of corners of Maricopa County and beyond, but I am pretty much a North and Central Valley of the Sun person. Accordingly, all of Scottsdale, Phoenix, Cave Creek, Carefree, New River, Anthem, Paradise Valley, and parts of Peoria are candidates for interacting with you frequently and without spending a lot of time and gas in transit.
Be at least 5’6” tall in your bare feet. I don’t care if you are taller than 6 ft, either.
A few years out of my age range is OK, but if you are just out of high school or you think that using “like” and “so” multiple times in a spoken thought makes you likeable by dumbing down to the mass, you are projecting yourself to me as an “airhead”. I am financially stable but nobody’s sugar daddy.
I characterize my political beliefs as reflective and pragmatic. Issues vital to me cross the political spectrum. I’m looking for action from Congress and common-sense over ideology.
Tattoos and piercings or body jewelry (earrings excepted) are a turn-off. I respect a woman’s right to choose her hairstyle, but I am not particularly fond of the short do. To me it makes a woman look colder and less feminine than mid to longer length styles. If we otherwise click I would hope you would consider growing it out. We both can pursue healthy natural ways to keep our looks. Makeup is certainly OK, but pancake belongs on a plate, not on your face Also potions are powerful. A little perfume goes far. Subtlety, please.
While I like animals, love kids, and respect all faiths, I’m not on to date your dogs, your children, or Jesus. Please tell me about and show me you. Pretend for a moment that you really are fresh to the social scene. Go back to before you married, had a family, acquired exes, became an empty nester, began overdoing junkets with girlfriends to Ft McDowell, or acquired a lot of pets to fill the void.
If you were blessed to have had and raised children I know that they will always be in 1st place in your heart and that is how it should be. But I want to believe – as the first guy did before you had children together – that someday I can hope to share 1st place.
Thanks for viewing my profile. You will always be in 1st place with me.

Meet men and women from United States. Conformity is a concept I’ve never quite come to grips with. As a kid I seldom stayed in the lines when I colored and my stories like my pictures were consistently more colorful and diverse than the others… So it’s not as if I woke up one morning and decided to bare my soul to a group of total strangers in the off chance that one of the single women might feel we have something in common and contact me… or write so little that substance and fault are undetectable.
I’ve spent the last twenty four years being a parent and the last seven of those as a single dad. I’m awed by the accomplishments of my three sons and avoid taking any credit, after all, the debt we owe your parents we pay to your kids and in my case I feel that account will never be satisfied. My parents shaped me with an abundance of love and an exemplary marriage which brimmed with resolve, compromise compassion and affection. They helped craft and hone those essential parenting skills and after all these years I can say with modest certainty… I did them proud… I’ve a deep passion for what I do and for now I can’t see myself slowing down.
I’ve dated periodically over the past number of months; I’ve kissed my share of frogs, met my share of “misrepresentations,” and met a few heart stoppers. I guess that’s the way of the world, and my unfaltering enthusiasm remains intact… of course I lie…
I shun using words like chemistry, spark and connection to describe a relationship for fear we relegate ourselves into carrying a zippo lighter, copy of the periodic table and set of jumper cables. I want what Mom and Dad had… that old fashion love that’ll carry you through till you draw your last breath. Yea I get it...endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine… but I’m talking about that deep abiding love, forged, cast, cut, etched into every fiber of our being…. That love, that fulfillment only satisfied with loving someone who loves me, caring for the woman who cares for me, indulging my dreams… knowing that the love of a woman will go a long way in fulfilling that part of my life, “that wanting”…that wanting to share, sharing intimacy, sharing lives, sharing the passion that comes with a single kiss or passing glance. I want to share the beauty of the moment, laughter, good food, great wine, tenderness, thoughtfulness, family, and friends.
There is a profound sense of excitement, of gratification, “of being,” when you’re in love. There is a required level of intelligence that allows for that graceful transition from one phase to the next, not mistaking comfort for complacency, each partner equally charged with finding their own happiness within that relationship, while ever mindful of the needs and wants of the other. For what other reason would we be here? Thanks for your time.


Meet single man from United States. Hello,
A little about me...
I have many interests and like to share them. I also like to discover new interests. So, I would like to hear of others interests and appreciate when they share them. Life is so full of things to discover. It is amazing. I don't really watch TV, I like a movie or something interesting though; not really much of a drinker; vape some; live on the simple side of life; not into much drama; former aerobatic Private Pilot; believe in taking care of it and moving onto more interesting pursuits (hopefully fun ones). I have been in AZ for only about 1.5 yrs. So, there are many pursuits remaining.
Note: I was married 20 yrs ago. So, now I consider myself single, but that isn't a choice on this site.
About the one I'm looking for...
It would be very nice if the person for whom I am looking would like to share their interests; would be open to the new and embrace change. Good & accurate self image, and not egocentric would be a good place to start.
I'd just like to add...
An open heart and open mind leading to an enriched and fullfilled life. Also, I do enjoy taking photos of birds.