Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 62 year old

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. I know I don't look my age & I don't feel it either...........I'm not much for writing about myself but I am spontaneous love to take trips in the beautiful USA.I have been divorced for a little over 6 years enjoy my free time off.I am a slender 6' 3' Irish Boy(decedent) weigh 200 lbs.I enjoy honest company conversation.I don't have lots of baggage I'm not looking to fix anyone.I hope you take a second look maybe a listen.Boredom Dullness are strangers here.I think people should be okay by themselves then look for the right person to complete their life..........

Meet men and women from Arizona, United States. I am a very compassionate, easy going gentleman looking for a lady to be my best friend. companion, and lover; intending to spend the rest of my life with her. I am a neat freak, but not demanding. I enjoy quite evenings at home. I race model boats. I like my quite time, so if you like to read or need your space, I will work on my boats. I have 2 German Shepherds that are my family now. I am loyal, trustworthy, and very dependable; and above all honest. I love peace & tranquility. I am a home body by choice, and my yard & dogs require my attention. I like to work in my yard and enjoy it with my dogs. I have never been a player and don't intent to start now. I'm just searching for that special lady to enjoy life with, to please and be happy with.

Date a man from Arizona, United States. Just retired 12-28-11. Looking for a life partner to share travel and adventures. I am honorable, honest and loyal. Looking for the same in her. Communication skills a must. I have lived in Alaska for 36 years and have loved every bit of it from hiking,to biking, to fishing, to hunting, to skiing, to 4wheeling, to camping and snowmobiling. Love to travel and plan to do much more in retirement. I bought a home in Fountain Hills and relocated here in January Although my career was as as a successful chiropractor and business owner, nothing has been more rewarding than raising my daughter as a single parent since she was 2 years old(she's 21 now). I grew up in Iowa on the farm in a large family. I still maintain the traditional Midwest values. Life is too short to take too much seriously other than God, family, and respect. Looking for someone with similar values,easy to laugh, physically active, able to travel, able to communicate, can be herself, confident but not arrogant. And likes my sense of humor!

Meet people from Arizona, United States. I have a zest for living with an interest in any and all things of beauty. That includes music, art, scenery, food, friends, people and their relationships with each other, movies, performance arts, etc. Family and service to others have always been of utmost importance to me. I enjoy trying new things and, if I like them, even try them again. I am a faithful partner, father, and friend. Enjoy athletics and outdoor activities. Character; my own and that of those who are close to me, is very important. I have a creative mind. I love my work with children and my colleagues. (P.S.: Those daily hugs and smiles Rock!!) I would certainly love to travel and read more than I have lately, but that will come. I have a very positive outlook on life and prefer to surround myself with people who are like minded. I LOVE being among people; am daily surrounded by dozens of very sociable students and close friends. But can also appreciate a bit of quiet time as well.
Others have offered that I am funny, witty, genuine, loyal, quirky, a little sassy (in a positive way), kind, generous, thoughtful, compassionate, a people person, physically fit, athletic, creative, caring, occasionally stubborn, honest, monogamous, elegant (a surprise to me), sweet, playful, energetic, and extremely romantic. Oh, and did I leave out modest. :- ) Don't let all the pictures of suits and hats fool you. Jeans and other comfy clothes are most often for me! I also possess a double Masters Degree in Social Studies and Education and am frequently listed among Who's Who Among Educators In America. So, maybe I'm kind of smart. Or maybe I just fooled them. :-)
I very much love dancing; used to teach ballroom briefly, but I do not care for the "meat market" environment of many nightclubs. Celebrating with friends, family and/or my special lady in an enteraining environment is one thing, but looking for love among night club "barflies" has never been of interest to me. But I do enjoy a toast among friends.
It is nice that some members can show pictures of the expensive material goods that they possess, talk about the different exotic international locales they travel to every weekend or so, or have adventures such as hang gliding through live volcanoes. I love to travel, be adventurous, and have a few nice things as well. However, long before any of this, I wish to meet a woman whose soft and gentle kiss gives me the sensation of thousands of tiny champagne bubbles exploding in my brain. One whose hug, or even a simple caress, will send noticeable currents of electricty travelling through my body. . . while at the same time putting me at ease and making me feel both loved and secure. One whose simple entrance into any room can and will brighten up my whole world. And whatever happens after that is a bonus. :-) I also wish to have a marriage based upon love, trust, respect, faithfulness, and a mutual admiration which truly has reason to exist..and I DO NOT intend to settle for less.
I'd like my "special someone" (the love of my life) to have a great sense of humor, abundant energy, intelligence (it's sexy), love to flirt with her "one and only", have a love of life, a great imagination, a keen sense of romance, and love family and all children. (My own are now 25, 22, and 17 years old.) It would be great if she can enjoy "exploring the people and things of the world" and, of course, great chemistry is a must. I do very much enjoy spending time with my "special one"; either alone or with family and friends. And I certainly look forward to finding you . . . wherever you are! :- )

P.S: I thank those who have sent "winks". But I really don't know what to make of them; to understand whether they're just a sign of passing interest or a more serious one. So, if you have a more serious interest, I would appreciate an e-mail that would make things a little clearer to a mind as simple as min

Date single man from Arizona, United States. I have my Arizo6'2, blue eyes, 180# looking for younger woman. I love long hair, don't drive. Live within 12 hour from Phoenix East Valley. Very compassing. Looking for long relationship or just fun. I have a full beard and long hair. Looking for my friend to take photos soon. I love my rock and roll. I am alsu a cat lover, I have two. My name is Al Reed, but I go by Sgt Pepper. Air Force veturn.. I don't care for sports. I am a big Teddy bear hippy with a full beard. I have a marijuna liicence for charnin pain. I need to reneew it. I am easy it. I am very happy, but I am longly.. I am a Vietnam era Air Force. I never was in trouble with the llaw. I like beer, marijjuana (legally.)

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I am described by all of my friends as a nice guy. I prefer to think of myself as a teddy bear. because I am gentle and caring. Not to mention how much I love kissing, hugging, and cuddling. I have a great sense of humor, and keep people laughing.
I am a former athlete ( tennis and basketball ) who has gotten out of shape the last few years. I attribute this to the lack of a woman in my life, since there's no one to impress. But I have been fit and can be again with a little encouragement.
I am totally reliable, and make a great and loyal friend. My mother made damn sure that I would respect women, maybe not to pedestal status but close. I am retired now, so my time is flexible. I love intellectual pursuits. educational TV, avid reader. I am very open-minded and still have a strong sexual appetite even after all these years.
Everyone wants to know about my family, but they are all dead, so I don't have much to say other than that I really miss them. But I can enjoy other people's families.
Looking for:
open-minded woman with a keen sense of humor who enjoys physical intimacy . preferably well-educated. quick-witted and never boring.
There is an old engineering saying that the perfect is the enemy of the good. That means passing up really good relationships in pursuit of Ms. Wonderful is counter productive. I don't have the years to waste on this fool's errand, so even if I am not your Mr. Ideal, contact me anyway. Just maybe we could have some fantastic years together. And comitment is not a four letter word to me.

Date someone special from United States. Well mannered with a sense of humor and a dash of passion. Throw in financially and physically fit along with easy to get a long with. Great relationships with my daughters. Like being around family and friends make me a solid contender. We both decide on the chemistry's important , but I have to tell you I am not perfect :-)
My partner would be attractive (to me), romantic,easy to talk with, affectionate, confident, independent,financially secure, educated, and not perfect. It would be great to have some common interests and some that we do not share. She should be independent enough to travel domestically and internationally several times a year for two to four weeks preferably.
I do home exchanges when traveling. Last summer Spain 6 wks and this past June Germany 5 wks. The whole world is out there waiting for us....sunsets, beach walks, mountain vistas...making memories.
Laughter and a positive outlook make for good times. I'm a happy person and I'm looking for a happy person.
Great relationships help the world go around. I believe in enjoying each day and start by counting my blessings. There is an old Irish saying that goes " when I count my blessings I count you twice"....wouldn't it be nice ??

Meet men and women from United States. I have been all over the world and the simple mysteries of life are still what excites me... I am curious and see the life in everything. I live outside of the box, and i enjoy the serenity of being - wherever i am. I live fully, take risk, learn, and trust. What else is there...
I love nature and know the voices of creation. i know Silence and the mystery there. I see the unseen magic. I love walking the un-travelled path.
I teach Earth and Self Awareness for many years now. Can you believe it, i actually teach folks how to have fun, enjoy life, and see beyond the obvious. I love what i do. I am inspired with everyone, i mean, come on, we are all pretty amazing in our own way right...
I can speak well when I need to but I am quiet by nature. I enjoy listening. Everyone has a wisdom which facinates me. I love to read, watch movies, take walks, hold hands, and I am a hopeless romantic.
I value authentic expression, i value wonder and those not afraid to just be who they are. Romance and mutual respect are important.
If you enjoy the simple things, and spontaneity, well...that's how everything begins isn't it. This whole on-line thing is new for me and is a bit of a stretch for me. So, here i am.
Anything is possible.

Date a man from United States. My way of being is pragmatic; I get things done and philosophically spiritual; flow like water, burn like fire mixing elixirs.
Actions arise from the intuitive and instinctual.
Those who seek me do so for ecstatic spiritual and sensual engagement.
We walk together not as a couple, instead as Jung described ideal love: '... inner freedom means a love relation can no longer fetter us; the other sex has lost its magic power over us for we have come to know its essential traits in the depths of our own psyche.
We shall not easily 'fall in love' for we can no longer lose ourselves in someone else.'
Here passion is authentic, every engagement a celebration filled with gratitude.
I have experienced and seen the amazing in events, moments and people.
I am a connoisseur of life and love.
When I say flow like water, it is to be in the time you are in.
These days (be 63 on August 2) I've learned to live an aesthetic life style to remain financially secure.
My mind is alive with curiosity, imaginative and creativity.
My body is fit and relaxed - I bike, walk, sometimes run, be in my yoga, dance and play, swing a racquet and a golf club.
My appetite ranges from the mundane to the ecstatic.
Astrologically I'm a Leo sun in the ninth house conjunct Mercury and Pluto with the moon on the ascendant in Scorpio. I have completed my second Saturn return and now play an infinite game.
Life is poiesis, poetry in action.
I know that there's nothing bigger than the little things; a word, a touch, an acknowledgement.
For you who this sort of man is appealing, I welcome your communication.

Meet people from United States. What are you looking for in a relationship ?
What type of person are you hoping to attract ?
What are the things in life your most passionate about ? Are you looking for a loyal man who wants to adore and love you ?

Date single man from United States. After having an epiphany, I have decided to take things much slower, explore alternative possibilities, see what's out there, meet free thinking women and have a jolly good time doing it - an open mind is essential for this to work out - no room for possessiveness or jealousy on your end or mine. I will afford you all the space and freedom required for you to lead a independent lifestyle and I expect the same from you.
I am not looking for a monogamous pre-marriage relationship. I am looking for someone who wants to have a good time, a woman who values her freedon and independence but also wants the stability of a long term connection with a healthy man. So lets be adults here, just move on if you're a "one man" woman on the hunt for a husband, it's OK I won't mind, I get it.
I'm a product of the 60's, I can't imagine a better time of social, sexual political enlightenment. I want to meet "boomers" with similar memories and vision who like to climb on the skinny branches. They should be thin, about 5' 4" or so in bare feet (so you can wear heels and not tower over me) open-minded, flirty, playful, have an inviting smile, and be extroverted by nature. Women with a sensuous inner passion and zest for life, adventure, romance and pleasure.
Photos are current, 2 are Glamour Shots, I'm a bit more weathered and real.
Socially liberal, a fiscal conservative and registered Democrat, I enjoy simple things, music, movies, day trips, occasional travel. Chivalrous and mannerly but also possess a keen sense of humor which occasionally get's me into trouble but compliments the devil in my eyes.
Financially secure, homeowner, not a spendthrift, but not cheap and I'm a good tipper.'m a music lover and enjoy most genre, including Swing, R&B, Classic Rock, Country and the Great American Songbook Classics. I admire musicians, artists & poets alike. I'm a romantic at heart, respectful and passionate. Comfortable holding hands, and enjoy "stealing" kisses and being playful in public.
If you talk down to people, are rude to wait staff and store clerks we surely won't be compatible. Just be a friendly fun person with plenty of PASSION, not easily offended or wrapped so tight you squeak.
If you're a free thinker drop me a note and we'll see if there is mutual commonalities and understanding to agree to meet, if not, like the Muddy Waters song lyric: "Got my MoJo workin - but it just won't work on You".
"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans" - John Lennon
So Rock-A-Hula

Meet a soulmate from United States. After that, who knows what will happen. I would like to meet someone to get out and see the local sights, catch a movie one of us is interested in, visit exhibits/festivals, take a hike/catch a trout, maybe Vegas/Rocky Point and the occasional major trip. I would love to go back to South America. Maybe finally get to Easter Island. No expectations or restrictions beyond that.
I really am 6’ 2” and clean up well. My pictures are recent. I have had a knee replacement, the result of college basketball injury. You wouldn’t know it unless you wanted to hike on steep terrain. Other than that, everything works. My doctor is pretty happy with me. Socially adept and pretty smart. You won't be embarrassed if we run into your friends and/or family. My baggage is packed. Pretty open to most activities, pretty good cook and am used to doing the dishes. I am an early bird. I don't much care much what people believe, but am very attentive to what they do.
You are an attractive, intelligent, amenable, fun and adventuresome lady. Would like it if you were retired or had a job that allowed some spontaneity in taking off for a morning visit to the Arboretum, picnic lunch and or swim, day trip, etc..