Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 24 year old

Date single boy from Arizona, United States. I am an introverted, quiet/shy type with a kind and generous heart, and am a good listener. I am a medical laboratory technician in the army reserve with two years left on my contract. After exploring a couple career fields at ASU (biomedical engineering, and biotechnology), I've decided to finish a bachelor's degree in "Medical Technology", building on my current associate (MLT) degree.
I am an only child in my family. Hobbies/interests: reading, TV/Films (some include science fiction, comedy, action, Humphrey Bogart movies, and sometimes horror, martial art films, romance comedies, etc.), playing a keyboard (classical/jazz on piano), spending time with friends/family. I tend to be a homebody but like to get out sometimes: to go hiking, running a few miles, seeing old friends, movies, or trying out restaurants or interesting places. I come across as a serous type, but I have a sense of humor that might show up from time to time, and I am able to laugh at myself too.
I would just like to meet someone to experience/share life with as a best friend.
I would like to find someone who does not stress easily, is capable of deep understanding of others' opinions, is emotionally supportive, accepts me for who I am, values mutual respect, trust, honesty and esp values communication in a relationship.
I'm open to making a new friend, and ultimately a serious relationship if we find chemistry between us. I'm not looking for a long distance relationship. (I have many friends who are long distance and would like a serious relationship to be closer to home to get to know someone well and spend time with her.)
**If you'd like to know more about me (or want to meet for tea or ice cream or something), feel free send an email. Thanks for reading my profile! = )

Meet men and women from Arizona, United States. well i am a very outgoing person i like to go to parties and have fun i like to do alot of things from paintball to video games. i like to hunt,fish,camp as well as alot of other things i like the outdoors i have a kid inside me and he likes to come out alot. I am in a band called MOOGAN i am the bass player i like to walk around alot. i have 3 tattoos i like to be romantic at times as well. I have a good public feature alot of people know me especially my father and step mother as well joy joy. i would like a girl whos and outside person kinda a nightowl likes loud music doesnt mind smoking or drinking and likes to do it as well i would also like her to be goodlooking maybe have a couple tats and or piercieings just be a fun to be around person with a kid inside who likes to have fun and be stupid at times with me

Date people from Arizona, United States. I'm originally from Colorado but grew up mostly in Arizona. I just recently graduated from ASU with a degree in mathematics and am working as a health care insurance consultant. I work a lot but I love my job. I like to spend time relaxing on the weekends, watching movies, cooking, and going out to with friends, usually to the bar. I feel like I'm pretty laid back and easy going. I try to make people laugh and make life as enjoyable as possible. I'm just looking to meet new people and see what happens.

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. Looking for a girl that wants to have a good time by grabbing some drinks, sharing some laughs, and enjoying life without a worry in sight. That explains me, loving to have a good time by going out with no worries and laughing and making other people laugh til the sun comes up.

Date a guy from Arizona, United States. "i m the dude disguise as dude pretending to be another dude"or you can call me will.i do not pay for this , how ever i love meeting new people and i believe that first comes friendship and having a relationship now would be unfair ;between school the gym and work i may get 4 hours of it worth it? every second.
i'm positive and like to inspire people to reach their goals and say just what they need 2 heard 2 press honest,i also know when my opinion is not needed.i smile alot over things i do or say,somewhat of a self entertaining person. Im proud that i learned english in about 6 months wile i was in afganistan. a pretty big deal in my grateful for the life i being given, the uncondional love of my god,the family and friends he bless me with and the dreams he gave me 2 reach. im looking for a person that does look for me for who im not like ,some one that knows how important they are and believe in their dreams as much as i will.a friend 2 go out with ,a ladie on heart,someone who apresiate the simple things in life ./my social life is somewhat busy i like 2 know my friends better so it takes time .the things i love the most on my life are those given by god.friends,family,dreams, christ.

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I don't have an ideal match. There are too many wonderful individuals in this world and fantasizing complicates desire. I'm looking for someone who is adventurous (in different ways-not just outdoorsy) and caring.

Date a boy from Arizona, United States. I am a nice looking guy I'm looking for someone nice care someone that known how too have fun n we can get to know each other better I can take her out on a date to the movies for dinner and then whatever else she wants to do.

Meet single boy from United States. How to fit your personality into words on an online profile.. If you figure that out, please do care to share.
Well I was born in Michigan, but had to move a lot with my parents - I've hated that at the time, but this really helped shape who I am today. I've been in AZ for almost a year. I am still discovering more and more about Phoenix, and I'm loving it.
I moved here for my job, and that's also another aspect of my life I'm loving.
Even though I've moved a lot, my closest friends.. I've known then since I was six or seven. It's a puzzle how we make this work, but we manage to meet at least twice year for a couple of weeks. Together, we discover new cities, take random flights, catch some ferry or a train to another country.
Outside those couple of weeks of vacation, life gets very hectic, work overwhelming. I'm looking for someone to share the good times , relax with on a weekend , or do some outdoor activity. I'm hoping to meet someone that's friendly, always laughing, and independent. A person I genuinely enjoy spending time with. And if more comes out, then great!
.. And I can't believe that Germany lost in the Euro cup. Probably no one here cares about that - I just wasn't brought up watching Football, but would love to develop a new passion.

Date men and women from United States. I am looking for an awesome girl, who can get dirty in the desert with me and my buddies, but still get cleaned up and be a knock out for dinner and a night on the town. I enjoy the simple things in life most, but like to live a little too! I've found myself where I am today through hard work, which I value and am proud of. I remember where I came from, and take good care of my folks. My brother just moved away and I'm realizing that life goes faster than you think. I'm ready to find a girl for a more serious relationship. I love country music. It represents the way I strive to live my life. I am by no means perfect, no one is, but that doesn't mean we can't be honest, work hard, and do the right thing.

Meet people from United States. name is Derek and I'm in the Air Force. Since I'm single i've been doing a lot of moving around over the past three years. I deal with heavy munitions but i'm trying to train to be a loadmaster. I'm in turkey right now until August 2013 then I will be headed to phoenix. That's pretty much my downfall for relationships because girls don't want to risk a relationship when I have that background. I come home frequently on leave so if you are willing to talk for a few months before we actually meet then it could work out. I'm really passionate about photography and music. My favorite band is the national. I'm not too sure on what else to put on here so just ask me something if you'd like

Date someone special from United States. I moved down to Arizona last summer after I graduated college in Wisconsin. I attended the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and graduated with a Business Management Degree with a minor in Chemistry in the spring of 2011. I moved to Arizona to get out of the cold for a bit and to live in a different part of the country. My parents and brother still live in the Milwaukee area and it's always a blast to go back and see them when I get time off of work. I have family spread out throughout the United States, ranging from New York to California, Wisconsin to Florida. It's an absolute blast when I get a chance to hangout with my extended family. My entire family including myself are all very sarcastic.
Currently, I am working as a manager of a restaurant with dreams of owning my own business in the near future. However, being the new guy I have the pleasure to work weekend nights, which really kills having the chance to go out and meet new people outside of work. When I am not at work I enjoying doing anything active. Whether it be working out, running, playing any sport, mountain biking, or snowboarding. I actually just started snowboarding this past winter and had a blast. I am looking forward to the winter months and hope for a bunch of snow so I can get back to practicing. Sports have always been a part of my life so anything dealing with them makes me happy.
I enjoying being pushed to the limits both mentally and physically. Whether that means getting into conversations that led to thinking about different topics or doing something active that I have never done before. I do enjoy when people are completely honest though. If you don't like something say something. Life is too short to be around things you don't like. I try to enjoy my life to the fullest and live with no regrets.
Looking for a nice girl that I can bring home to my mom. I am a momma's boy at heart.
If you would like to know anything else just let me know.

Meet a guy from United States. Im 24 and within the next 14 months will be attending law school. Originally from East Texas, I have lived in Arizona now for 5 years. I'm a competitive bodybuilder, who also trains people on the side for a living. I'm down to earth easy going and laid back. Humor is crucial for me. If I cannot have fun with you it won't work.
I'm looking for a woman- age doesn't matter- emotional maturity does.