Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 42 year old

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. !!!WARNING!!! Do NOT read if you have an aversion to Winks and Exclamation Points! Match has scientifically determined their use to be detrimental to our search for Love and cautioned us to avoid them! I think they are sexy and have used them at every possible opportunity ;)
First of all... I don't want to be a part of your "Man Harem". Really. I mean..REALLY! Man Harems? ONLY on-line! I understand! I see how beautiful you are.. You can't help it! These men just won't leave you alone uh huh ;)
Personal details? Yikes! I like *snowboarding. Texting sucks. Dark beer beats white wine; but, red wine is fine. I don't mind doing all the work ;) ... That wasn't so hard! I guess I can relax and let the words flow...
You want to know what makes me tick?..what I am looking for. Do I really have to SAY that I am interested in Camping and Hiking? Sports and fast cars? Did I forget to check the box that said "Male"?? Don't my pics just scream "8 year old in an 18 year old's body" ? ;) so I have to spell it out...I am a guy. I like dirt (not really) and fixing stuff that I break. I was in the ARMY and I went to Wilderness Survival School for THREE WHOLE WEEKS!! BUT, I also know that my pen** will not fall off if I do the dishes, cook, clean and help out with the laundry :)
Do I also need to SAY that I like to snuggle? Hold hands? That I would love to give you a foot massage every evening if it pleased you? Am I supposed to explain every steamy detail of how I would like to pin you to the wall in all manner of random places both private and public and bite lightly on your neck and ear? All joking aside, I am the boyfriend that opens ALL doors for his girlfriend.. even when she is mad. I am the husband that sits right next to his wife at the restaurant.. not across the table. I am the man that will set the table with flowers and surprise you with a great dinner for no reason at all. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have given myself "Best Kisser", "Most affectionate" AND "Greatest Lover EVER" awards, TEN YEARS IN A ROW! That's right! I am very proud of that. Seriously. Ten times!
So, right about now you're probably thinking that I'm perfect... well, I'm not! Not quite :) Sometimes I pee on the toilet seat. :( and maybe a little on the floor... and wall ;)
Uhmm Yeah, uh, anyway.. since I have trouble articulating myself.. please feel free to assign all desireable MANLY and ROMANTIC qualities to me; that is much simpler. No? You see, I found myself tempted to describe myself as "grumpy" and "smelly" but somehow I KNOW that at least one of you will think that I am telling the truth (which I would be ;) and I am pretty sure that THAT is NOT very helpful so... I promise to answer MOST questions that any of you ask me! Truthfully even! AND.. I will tell the "right woman" EVERYTHING she wants to know :)
"Oops" I just realized that my profile said I was one hundred and five years old... I was only joking! I'll bet THAT is a deal breaker!
Less than five foot tall? No.. KIDDING! I don't mean to brag.. but I am 5'10 AND a HALF!! ;) this damn site won't let me put a HALF! so I said F*** it! and I said I was tiny.. No offense Minimen! But that didn't work out so well for me. Why do you women HAVE to wear heels anyways??!! Isn't there some very tall woman out there somewhere that wants to spoon ME?? PLEASE!? ;)
Nothing worse than seeing that dreaded 5-11 and up! Damn!
Few Extra Pounds.. I meant it.. but not like that! I WANT to lose five pounds so I can have my six pack back and look great! (for you! ;) )You don't understand how ALL these women are! You are JUST as bad as men when it comes to being "visual"!! There is a lot of pressure to be sexy! and these little winks only get a guy so far ;) you like that? Here you go ;) Ooh ;) multiple winks!
and I don't pee on the tiolet seat; I totally sit down ;)

Meet a man from Arizona, United States. I am a single dad of a 9yo girl and 5yo boy - they are fantastic children. I am extremely lucky. They get me. I would describe my parenting style as Ward Cleaver with an attitude.
I feel like I'm in a sweet spot with them - no teen angst, no diapers. I have a fairly demanding career. But, I do really enjoy my gig. I now have a new role which does not demand much travel or late nights.
Yes, I have a lot of responsibilities. But, I do something for me everyday. And I'm fortunate to have a couple of great sitters. I do like to go out and try new restaurants and take an occasional fun trip (in addition to my work travel).
I am much more of a warm weather person. So, I'd always prefer a beach outing to a cold weather one.
I am looking for someone that is fun, funny, smart, and down-to-earth.
I lost my way a li'l bit with health and nutrition in my 30s. I suppose that can happen in the Married...with Children era. But, I've made a commitment the last few years to exercise and eat well. I would like to be with someone that is on the same wavelength.

Date people from Arizona, United States. I'm an outgoing, real, intelligent, quality gentleman who is fun to be around and easy to get along with.
I am an ambitious person, I run my own business and I love what I do.
I love to laugh and have a great time in any situation I find myself in. I really pride myself in being a well rounded open minded caring person.
I am an adventurous person that likes to travel and explore new places and activities. I enjoy dinning out and exploring new restaurants, lounges and going to concerts. I can also enjoy a quiet night at home and kick back to watch a good movie.
I enjoy being active as well. I play softball, tennis, basketball, golf and I also like to hike and go camping occasionally. I also try and get to the gym 2-3 times a week.
I am looking for a woman who knows what she wants out of life, is outgoing likes to be social and fun to be around.
I believe that good communication, mutual respect and being able to compromise is the key to any healthy lasting relationship. If you like to laugh and want to enjoy life let's talk.

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. I am a down to earth kind of person. I am a people person. I do not need to be the center of attention. I love to have fun and try new things. I can be quit shy until I get to know a person and then I open up. I dont care for judgmental or shallow people.

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. I am a little shy, but once I get past that I like to laugh and have a good time. I like to camp. I love sports especially football. I am a music lover 80's especially.but do listen to a variety. I a 15 year old son I spend lots of time with.i would like to meet someone who likes to laugh and have fun. Someone that is ok with the time I spend with my son.

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I am a hard worker and have achieved the majority of my lifetime goals. I like to stay fit and am conscience of my lifestyle. I am always trying to better myself in any category. I want to find someone with similar interests. I have a really good sense of humor and like down to earth people!

Date someone special from United States. I am a honest, fun-loving and loyal Georgia native. I enjoy helping others to develop into self-sufficient and driven individuals. I am pretty well traveled,
however, I never got a chance to visit Europe or South America. Not more of a drinker, but do enjoy wine from time to time. I am an avid sports fan.

Meet a man from United States. I am a single dad, with a 14 year old son. A divoricee of 15 years that doesnt know how to date anymore. Looking for a fun, loving lady to make me laugh and find hope in another relationship. I love music, Playing music. I also started a internet radio station that is doing very well. Other than that just a normal guy looking for love.

Date people from United States. im new n town so take me for who i am i like partyin an making everyone laff im great with babys i have kids an grandkids im not boring or a squair life is short an i wana injoy what can of itand writing an sa about my self is dumb

Meet single man from United States. I find it annoying to be forced to describe myself to a little white box.
Especially when I have no idea what I’m looking for.
But I guess that’s the point, if I had it all figured out I wouldn’t be here :)

Date men and women from United States. Looking for someone special to begin a rewarding relationship.
Someone who looks at me and smiles. Is confident, caring, active and attractive. I want to laugh a lot and still carry on a good conversation. Be honset and dedicated to one another.
Hopefully you can turn heads when you are dressed for the town and are perfectly comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts. I'm attracted to many different types of women. It may be the physical beauty that catches my eye, but the inner beauty will intensify the attraction and determine if there is a possible LTR.
I'm looking for someone who is honest and willing to say what's on her mind. If we meet and the spark isn't there, let me know and I will do the same for you. I've never been a player and don't plan to change. Lets leave the games and guessing to the teens.
I am quietly confident and can adapt to the situation. I can strike up a conversation, sit back and observe or win the all important "life of the party" award if needed. I'm willing to take a risk and usually end up laughing at myself a few times a week. Hopefully you can laugh at yourself and don't take yourself to seriously.
I work hard to complete goals and I always have something going on. I realize the importance of shutting things down to spend time with you. Going out with friends, just the two of us or staying at home is needed to keep the relationship thriving. I will attend to that special person in my life.
Our experiences have shaped us into who we are today and I'm not interested in changing you or controling you. I'll love you for who you are and not who I think you could be.

Meet a soulmate from United States. Thanks for swinging in for a closer look! I know that I'm battling bad impressions created by every weird guy who came before me, so I thank you for rolling the dice with me. =]
The name's actually Steven, but you wouldn't believe the non-creative selections the Match name generator wanted to give me. Instead, I chose the nickname my brother gave me: Doughboy. It has gangsta appeal, n'est pas?
I'm an Arizona native with strong family values and a great legacy of traditions. I love everything about my life right now, despite a busy schedule. I'm an elementary school administrator, a regular blood donor (I'm O-negative), and a righter of overturned turtles. My days are spent performing puppet shows and reading books on friendship and feelings to kindergarten classes, arbitrating arguments between "frienemies," and helping mommies with separation anxiety find their happy places. Evenings typically find me at the local NAU office taking doctoral classes, chiseling out a research piece in the Hayden stacks, knockin' down a venti at Starbucks, or doing interval training at the LA Fitness pool (I swam NCAA). On weekends I hike local trails like Usery Pass, work on my house (I know a little about a lot of improvement areas), or take road trips to [insert odd, out of the way destination here].
I'm interested in finding someone to share my free time with -- restaurants, hikes, rodeos, etc. It'd be great if this companionship turned into something more serious and long-term, and I won't kid you that when we go out, I'll be looking for indicators of what I look for in a lasting relationship: integrity, intelligence, and a sense of humor. I typically roll with girls who are confident, candid, and communicative. I'm right where I want to be professionally, academically, and spiritually -- all I'm missing is a companion who feels much the same way about herself (or is working toward it!) and is ready to start the next stage of life with a "kindred spirit" (I hope I don't lose Man Points for having read Anne of Green Gables).
Girls, I'm flexible on the age limits here. If you're older, I'm politely asking that you be able to keep pace with me on tough trails like Thunder Gorge, Horseshoe Mesa, or Hermit Trail in the Grand Canyon. If you're younger, please be able to hold your own in a college-level conversation (i.e. I should never hear the word "Snooki" during dinner). For ALL girls, regardless of age, I *totally* love dogs, but I am not interested in dating them -- I really appreciate photos of your canine companions, but only if you are in the photo as well. =] Also, I don't know how other guys are responding to them, but I find winks kinda creepy...don't you?
I'd love to answer any questions you might have about me, though if I *don't* respond, it's surely for the exact same reasons many women here don't respond either. No hard feelings, just mutual wishes for happy trails through life. Buen camino! =D -Steven