Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 59 year old

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. Quick wit, intelligent, athletic and humorous. Self employed practice for a long time. I tend to generally play well with others. Enough about me, let's talk about you...... So what do you think of me? I am looking for Penelope Cruz, have you seen her?... ok her sister, alright already cousin, ok somebody with black hair... ok blonde.

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. I'm at a comfortable point in life. Have a nice government job with retirement. Been taking care of myself mentally and physically. Looking for a woman to share life with. Someone who has a passion for life and who wants passion in a relationship. I like to treat my partner very well. I enjoy spontanaity, closeness, touching. Love scents from candles. Weekend getaways are nice once in awhile, nice to stay home too.

Date people from Arizona, United States. I relocated to the Phoenix area in 2003. While I can not consider myself new to the area, there is still a lot I have not seen or experienced in the area and in the State. I say it has been good fortune to me to have lived in seveal areas of the country. I am originally from Illinois. I have lived in Texas, California, Oregon, New Mexico and now Arizona. Yes, I am aclimated to the Phoenix summers, the mountains are not that far away to find cool shade. I travel a lot on business. I am essentially "on the road" departing Monday and returning on Fridays. I enjoy the traveling by getting to know the various areas I travel to and meeting many people. Are your bags packed for traveling? When I am home I enjoy being out riding my motorcycle. As it is said, "you can ride in a car and look at nature, or you can ride a motorcycle and be part of nature". That includes the bugs in the teeth. I am discovering the points of interest around Phoenix and Arizonia, but finding it not much fun when doing it by myself. I want to find someone who is interested in being active. I like to golf, camp, ski and go exploring, take day trips to see the sights, movies and concerts or even watching a DVD on the sofa and cuddling up. Baseball games in the spring and summer are great. You can even throw in a football game or two. Heck, just about any sporting event is fun to attend. I like to cook so I am handy around the kitchen and can even read a receipe. I like a woman who is confident with themself. I admire women who have been sucessful in their life, business wise and family wise. I like to dream of possibilities and explore the opportunities to accomplish those dreams. I am looking for a partner to go exploring with. Are you that someone?I am looking for a woman that is active, exciting and provacative. Someone who is willing to go exploring in a multitude of ways. I like a woman who is in control and confident in herself and is willing to push her limits, too. Someone to spend active days and quiet nights and vice versa.

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. I have a great laugh, and having seen the "light", I enjoy every day to its fullest. I love animals, and own a few. I love old movies and old music. I love to bowl, camp and fish (real fish), not these little minnows out by me. I am looking for someone with a brain, whether it is street or book knowledge so I may have a conversation with. I like muscicals, though, have not been to one recently. I guess I am just looking for someone with the same common interest. Tall or short is not important.

Date a man from Arizona, United States. I have a posive outlook on life and I believe I can achieve anything that I put my mind to(though things don't always go o plan)I believe I am ver honest,caring to others and their needs,harworking and commit myself to a particular task when I believe in something and best of all I have a great sense humor as laughter is the key ingredient to life(though I have been told not to laugh at my own jokes hehe)I am a very active and young 59..I love to do outside activities snowboiling,snowskiing,jet skiing,riding Harleys.I love to dance but I need a partner!lol I also enjoy being home just spending time with those I,gardening cleaning and simply relaxing.I am family oriented and I love little kids though I was never opportuned to have one of my own.I love to kid and tease around...I love to cuddle.I am a spiritual person but I am not judgemental and do not like to be around "holier than thou"people.I tend to be a little shy until I am comfortable with people but then I can be a big tease and a brat (in a big way).I like serenity in my life but on the other hand thorougly enjoy to socialize and going out with to a restaurant of any kind of food.I just love great food of any cuisine.
I try not to take myself too seriously as 'life is just to short'
I love the Arizona landscape from the beaches to the mountains,I love to relax in Best western plus innsuites on northern ave,, when Am so free or at the weekends just to have a special momoment with myself and feel like Am out of home lol.I love to go to the beach at summer and the mountains at winter.
In addition to my love of our great outdoors,I will love to walk on the beach with my partner with a glass of wine.I love to discuss with people that have great minds and great sense of humour.I will love to meet someone that has a possitive outlook too and ready to share and explore this other half of life with me..

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. A few years ago I retired after working 30 years in K-12 education in the Northwest; 7 years as a classroom teacher and 23 years as a school administrator (including several years as a School District Superintendent and then the Regional Superintendent). I love living in Arizona now, especially because of how often we wake up to blue sky. I'm working again, but I still find lots of time to take advantage of the myriad of activities we have available here in the Phoenix area.
I think those who know me best will describe me as friendly, generous, reliable, intelligent, honest, hard working and fun to be around. They also give me a bad time for being a perfectionist. I like being active and staying in good physical condition. Golf and hiking are favorite physical activities in addition to working out at the gym. I also enjoy a variety of entertainment activities and love to travel and explore.
I'm hoping to meet a woman who enjoys being physically active as well, but who also enjoys going out to dinner, movies, concerts, the theatre and sporting events. Quiet romantic evenings at home are very good too! In addition, family and friends are very important to me. I enjoy family gatherings and would want the woman in my life to be part of my family and circle of friends, just as I would want to be part of hers.

Date men and women from United States. I'm a little bit shy, so I tend to be on the quiet side at first meeting. But, I believe in having fun and joking around after I get to know someone. So, if you like going to Sabino Canyon for walks and taking in the natural beauty in our own backyard let me know. If you enjoy going to movies that make you think, we'll take some in and discuss what we thought of it. And, if you like listening to music and going to concerts lets do it.

Meet someone special from United States. I am looking for someone who has similar interests, hobbies and loves life. My work history and past occupations have always put me in the management role and yes I am employed. I like quite dinners, movies and road trips to any where. I am a avid motorcycle rider and have been riding for 40 years. I consider myself a motorcycle enthusiast not a biker. I sport no tattoos or earrings. I love Aircraft and flying. I was a professional guitarist for many years as well. I hope to find a companion that would like to share some of the same interests.

Date people from United States. I have many interests. I am a serious thinker with a witty sense of humor. I enjoy spending time with the person I am involved with. Not looking for a lifetime commitiment at the moment, but you never know when Love will strike.
I am looking for someone who is attractive, light hearted and can discuss politics, religion, world events as well as movies, food, sports and vacations.
Prefer a positive outlook on life. Willing to take life as it comes and make the most of it.

Meet single man from United States. I am for real ,looking for a best friend and long term lover. my ideal woman will be well built be some one that i want to spend all my time with doing things together. I know its whats inside a person is important but so is the outside.

Date a man from United States. I am professional person who is looking for someone special in my life. No sure why but they have my age at 59 and I am really 65. Don't know how to change it yet. I believe myself to be honest, humorous interesting, genuine, athetic, authentic, and fun.
I am positive about my life and am a happy person. I am easy to talk with and a giving person. I am very dependable, plus I am financially sound.
I am looking for similar traits in a life partner. That is what I am interested in and not interested in causal dating.
I understand we must date to get to know someone, but I also do not enjoy dating someone just to date or go out.
I know what I am looking for and if I answer your profile you will know that I am interested. If I don't I didn't see a match for some reason. Nothing personal. We all want the same thing, just we all have ways of evaluating someone we see on the site.
I look forward to talking with you and getting to know you if I am right for you and you are right for me. But, until we meet and feel the chemistry we'll really never know.

Meet a soulmate from United States. First off so that there is no mistake I put 59 as my age. I am 62 look 55 and feel 45. The reason that I put 59 as my age is to keep people from automaticly passing me by because of the mind set about age. If age is your main priority then pass me by. I feel the conection and feelings are more important than age.
My goodness tell something about myself in so many words or less? “I can name that tune in four notes” ;-)~ Well let me look into the depths of my heart and soul and pull out something interesting and sincere . OK here goes! I’m feeling a little old but I’m still breathing. Just kidding.
Along with the physical information that is already on my profile. I would like to add that I have tried to keep myself balanced over the last 35 years. Some of you that read this will know that I had a different profile on here before. It was very honest but maybe too much for people to know about me too soon.
By balanced I mean I have interests from the past that I still enjoy very much, new interests that I have developed over the years, and interests that I would like to pursue with someone special.
One of my favorite interests is riding my motorcycle (a Harley of course) now my someone special doesn’t have to share this interest with me but if so that’s a plus. I enjoy traveling. You would think that I would have been burnt out by now. Before I retired (semi) I was an International Design Engineer for 20 years. I traveled to Southeast Asia. I was to Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan 30 times, also Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia to name most. I also worked in Australia, Brazil, Chile, and Columbia, and on my slow times I sent a lot of time in Mexico (I love it there) I tried to learn Mandarin (but too much for my pea brain) and Spanish ( Had a little better luck with that)
All kidding aside I am a real man looking for a real woman. What do I consider a real man? One than doesn’t just have kids but loves them and raises them (in my case raises someone else’s) A real man treats his someone special with respect isn’t abusive and shows her he loves her and that she is his princess. Work hard to give her a life that she is happy with. Shares good times as well as bad. Isn’t afraid to show people that he 1.) Love’s her 2.) Love’s Jesus 3.) forgives and helps his fellow man. A real woman does much of the same things that make a good relationship but in my case “The woman that gets my heart will understand that the way that I treat her is how I want to be treated” A small example is if I like to touch or hug or kiss at certain times or in certain places chances are that’s exactly what I would like
Every woman deserves a man who calls her baby, kisses her like he means it, holds her like he never wants to let her go, doesn’t cheat or lie. Wipes her tears when she cries, doesn’t make her jealous of other women, instead make other women jealous of her, is not afraid to let his friends know how he really feels about her, and lets her know how much he really loves her.