Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 20 year old

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. I would love to meet someone whos family oriented does not need to be a part of the party scene but can put up with jokes. I want someone who can play sports and watch sports and not get lost because that is a large part of my life. I hope to have conversations where there arent awkward silences or anything like that.

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. Well I am only 20 years old but I have big life goals. I am energetic and love to be active. But I also do like just hanging out at my house and just relaxing. I want a girl who isn't afraid to take a chance and wants to be in a real relationship. The one day I can find a women who waits just to see me when I get home from work and wonders how my day went because she really cares and I would do the same for her in a heart beat. But that's just a little of me, figure I'd get it out of the way ;-)

Date single boy from Arizona, United States. My name is John and I'm 20 years old. I'm currently working full time and going to school. I'm attending Chandler Gilbert Community College for my business management degree. In my free time I like to be outdoors hiking, camping and visiting new places. I love traveling. I've been all over the United States and to Europe several times. I enjoy learning about different cultures and discovering new places. When I'm not outdoors I love watching movies. I'm looking for someone who is also, adventurous, independent and knows what they want in life. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Meet men and women from Arizona, United States. Im lookin for somebody fun dats always down for watever i have no kids but wouldnt mind dating somone dats haves kids if ur mexican white or black hmu im ready for a real relationship so if dats u email me

Date people from Arizona, United States. Well my name is Abraham and iam look for someone to be with go out places like to the theater ,to eat ,go clubing, mall, cruzing, anywhere she would want to go iam not look for a model or nothing i just want someone to love!!!!!!

Meet a boy from Arizona, United States. An ideal match is someone i can hold a conversation with and is my equal. I like to share certain things with certain people so i dont feel to comfortable talking about myself right here. If your curious about me andor bored,feel free to talk to me- Raul

Date a guy from Arizona, United States. I am never good at describing my self, but I will try. I am looking for the real thing, a wife to spend the rest of my life with. Not a fling, not just to date. I want a serious relationship. I am a very family oriented person who will do anything that I can to help anyone I can. Some of my friends have stated that I have a heart of gold, although I think that is a great exaggeration, I just care about the people whom I love.

Meet someone special from United States. Senior at ASU. Born and raised in Michigan.
Independent, easy going, very mature for my age, organized, down to earth, and open minded. I like taking the road less traveled.
Family and friends mean the world to me, not sure where I would be without them.
I enjoy being active and going to sporting events.
I love to have a good time.
Looking for someone who is independent, likes to have fun, has great family values, and knows what they want in life.

Date a soulmate from United States. Of course, you can't know everything about a person, by reading an introduction, that's only a few sentences, but I'll try and fit the more important factors in. I'm extremely intelligent, and fun, and I am looking for the same in return. More than anything, I want someone who can keep up a conversation with me, without me having to tone my vocabulary down to a an 8th grade level. On top of that, I'm extremely spontaneous, and love to do and try new things, and travel to new places. I like to, almost constantly, but with reason, communicate in sarcasm, and and good humor, so please, don't get offended too easily.
I love movies, reading (despite the lack of time I have for the matter,) traveling, food, music, and exercising, among other things. I am an atheist, and without having to delve any further into religion, I respect everyone's beliefs, and lifestyle, but I don't want anything shoved down my throat; inevitably, I'll show you the same in return. Please, don't let my age fool you.
Even though this section might have the essence of seriousness, I am an extremely energetic and positive person, to the point of non-belief by people who observe me. I'm also extremely self confident, and I am not swayed easily, especially when it comes to "going with the flow." I am very much so, "against the grain" and I am absolute individual. I don't want to be with someone who acts, dresses, and thinks the same as everyone else.
I'm a student, and have a full time job, so if I'm not at those locations, or at the gym, I'm probably at home relaxing, writing music, reading, or something of the sort. I'm completely open minded, so feel free to message me.

Meet single boy from United States. My name is Clayton and I have to start out by saying that I think of myself as a total goofball. While this being so I am also the type of person who can knuckle down when need be to get the job done. You only live once so I fully and entirely believe life should be fun and full of energy, and leave the seriousness to situation specific cases. When I meet someone new it doesn't take long for me to become some what of an open book. I go to Chandler Gilbert community college for school until I receive my associates degree in engineering. After that I plan to transfer to either ASU or NAU. I just got done with my first year of college and am loving every bit of a relaxing summer. Once school comes back into session I will be quite busy again but no matter how busy I make my time I always have time for that special girl. Eventually I will work my way out of the trenches, finish schooling and find a career as an engineer. I am simply looking for a girl with an amazing laugh and a smile to match.

Date men and women from United States. I am 5'9 Caucasian Male with a decent set body. I like to workout, act, and do stand up comedy. Your life is the most enjoyable thing ever and i intend to get everything out of it. Drawing laughter from people is what keeps me going. I want to be an actor. I currently work as a waiter and a chef in training. i also work part-time producing and selling hip-hop beats to artists.
I just want an honest, good humored lady. I'm very outgoing and spontaneous. i like last minute decisions and spur of the moment ideas. life changes, i just enjoy it and adjust. eventually want kids, hopefully a son. what guy doesn't?
i think of myself as an old school gentleman. I still beilive in opening car doors, fancy dinners, and enjoyable movie dates. I'm very shy when it comes to women but i have just never been given the chance to fully open up, but i know i can be a great guy to a lady, so i'm just waiting but my patience is wearing thin. i guess you can say i'm kind of a Ted Mosby, i want to meet the rite girl now, and i just keep asking myself, when is it my turn to be happy?
i hope it's soon, but until then, I just wear my heart on my sleeve.

Meet people from United States. Hey my name is Eddie im athletic and I love women. Im looking for someone fun to spend quality time with and get to know well..... I once read that a womens beauty comes from within; ever since then I knew there was more.