Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 65 year old

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. Looking for someone who likes to just talk about the day they had, watch movies, see the state of Az. I have 2 dogs, Tara, a sheltie & Princess, a pommaltese who weights 3-lbs. I'am a joker, love to my my friends laugh.

Meet men and women from Arizona, United States. I'm a docile person. Shy at first till I get to know you, then watch out, lol. I'm not in the best of health but far from the worst. I respect all those who are respectful and steer clear of the negatives. I am a very upbeat man, not the jealous type and have learned much about people and life. Many find me interesting, funny and intriguing, their words not mine. I am not abusive in anyway and don't like people who are. I don't judge you nor will purposely hurt anyone. I easy going. Anything else just ask.

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. Gosh, I don't know. I think that most people think that I am pretty gregarious and easy to talk with. I also think I am pretty confident in most any setting and can talk with almost anyone. I love women and am a southern gentleman.

Meet people from Arizona, United States. A retired gentleman who is a handyman and and can take fix, repair and even give great massages as I have been told. Looking to find friendship, loving person and a traveling companion. Are you the one????

Date single man from Arizona, United States. I am a 65 year old male looking for a companion to share some life experiences. I am very active and enjoy (not necessarily in this order) Classical music and am a patron of the symphony, backpacking, hiking, golf, snow skiing, playing piano (yes I still take lessons and play for my own enjoyment), world travel. I have hiked the Grand Canyon numerous times to the bottom and most National Parks. I am an avid reader of books fiction and non fiction.
I am looking for a female who shares some if not all of these interests and willing to find more things in life to enjoy together.I look forward to meeting you and will share more if we are compatible and find each other interesting.

Meet a man from Arizona, United States. I am a very outgoing guy with a great sense of humor and ability to laugh and smile at the world. I have been to most parts of the world and consider myself fairly well-rounded. I have a great appreciation of other cultures and how remarkably we are basically all the same. With that said, one could wonder why the world is in the sorry shape it is.
I like good friends and good food. I happen to be a fairly good cook and like to entertain friends at dinner parties or casual get togethers. I am a good listener and won't burden you with heavy baggage. I have a serious side, and as you can see from my pics, a silly side. I think of myself as well balanced
Politically speaking, I am center-left. Notice I did NOT use a capital "L". I served honorably in the Marine Corps and spent a year in Vietnam and sometimes involve myself in Veteran's groups.
Number one on my lists of "wants" in a woman is a sense of humor. We should compliment each other. I like a woman who is independent emotionally , as well as financially. She should be fluent in current events. Chemistry is also important. Don't we all desire a spark? I would love to find a kindred spirit/partner in crime.

Date someone special from United States. I am a down to earth conservative both socially and politically. I love the outdoors more than anything else. I grew up and lived in big cities my entire life and I think it is time for a change which is why I moved to Arizona.
I am a technical person and I hold two engineering degrees: A bachelor's in Electronics Engineering and Master's in Computer Science. I was a PhD student in Computer Science with about 50 % of my requirements done when I became ill and was forced to quit. I may continue that at some later date if I believe it will actually do any good.
I became interested in Artificial Intelligence while studying for my PhD and that lead me to an interest in human intelligence. I am currently writing a book on my views of that as well as the world of BS we all are forced to live in.
I consider intelligence to be the most important quality of a future mate. This doesn't mean that she needs to be a degree holder, have a special job or any other so called "indicator" of smarts. Intelligence is a super complicated subject and very few people understand what constitutes it. I will just say that there are super smart people in all walks of life and we all play the cards that were dealt us. The way we deal with life's problems and the way we treat others in the process is the key to being smart and what's most important – understanding others.
I am a Vietnam combat veteran and I mention that because it ties into my social and political views which are at the heart of my existence. I could not be happy living with a liberal any more than I could with a female Sasquatch. I can't speak for other veterans but the reason I went to Vietnam was to fight Communism. I consider liberalism as Communism lite because it really is the same thing, only it moves slower towards the same goal. I am an absolute supporter of the Second Amendment and I own and use guns in recreational activities regularly. Women that have a fear of weapons such as any type of firearm will not be happy with me.
I love to fix things including cars and houses. I am a carpenter, an electrician, a plumber, a mason, an auto mechanic, computer programmer, software engineer and an electronics technician (in addition to being an electronics engineer). There aren’t many projects around the house or an automobile that I can’t tackle. I will be building my dream house on my 80 acre parcel of land in the snowflake area. It will be a southwestern type ranch house with a detached three car garage / shop. I found that this is the type of activity that keeps me in shape. Going to the gym, even on a regular basis does not equal construction work for the same physical benefit.
Now for the mushy stuff: I am extremely sensitive and I have an overly astute sense of empathy. I could never do to other people what I would not want someone to do to me. My conscience will not allow me to hurt someone intentionally. I am fair and very loyal. Once I make a friend, that friend can count on a lifetime of allegiance, provided they remain true, also.
What I would like in a date:
First some turn-offs:
1. Women who lie about their age.
2. Women who are in their 60’s but require their date to earn a fixed amount of money. At that age, you obviously are not looking for a soul mate, you just want someone to buy you stuff and show you a good time. Besides that, this is just tacky.
3. Immaturity (yes that's right, I have known women in their 60's who acted like they were 6)
1.Intelligence (as mentioned above)
2.Sensitivity (as in being empathetic)
4.Willingness to be intimate (I don’t see how people can live together without this).
5.Last but not least, all-encompassing honesty (not only about trivial things like age).
As you may have noticed I am looking for a rest of my life partner. The way I see it, I have one last chance to be happy and I don’t want to go through another bad relationship. I am not getting younger.

Meet men and women from United States. Most people would say I am funny (often sarcastic) and smart . I think I am kind, friendly and compassionate, but also a realist who can express frustration with things. I have had a very successful career in reasonably high profile positions. My goal is to have new experiences and learn new things with someone with a fun personality who can help me relax and enjoy life more!

Date a soulmate from United States. Looking for a Gal Pal who has similar interests. I'm a writer and musician, like to travel, ride motorcycles, sail, socialize with local meetup groups, read, movies at home, and an occasional visit to a clothing optional resort.

Meet people from United States. My closest friends would describe me as unpredictably witty with a wry but caring sense of humor. i live for Christ and to witness for Him is my fervent desire. i love the White mountains in Az and hope to someday move up there. But for right now teaching Sunday school to 5th graders at Calvary Christian Fellowship will take up the next year( Oh how blessed am i?
i am seeking the one woman God is choosing for me. When i was a lad i thought i knew everything, actually not knowing anything... can anyone relate? i have learned that when we surrender our lives to Him, completely surrender, He rewards us here on earth. Then, when He comes again and we fall at his feet, we will be given our true reward. Eternal love, eternal life, and eternal worship of our loving God. The woman whom God chooses for me will join together with me, here on earth, united as one serving God forever and ever.
i believe He has given each of us spiritual gifts to use as He purposes. At times i have healed with touch, i have a gift of discernment, and of faith. Also along with these gifts we are given the spirit of singleness like the Apostle Paul, or the gift of marriage as with most people. Those of us who know we are NOT single minded are here on this and other sites to find a mate. In my case it will be a mate for the rest of our lives. No divorces unless, according to Scripture, there is a biblical reason to do so. So what i am saying, and i'm sure most of we in here would agree, we want to find our soul mate!!!
That is who i am and that is who i am looking for. All praise and glory to God for this and other sites like it.
PS i have photos pending and several changes under review. (waiting is difficult for many of us).

Date single man from United States. I am a warm, affectionate, good humored person who possesses a nice smile, postive attitude and healthy body with an intelligent brain. I am nice looking and athletic. My interests include most sports, especially playing golf and watching football, baseball & basketball in person or TV. I enjoy many styles of music and appreciate ANY kind of special gifts/talents people may gives me goosebumps to see/hear a great performance of any kind. Yard work is a great hobby of mine. I consider myself gregarious and meet new people easily and nurture long term friendships. I have a graduate degree, but do not utilize this degree formally in my current profession. What I have learned in my business life is mostly self-taught... some times the hard way. I value and love my 2 sons whom I've raised by myself since they were 5 & 8 (now college grads, not at home).
I'm not sure what my perfect match is....I probably have not met her yet. My visualization is that of an attractive, physically fit, intelligent lady who loves life, sports, and easily has fun and is easy to talk with and passionate about her life.. and me. Chemistry (attraction-magnetism-physical affection) is very important to me... as is the loyalty of her love. Maybe it's YOU?? Whatever the outcome, I wish you the best possible happiness in your life and pursuit of your perfect MATCH.

Meet a man from United States. Iam looking for best friend/lover who will be there throught thick and thin. Iam retired and have homes in prescott and chandler. I would like to find someone who likes to hike, ride bikes, and travel to national parks. I like to go to dinner, see a movie. go dancing, and I enjoy just being home watching tv or working in the yard. I am pretty much normal guy, not into hunting or playing golf, I used to play but got tired of not playing good without practicing.