Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 54 year old

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. So here goes. I want to be deeply connected to someone; a soul mate, a kindred spirit. I think I am uncommonly kind and supportive. Since I believe empathy for the other person is at the heart of the matter it would be great to come upon someone about whom other people say, “She’s the nicest person I know.”
What I want to know is are your looking for someone with a fun loving sense of humor, who's spontaneous, energetic, and has a romantic side that includes (but not limited to) long walks along the river or mountain trails, sunsets at the coast or snuggling under a blanket during a torrential downpour, enjoying a nice relaxing evening listening to music at the park, shopping the Farmers Market or creating chemistry in the kitchen. Are you someone who isn't afraid of a little public displays of affection...because like some other dating sites, you may not be getting '29 dimensions of compatibility' from my profile, but that's the excitement of something new. It's kinda like a box of See's chocolate candies, without that little index card that tells you exactly what you're getting, it's up to us to decide which one's are yummy and which one's are not.
A sense of community and civility means a lot to me; empathy and forgiveness too. Naively or not, I assume the best in people and so find a jaded outlook, judgmentalism, grudges and gossip pretty unattractive. I will answer any message sent to me if even only a sentence saying thank you and wish you well. Would be nice if everyone did that because in a way we're all in the same boat.
I think that giving and receiving romantic gestures keeps a relationship young; that sharing intellectual and spiritual curiosity deepens it; and that exchanging wit and wordplay and humor and pranks is just plain fun… I like movies that make me think hard and laugh hard and foreign films as well. You would laugh at my music favorites. I like travel, history, and believe it or not, stones: fossils, ruins, relics (no, not me), and gems (yes, perhaps you).
And I hope she has real passion, whatever it may be. A spark makes a person vivacious. I get very involved in supporting my “significant other’s” passion; it’s part of why I’m attracted to her.
By the way, some of this may make me appear confident and independent. In many ways I am. But the truth be told, in some ways I’m not. I do NEED a loving person.

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I'm a mellow, caring and sensitive guy, who also loves to be funny, kick back and have a good time. Combine Jimmy Buffet, Curly, Socrates and Gandhi in a blender, and you get me!
That said, I offer you this. I will be your loyal friend and companion; I will make you laugh; I'll help you relax and enjoy the little things in life; I'll support you in whatever you do; I'll be there to talk to about anything; I will lift you up when you're down, reminding you of how special you are.
I'm a quirky mix of old-fashioned, conservative values and modern, progressive thinking. While I'm a pragmatist and realist on one side, I'm also a romantic, an idealist, and spiritual. I'm a "scientist" and a skeptic who doesn't buy into just anything. I'm not from Missouri, but I often say "show me".
Even with these seeming opposites, you'll always know where I'm coming from. I'm very open and honest, and tend to wear my thoughts and feelings on my sleeve. That's why I stink at poker! I love and care deeply for my family and friends. I'm loyal and caring to a fault, but I'm no fool either.
I'm a physically expressive person. I have no problem with hugs, holding hands or other "public displays of affection" (within reason, of course). I'm definitely a "snug-a-holic". I owe that to my Mediterranean background.
I'm an independent type, but I still treasure giving and receiving nurturing and support. I'm not looking for someone to fix me or fill a void in my life, because I know nobody can do that for another person. Still, we all need some love and support. Someone to talk to and to listen.
What I'm looking for is companionship and friendship, and perhaps eventually love. Love can't last without the first two elements anyway. I'd like a kind and caring woman, who is mature, yet youthful; Who is humorous and sweet. She must also treasure her femininity, knowing it is a strength, not a weakness. In our relationship, we would let each other be themselves and not try to change each other. We would give each other the space and respect to have their own interests, while also coming together (preferably often) to enjoy our shared interests.
I'm no expert at writing these things, so I hope I was clear and understandable. Feel free to ask me more. If all goes well, we can meet. I wish you luck in your search as well.

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. I am a father of 2 boys that I am raising on my own. I didn't marry until 35 so I have had way too much "me time'" and would like to meet an honest and faithful woman of integrity. I prefer not to frequent bars anymore......had way too much of that as well. It is not that I won't go - just not without you : ) I enjoy the outdoors - biking, attending my son's hockey games and fly fishing (unfortunately hard in Phx). I also enjoy relaxing at home with a good movie, reading, and basically enjoy the company of the person sitting next to me. I talk all day at work so I love to listen at home. If you think I 'm not listening to you, I am. I don't want one night stands. I'm looking for a real relationship. I don't like games. I like most people, and most dogs but only have loved 1 cat, it was my brothers, when I was a boy. Basically I want to be with someone I can trust and enjoy spending a great deal of time with. I promise you will know I'm "there" and I'll know your "there" as well. I'm a cheerful guy and have great friends. I'll introduce them to you if you would like....They'll love you, because they love me and I love them. Anyway, give me a holler and let's see what happens.

Meet people from Arizona, United States. Looking for a LTR with a woman that is looking for fun, friendship, passion and play in this Az playground we live in. My daughtrer is driving now so it is time to find a new playmate. Anyone want to meet for coffee or lunch and say hi? I think you can find out if two people are a match by how a kiss goes. Snow Bowl is open : )

Date a man from Arizona, United States. Every day I look into the mirror and say "Nope not in Heaven yet I woke up alone without an Angel to bring a smile to my face". I would like to find a woman who doesn't expect me to be with her 24/7, who understands that being in the entertainment business and non-profit world means a lot to me and would ask her to be part of that life with me to give us the opportunity to be together more. I don't consider myself to be God's gift to women but I do know how to treat God's gift to man. I enjoy sunsets, stargazing, the outdoors as well as a candle lit dinner, home cooked meals, various types of music. I enjoy good movies (yes drama and romantic ones as well).
I believe that relationships need to be open and communication is important, I'm willing to talk about issues that affect a relationship but I will not tolerate yelling to resolve an issue. All issues have solutions and a compromise. I will not buy your love but I will earn it with romance.

When I look into the mirror tomorrow I want to smile and say “I got to kiss an Angel good morning”

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. Out going, sincere and lots of fun seeks same. Very athletic and not glued to the tube watching sports. I'd rather be out doing them. Love to sail, especially race. I've chartered many sailboats and vacationed in the Virgin Islands, BVI's and as far down as Granada. As a charter Captain, I always arrive on time, safe and sound; I understand navigation and do not get lost.
I am proud of being part of the White House Press Corps and traveling throughout the country covering hundreds of events both live and taped. Especially directing the RNC (Republican National Conventions) and DNC (Democratic National Conventions). Responsibility bothers me NOT. I operate @ 110%, both personally AWA professionally. On a lacrosse field I do get to that overdrive gear. I love contact sports.

Date men and women from United States. I am 54 years old and maybe like you I am just getting started and I know there is going to be a blessing in joining Match. I'm rather like knight in tarnished armor. I have many old knightly type attributes (strong, chivalrous, respectful, brave, tested, true-blue and exceedingly loyal to my friends and family). My form of transportation at the moment is my trusty mountain bike. Makes dating from a distance geographically challenging but not without a solution. Correspondence does have many advantages when first meeting someone however in person is best. I am physically active most everyday jogging, lifting (machine and free weights) hiking and of course biking. My friends say that I have a great sense of humor. I have a quick wit albeit sometimes warped and somewhat twisted. I have an aversion to drama and chaos and I am never the wellspring for either. I am hard working, spiritually, emotionally and physically rock solid. I am a big fan of Texas Holdem. One of my favorite sayings is (everything can change on the river) “the last card”. Ever an optimist you just never know. Go through the right door at the right time you might stumble on someone remarkable (the river card you were hoping for) but unexpected. I am a straight up kind of man and I am looking for a straight up woman. Someone who on a daily basis is passionate for life. With the same enthusiasm and eagerness I have for freedom and the joy of living. I can laugh at myself (easily) more when other people can also. I view life differently because I have lived my life differently and from an unusual perspective. I am confident, self-assured, easy going and comfortable with who I am and with my (illustrated) body. I would love to meet someone fun, intelligent and dreadfully friskee. My credo is Carpe Deim (seize the Day) but I paraphrased that to (Enjoy the Day) and I do. I am neither an adrenalin freak nor a perilous risk taker. I once was not any more. Wisdom does come with age. Life is wonderful and ever evolving. I believe life is about two people finding each other and finding that extraordinary bond. I am searching for that friend, that rare bond. There will be lots of laughter along the way when I do.

Meet a soulmate from United States. Welcome! If you are here reading, I guess you are a little far so good!
I am active, energetic, funny, I love to laugh and travel. I am looking for the same in a friend. More than a friend would be great. I am not a serial dater, no time or desire, I am low maintenance. I hike and/or hit the gym for cardio/strength training 4 - 5 times a week, as long as it doesn't interfere with golfing. I am not as good at golfing as I should be, but that doesn't stop me. I just returned from New York, Boston, Newport RI, and most of CT for the first time. Going to the Keys in Sept. (can't believe I haven't yet) I want to do Europe and Asia after that. Pretty much seen all the hot spots in North America, lived in Seattle, Nashville, Denver, L.A. area, and Phoenix. Not a bar-fly, I'd rather cuddle up with a special someone, plan our next adventure, watch a good flick, read, or ???
I am a very easy going, open-minded and non-judgemental as a friend. If the stakes get higher and someone wants to get emotionally intimate, (which I am definitely open to) my standards are higher. Honesty, trust, commitment, loyalty, and accountability are HUGE to me. I am still easy going in an intimate relationship, and I thiink it should be an "easy fit" and not take a lot of work or concessions by either of us. I want to devote myself to an an intelligent independent slender/toned woman with a great sense of humor. She should have her own interests, behave like a Queen in public, and a Wh*re in bed. Someone who shares some of the same interests I do but has her own thing too. I don't want a drama queen nor do I need a maid, I like a neat house and can afford to hire one. I am not a great chef but can grill a killer filet, pretty darn good salmon, and like nothing better than making a nice omelette for a beautiful woman on a Sunday mornings......then crawling back into bed for a little....
My kids are both grown and out of my nest. My son is an honors student at a junior college. He will be starting at ASU soon. My daughter is full time student in Florida and is a cheerleader for the Jacksonville Jaguars. They are both smart, kind, and incredibly good looking, I couldn't be more proud of them. They don't need me too much as they are young and full of their opportunities, so I don't see them as much as I would like. My turn to have some fun!
I try to golf with my Dad most Sundays mornings when he is up to it, but that is getting to be less and less due to his health. Mom is in LA and I get out to see her and call her often. I expect both may not be around much longer. I love my family dearly.
I like to hike the Gateway Loop at McDowell Mtn. or Dreamy Draw during the week. I also have a secret place with nice groomed trails, known by few, and close. I'll do 10 mile hikes if I can get away to someplace cool. Snow skiing and scuba are things I love to do when I travel, but haven't been a huge part of my life lately. I'd like to get back to doing more. I have dove in Belize,SoCal, Mexico, and Puget Sound and ski CO, WA and AZ. Not big on fresh water diving.
I am a published songwriter, and play guitar. Once uppon a time I was very passionate about music but have put it aside for years. (kids) I would like to get back to that if time allows. Other activities in my profile are a higher priority, but my artistic side bubbles up on occasion.
I have a very flexible schedule as I am in outside technical sales. I answer to noone on a regular basis. My territory is all of AZ , I try to get to Tucson once a week.
Please make sure your pics are current. If not, deal-breaker!

Date someone special from United States. My friends would describe me as a cool guy, hardworking, great sense of humor. I find the humor in most situations.
I'm happy with my life and would like to find a partner to share all life has to offer.
To me the simplest things make me happy a kind word spoken at the right time is like an apple of golden on a silver platter.
I love music especially the Blues and Jazz.
I love all the Philly sports teams, I've been in Arizona for 2 yrs. and I've adjusted well to the heat.
It's funny out here if it's not over 100 degrees it's too cold to go swimming.
The woman I seek is confident, independent, fun loving and has a sense of spirituality

Meet people from United States. How to describe myself..? Well, I’ve been told I’m handsome (by ladies besides my mother) and since you’re reading this, hopefully you agree. But that’s not what I’m about. I don’t know how to put all my hopes and dreams into a thousand words or less, but I can tell you this, I’m not like most, and while I am extremely responsible (have to be to be a teacher), I can be silly (especially when I’m up too late) or serious when it’s called for. I love music, and I am equally at home traveling to Las Vegas or snuggling on the couch sipping hot chocolate and watching reruns.
I have plenty to keep me busy, yet sometimes I feel like a little lost puppy looking for home.
Thats why I need to find you before it�s too late, and we both fall into the trap of accepting something less than happiness.

Date a man from United States. I enjoy friends and family. I like to listen and then speak. People make me laugh and I am not afraid to laugh at myself. Would like to meet someone that is not worried about lifestyle only happiness.

Meet single man from United States. I'm a proud father of two college aged kids. I'm originally from the Chicago suburbs and have lived in Arizona for the past 16 years. I enjoy doing different things with my kids and traveling.
I really enjoy cooking and wines. I'm partial to red wines. I also like music and enjoy going to different concerts, sporting events and any outdoor festivals or gatherings.
I'm known as the life of the party. If you like to laugh, I'm your man. But at the same time I enjoy quiet times with special people. I always believe the company makes the whole moment.