Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Apache Junction, 52 year old

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. This year 2012 is clouded with much controversy about “What If’, but I know that we should Live Simple, Love Much and Laugh often because you never know - so live in the minute. Was going to re-write rest, but I really think the words below do have emotional depth of who I am and the lady I am looking for will be able to feel the connection.
I know things have changed in the dating world, but I will always be a romantic, traditional - down to earth male who can feel and type words that touch the soul. Life sometimes can be funny. I set sail for a certain port in life a few years back to achieve the best I can knowing the course may not always be true. Been a career driven man for a long time then after sea water hit my face leaving a salty taste on my lips I felt maybe I passed too many ships at sea that could have been right for me, but driven to be good professionally was my compass. Luckily that has changed now, with lantern in hand, looking over the bow I’m thinking did I spend too many years on the ship of career instead of the cruise liner of life?
Looking for someone who can be spontaneous, some routine is fine, but step out of the box once in awhile just because you can and it adds spice to life. She also would believe in the traditional values, yes I still use those words, of Family, Friends and Spiritual Quest, but also feel we need to live a little more each day while enjoying the little things that go on around us.
Someone who could share enthusiasm for life knowing there is more to life when lived with people you care about. End each day with no regret or have a heart to heart to put things in prospective while looking forward to tomorrow’s gift while holding on to the recent memories just created yesterday. Know when to let the head lead - the heart to follow feeling desire that life is short Live-Love-Laugh. Also be very willing just to listen, learn, and grow while we get to know each other.
Our journeys’ together would start with an Idea, a Hope, a Dream then we would build from there. Idea that together we can achieve-believe because we have found someone who completes us. Hope that the journey will last a life time full of wondrous stories created by both. A Dream that keeps our hopes from dying or wishes granted and our lives forever changed when we realize we are living our Dream right now! So let's have some fun, share some smiles and love like we never loved before.
If I got your attention and you want to laugh till you cry, a companion on your next spontaneous quest, a people centered professional who is in connection with his inner child, a best friend so you do not only have the hair dresser to talk to, a cheerleader while you strive toward your goals, a confident - compassionate hand to hold on to when life seems up hill, loving the outdoors while enjoy several sports and did I mention I am House broken too, leave me a wink or message - look forward to chatting with you as we get to know each other =)

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. What do u want? Lets go camping, B/W TV and no micro, ha ha. But really if you have a strange or twisted sense of what makes u laugh or cry looking for a ltr not a once and by......lets give it a whirl

Date a man from Arizona, United States. Fun loving Family loving guy looking for a friend at first type of lady not intersted in Materialistic ladys. to fly away with me and have fun holding hands, watching the stars and long drives. I love to Watch people, love kids, and love long walks. I love to injoy the things that god has givin me and want someone to share them with. i don't want a player. I hate ladys that have to be better then there friend and think they have to be better then everyone else.

Meet people from Arizona, United States. warm caring and fun...not afraid to say whats on there mind and very sensual..she must me effectionate and not afraid to show it ...its nice to share how much you appreciate the others company and share personal feelings....i am a golden retriever very loyal

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I am pretty, kind, considerate,funny,and passionate. I enjoy making people laugh and feel comfortable. I enjoy being in the outdoors doing all kinds of activities. I do love animals and like spending time with my horses. I am interested in a man who likes himself, his work, family and his friends. Someone who enjoys being outside enjoying our weather in Arizona. I'm looking for a man who knows how to balance their work and free time. Someone who has time to get to know me. Someone who has their own interests as well as I do. I'm looking for a man who knows what he wants in life and is enjoying the journey getting there. I

Meet men and women from Apache Junction, United States. To hard to decribe...Have been in the area less than a year, moved here from Illinois. Im easy going, well liked and have many friends back east. Moved here for several reasons, which can be explained at a later time. Family is important to me.

Date a woman from Apache Junction, United States. family,friends, and non human loved ones are nearest and dearest. twisted is ok as long as it's funny, but it better be funny..compassion must accompany passion. Kindness and humor can get you through anything.

Meet people from Apache Junction, United States. I work with children every day and love it. I feel like I make a difference in these kids lives. I guess I would call myself a conservative. I believe in the second amendment and hate the way that things have been going in that area. I beleive in the power of prayer and am thakful for my many blessings. I love romance and want to have that head over heels, I think about you all the time kind of love!

Date someone special from Apache Junction, United States. I love bbq's with friends and family. I would love to travel the world to see places I never knew existed. I also love to read a good book with my dogs curled up next to me. Im looking for someone who knows how to laugh at the little things and can alway's find the possitive in a bad situation. Not into negitive people!

Meet a soulmate from Apache Junction, United States. Now hiring new boyfriend....the position offers room for advancement, plenty of overtime including weekends and holidays, and a open line of communication with mgmt. And a nice benefits package .
Hi, Im Shannon. I am funny, happy ,positve, creative. I hate green beans from a can. I pick may battles, so I dont have many at all. I dont carry past baggage. It had its place in my life, now it has a place all packaged up so NEW can comw into my life.
I really am just looking for a real guy who wants a real relationship. Someone who is positive and happy,non judgemental remember we are who we are today because of all those mistakes we have made in the past.

Date men and women from United States. i am an independent woman looking for a man that does not need me around all the time , but would like for me to be there anyway i am self supportive and dont mind spending time by myself but would like to spend it with some one that enjoys the same things as myself.Would like it to

Meet a woman from United States. I am quiet but outgoing. Willing to try..... Freindly and get along well with others. Great to work with. Love cats although I am alergic. I am looking for a man that will take me as I am. Are you out there?