Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 57 year old

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. what could be said until I meet a girl
I would like some whom is also out going and maybe out spoken . not often out spoken,or out talked , that never quit spirit that knows the limits.
someone who is serious about making a commitment.

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. Okay! My friends would discribe me as a good friend.Fun to be with. Good company. Good conversationalist whether light or serious. I'm not a B.S. artist.Although I have been known to tell a fib to spare someones feelings.


Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. Retired and outgoing. I am a dog lover. I like to laugh and have fun. I like riding dirt bikes and hiking as well as all outdoors sports. Fishing is great also. I am most passionate about my family, I have many family values. I like to work out and am in to nutrition. Healthy ways are a spiritual way of life.

Date a man from Arizona, United States. Hi, my name is Edward. I've lived in Prescott for almost twenty years and love it here. I've had the same blurb in this section and haven't attracted anyone, so I've decided to change it. First, I don't have a camera but I will get a buddy to take a new picture. I swear on my grandmother's grave that I'm better looking than the picture that's on the site now. I really want to take a nice woman out to dinner and if that's all it comes to, fine, though I'm hoping for more. I have a good sense of humor and am smart and easy to get along with. I like nature, music, books, movies and meeting new people. I'm looking for a woman who enjoys life and wants to share it with someone she decides she'd like to get to know better. Oh, yeah--if it helps to make your decision to contact me: I don't ride Harleys or horses, and (esp. after Aurora) if given a chance, I'd vote the 2nd Amendment down.
Let's meet for a drink or coffee or dinner and see if we'd enjoy spending time together.

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. More recent cell phone in the mirror or other modest, G-rated attempts at photos soon; hair is still under hat-- promise. In lieu of more pictures at the moment-- let me say : I wear glasses, most of my hair ( salt and peppery) am 6 1 or 2 and 220 (headed to less—less is more right? )
I changed my status to divorced on this site. However for full disclosure I am legally separated to allow for benefits/insurance to ex and kids. I do the "nest" model of custody-- I am with my kids half the week -- but am a grown up and less a dad the other half.
That said, I like hiking, biking, swimming, gardening, politics, arts, etc etc and puns, reading to and being read to, (in bed), cooking (cleaning up can be made fun). In my book clinging can be fun when mutual -- a little bit of youthful lust and limerance is not so bad--eh? Space is good too. I am sooo ready to have a friend and ideally much more.
So who is it I am looking for?
You are smart, probably Jewish, very affectionate, not shy and not judgmental. You like your emerging self and forgive your past goofs. You are well read and a critical thinker, active in the community in some liberal or progressive way. You are reasonably slim and yet not obsessive. You could if the mood were right skinny dip with me. You have scars but they are not raw. You think about “gender” and “race” but not without some humor and self reflection. Please do not be a Tea Party type as we will fight all the time. You have a complex, rich and interesting life and can let me share some of it and respect my full life and obligations and parenting.
Please be fit or on the way to somewhere there abouts. Fit is able to move and inspire each other; fitness, slimness and health are related and offer options to do new stuff as we get older. Neither I nor anyone else is perfect-- so please do not let perfectionism keep you from saying hi-- just be real. I go to the gym 4 nights a week and have started to swim and jog (not running yet) again. My goal is a tri this fall.
If you like so far-- we could be buds and perhaps a lot more.

Date men and women from United States. Works hard, plays hard. Intelligent, open minded, playful and spontaneous. A risk taker all be it calculated, and a wise decision maker. Eclectic yet refined in taste. Loves art, nature, animals. Enjoys the finer things in life, wine, food, shopping, dining, relaxing.. movies.
Always ready to help a friend, fiercely loyal and dependable. Thoughtful and generous to a fault.
I am grateful for all I have, and all I have yet to discover. I am looking for someone who I can share my life with, enjoy loving attention and who will complement my lifestyle. Someone to balance me with serenity.

Meet single man from United States. Hi, I have relocated to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and just arrived 3/1. I am moving from the Bay area where I lived an out door lifestyle hiking biking, running and spending time at the beach. You would find me warm and friendly with an easy smile. I try not to take myself too seriously although I can pull out the "tend to business" side when required. I don't live in the past and look forward to eventually meeting someone to spend these great years with. I don't want to move too fast nor do I want a relationphobic. I enjoy movies, the arts, pro and college sports, dining, wine tasting and enteretaining. I am romantic, loving, supporting and talk less than I listen. I have never been accused of looking or acting my age and am told I am easy on the eyes. Looks are important to me but it has to come with some great stuff on the inside. As I read some profiles I thought some to be a little rough in what they were not looking for. After dating for some months on this service I think I understand that people don't want to waste their time with those that are clearly not a fit. So, with that in mind, if you are looking for the perfect man and date looking for reasons to exclude a man, then I am not your man. But, if you are looking for a special man who knows how to treat a lady, is open and available, is truthful to a fault, is honest, and caring then I just might be your man.

Date people from United States. In the beginning we were created by the Almighty as flawless jewels of heavenly might. Now we're crowned by his hand with the gloriole of supernatural light. Our Royal Love is written in our book of life, signed by my faith in Jesus Christ, sealed by The Holy Ghost and delivered by the Grace of God.
I'm your hereditary King and "The One" deriving miraculously from the Ancient Royal House of the Christian Lions, Heaven sent in the name of Love. In our dreams tonight your eyes meet mine and we see our reflections clearly in each others eyes.
The Love we're feeling is the same as two lightning bolts that're simultaneously striking each other deep inside our hearts tonight.
Through my prayers, I'm receiving a beautiful Princess to become my Christian bride.
The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is leading me to your heart like a beacon that's shining brightly in the darkest night.
Now before your eyes, the restoration of our monarchy is drawing nigh. By the devine grace of the Almighty, I'm arising as a Castillian King today filled with Gods' righteousness. You're supernaturally delivered to me by Gods' Angels of light with a golden heart and pure soul to become my Castilian Queen tonight.
You won't ask for all my Love though you won't take any less, for your warm and tender lips are awaiting my everlasting kiss.
When our lips are touching, the truth of Love is the life in our immortal souls and now we know the way, as we embrace the visual memories of our life together in the mist at the break of day. Come with me to be with the Lord in our dreams tonight and I'll take you all the way.
Today, the sun will rise to its appointed time and we'll drink from our Lord's Golden Chalice the sweetest nectar produced from the first fruits of our spiritual vines. Then by the divine right of Kings my Queen, you'll truly be mine.
While the Holy words of Love are solemnly spoken, acknowledged and sealed between us with the kiss of life, spiritual settings of perfect circles of light are instantly created and hold the Stones of Destiny we're wearing under the Heavens before God's eyes.
You're "The One", who's sent by Love to always keep me smiling.
Jesus is "The only One", whose Love will always keep us from dying.
Tonight, all our dreams are coming true when you wish for me to be with you.
I've fallen into your world and I'm standing in God's light that's surrounding you.
I'll Love you with all my heart and soul when you step into my circle of life too.
The portal of Love between our hearts is open and time itself is shaking.
Take my hand as we're crossing over the bridge of life into the Kingdom of Heaven that won't be shaken.
We're walking through our mansion door into the light and our true love for each other will never be forsaken.
When our minds connect our senses come alive, then we feel our hearts skip a beat.
It's the rush in my mind of coming up for fresh air from under the sea, after you've taken me down baby oh so deep!
While we're cruising with the radio on high our minds and bodies can feel the heat, as the music begins to play.
I Love to caress your skin so smooth and fair, as you're Loving me beyond words to compare.
Our hearts intertwine with each moment in time just like we're walking on air.
When we reach our rhythm in time, you exclaim: "Don't stop!", as we're holding on to ecstasy and I'm taking your breath away.
With each kiss our hearts feel the heat from the flames of heavens eternal fires.
By grace alone, only a cool drink from our Saviours' cup of life can quench our hearts desires.
You make me happy when I'm in Love with you and I wouldn't want it any other way.
Only you can know my destiny; because, your Love is deep within my heart every night and day.
I'm ready for your spark of Love that ignites the fires in our hearts, causing the lovelight in our eyes to glow.
You don't have to figure out when you want me baby, you'll just know.

Meet someone special from United States. Fun, well mannered and respectable individual, who enjoys the beautiful outdoor activities such as camping, quading, hiking and fishing. Enjoys watching sports such as: football, boxing, basketball, etc.

Date a man from United States. Young at heart, young in body proud to be 57 and in great shape physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Looking for someone who loves life, is genuine, funny, smart, attractive, fit, but not compulsive. Someone who loves God too.
Loves grandkids and speanding time as a family as well as alone.

Meet a soulmate from United States. a golfer with a handicap between 2 and 32 would like me most of the time, but what I'd like to do most after working out or playing golf is running home to cook.
an alternative great day would be biking a few miles and then hitting a great flick and dinner out