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Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. Life without Love is like a harp without strings, I am a very considerate person , cheerful, honest and i always like to be myself at all times.I am supportive and a giver and love to make my partner feel extra pampered. I am an honest, kind, compassionate, positive person looking for that special woman to share life with.I am comfortable with where I've been and who i am . I feel I've been blessed and I'm ready to grow some more; but I haven't found that partner in life. I want that type of relationship where she and I can look across a crowded room and communicate with our eyes.I am romantic and can be very spontaneous. I enjoy making people feel welcome and special.I grew up with many traditions, and have carried those over into my life…With my strong faith in the future..I have learned that it’s worth it to take chances for love, even at the risk of heartbreak..I’m deeply romantic, sensuous and passionate with that one special woman.I like reading good books,write poem and i dont allow the issue of race difference stop me from making friends. To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another,As food is needed for the body, them same way love is needed for the soul. Food strengthens the body while love strengths the soul. A person is incomplete without love. Some say love is life, but love without hope and faith is an agonizing death, People need love the most when they deserve it the least.I believe with every successful man there is a woman who will advise and direct him when he is moving to the wrong path because no one is perfect. Love is never ending to me and I don't take the four letter word lightly.Therefore,i can take what is negative and use it for good..if you are interested by someone driven with a great personality who can cook a wonderful dinner for you that you just have to sit and savor each moment ,It is very important to keep our own identity to have some personal time, no matter how much we love each other. It gives us a chance to resource ourselves. I know you are out there waiting for me too.

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. Looking for a woman to spend my days and night with. In good times and bad. My companion, my lover, my best friend. Someone I can make laugh and can make me laugh. Someone I can comfort and can comfort me in hard times. To walk besides me, not in front or behind. Go everywhere with. Talk for hours and anything. I don't go out with the guys. When I go out it will only be with my woman.
I like the outdoors, cooking on my grill and living a simple but rewarding life.

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. I am an easy going and down to earth person. I am a communicative, smart, and funny and a former boy scout I like doing many activities and also just hanging out watching a movie or having friends over for wine and food. I'm seeking someone with similar character traits. Someone who makes me laugh, intelligent,
athletic but not obsessed, genuine and

Meet people from Arizona, United States. Ok here we go....I'm a die hard skier and golfer. I love just about any sports. I grew up on the East coast and truly miss The Shore and being on the water. Nothing like spending a lazy afternoon laying on the beach and playing on the boardwalk.
I have been told I definately have an "East Coast" attitude. I like to think of it as being passionate and having a good sense of humor about life. LOL I love where I came from, how I grew up and the priciples it instilled in me. You have to develop some character from life experience, it's the best, if not the toughest way to learn a lesson. Wouldn't you agree?
I LOVE to make people laugh and enjoy a good passionate philisophical conversation about anything from bean burritos to quantum physics and the string theory of the universe. I enjoy spontinaety in all aspects of my life, sexually, socially and professionally. It's one of the best ways to add spice to your life.
The thrill of life is only experienced by those who are in the game not by those who watch from the sidelines. I've sky dived, extreme skied and want to try everything (well almost everything) at least once. The faster the better. Maybe thats why Roller Coasters are always my favorite rides.
I practice my art (Chiropractic) like I live my life, with passion and conviction. I enjoy people who live their lives this way and understand the body from a vitalistic standpoint. The human body is not a machine to be tinkered with. We are spiritual beings in physical form not physical beings with a spiritual side.
I have a great group of friends who definately DON'T watch life from the sidelines. They love to keep my schedule full and I enjoy always having something to do. Whether it be golfing or playing flag football (guys and girls), going out to the clubs to dance or just having a wine tasting we like to have fun and laugh A LOT!
I'm not a big fan of having unfulfilled expectations or creating an example of relationship predestination. But it is asking me to describe my "perfect" match. I think we lose sight of the fact that many times it is the differences we find most endearing not just the similarities.
I have always been drawn to a woman who can wear many different hats. Maybe on Monday she can watch the game, have a beer and joke around then on Saturday she could be the most elegant woman at a black tie event. The ability to feel as comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt as she would in an evening gown is amazing.
Two things that I feel are important would be that she needs to have a great sense of humor and be very intelligent. I don't want to be the only one laughing or be the only with something to say..LOL
This is a work in progress so more to come...nuf said.

Date a man from Arizona, United States. I can make you laugh! Really, I can. One of the things most people comment about is my sense of humor. I enjoy laughing quite a bit – but isn’t it always better when shared? What else can I tell you about me? I’m an honest and generous man. I work hard but make sure there is always time for fun. When I’m off the clock, I may play some golf, go to a sporting event or just spend some time with friends. I am hoping to meet that special someone. Could it be you?

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. I think that sharing at least a few basic values and having compatible personalities we bring out the best in each other are two keys to a strong relationship.
I enjoy a variety of activities. I love the great outdoors, animals, and cultures. I love to spend time out in nature, and do what I can to preserve the beauty that has been entrusted upon us. My healthy body mind, It allow me to be active in all the fun things that life has to offer and I like to fill my days with happy fun activities. I’m always happy, clever, adventurous and intelligent sense of humor. I am affection, caring, generous and respectful person that enjoys being in the mountains, beaches or the city. Open to new experiences and continuously learning.( I have no children and never been married), I’m still searching for that fun special person.
Physical activity and time outdoors are important to me. I have to spend at least some part of each day outside either running, biking or walking. I'm very fit and enjoy exercise. I'm curious, love to learn, and have a wide variety of interests. I enjoy dining in/out, movies, reading, playing sports, the beach and fun conversation. I'm also up for trying new activities and exploring new places. I enjoy listening to music, and traveling, near or far. Watching sporting events in person or on TV.
The important thing I am looking for in a person is: Honesty up front!, loyalty, dependable, caring, intelligent, "Trust, Communication", understanding,( fit, personal hygiene), playfulness, adventurous, funny, energetic, and Confidence.
I am fun, kind, practical, understanding and perceptive. I am not seeking perfection, or a long list of qualities. I am just looking for! If you're responsible, straightforward, athletic and loyal, then we're halfway there. Most all the rest is negotiable and that let's stand together no matter what obstacles come our way.
I care about my relationship and someone who is truly interested in becoming a partner and companion and to have a stable fun relationship. I'm looking for someone that is just a good person, down to earth, enjoys the simple pleasures in life and isn't afraid of open, honest communication. How to be healthier in life and happiness.
I am a positive person that would fix things around our home and handle anything that life throws my way.
It would be nice to begin a long term, monogamous, and fun relationship and to hear a real human voice. Texting can be ok sometimes once establish communication.
I value honesty and integrity!
photos are taken 7/1/12
I am not from AZ.
Thank you for your time :0)

Date a soulmate from United States. Thanks for taking time to read my profile. I'm new to this so here it goes. My friends would describe me as loyal and someone they could count on. I am a firm believer in treating people the way I like to be treated and that has served me well over the years.
The things that make me laugh are funny movies and good friends that I can recall funny things from our past.
What I am looking for is someone to share my spare time with and enjoy life. I have a great sense of humor and looking for someone that has one as well. I am serious when I have to be, but don't take life so serious I can't laugh at myself. I hope you find whatever you are looking for and thanks for reading my profile.

Meet single man from United States. I am a very outgoing guy with lots of energy. I live in Prescott.. I love to laugh make others laugh. Im self employed I'n commercial land developement for the past 21 years and love what I do.I was born in Manhatten beach Ca and moved to AZ in late 2004 I am confident , honest, caring and loyal and have time to develope a good relationship. I do not like playing games im hear to meet a serious person .I have 14 yr old daughter who I have 50% of the time. I enjoy going on cruise's,Wine tasting, Boating on Lake Havasu, Riding Harleys Camping 4wheeling, Hiking, Shooting, Hunting and almost any thing to with the outdoors I enjoy my life and hope to bring someone into my life to share fun times with. I do not like doing endles email if you want to get to know me lets talk on the Phone or meet. So stop by and say hi and we can go from there
Michael S

Date men and women from United States. The small things make me smile, I'm able to laugh at myself. Honest, caring man looking for my soul mate. I own a business so I work odd hours (set my own schedule) but realize the importance of friends and family time as well. Love to hike, bike, take my dog to the park, movies, read, scuba/snorkel, sailing, or just hangin out. I workout on a regular basis and try to eat healthly and hope to find someone who does the same. Travelled most of the U.S. - looking forward to international destinations! Love Sushi, a good steak, and trying new cuisines. Always up for something new.

Meet people from United States. Have been self employed for a good number of years and enjoy what I do. When not working I love to travel to other parts of the world along with domestic travel and camping. Through world traveling experiences I can really appreciate what we have here in America more.
I like being outdoors and active. Never been one to sit under a tree and read a book all day, I like making things happen myself!
Spending time with family,friends and around other people is a great form of entertainment. I enjoy cooking and often have people over for dinner or just a get together.
I am also very independent and have no problems finding things to do on my own. If I want to do something and no one else is around or interested I have no problem doing it. Found that life is to short to be dependent on others schedules, however I would enjoy sharing these experiences with another.
Love to spend time in museums and have been to some of the best in the world inclusive of Washington DC, Chicago, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, London…..etc.
Looking for someone that is outgoing and enjoys like interests. Someone that can make things happen and is not along for the ride, has a sense of humor and a positive attitude about themselves and life.

Date a man from United States. I have updated my profile since I recently moved to this area.
I am a successful self-employed and happy guy. I know who I am, what I am and I like myself in a healthy way. I laugh allot and have a wicked sense of humor I am told. I make others comfortable even if I am the newest guy in the room. I love conversation, whether talking to strangers on a plane, old and new friends and especially with that special someone. If you ever wanted a man who will communicate with you – I’m your guy – but be careful what you wish for.
I am protective by nature, I like to be needed, I want to take care of my partner and even though I might not ask for it – I want her to do the same for me. I enjoy allot of activities, sports (Niners, Giants), concerts, dive bars, fast cars, Off roading, wine, golf, Napa, Vegas, NYC, Canada, Europe and so much more. I can be a home body when I am not traveling, shop at the market, cook or grill, and watch movies. BUT If we have something that needs to be done or someplace that we need to go, I am always ready to go – and happy to do it.
I have always been attracted to smart, confident, strong women. I like women who really like themselves, a woman who is comfortable with who she is, is sexy, playful to a fault, quick to smile, quick witted and yet vulnerable just a little. Whether boardroom, ballroom, or bikini, she finds her comfort zone and carries herself accordingly. A woman who understands my need to protect and who understands that while I am not the jealous type, it does not mean I don't want all that she is wiling to give. I am looking for a woman who actually wants to go dancing from time to time, wants to make out if the mood strikes, and can put up with my little quirks while I embrace hers. I travel extensively for my work and I need a woman who understands that, while she keeps busy in her own right, and can make time to travel with me when it’s a fun destination.
Last things and these are important; I am a morning person, I am not jealous or possessive, I don’t manipulate and won’t stand for anyone who attempts this on me, I am honest but that doesn’t mean I will divulge everything, If I say I will do something , I will do it; I really don’t drink much anymore, but when I do, it is the best, I share food when I dine out, I don’t believe in a TV in the bedroom or bottled water… everything else we will just have to wait and see.

Meet someone special from United States. I have been described as loyal, driven, funny, the life of the party.
I am looking for a woman that is wise and a good communicator, intelligent, funny, clean, organized and caring
My social life has a variety of people places and interests.
I'm looking to attract an outgoing positive and fun woman.
I am not desperate, I do well by myself but thrive in a committed relationship
I am looking for the same thing you are!
Do you like to ride motorcycles and road trips?