Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 72 year old

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. Life is good. Luckiest perrson in the world. Near perfect health. If you have your health any other problems can be worked on. Go to bed ever nite with a smile on your face and in your heart Every morning think how you can make it a great day.

Meet people from Arizona, United States. I am quite, laided back , I like to people watch, I cant turn down holding a puppy and smell that puppy smell . I got netflix so movies are one thing i like; I dont like RAP Im country; I llike ti go fishing , Likr to see more of aiizona, south & east

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. Would you like to share a picnic, along with a good bottle of wine on the beach, while we enjoy the sights and the sounds of the ocean? I is true that we don’t have ocean beaches in Arizona. But, if you enjoy traveling as much as I do, then we can discover beaches, mountains and wonderful destinations near and far. As much as we both love life, we still believe that these adventures are much more exciting when shared with someone that we truly care about.
For some folks, age is an impediment. But for the two of us...well, we will always be young at heart and we both consider now, to be the best time of our lives. So, we will relish it. At 72, I haven’t felt better in my life. I am slender, fit, active and financially secure. If we were to meet, you would find me to be a very honest, caring, sensitive, generous and affectionate gentleman, someone who loves romance, cares about his appearance, dresses for the occasion, is spontaneous by nature, ambitious, yet easy going, flexible and loyal. I do enjoy both domestic and international travel. One thing though, that I have never done and I look very much forward to, will be to go on a wonderful cruise, to anywhere. Care to join me?. I also enjoy searching for, and discovering new and interesting restaurants. And weekend getaways, dancing, attending live theatre, movies at the cinema or at home, music from country to jazz to easy listening, concerts, exhibits, visiting art galleries, photography, festivals, horseback riding, bicycling and strolling hand in hand with my lady, are just some of the other activities that I enjoy. Currently, I don’t do any of them as much as I would like. Most of them either require, or at least are a lot more fun, when shared with that special someone. To me...who I am with, is more important than what I am doing. So, while I do enjoy many types of activities, I am not obsessed with any of them. My passion is life itself and sharing it, and all the possibilities that it offers.
My ideal match is a lady who would enjoy at least some of my interests and who will introduce me to her world of enjoyment, as well. This lady would be happy with her life, but would want to enhance it, and share it with a loving and compatible partner. She would take pride in her appearance, have a kind and caring heart, be confident in herself, and believe that openness, good communication, the sharing of feelings, and trust in each other, are the basis of a solid relationship. Hopefully, the lady that comes into my life would be accustomed to living a healthy life style. Very important – please, just be yourself. I promise that I will not try to change you, in any way. How wonderful it would be, to find that one special soulmate and my best friend. I would respect her as a lady, and I would admire her for the person that she has become. So, if you think we might be compatible, hopefully you will follow your heart and respond. Otherwise, we will never know.


Date single man from Arizona, United States. Most people think I am 55 or 60 years old because I have been working out at the gym for the past 27 years. I refuse to grow old and age is just a number. I will always be young at heart and sometimes a little wild and crazy. I am an active person. I enjoy traveling and cruising. I have basically done most everything in my life. I have driven race cars and trucks offroad. I have over 3,800 hours flying both single engine and twin engine aircraft. At this time in my life I enjoy ralaxing on a warm beach with a good book. I love to dance and I like to play poker. I am looking for someone who enjoys traveling, dining with friends and participating in a close relationship.
An active lifestyle is important to me and I am looking for a companion with the same desires. It may seem shallow but non the less I prefer slender or athletic and toned women. I think it is important as we get older to attempt to keep our bodies in good physical condition. Did I mentionI love to dance?

Meet a man from Arizona, United States. I have a technical and legal background. I try to keep abreast of current local, state, national and world events. I enjoy stimulating conversation with an informed person. I am generous and honest, sometimes bluntly so. I enjoy reading, watching movies, watching sports,keeping up to date with friends and family on Facebook. I am amenable to trying new things. I do not particularly care for nightclubbing, although I do enjoy those activities on a cruise.
I am looking for an intelligent woman who enjoys being a "hands on" partner and companion in everyday activities. although such partner should have her own space. With the right companion, I would enjoy almost any activity, including shopping, antiquing, and traveling.

Date men and women from United States. I get lonely at times and would be nice to find someone who to share conversation and romantic interludes with. Someone who likes watching movies at home and at the theater, have dinner and drinks at nice restuarants Must like dogs.

Meet people from United States. Accomplished, self-made, eclectic and relationship respectful Asian-American looking for potential match to share lifestyle,
passions, and health or fitness activities. Are you one for meeting half way? I bring empathy, communication skills, open mind, patience, engaging interest, and a compassion to enable others to adapt and evolve mid-life changes and enjoy these senior
I enjoy a happy, semi-retired life, while missing a companian to share adventures, conversations, ideas, views , learnings, and
fun. I am a giving, kind, understanding, team-player, respectful of a person's ever evolving needs, mindful that some may need personal space/time, and further their growth/hobbies. I strongly believe (hopefully this special person also) in a partnership for sharing and identifying common activities to build a relationship based on open communication, honesty, sincerity, and mutual respect.
If it means anything, I am a Pisces. Sign talk says that great Pisces matches are other Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, and Taurus. So, what’s your sign? I do not follow Horiscopic materials.
I lead an active life and keep a healthy lifestyle. Luck, good genes, healthy diet and regular exercise are key to fitness and an
active life style. Low sugar, low carbohydrate diet with three or more weekly sessions in weights or sports is routine. Ideally my companion supports and enjoys such activities. As we age many ignor the subtle maintenance needs of aging and few take direct measures to enhance their enevitable health and fitness needs. Good continuous health forever into our senior years is not a given. My own focus is more toward doing what maintenance care will enhance longer term wellness of health. Not worrying about the ticking time bomb to explode and getting all the travelling out of the way first.
I welcome someone that values companionship, supports/respects and expects an evolving and enevitable series of changes
as we age and views life as one about re-inventing ourselves. Are you exicited and prepared for living in the 21st century with
it's challenges on a global scale? If it intrigues you we have a wide range of topics for discussion.
I also welcome someone who is "liberated" and mature enough to take a pro-active (equal) role to achieve "positive" outcomes. How can we open up communication and learn to accomodate each other's “etched habits? Are we all going the
way of the dinosaurs?
Finally, please, no games players, poor communicators, prima donnas, spoiled queens, ex-drug persons, nor REPUBLICANS.

Date a soulmate from United States. I have no special demands for a woman other than she must be honest and caring. She should be easy to talk with and have a keen mind. The first quality I notice is the presence of a sense of humor. She should accentuate the positive and love children [all children, not just hers] I guess I'm easy. I volunteer two days a week in a third grade classroom in Phoenix.
Just so you'll know up front:
I'm a compassionate, empathetic person and my politics reflect those qualities.
I was raised a Catholic, but now I'm not at all interested in organized religion.

Meet someone special from United States. Under this cowboy hat is someone who's grown softer over the years, and that's been good for everyone, including me. Underneath it all, I'm a romantic whose ideal match is an attractive woman, who is comfortable in various social situations. She is intelligent and well educated. She takes pride in her appearance, without being a fanatic about it. Slender, quite sensual and loves to be touched. Open minded and she enjoys quiet times. Someone who can be serious and yet at times be a little impractical. She has a romantic side, which is sometimes hidden, but always there.
Someone I'd be happy to wake up beside each morning and spoil a bit at night.

Date single man from United States. I am looking for someone to be friends with.And to go a some places with. Get to know each other, and see what happens. I have a R.V. I would like to visit some state an national park here in Arizona. I have a small machine shop. I enjoy manufacturing different things. I have built three steam engines. It helps keep my mind working. That is one of my hobbies. Also I want people to know I am not a demanding person. I never ask anything of my lover, wife or what ever. That way it is given and It makes a person feel good!

Meet a man from United States. In case someone accidentally see's my profile. Don't bother reading because I have canceled and don't check anymore.I am 72. I was as this site before and my daughter put me in and I just wrote about myself and who I was looking for. When I saw the age she put in (59) I quit. Yes these are all now pictures. Sorry for the "cheesy" one but it is proof. I had a life changing experience two years ago and this is the physical result. It also changed my views positively that we should live our lives with values not delusional or illusion. And consider our bodies God's temple. No, I did not become overly religious just spiritual. I am curios about what else life can bring. I would like to find a attractive woman who is still challenging herself intellectually and physically. Can "roll" with life's punches. We don't have to agree on everything, just respect each others views. In other words just chill, laugh at the good times and laugh off things that don't amount to a hill of beans. I hope eventually someone would be interested in responding but so far I don't appeal to anyone. Oh well The pictures are computer enhanced and I am actually 25 and homely. Thanks . Have a nice day!
In addition since everyone wants to laugh, go to a comedy club. Just for laughs!
July 6th last entry I want to thank you all for not replying and I hope you continue doing the "safe" thing in your quest which will probably not give you the results you are looking for. Quick judgements and no risk will keep you in low self esteem, intimidated, and not believing. Thanks Again, have a nice day!