Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 41 year old

Date people from Arizona, United States. I've lived in Az most of my life. Most people describe me as honest and trustworthy. I have done the bar thing a long time ago and found that is not where I am looking for someone. I will go out for a few drinks or all night long if the company is right. I would rather go with somebody and not go to look for someone.
I Love the outdoors, camping, boating, quading or just being in the fresh air. Hanging out with friends or Bar-B-queing on the weekend. I have two great kids that I do have every other week. They take a lot of my time and they are my world.
I have been working a lot of hours which leaves little time to meet new people. Giving this a try to see what happens.
I know theres many more questions, so just go ahead and ask.

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. I'm a simple man. My children, the outdoors, the seasons, and integrity inspire me. Music, sports, cooking, and enjoying mother nature are the things I like to immerse myself in. Confidence, loyalty, honesty, and compatibility are traits I am looking for in a woman, someone who can enjoy life with a passion that is evident in daily life. I'm a very social person, but can be a homebody as well. Wonderful smiles and affection are things I crave.

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. Up to you if you want to find out. 200 words or less thought that was to easy! I'm a great father I have 14 yr son and 18 yr daughter that live with me. I have put allot of time into both my babies through the years and can see it by who they are today. Its time for me to begin my journey on finding that person who can finish my thought at times you know what I mean. I have helped people all my life and in return all I need is a thank you with eye contact. I think that says allot about me.

Meet a man from Arizona, United States. Fit, happy, Artistic type who has traveled a fair bit of the world and wants to keep doing so.
Deeply spiritual person, and a Christian. Coming from South East Europe and living here for nine years.
Having worked like a artist and lighting designer for that last decade and a half my love of catching a good movie is always there.
Having a great interest in music and art a trip to a gallery or the local for some live music sits well with me too.
Divorced and I have two wonderful children that live with me every other weekend.
It would be nice to meet lady who enjoys the things I have mentioned in my interests and would expand my experiences with expressing their likes of an enjoyable time. A lady who also thinks that the soul is the most important thing in the life.
A lady who i can enjoy spending everything in life together with , share the ups and the downs with , get through them and still want to be together .
i would like to meet lady between about 35 and 40 years old who knows what she wants , is mature yet can take on life with a smile and can laugh and take most things with a pinch of salt.
if this sounds good to you , drop me a line and i will reply without a doubt .

Date single man from Arizona, United States. I'm 5'11" 180 lbs. Brown, Brown. No kids. No pets, but I love dogs. I'm looking for truth and honesty. I hate cheating. I'm financially responsible. Originally from Pennsylvania. I've lived two years in Kentucky. Have been in Arizona for thirteen years, and I'm never leaving... I love it here!
I don't do the bar thing. My job is very important to me, and the DUI limit for someone with a CDL (no matter when or what you're driving) is 0.04 so I just never drink and drive at all.
I guess I would consider myself to be fairly boring and on the shy side. My MBTI is type ISFP. When I'm not working I like to relax by having a few drinks and watching TV while I check my email. I love music. I have 7000 mp3s. Classic rock, metal, rock, comedy. I'm not a very big outdoors person, however I do like to hike and fish sometimes. Also recently trying to get out and go for walks and mountain bike rides along the many canals here in Mesa. I'm hoping to find a nice, honest woman with no kids who enjoys (mostly) quiet nights at home. I don't want to give the impression that I'm an at-home-boring-person all the time... I can be easily talked into going out on the weekends and trying new things sometimes.
I'm not looking to "hook up." I'm looking for a long-term relationship.
I'm not interested in a woman who has kids, or who wants children in the future.
I believe in honest, open communication. I'll talk about whatever is on my mind or yours at anytime. No secrets. No games. No hidden agendas. That's who I am, and that's who I want.
*NOT Weird*
There are roughly twenty-one different major religions in the world. Most people believe in only one, and are atheist with respect to the other twenty religions in existence. Atheists are simply people who are atheist with respect to all twenty-one of them... Just one more than you "normal" people... or sheeple (as I see it).
It's easy for one to see the ridiculousness of someone ELSE'S religion (Scientology, Mormonism, Islam, Jainism etc.) while believing wholeheartedly that theirs is the one "true and correct" religion, and that all other non-believers are going to hell. Simple mathematics shows that it's ludicrous. They can't ALL be right. The only thing I know for sure is that they're all wrong. After all, you only believe what you do because you were raised that way (brainwashed). If you were born in a different time and/or place, in the world, you may believe in a completely different religion than you do now.
If morality were based on religion then the prisons would be filled with Atheists, but it's exactly the opposite. Think about that one.
The LEAST religious countries in the world are consistently the MOST moral, peaceful, generous and have the lowest crime rates. Maybe that's because religious people SOMETIMES do the right thing because of their beliefs, while Atheists "do the right thing" without fear of punishment or promise of reward, because it's just the right thing to do.
If you email me, and I don't reply, it's because I'm letting my Match account expire in mid January 2012. I might be back in a few months...

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I love watching movies, playing sports, hiking, skiing and rock climbing. I am very easygoing, and traditional. Ideal match would be someone who loves life, and can face challenges. Someone who loves spontaneity and not afraid to try new things. Goal oriented with career and personal goals. Athletic and fit a plus. I know this is pretty vague.

Date people from United States. So I'm running Trail 100 this morning and Sting's "Message in a Bottle" starts playing over my iPod, when it hits me. I'm doing this whole thing wrong. I've known for a long time this online dating phenomena wasn't for me but I never could pinpoint why I felt that way. Some people strive on selling themselves. Not me. Some people like the game of it all. No thanks. I don't like wearing my accomplishments, values, ideas, etc. on my sleeve, which seems like a prerequisite for online dating. It's kind of like Bill Maher says, "if you have to go around telling everyone you have a big dk, you probably don't!" I'm confident with who I am, and comfortable with where I am in life. if we meet you'll see who I am.
So where else do I meet single women? I'll approach you at Starbuck's, the ice arena, IKEA, Home Depot, school (without kids around, of course,) on the trail, Crate and Barrel, etc. only if you give me a sign that you're open to it and interested. I understand people like their personal space and I respect that. I like Match because you know who's available...for the most part.
My situation. I have three awesome boys. They don't need a mom, but if you're that fantastic person I'm searching for, you have to love kids and be a great female role model in their lives. If you don't have kids I'd love to hear from you if you have the capacity and understanding to date a loving, involved Dad. If you do have kids, I'm willing to be a positive male role model to the extent that you're comfortable with. Last on the kid note; If your kids take a backseat to your dating and personal activities, please pass me by. You have to have balance, right? I've been divorced for 3 years. Emotionally I'm over it, but logistically I'm still rebuilding. I wanted to wait until everything was in it's perfect place to pursue a new relationship (middle of remodeling a condo for example) but I'm ready to build something fantastic, with someone fantastic any time. I've learned a lot from marriage, and divorce, and I won't rush into anything so I'm just going to enjoy the ride for now.
I need honesty. If we meet and you're not feelin' it, just tell me. I'll be a perfect gentlemen and wish you the best. If I don't feel it, I'll be honest too. Hey, what do you have to lose? Just chalk it up as another bad match date! Totally joking of course, well, kind of joking. I love to laugh and I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. I'd require the same from you. Oh yeah, we need to be physically attracted to each other, but I'm not looking for perfection, just perfect to me. I like some imperfections, it means we"re human. Are you beautiful on the inside? When we're 80 that's what's going to matter. Do you treat the kid at Safeway, or your flight attendant with the same respect you show your friends? If so, talk to me.
I know it's not traditional but online dating isn't traditional. I won't initiate emails anymore, you have enough to weed through, although I have a few still floating out there and I would love to hear back. I guess, thanks to Sting, I look at this in a different light. My profile is the message, the internet is the ocean. I'm tossing it out there. When you find this just send me a simple hello if you're interested. I'll take it from there.

Meet someone special from United States. I'm one of those people who is a "glass is half-full" optimists. I've been described as having a calming influence. I'm not interested in short-term relationships or one-night stands.
I have a pretty good sense of humor (at least I'm told!). Because I'm mentally 11 years old, I still laugh at fart jokes. But it's nuanced: I thought the toilet humor in the first Austin Powers was spot-on, but was way over the top in the second Austin Powers. If that logic makes sense to you, welcome.
I'm not an outdoors or exercise freak (I work on computers! Will that excuse fly?) but I do make an effort to stay and eat healthy now that I'm older so you'll catch me on an elliptical a few times a week. I also give serious thought (if not action) to jogging. ("If only it weren't so hot out!")
I love my 2 dogs, even when they attack and snap off all the sprinkler heads in the back yard when I forget to lock the doggie door. Their soggy wet joy afterwards softens the blow.
My day job is working on video games. I've been doing this for nearly 15 years now and it is very fulfilling. That said, I'm not great at playing them. I won't play them so often in my non-work hours (I tend to go in phases) but if I am, I'm usually the one getting shot, stabbed or blown up. ;-)
I love to travel. I take frequent trips to London for my job, and I try to make a point to spend extra vacation time in other countries when I'm over there. I can tell you all about British Airways flights 288/289 between Phoenix and Heathrow. I've been to England, Scotland, Paris, all over Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and, yes, the Soviet Union before the Iron Curtain fell.
Languages interest me. I have a fascination with trying to pick where someone is from by their accent. I can do pretty good for most of North America. I once shocked a co-worker when I identified her accent as being from South Carolina (it's different from Texas but sounds closer to someone from Georgia). I'm starting to get decent at identifying the various accents of the UK (e.g. a Northern accent vs. Welsh vs. etc.) but it's still pretty tricky for me.
I read a lot of books, although mostly sci-fi, fantasy or the "flavor of the month".
I learned in college that I apparently have a freak talent for trivia games. I have no control over when and how my brain retains useless info over far more pressing things, sadly. This intersects with my love of sci-fi such that I can tell you that Chewbacca's home planet of Kashyyyk is spelled with 3 y's without any googling. I feel that I need to throw this out there to defuse any future shock.
I like spicy food in general, and Indian specifically. I have a very weak spot for the Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Wendy's. If I were a perfect person, I'd be a vegetarian, but I just can't break the meat habit. See again: Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich. I can cook, and have gotten better at it over the past year but it's best to keep expectations low. I also love sushi, and really, most foods when it comes down do it.
Note above that I have a "Definitely" by wants kids. I'd love to have some of my own, and I'm hopeful that I be able to do so before I hit my 80's (the "Tony Randall" syndrome). I don't mind if you have kids, naturally, but I do have hopes for my own biological progeny as well.

Date men and women from United States. Do you enjoy the outdoors? Do you love to travel to new places and experience things you?ve never experienced before? Do you welcome the unknown instead of fearing it? Do you like to laugh until tears are streaming down your face?
I'm extremely into outdoor activities; hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, and playing sports are some of the things I do daily. I also enjoy going to live sporting events, with baseball and football as my favorites.
I love to laugh and can generally find the humor in anything. I?m never stressed out, and can easily laugh with others along with being able to laugh at myself. I take great pleasure in making others laugh and enjoy a good round of witty banter and light-hearted joking.
I play the drums and have a huge passion for music. I enjoy going to see local or national bands or just relaxing in the backyard by the pool with a beer and a great CD on the stereo.
I'm from the suburbs of Philadelphia, college educated and I miss the ocean. I think I'll just eventually buy my own Caribbean island and build a tree house. I long for the days where I can easily enjoy jogging along the hot afternoon sand, listening to the surf break, the wind carrying the smell of suntan oil.
I love traveling and some of my favorite destinations are San Diego, Rocky Point, Las Vegas and the east coast. I have yet to travel abroad (unless you consider Canada and Mexico abroad!) and am excited to visit other parts of the world and all the history and culture it has to offer. Being a huge fan of the beach, I'm planning a beach tour of the Greek Islands and the south of France.
I?m looking for someone who enjoys living and can find the fun in anything she?s doing. One who is career oriented, and has goals both personally and professionally. Someone who likes to keep herself in shape, likes music, has an interest in sports, and is always up for a new adventure.
So?if that describes you, send a message or a wink my way!

Meet a man from United States.
My friends and family would describe me as an all around good guy. I’m very easy going , laid back and love to joke around. I try and live life with a purpose , a passion, an enormous sense of humor and romanticism. I have lived a bit of a life so far and I'm looking for just one to share the rest and best of it with....Could it be you ?

Date single man from United States. Hello and thank you for taking the time to read about me. I am originally from Northern California and moved to AZ spending most of my teenager years here before finally making a career in the military. So I have recently returned to what I have always considered to be my home and reuniting with family, friends and ready to start a new life with someone special.
I have many interests including listening to music, going to live concerts, traveling, road trips, cafes, lounges, both playing and watching sports, cinema, driving, and sometimes going to nightclubs. I am also open to trying new things. My profession requires me to work overseas but this type of work is only by choice and I hope to change professions very soon. I love to spend time with my nieces and nephews, and spending time with my friends which live all over the U.S. I prefer to drive the open road instead of taking a flight to see them because I love to drive, listen to music, and enjoy the open road. My work location has made it easy to be able to travel to many European destinations that gives me the opportunity to experience different cultures. I have a very open and adventurous outlook on life and I attribute it to being very well traveled.
I love to laugh and I have been described as having a good sense of humor which sometimes can be a little sarcastic. I can say that I am a mature, honest, attentive, humble, loyal, sincere, affectionate, humorous, confident, protective, optimistic, positive and most importantly respectful but I leave it up to you to find out for yourself. I am a calm and positive man that does not like arguing. I do not play games or so I won’t waste your time as I do not want my time wasted. I have learned to be able to adapt to any situation. I am very open minded and I prefer someone as open minded as I am.
I know that beauty is what normally catches a man’s eye but nothing is more attractive then also having that beauty resonate from the inside. I am in search of a mature, feminine woman that loves not only the finer things in life but also the simple things. I do not like judgmental, hypocritical, arrogant, conceited, or egotistical people but I do like when a woman is confident, hopefully you know the difference. I realize dating is part of the process of meeting the right person but I believe in being monogamous and I look for the same in a woman. I do not like fighting or arguing so I hope that this is a quality she also posses. I think it is a very good for people to have an opinion and respect other people's opinions even if you may not agree with them. I am searching for a woman with some of the same qualities as mine as well as someone that is smart, direct, confident, truthful, positive, strong, mature, romantic, affectionate, which has the ability to compromise and likes to laugh but ultimately I want her to be herself. I welcome you with open arms to learn more about me if you are truly interested and you are serious in finding your companion. As they say, the best way to predict the future is to create it so only you have control of what happiness the future will bring. I know that the world has been blessed with many smart, mature, loyal, sincere, and beautiful woman but I am only interested in just one, is it you? If you have some of the qualities that I am looking for, then maybe our search ends with each other.

Meet a soulmate from United States. NOTE: I am open to relocating for the amazing one! Financially & Mentally stable and you shall be as well :-)
Giver who has been searching for that one return. I consider myself to be passionate, caring, romantic, respectful and a bonified sports fool!
I like to hang out with my Crew.... That s only after you grant me a Curfew Pass.
Seriously, having balance is a must.
I’m already warming up to the possibilities ;-)
You should have some of the common threads of the above mentioned. Most of all I want you to have a positive impact on my life.
I hope that you, take care of your health, embrace the idea of Family and that you fight for what you believe in and never waiver on those morals. Lets exchange some mail and take it from there.
I want to wish all of you luck in your search.