Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Mayer, 52 year old

Date single man from Mayer, United States. I guess I'm looking for the experience of pneumatic bliss with my very own Lenina Crowne.
Ayn Rand in her unproduced screenplay about the Manhattan Project writes, "Man can harness the universe, but nobody can harness man."
I thank the power of man's mind, instead of a god, for the food I eat and the other goods I enjoy and consume.
The one and only sexual opportunity in my life happened in 1994, and for complicated reasons it didn't work out (long story). I'd like an understanding woman who will help me in this area, but I have health, purity and disgust issues with promiscuity, fat women, white trash women and women close to my age.
Bisexual women intrigue me, however. I can respect a woman who selfishly wants to have orgasms for her own sake, and not just because she thinks she's supposed to as part of a relationship.
Of course, I don't understand why so many single women in their 30's and early 40's are still so picky about their men. You're in the aftermarket by that age, ladies; don't price yourselves out of the competition.
Yes, I know about game, self-proclaimed pick-up artists and evolutionary psychology from reading blogs like Roissy's and listening to Tom Leykis's talkshow. I don't have the sort of personality to impersonate an alpha male successfully.
I've gotten increasingly curmudgeonly with age, and I say pretty much what I want now about women without worrying about political correctness.
I tend to dislike women who absorb too much nonsense from popular culture, and that includes female versions of Comic Book Guy from "The Simpsons."
I have trouble answering many of the questions for improving matches because I've never been in situations where I had to make decisions about those matters.
Politically I'm generally in Lakoff's Strict Father camp (registered as a Republican), though I have problems with some of the ideas which have accreted around conservatism and libertarianism these days. I'd call myself a secular conservative, sympathetic to Ayn Rand's Objectivism without drinking the Kool-Aid.
Ethically I guess I fall into the virtue ethics camp, mainly because virtue ethics focuses on the character of the individual, since I view myself as a kind of traveler. I haven't thought this through as well as I would like.
I'm interested in profiles which show some personality. I don't want to read nonsense like "I'm a caring person." I would respect something more like, "I used to be a Twilight fan, but I outgrew it when I realized how stupid those novels are." Or something about why you got the sorts of tattoos you have. Your profile has to distinguish itself from the plain-vanilla and probably phony profiles uploaded by women in places like Ghana, Malaysia or Ukraine who pretend they're American.
I also value intelligence in women. I prefer the company of women with backgrounds in information technology, science, engineering, medicine or mathematics, for example. And I can tell you about the time I met math prodigy and former child actress Danica McKellar.
Eventually, with the help of the right women, I'd like to make the leap from inexperience to polyamory, like the characters in my favorite science fiction novels. I figure that single women in their 30's face less demand, so I can afford more than one at a time at bargain prices.
I've also signed up for cryonic suspension with the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, which shows that I take "the future" more seriously than most people. As my cat Hypatia might say, "I can haz Singularity?" And I'm always open to forming LifePacts with cryonicist women (including the 1994 woman mentioned above):