Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Surprise, 52 year old

Date single man from Surprise, United States. News flash. Am temporarily (a year) relocating to Hong Kong for business in August, but will still keep an office here and be in NYC 4-6 days per month. I understand and respect that will be a non-starter for most of you and you have my best wishes in your search for your Mr. Right. For those who sill have an interest, please read on. I don't bite...maybe a nibble, but only in the right please don't be afraid to message me if you would enjoy date when I am in town.
Me? Kind, caring, intelligent, honest, funny (seasoned with just a hint of sarcasm), hard working, confident (without being arrogant), low key and loyal. Raised in the Midwest and still have traditional values with respect to right, wrong and how to treat others. While I enjoy dining and dancing, a perfect night for me is a roaring fire, red wine, a good movie and the right someone to enjoy it with. I generally prefer being active and learning new things, but don't need to jump out of airplanes and run with the bulls to have fun.
Coffee in bed with the newspaper on Sundays works, candlelight dinners, cuddling, tender kisses and catching a beautiful sunrise or sunset make me happy. I enjoy traveling and do it extensively...Delta really likes me :-). Like romantic comedies (not sure if I should admit that or not), country music and classic rock, but dislike shopping (as my daughters can attest). Other turnoffs are dishonesty, direspect, arrogance and prejudice. I try to treat everyone the same regardless of their position in life.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but a great smile, warm eyes and infectious laugh are always beautiful. And while the initial attraction is physical for me (preference for athletic types), after the first encounter or two it shifts to what's between the ears. A sense of humor, intellectual curiosity, self-confidence and the ability to communicate directly and openly are what take things to the next level. While sensitive (for a guy), I've proven conclusively that I am not good at reading between the lines. Just tell me what it is you want and I'll do my best to please. I am not good with drama and don"t do high maintenance. Although I very much enjoy seeing you in dresses and heels, I find blue jeans and a white t-shirt just as sexy.
Open to a relationship if it develops, but not actively seeking it at the moment. Just coming out of one and still trying to get my sea legs. Am looking for fun people to occasionally spend time with and enjoy all that NYC has to offer.
But enough about me. Let's talk about you...

Meet a soulmate from Surprise, United States. I'm just looking around for a regular gal to hang out and do stuff. Dinner, movies, BBQ, bar buddy, just regular stuff and see what happens from there. My kids are adults, however I do have animals which act like children sometimes.
Please don't email me unless you are interested to meet. Ten minutes of conversation replaces volumes of silly emails. Thanks...Have a great day!
I have to say this has been a total waste of time and money, seriously!!!

Date someone special from Surprise, United States. Life is an adventure that we are on. Having balance and stablity is important as life propels us forward. With my career path, family and other obligations, I relish the time for new and exciting experiences and travel. I would like to find a relationship with someone who is happy in their life(inside and out), enjoys their work, somewhat spritual and looking forward to the future and what it holds. I am active in my life, exercise and enjoy wonderful food and wish to find someone who takes care of themselves
Besides a beautiful sunrise with a wonderful cup of coffee, I enjoy sunsets with good red wine or a great martini. Are you mentally in shape, taken lifes lessions and use them for the betterment...If you are a right person, a walk in the woods can be the adventure of a lifetime. If you are a loving indivdual, compassionate and successful inside and who is searching for a man to begin your the second chapter of your life then leave all your troubles at the door - come enjoy a sunset or sunrise
Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart...Who looks outsides dreams.. who looks inside -awakens life! Who are you?In search of a person, who is alive, blood flowing, and preferably breathing (Barbies need not apply). Must be romantic and enjoy PDA. Must be fun and spontaneous. Have a job, income and a life
Must be able to hug, kiss, and love. Rainy days love to stand in the rain and look up, dance and appreciate life, or sit inside and cuddle up to a book? Must be somewhat athletic.
Loves to enjoy a good cocktail. Must be sharpe mentally and have a sense of humor, sensual in being When is the last time you took a chance or past on an opportunity? Can you be ready in 10 minutes and out the door? Ok maybe 30... If so.. lets get going..
All people Dream, but no equally, Those who dream by night in the dusty recess of their minds wake to find that it was vanity. But the dreamers of the day are dangerous people, for they dream their dreams with open eyes and make their dreams come true...T.E. Lawrence - Lawrence of Arabia

Meet people from Surprise, United States. Seeking a free spirited woman, not afraid to express emotions, wants, desires. Not confined by traditional values, possesses a sense of adventure.
Life is too short to be negative, and clearly, llfe is to too short to supress inner desires. We all come with "baggage" but it is those who handle such burdens with elan that triumph in the end.
I am a writer by trade and seek an intellectual kindred who will drag me to museums, cultural events and distant realms. We are only limited by our own creativity, and the moment is ours to capture.

Date men and women from Surprise, United States. I am kind hearted fun to be around and goofy at times. I find any situation and make the best of it enjoy company at a coffee shop or just for a drink in a quiet place. I am looking for a honest woman to have a relationship with.

Meet a man from Surprise, United States. I am down to earth, full of adventure, work out daily, in shape, cook and love life. I enjoy watching football (Steelers Fan - long story why) and all sports. I am looking for the same. Some one adventurous, into life, can be ready in a moments notice and enjoys life, a good cocktail, and loves to watch sports. Travel for events and enjoyment. Are you out there? Can you be ready in a moments notice?
Do you enjoy life, do you have an ounce of fun, can you love yourself and life.. If you can.. love to meet...

Date single man from Arizona, United States. Wanting to find someone that enjoys the same things that I do. Someone I can trust, love and live the rest of my life with. Is that asking too much? Someone that can enjoy the simple things in life and also can get dressed up and get wild and be spoiled just for the fun of it!

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I love to express myself, love nudism and enjoy the simple life. Tender loving and a caring person I am. Would like someone who loves me for who I am and would like to explore the world with me. Someone who is not ashamed of their naked body and loves to have sex all day long. Wants to run naked on a sandy beach and just enjoy the sun and sunsets.

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. Fun, loving life and ALL life has to offer. Live each to the fullest. treat others the way I wish to be treated, want someone to share my awsome life whom loves to travel, dine out, shop. Want to have several things in common and simular interests.

Meet people from Arizona, United States. Looking for a person who is happy on the inside and out, A beautiful smile melts my heart.
I believe that everyone has a match and it may take sometime to find the right person. Not in a hurry or desperate, the worst that can happen is that we might actually end up friends,
Drop me a line, who knows where are paths will ead us.

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. I was employed on a few ranches here in Arizona, roping and shoeing and all the other stuff that goes with that life style , so I know what hard work is. Now days I'm employed at a power plant . So when I get home I like to get those chores finished and then enjoy the time that's left. A ride in the jeep to the desert or down for a burger. Sometimes I like to head up north to get away for awhile . I have four children and one son that's not on his own yet. He is 15 and I enjoy spending the time we have together. We participate in vintage motocross. I enjoy baseball,hunting, fishing. I like to BB-Q. I like to watch a good game on TV, Go D-Back! I also like to get out once in awhile and have a few drinks and kick it up on a dance floor. I like bowling, playing pool, going to the movies or just relaxing and watching one at home.
What I would like in my ideal match is honesty and loyalty and somone to connect with. It would be nice to find someine that has some of the same interests as me. I'm looking for someone to be in love with and enjoy what life has to offer. Keep smiling.

Meet a man from Arizona, United States. Obscure song lyrics aside.... *bonus points if you know the obscure song...
How to start? Here goes...
I'm not really comfortable describing myself. So I took to the streets asking people I know, and some that I don't, to describe me.
Here's a summary of what people had to say: Tall, funny, witty, friendly, a good listener, too nice(??) creative, outgoing, shy (??) the nicest guy in the world (Thanks Mom) a good basketball player, philosophical, cute (apparently someone had been drinking) a decent golfer, a nice guy(That came up a lot) a talented comedy writer and considerate.
People Magazine said, " Stop calling us. We don't know who you are."
So there you have it. Me, as my friends, some strangers and a media outlet see me.
To find out more...
What I'm looking for in a Match:
My Perfect Match has hypnotic eyes (at least to me) that sparkle with curiosity and a smile with a hint of mischief. She can see the humor in life. She's also reasonably fit, groomed and has a great sense of family. She is my friend,lover, muse, confidante, dance partner and co-conspirator as we journey forth in this adventure of life.
If this sounds like you then you have some explaining to do. Perhaps over a glass of wine.