Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Payson, 52 year old

Date people from Payson, United States. This is the part where reading these get boring or so it seems. Seriously, I don't do this online dating much now or in the past. I love meeting new people don't take me wrong but in the past for a short while I did....yea.....I admit caught me....I joined a dating site and it was a horrible experience! Hmmmm so what am I looking for? Ok how about someone who dares to be with me since I am the classic insane, I will do my best to embarass you and I LOVE to joke and have fun laughing and basically on the comedy side in life that's the best way to describe me so am I looking for you really? Who knows, do you? Tell me this....why do I want to meet you? Yea that's it throw the question right back on ya there buddy! Hahaha yes I am joking! Starting off meeting to me seems the most logical approach and sorry Capt. Obvious I think we'll know! See ya! Oh by the way....age is just a number and I don't look my age and basically don't act it but I am a very intelligent woman and think my joking side has kept me feeling young so we shall see!