Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 21 year old

Date people from Arizona, United States. I am a sweet, caring, kind person. i like to play my guatir and piano. i like to listen to music. i may seem a little shy at frist but once you get to know me you will see i am a really outgoing person.

Meet a guy from Arizona, United States. Hey Wats up I'm edder. I'm 18 I like to skate have fun...learning Chinese..trying to graduate..I currently live whither men dad and my .3 brothers I like to do push UPS every single day and I would like too meet a nice girl who I can trust and have fun with.

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. I am a very fun and exciting car enthusiast and I am seeking someone to spend my free time and home life with. I am living with my brother in a 2bdrm apartment and enjoying my career build into what's sure to be an amazing future. I prefer to talk to actual people so contact me on here and I'll gladly forward my number to call / text and eventually meet in person. (not big on online dates...)

Meet single boy from Arizona, United States. I professionally team rope and ride horses, I enjoy going out and having fun. I like going to the lake, camping, and anything else that's kinda adventurous. I'm just looking for someone sweet that I can enjoy being with.

Date a boy from Arizona, United States. Attempting to put myself in a summary is alot harder than I thought!
Im the youngest of 6 with all sisters, and I was born and raised here in Arizona!
I am an EMT for a private company in Phoenix, and I start school again next month for _?_?_?_?_?_. I also help my father run his funiture moving business.
I have been told that Im a workaholic and I need to take it easy but if you dont work, there is no income. So, if we were to meet and mingle, please dont be mad that I work a bunch! I like to save money just as much as I like to spend. Im not an extreme couponer or anything I just like to have a nest egg for an emergency thats not going to happen hopefully! And when I work hard and make a bunch, I like to spoil myself and my lady! I havent been out much because of work and school and my social circle just isnt there anymore! Eventually your friends disappear when you are always at work or school!
Being in the field Im in, you really see things most don't see, so I value everyday I am alive and I keep a smile on! And somedays, I am a softy and I get quiet because I feel bad for other people! If I could, I would be chubby for all the chubby kids in the whole world! I think Im on a roll, I dont have any loans, I own my truck, I got 2 small credit cards, I dont owe anybody! Its nice!
My time off includes anything that comes up with friends,co-workers and family. I love the lake and river. Im Scottish though so after about 3 to 4 hours, I got to put my shirt back on. This rain is awesome, I like to drive fast through puddles and get my truck muddy! I like finding new places to eat, hole in the wall places are the best! I hunt with my father once a year and we sometimes go fishing. And my mama, she likes to bake! It would be super cool if you can bake with her and fish with me and my pops!! I am the biggest Indianapolis Colts fan!! It would be super cool if you can watch a game with me and have a beer! Patriot fans beware! I love camping and I am not into the ocean much. Ill go in just not passed my hips, Im scarred of sharks and I dont like not knowing whats underneath me! I like tubing in the snow in Flagstaff! I can do it all day long with the right people!! Im not a fan of cats! As for dogs, I love them but I hate chiuwawas! Oh and I like monkeys and pigs and donkeys!
Im a grown up/big kid! I pick on my sisters because Im bigger than them, but I work hard and pay my bills! Im more into the traditional style of life! I want a wife,kids,house,truck,adopt a puppy, the whole 9 yards! I would love to find a lady who is a total babe/sweetheart! By that I mean gorgeous/pretty/beautiful/kind-hearted/loyal/affec
tionate/mellow/and trusting and it goes on and on! A physical and bonding attraction must be present! Hopefully your not 2 dimensional and you think you know me from reading this! I know you dont trust what you read and I dont expect you too but we are both on here to find that sweet person and I hope we both get there somehow! Im all ears and open book, 100% me!

Meet men and women from Arizona, United States. Hey there, my name is Nathan, and I am a backpacker, skiier, hiker, marathoner, figure artist, and designer. I love the outdoors: trail running, hiking, backpacking, quadding, skiing.. basically anything outside. I'm a very very active guy, but I still love taking time to relax and enjoy those special quiet moments that life gives me occasionally. A perfect day for me would be a day hike with a friend, a 12 mile run, or an afternoon figure drawing with my artist buddies. I'm a very caring and compassionate person and I love making people smile. My family is the most important thing in my life. I love them so much and don't know where I'd be without them. I've
got everything I want pretty much figured out goal wise, and I'm well on my way there.

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I'm Anthony, I'm new to AZ and I'm in the Air Force so im just looking for a way to branch out and hopefully find some new friends and maybe a gf along the way. I like to have a good time so any girl that looks good and is always down to have a good time is my type. She has to able to make me laugh and smile. Compromise is also very big to me. No jealous girls, no stage 5 clingers, no drama seekers...

Meet people from United States. My names is James,
I am a musician, so my match must love rock music. Other than that I am really looking for someone to start off a relationship that is hopefully long term. As long as my match isn't controlling, is loyal, and (though I am one of few who actually want this without issues with it.) is completely honest is an ideal match to me. I'm on almost every social networking site (Mostly Face Novel)so finding a way to talk to me is easy. I also like to sit under the Gilbert water tower a few times a week so meeting me in person is also easy.

Date a guy from United States. well my name is Aaron im 21 about to be 22 looking to meet new girls trying to find the right one for looking for a girl that is down to hang out and also go out and have a good time.i want a fully commetted relationship and also want a girl that will let me give her everything i have to offer.

Meet someone special from United States. My friends would describe me as determined. I like to take on big challenges and I do not give up on those challenges. I am pretty level-headed, but every once in a while the Irish comes out. Doesn't it for everyone!? My career choice probably sums me up the best. I'm in law enforcement...most of the time you have to have a neutral and open mind, but sometimes you need that fiery attitude! I like helping people too!
As far as the type of woman I'm looking for...
1) Ambitious (I like people with goals)
2) Likes to share small details (I like to listen!)
3) Open to trying new foods
4) Doesn't mind letting ME cook (I'm new at it, but I really do enjoy cooking from time-to-time!)
5) Likes to travel
6) Likes to have quiet evenings every once in a while

Date single boy from United States. well where should i start i am a creative person and like to meet people im very shy though and get more shy when i meet a new person. i like cars and bicycles i i take pride in my work hope one day i meet that speacial person who likes me for who i am. im not going to lie i alonely had one gf in my life but had my first kiss if anyone is interested in me im open to qestions

Meet a boy from United States. My name is David , im 21, im a lube tech at jiffy lube. Im preaty much down for anything, when im not working.. but for the most part just like to chill an relax. Im also preaty quite, untill i get to know you.. any question just ask