Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Chino Valley, 52 year old

Date men and women from Chino Valley, United States. My Ideal mate would be able to look me in the eye and tell me about the day good or bad. Tell me about what is troubling them. Just make goals together and achieve them.
Someone that has a free spirit, has a smile that will melt just about any guy but especialy me.
Would love to have someone that felt that feel good tingle like I do when she walks in the door.
Someone that will take that walk on the beach with me, run from me till I catch you and tackle and tickle you.
Someone that is not afraid of the comfortable silence two share or the great indepth conversations.
Someone that has a real love for life and family.
I love it when it rains. It really seems to make me feel as though I am being washed clean from the soul.
I am a romantic for sure. I have a love for life and building relationships. I have 5 children and 4 grand soon to be 5. Most have thier own lives one is still in the nest.. I own my own business and can tell you later. I bring honesty and Trust into the mix and once committed I don't stray. I am one that will make you breakfast in bed on Sunday morning, so sleep in and smell the coffee. I think laughter and a smile goes much farther then just the tweaking of lips, it hits the heart. If you want me to zip your dress up before we go out by all means I'm your guy.
I am very fit,
I put the family first always. If you have family (children) and we become a unit. I will put them first too.
Do you have a passion, share it with me. I would love to help you or enjoy it with you.

Meet a man from Chino Valley, United States. Nice guy who loves to cuddle and spoil the ones in his life. I am looking for someone that is witty and content with their life. I am confident and i want you to be also. I enjoy dining out and going to the movies. Also indulge in recreational sports. I am also not against spending quiet time at home.