Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 66 year old

Date people from Arizona, United States. I'm down to earth and laid back. Doesn't mean I'm lazy, just reserved. Again, I like riding my motorcycle on long rides either solo (with a passenger, of course) or in a small group. I'm 65 years young but am told I looked younger. I'm a little over weight but I'm currently on a physician assisted weight control program.
I like playing and listening to music.

Meet a man from Arizona, United States. I am 65yrs.old. Ihave my own construction company. I am a outdoor type of person. I like to travel. I like auto racing. When at home I like to cook. I am looking for a serious relationship.
I would like a woman who can laugh and enjoy life.

Date single man from Arizona, United States. "Love is a noble act of self-giving,
offering TRUST, FAITH, and LOYALTY.
The more you love, the more you lose a part of yourself,
yet you don't become less of who you are;
you end up being complete with your loved one."
I am retired from the beauty trade but I live and work part time as a handy man (HandyAndy) at Shangri La Ranch in New River.
I am a "young-at-heart" type guy, who trys to stay physically balanced between my "teenage-self drives" and my "adult-self abilitys"
I want to be honest with you and tell you I am looking for that chemistry, make me tingle at the thought of her wanting me as her partner in most all things.Just a touch in passing, a glance over her shoulder, her hand on my neck as we are driving some place, I could go on and on, but it is the little things you have as you grow closer, things that are hard to place or to put words to, or have no words for! Sounds dumb but if you have been in the right realitionship it doesn't!!
I am looking for someone who is kind, caring and enjoys the simple life; no drama needed, except for the joy of a deep friendship and love.

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. This posting reminds me of when I sold a used car in the past - only I'm the used car. You take a few photos, highlight the positives, post it online, and hope to get lucky. I have a few scratches, scrapes and door dings, and some miles on the engine, but well maintained and still runs great. The body is in good condition and the interior is clean. No repairs needed. Being offered in its "as is condition." Just needs a good home and a little tender loving care. Are you interested in "kicking my tires" and taking me for a test drive? No reasonable offer refused!
I am a 6'1" and 190 lb., young at heart and mind, fun loving, neat and clean, affectionate, active and energetic, honest, decent man. I am grateful to be in good health, financially secure, own my home, and have no liabilities. I am self sufficient - do not need a maid, housekeeper or caregiver. I believe I am easy to get along with, down to earth, not temperamental, and not a control freak. I enjoy the touch of a woman and a woman who likes to be touched along with romantic times at home and away. I am comfortable hiking in the desert, riding the light rail downtown to a Dbacks game, or having dinner at the Biltmore. I have 2 daughters and 3 grand kids, but unfortunately they do not live here. I would look forward to enjoying your family though.
Life has many twists and turns that have brought us here....I miss having a woman in my life. I miss caring for a woman and a woman caring for me. What I'm seeking is pretty simple, someone who's likable before anything else. I'm not looking for a person overly concerned with how well off they are, nor do I have any time for pretentious people. I would like to find you to be an attractive, stylish, active and energetic, affectionate, intelligent, playful, physically fit woman with a good sense of humor who likes to laugh, appreciates the simple things in life, enjoys home life, family, friends, and also the excitement of going places and doing things together? I would like to travel more, but need a partner to see the world. It's the time in our lives to have fun and enjoy each other.
I enjoy many things including watching/attending sporting events(but not a couch potato), golf regularly and hike desert/park trails weekly, trying new restaurants, movies, happy hours at nice lounges, Kierland, Old Town, Desert Ridge, Tempe Marketplace, theater, local art festivals, working in my yard, Starbucks, live music/concerts, day trips anywhere in AZ, lakes and ocean beaches, trips to San Diego and other travel. Furthermore, I like Italian, Mexican and Asian foods. Music from Marvin Gaye and George Benson to Usher, Foreigner, Journey, Earth Wind Fire, Kool And The Gang, Sade, Blige, Beyonce, Jackson and many more..
It is impossible to pick a partner based on facts and figures on paper. Until a man and woman meet face to face who knows. It is the personal encounter that tells the tale. If interested in getting to know one another and see if we "click" please write.....

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. me.
So here I am, writing about me. Wow, that should be easy. Put a book, me, on an 8x10 piece of paper so it makes sense, as another reads it? No problem. I am a warm and caring, guy, and hope that's a good start with you.
I have also traveled my journey in a single crowd. I've been married a few times but have spent more time on my own. I've lived in various states and came back to Phoenix 2 yrs. ago. (preferenced retirement area)
I don't have a palace or a ego car, but I have faith, support, logic, and a heart ready for my first and dying love, with a good open minded woman. She'd have to be because my life is very eclectically woven.
I enjoy stimulating the moment. I am a man who is aware of how to stimulate by kiss, touch, conversation and love to tease and exchange promisary glance for later.The sensitivity of that shared touch within is magnificent when shared in a smile.
I open doors, make dinners, run errands’, and know what I’m doing when it comes to massages, head to toes. I am definitely more of a giver than I am a receiver.
I eat ice cream late at night and like to sleep eight hours at a time, I have no debts andno baggage. But, I do have the drive to give all my heart to a woman who just whispers delight.
I make organized messes (crafts/art projects) and have a laundry night, grocery shopping days and lists, and keep my home tidy and clean. Thank God for door knobs though, so I can find the shirts that didn’t make it back to the closet. By the way, I am most comfortable in a pair of drivers’ moccasins and a pair of shorts, and loose fitting shirt. I stay tan, get $17 haircuts, tip 20%, and feel comfortable with myself, just not by myself. I prefer to be a giver more than a taker when I can.
I use my toothpaste drips, once dry enough, as breath mints. Not really…just a joke.
I have strived throughout my life to keep my body in good shape and stay healthy. My body has never been scared, operated on, tattooed, nor has it ever had me sick. It has few wrinkles for its age and looks pretty good on me. Most of my friends are in their 40’ and early fifties. Guess I’m forever young. But, I’m noticing a mushroom effect going on, especially when I sit. “Hey, Honey, let go somewhere to exercise’, pack a lunch’, I don’t like mushrooms’, I might cry out, but thats the Aquarian in me.
I would like to exchange emails, then perhaps talk by phone as we get to know each other. If the sapk gets lit, meeting will be more beneficial. I really don't have time to waste dating for kicks.
If "she" plays pool, likes to entertain friends, or golfs, then we are off to a good start, although I don't have the friends,...,yet. I am a humanitarian at heart and would be a good fit in your friends list. I am but one.. looking to be two for all.

Meet men and women from Arizona, United States. My pictures begin in 1972 and end February 2012 with a trip to Tanzania and Rwanda, most are since China in 2006.
I retired for the last time on April Fools Day 2010. Right now I get the worst part of the day, the gym, over-with by 7A.M. That way the rest of the day can only get better.
Not surprisingly my Ideal match would be someone who I thought was beautiful, intelligent and quick witted. She would think I was the best thing since sliced bread and we would also share at least some common interests.
We're all looking for someone special and really the only thing this service provides is a visual introduction, if that introduction isn't pleasing nothing else is going to happen. I may look good to someone and not to someone else. If there is any sort of connection beyond the visual the only real way to find out is to sit down have coffee or tea and talk.
As a caveat this is not science, there is really no way to tell how two people will interact. It may turn out that what I think would be ideal and what turns out to be perfect look nothing alike.
If we don't actually meet, good luck with your search and have fun.
July 2012

Date people from United States. When you have given a lot of thought about a relationship, you just have to go with it. Stephen Sondheim has a great quote:
" The only risks worth taking are the big ones."
Sondheim puts it all on the line for us. We need to be smart and not frivilous. Courageous not timid. We can meet and nurture the beginning of a relationship ---or sit home, drink beer and watch the Diamondbacks tank another series.
Here is how I feel about building a relationship. I would like to know your thoughts. Kindness is the single greatest measure of relationship vitality. especially your impressions of my kindness.
Behind kindness in close second place is the satisfaction and general stability of the relationship even in the early stages.
I think the single greatest skill seems to be empathy, to recognize the partner and do it in a way that they feel and think they are being recognized.
In succcessful relationships there is an emotionally available partner who is "able" to share decision-making and knows how to find common ground during disagreements.
I am drawn to a woman who is educated, eclectic, attractive, has a creative side, loves world travel and has a sense of humor.
I made a mark for adventuresome travel and recently returned from a world voyage reaching and exploring all Seven Continents.
My partner should find it natural to grow with the richness of fine art, architecture , esp classical music, grand opera, jazz, and even classic rock.
In sum--I am looking to meet a woman with true substance and style- fit, intelligent, engaging, emotionally healthy, attractive and fun loving. You will be a “rare-find” kind of woman who isn’t frequenting bars, or clubs. You like to dance or want to learn.
Would you like to have a refreshment and talk.?

Meet a man from United States. l want someone who appreciates that and who olso wants to get most out her life. l would like to find someone who also like to travel and someone with ambition who knows that healty lifestyle helps you get more out of life. l surraund myself with good people good food and good wine. Drive across the contry head on exotic beach to listen to the waves. Some time stay at home and relax. If someone who will reap the benefits l will always expend the maximum effort.

Date single man from United States. I've usually thought of myself as a man for most seasons, although not all. I am well educated, have had a strong and productive professional career, athletically and artistically inclined and financially comfortable.

Meet someone special from United States. Dogs make me smile!
My friends, well, I am not a social butterfly, but I do like in depth conversations on occasion.
I am grateful to have come this far in life.
My children and grandchildren.
Every day that I awake.
Someone that is understanding and appreciative of life.
I go to the park and that is about it.
Strength of character.
America and the future of the planet and all the beings in it.
Looking for a local Tucson girl.

Date a soulmate from United States. i am treditionl man that belive love,honest,faithful, responsible and respectfull,hardworker,romantic and calm,i like travel in my vacation time,go movie,go sport bar to watch sport,reeding ,and i like my partner that will be my dear wife be the same way,beautifull inside and out ,and responsible to our life,between 40 to 55 and ready to live in arizona.

Meet men and women from United States. Looking a nice gal to enjoy and share the rest of life's journey with.
My motto's are.........try to be the best person I can be......( I do fail now and then for sure ) .and treat others like you want to be treated your self ! They would pretty much solve most of the worlds woes.......
And ...try too be positive....let the negative energy roll off your shoulders and pass you bye. If you take in the negative, you only hurt yourself.
I'm a blend of enthusiasm and gentleness, a dreamer who makes them come alive, as I do in my profession as a custom home designer and builder. Just purchased a dream ranch, a very, very magical place.
Your beautiful to me............your soul is magical...... and just want me to adore and love you for the rest of your life.
I like to put the top down on the car and catch fresh breezes while watching a red sunset on the mountains, especially here in Arizona, it is Except ......I am so busy with restoring my new ranch, no time lately to zoom around. Help............. talk me into going for a ride.
Visiting a Big City can be fun and magical, but I must visit the mountains often. So hence the neat ranch property I just purchased. Lets sit on the back porch now and then and enjoy the what passes by.......sweet.
I like to walk with my dog "Foxy" a great way to commune with mother nature. ( The Fox was found in Rocky Pt. Mexico a few years ago.) Everybody loves the Fox. ( I wish I was him..... lol ) Now the Fox is a ranch dog, so he walks himself a lot.
I thought I was married for life. But divorce eight years ago taught me many lessons. I am still learning more. In retrospect, it was a gift, it awoke me and let me grow in so many ways. Interesting isn't it, how life unfolds.