Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 49 year old

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. I'M AN HONEST PERSON, I USUALLY SAY WHAT IS ON MY MIND, GOOD OR BAD.

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. I'm no movie star, or Ken doll. I'm a nice guy, so you know what that means. Ugly as a mud duck! I'm big, bald, and dumb as a bag of rocks. But hay, I can walk standing up. Love to find a rich, sexy ex-beauty queen. But rich is good enough. Lol. No, just like a friend.

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. Hoping to meet someone with a good sense of humor and with hazel eyes. I love to laugh, my favorite shows are South park, Shameless, and Wilfred. I am close to completing my two year degree from Yavapai before transferring to Embry Riddle. I enjoy a woman who is respectful and does not keep waiting while she gets ready.

Meet people from Arizona, United States. Looking for someone special that likes being with family and spending time with her man to treat him like a king and i will treat her as my Queen. One who cooks well and dresses nice n smell great is old fashion in some ways

Date a man from Arizona, United States. The glass is always half full. Hopefully with wine, and you are in France somewhere. You are happy, secure, employed and looking for an adventure. All your friends wish they had more time to be with you. Looking for quality friendship, and more, while enjoying life as much as possible.

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. been separated for 2 years, (divorce pending), and just starting to spread my wings. I like long walks in the park, stairing at sunsets, and cuddling up in front of a fire watching a good romantic movie..... NOT... No KNIGHT IN SHINNING ARMOR HERE...

Date men and women from United States. Friends and family describe me as:
World-class goofball
Always living life to the fullest, while on the road less traveled
Wears his heart on his sleeve
I've lived in many parts of the world and still have much on my travel itinerary.
My interests are all over the board from outdoor activities like hiking, biking, climbing,and swimming to boating, fishing, jet skis, quads, and more. Museums and art shows grab my attention regardless of the theme and I've yet to see the Guggenheim or Smithsonian and really want to. Motorcycles are something I dig riding and working on but it doesn't define me. An evening in cooking together rates high. I get into music of all genres.
Exercise is important to me not because it's good for you, but because I really like it.
I like to spoil. Discover the little thing that brings a smile. Waking someone with their perfect cup of coffee. I'm a romantic....and I'm proud of it. I'm a firm believer that nothing good comes easy or quickly....let's learn about each other and decide we can be friends before anything else.
If you're honest, enjoy communicating, easy going, take care of yourself (physically and mentally), open minded, curious, and adventurous we'd probably get along. Although I was never fortunate enough to have kids, I like being around them and they seem to feel the same.
I'm in the transition of moving to Phoenix and expect to be here permanently by 8/15/12. I most likely won't be visiting before then but wouldn't mind learning about someone before I get there.

Meet someone special from United States. 2 ppl who can connect on true honesty about life and love that try to understand why you are who you are before we come to judgement which btw is not our job I want to find happiness and enjoy what ever life has in-store its bad enough your ultimately alone when you die I believe life should be shared with someone

Date a soulmate from United States. I must be doing something wrong and don't know what it is, or I'm butt-ugly and just don't know it. I'm as WYSIWYG as it's possible to be (feel free to ask if you don't know). I'm just a door-opening, hand-holding, flower-buying old-fashioned man who wants to be half of a "we."
I'm treading very carefully around here because - it's very difficult to tell who's genuine. I'm still hopeful that the elusive "number one" is out there, but I'm also skeptical because of all the "number two" you have to go through these days to find it. I'm trying to write something that is positive, romantic, interesting, and yet still realistic. It would sure be nice to have someone with whom to go places, do things and see things. This fifth-wheel stuff among all my married and/or coupled friends ... well ... it sucks.
I'm looking for a romance that doesn't fit someone else's definition of perfection - not the mythical "perfect woman," just a woman I adore, and who adores me. That's perfect enough. I'm a romantic, but also a realist. Trust, honesty, sense of humor, love of dogs, tolerance (at least) of baseball and poker, and willingness and ability to communicate are an absolute must. And, please, no smokers.

Meet people from United States. Well here goes.... I grew up on the east coast and have been in AZ most of my life now. I guess I can say as far as "me" is concerned.... I'm kinda, funny-silly, confident, playful, emotionally, physically and financially secure. I'm very even tempered, reliable as well as quite the optimist; the glass is really half full.. I have had 1 long term relationship in my life and not shy about moving forward in any way.... I live my life to the fullest....Enjoy every day like its my last... I am looking for the same or similar; spontaneous, passion in all things, enjoys life and makes the best of every day, loves to travel...the beach...Europe (someday)...
I am particular in what Im attracted to (aren't we all) and believe that beauty is so much more than just what we can see but don't get me wrong to be in shape is all good for body, mind and soul. right?.. I believe that a man has a role that he must abide by in every relationship, weather its our children or its our lover. No one of us can make anyone else happy and fulfilled if we're not first happy with oneself first!
My mother taught me about respect, courtesy, good manners, and how a woman should be treated in all relationships and let us not forget about the passion....some people just don't have it...i get it...i do!
I place a high value on depth of character, integrity, and honesty. I believe that you get self-esteem by doing esteem-able deeds and try to do at least one every day. I'm big on chemistry. I know within about 5 minutes or 5 seconds :) whether there is a connection and my guess is you will too.

Date a man from United States. Thought Conditioners ...
* 4 Me: It's about substance versus style, actions over words, and quality not quantity :)
# I'm interested in earning a "true, uncommon, and genuine" friendship -- anything else is meant to be ... or not.
^ Non-judgmental, open-minded, with a taste 4 a variety of flavors per se :)
The 411 on M ~ 6', 188 lbs, Christian, professional, non-smoker w/ zero ink or piercings, along with an athletic physique. I have not engaged in any semblance of a "sustainable" relationship for over 8 years. I'm extremely selective, know what appeals 2 me, and welcome exploration encompassing matters of the heart! I'm flattered that anyone might deem my profile worthy of a response. However, I'm allergic to "BS", have zero tolerance 4 games, and maintain no desire to exchange infinite emails leading 2 Planet NADA.
General description? Brutally honest, direct, calm, relatively quiet, sincere, expressive, intelligent, voracious reader, polite, courteous, generous, passionate, emotionally and physically attentive. Additionally, I've enjoyed residency in St. Louis, Missouri, Wichita Overland Park, Kansas, and Portland, Oregon, with visitation to 39 / 50 states Canada (Toronto) Mexico (multiple locales). Aspirations of travel 2 Europe and/or Australia before my life ticket expires.
"Sampling" of Movie Favs:
Shawshank Redemption
A Beautiful Mind
The Blindside
Scent of a Woman
Finding Forrester
With Honors
The Pursuit of Happyness
Good Will Hunting
Brian's Song
The Thomas Crown Affair
The Natural
A Bronx Tale
Wall Street
The Big Chill
Field of Dreams
Godfather I, II
The Green Mile
Silence of the Lambs
Stand By Me
Recent Reads:
Awaken Theh Giant Within
Faith of My Fathers
Walking in Your Own Shoes
Healed Without Scars
The Prayer of Jabez
Secrets of The Vine
Always Looking Up
The Shack
The Purpose Driven Life
The Mentor Leader
Have a Little Faith
Divine Providence
Come on People
Quiet Strength
The Last Lecture
The Secret
A New Brand World
Emotional Intelligence
The Boys of Summer
Tuesdays with Morrie
The Art of The Deal
THE 411 on Ms. Fan-tab-U-lous ... Christian,dynamic, diverse, active, captivating,vibrant, fun, spontaneous, sensual, and intellectual. Do you exude great passion for life and all things positive? Would you categorize your physique as curvaceous / fuller-figured? My non-negotiable vice is HONESTY! If you are remotely confused with fact v. fiction I'm definitely NOT your guy. Additionally, if you are a mass / serial dater, or into games, fuggetaboutit and refrain from connecting w/me. We all have our preferences. Recent research reveals there are over 110,000,000 singles in our country. Should I not appeal 2 your " brand of male" then best wishes in your quest 4 the "1" that fills your heart. God Bless !!
NO photos = NO response

Meet single man from United States. I am a believer in the power of Chivalry, an almost obsolete code of honor, ethics and morality that originated long ago, during the middle ages or medieval times in history. Chivalry came to be at a time when brave Knights fought and died with dignity and was best described in the story of Camelot. Thus was spawned the phrase, "Knight in Shining Armor". To be Chivalrous is to be the hero, and protector of the woman he loves and her good name at any cost, including the loss of his own life! Well, fortunately, I don't wear a suit of armor and I don't ride a big black horse, or at least not daily. I usually wear blue jeans and drive a Loud, Black Corvette. But the concept, ideals and other attributes that represent Chivalry, have been a part of me all my life.
Prior to 1997, I had no interest whatsoever in UFOs, but during the summer of 1997, that all changed. What happened that summer is a long and amazing story, that I won't go into here. I will tell you that shortly after we had our first sighting in Northern California, I wanted to know more about UFOs. Through some UFO Video documentaries that I found at K-Mart, I learned about the recovery of a crashed UFO near Roswell New Mexico in 1947. I also learned about a top secret military installation called Area 51, that is tucked away deep in the mountains of the Nevada desert. I couldn't believe that I had never heard anything about all of these documented reports of UFO sightings, Alien abductions and government cover-ups. I was fascinated to the point of becoming obsessed with the idea that Beings from other worlds have been visiting Earth for a very long time. Well, I became a no-nonsense UFO and Paranormal Investigator in 1998.
Close friends often say that I should find a steady girlfriend. But finding a girl who is adventurous, fun, able to travel and interested in exploring the unknown is a difficult combination to find. All of the information in my profile is precise, so if like what you see and read, please Message me! Tell me about you and what it is about me that captured your interest. I've learned that being up front and real from the start is the key to a healthy relationship. If we click together and decide to give it a try, be assured that I am a man who will never lie to you, no matter how much it hurts. I will never be afraid to say I Love You, no matter who's listening. I will always keep you smiling or laughing. I will always defend your good name and keep you safe. I will want you to meet everyone I know and show you off to the world. I will never talk down to you or disrespect you. I will support your interests, goals, wishes and dreams, not just my own. I will always treat you as my equal and be your undisputed best friend and partner.
Our first date should should be dinner at a nice restaurant. Our second date, fill my ice chest with, whatever what you enjoy drinking, ie: Wine, beer, tequila, diet pepsi? I'd grab some CDs of your favorite music (I have a 12 speaker Bose stereo with a DVD player in my Corvette), some chips & dip, a pair of binoculars and two of my camcorders and drive to a spot (I hope you know your way around the area) where you can see lot's of sky (hopefully it's a clear night) and of course, bring plenty of thirst quenching sustenance, Yes, it will be the Lady's choice... We could talk about whatever we want, and perhaps take a minute every so often to listen to the quiet while gazing up at the stars. We'd have a drink then I would show you things in the dark starry night that you and most everyone you know has never noticed before, not because it wasn't there, you just never knew what to look for. All of this with No distractions whatsoever, unless of course, we get trampled by a herd of thirsty Deer! I can say this much, there's something about a cute, little girl facial expression of astonishment that makes the world look like a much better place to live in. Oh, did I mention bringing a blanket to sit on? :-)