Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Tucson, 52 year old

Date men and women from Tucson, United States. Even though my first marriage was to someone I thought was "the one," I learned over the course of 30 years that I never had a prayer of helping her to be happy. Which is really sad.
But I have learned many other useful things.
If you know something bothers someone, don't do it.
Helping with the housework is better than going to Jared.
Millions of dollars just got saved in marriage counseling!
So here I am, somewhat broken, but not beyond repair. I'm looking forward to a new adventure.

Meet a soulmate from Tucson, United States. nice friendly guy I live in my mothers basement and eat cereal all day while watching old cartoons. Have not had a job since 1978 where I flipped burgers.
Now I spend my time writting letters to deceased film stars and learning bar tricks and knock knock jokes

Date someone special from Tucson, United States. Creative with poetry, words may be looked upon in favored trust, motivated by the fairer purpose & pursuit. Talk too sweet, and the lady may shoot! The words precious; are meant as few, only for the one, there can be only one! Highlander

Meet single man from Tucson, United States. I am retired from the Military Intelligence Corps of the US Army, so I place a lot of importance on honesty, integrity, maturity, responsibility, and the ability to communicate in an intelligent manner. I was never, however, what they called, "Hard-Core" military! I now own and operate a small business. I have four grown children, two sons and two daughters, all here in the area. I have three grandsons and a step-granddaughter. I have three dalmatians and a border collie / lab mix (all of whom are rescues.) I enjoy playing golf, watching most sports, sharing a good meal and good conversation with good company, either in or out, listening to music, dancing. And I enjoy playing some pool on occasion. I did a lot of traveling and camping while in the Army, so I'm not really in to doing either of them these days "just to do them." A trip (camping or otherwise) for a particular reason once in awhile (Country Thunder, holiday weekend, short road trip for a sporting event or a concert, etc.) because you want to would be just fine! I prefer the relaxed or casual lifestyle - jeans, shorts, khakis with t-shirt, golf shirt, or casual button-up is my norm. However, the right woman, with the right bribe, might get me in to a dressier state for a good event ;-) I'm hoping to find a woman who wants to share these things with me, while introducing me to the things that she enjoys. I see many women on these sites who state that they are only interested in a man if he is at least "X ft" tall. But, in all honesty, I have enjoyed the company of women very much who were taller than I am. If we have chemistry and a few common interests, it doesn't matter to me whether my partner is a foot shorter than me or a foot taller! I do need her to be willing to talk openly and honestly about what's on her mind and in her heart. I am strong enough and my self esteem is high enough to thrive in life alone. But there are SO many things to do in life that are much, much more enjoyable when done as a couple!

Date a man from Tucson, United States. I am caring, honest. and loyal....Looking for someone who is secure with their finances, likes to travel and see new things. Just as comfortable doing fun activities or having a quiet evening at home.

Meet people from Tucson, United States. I'm a down to earth guy, looking for someone who is satisfied with the simple pleasures of life. Watch the sunset, gaze at the stars, watch a movie together, walk a trail together and enjoy just having your partner near. I like the Theater having sung and acted in a few plays. I enjoy museums, especially air museums and usually go to airshows. I also like steam trains and if possible go for a ride on one. I'm a cat lover and have a few that greet me when I come home from work. Looking for a friend and partner..

Date men and women from United States. I don't know about the rest of you, but I really don't care for having to describe myself. I'd rather be asked questions which I would answer honestly and directly. The best description of this person in the winter picture is a well educated, well read, but still true to his simple country roots and work ethic. I may describe myself as average build because my body has not met my criteria of toned but I eat right and exercise. Snow sports are my passion but there are many others I do that don't require cold. I'd love to learn how to surf. . It is far better to participate. don't you think so? Life to seems
more fun to participate than to sit back and watch too!
Do you like to experience new things or places? I am intrigued by new experiences.
Are you tired of how complicated life can get? Sometimes, it is better to step back, calm down, and check out the other options.
So who am I looking for? A friend to start out with who likes to do interesting activities and at the same time enjoy life while inhabiting this earth. To admire nature, somedays challenge the mind or just kick back after a tough week. Nothing ventured is nothing gained. My armor may be dented some, but it is still there containing a gentleman who takes on all challenges.
I guess I better put out this warning. I am a sucker for animals, kids, charities ( the girls scouts know I will buy cookies even though I don't like them). I know my way around the kitchen and clean as I work. I clean up well and I can be non-embarassing at cocktail parties but I really prefer my jeans. I do know which is the salad fork but love eating with chopsticks. I choose to work for a non-profit but I was a professional. My jeep is a rescue from a farm yard, fun to drive and is the ultimate convertible. Keep me away from farmers and ranchers or english becomes a second language. I don't mind getting dirty and will help when asked. I won't admit to knowing wines until cornered since I really like Irish ales.
I love being outdoors. Will let you know what type of music I don't like but I will give it a chance and my iPod is 7 days worth full. So I am pretty open. The arts interest me. Good company make the world go around. I pack light and love to travel on the fly. As of July, 8, 2012 just returned from a trip to Alaska and back with the dogs
If you would like to know more, please write, I will answer

Meet a soulmate from United States. Dear wandering heart,
I am an honest, honorable, most of all trustworthy- looking for depth in communication to bridge the gap between where we are to friendship, and a relationship that focuses on growth in a lasting partnership.
Silence and a held hand will do wonders when the need to “do” something overwhelms us. One last bit of effort or kind word could bring back harmony. I think we should help each other reach our full potential as individuals and a couple.
I am secure and happy with myself. If you have a ghost in your past, then let’s talk about it and not bury the issue. We like to touch and be touched and are able to express our affection whenever the mood strikes. We can separate work from home and we like to explore and take road trips to find weekend getaways, camping spots as well, travel anywhere we can be together like a day at the beach, exploring roadside geology and tramping off road, stargazing when warm. , A trip to the mountains, Southern Utah Red Rocks at Arches, Bryce, Zion, Capital Reef Natl. Parks, ANY Beach. We value our independence but want to be cared for as well. We communicate our needs, wishes and dreams to each other and allow participation on the journey. My humor is somewhat dry and observational, some times sarcastic or dark, but ends with a laugh and a lesson learned maybe. Laughing, security, and no fear-excited to take each new step together.
Oh yeah-ill cook for you sometimes as well and DEFINITELY no asparagus! Flowers or candles on the table?? Rose petals on the floor?---okay, too much on the petals thing, unless that just makes you crazy in which case submit your request in writing.

Date someone special from United States. I am an alpha male and the leader of my tribe. I'm looking for all different kinds of women. I hope to seduce large numbers of women. Some would consider me a pick up artist, but I'd like to say I'm much more than that. I'd like to keep things mysterious for now. I live my life low key and I love it when women compete for my affections.

Meet single man from United States. I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that I may only incrimate myself... :)
Still reading?
More about me?
NPR weekdays, KXCI Saturdays, KUAT Sundays. Public Access, Democracy Now, Free Speech TV also.
Self Made, Tax Paying, Property Owner.
Mechanical, Electrical, Sensual.
Edward Abbey, Ayn Rand, & Popular Science.
Born Free, Fight Club, The good, the bad & the ugly.
ZZTop, Johnny Cash, Andy Williams.
Salmon, Pizza, Sushi.
Hikes, Bikes, & Kites.
Climb, Ride, Fly.
Work, Play, Sleep.
Save, Spend, Invest.
Envision, Design, Create.
Love, Appreciate, Nuture.
Here to stay, I own my home which I enjoy entertaining from, working on, and just sitting back and enjoying the view. It's on the west side (Gates Pass area). I have a great job up in Oro Valley so I'm up that way every day if you are.
I am fairly athletic and enjoy hiking and biking but would like to try some new adventures. Saturday's anything could happen. If nothing else, I'll just be in the garage tinkering with KXCI on the radio. Sunday evenings always find me watching PBS Nature, then Masterpiece Theater, then Sherlock Holmes (he da man).
I'm enjoying life in a lot ways, but my good time buddies just don't cut it in some areas. That's where you come in. Communication, companionship, affection, support, security. Anyway, it all starts with line and photo.
Hope you like to travel a little, stay home and nest, garden, talk to the pets, have friends for dinner, throw a party occasionally, etc. Finally, hope you are looking for someone to be comfortable and share all with for a long time to come.

Date a man from United States. In the interest of full disclosure, I have been offline for over a year and the pictures are about 1 1/2 years old or more. I weigh about 35 pounds more than they would indicate, so if that is an issue, please feel free to move on. I'm working on it and should be back in shape by the end of the year. Meanwhile, I will also work on getting some more recent pictures....Now, if you've gotten this far, you need to read the rest:
Wild and crazy, fun and funny, good looking and fairly intelligent. What? You don't believe all that? But you may be interested to find out more. While reading you may find yourself becoming intrigued with the thought of going on a hike or just enjoying a movie, sporting event, concert, or long drive with this guy.
It's alright, it happens; you just need to send me a message.
Before you do that, just know that I live in a drama free zone. You must have a sense of humor. My sarcasm cannot make you cry...otherwise I will too...and that would be bad. You may dish it out at me as well...just be prepared to take some back.
So, here's the obligatory wish list:
You should live in a house or apartment. Picking you up at a shelter or freeway exit is not an option.
You should have goals and aspirations greater than waking up tomorrow.
If possible, it would be nice if you were kind to animals and small children.
OK, 'nough of the chit-chat. Now get to writing me that message.

Meet people from United States. I think the headline is the best way to describe myself: peaceful, playful and passionate. After a life lived on the path less traveled, I feel that I am pretty well centered in a simple joy that can hopefully translate to anywhere that I am.
I am a kind and considerate person with a strong playful streak. I enjoy being outside when the weather is cool enough. I love playing in any kind of water, trying new foods, sharing great movies and moments of sweet affection. I enjoy exploring new places and experiencing new things. I have traveled to many places in the world and have lived in several places in the USA. I had a pretty strong case of wanderlust growing up, but now I am learning how to grow roots and make myself a home. I think Tucson is a good place for that.
My life is mostly very simple and full of possibilities. I enjoy lots of quiet moments for inner reflection and connection with those close to me. I'm not what you would consider a party-er, but definitely enjoy socializing with people and friends. I am open-minded and try to see the innocence in all people.
I try to cultivate my spiritual side regularly and that practice is a high priority in my life. I typically do not attend traditional organized services but can appreciate some of the things that they can offer. I like to think my spirituality is integrated throughout my life; in everything I do and as close and natural as breathing.
I want to feel settled and safe and loved with a partner. I want to see life through the eyes of Love and practice extending Love in all parts of my life. I want to explore life from a deeper connected perspective.
I am seeking a woman that has a kind heart and sweet eyes. I would love to find someone that is playful, caring, open minded, spiritual, sensual, loyal, honest and has a good sense of humor. Hopefully she will be willing and able to communicate openly and honestly even in the tough moments. I would like to find a woman who would like to have an affectionate life partner that is a best friend/lover/companion. I'm definitely willing to start slow and see how things unfold.
I hope the right person reads this!