Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 82 year old

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I'm looking for that special someone who will share with me all my hopes for a lasting relationship, and is honest,caring,giving,loving, compassionate, sense of humor,good communicator and knows how to treat a lady.Someone who would be comfortable with my children .

Meet men and women from Arizona, United States. I love life, good food and laughter. Looking for the same in a relationship. I am grateful for my family, many friends, peaceful home and my pets. My social life is somewhat quiet and involved around my home.

Date a woman from Arizona, United States. Have a good sense of humor, If I am your friend you can count on me. I am gratefull for the life I have, the family I have and the friends I have. Also, I live to help people, make them laugh and enjoy life. I would enjoy the companionship of someone with similar values. Enjoy traveling, meeting new people, learning new things, investigating and researching new lands and reading biographs about interesting people.

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. I am a loving and caring lady I love to travel and I also like to stay at home watch t.v. and chat I love to dance and I am young at heart. I have lived in Pennsylvania and ohio I live in Arizona I am fun to be with I love to sing and dance I have 3 sons and 7 grandchildren

Date people from Arizona, United States. I have a good sense of humor, like music, especially jazz, I like to read, walk, watch movies & plays.
I love my dog, Sophie. I would want to meet someone thoughtful. I have moved to AZ from
the Bay Area.

Meet a soulmate from United States. Friends say I am loyal, always there to comfort and help. So they are the same for me!
I am emotionally melted by small, unexpected gifts, such as a bottle of good wine, a picnic, a book.
I received my B.A. when I was in my 50's, just to see if I could!
I am most grateful for my two sons and my 3 Grandkids.
Hope to find a friend, companion who wants to just be with me. My social life is with women friends, whom I cherish, my Religion, Unitarian- Univerlist Fellowship and Adult classes at Yavapai College.
My greatest passion, staying alive for the next big event.
Upward and onward.

Date men and women from United States. I am an honest person and I expect my partner to be the same way. I want someone that is kind and thoughtful and likes the sme things I do. I want a partner that is easy going and is a happy person. I want someone who strongly believes in God.

Meet a woman from United States. Attractive, good personality, friendly & like to play cards, chicken foot dominoes, scrabble & etc.
I was born in Oregon, moved to Ariz., and then Calif., now live in Arizona.
I would like just a good friend to chat with on computer, if we decide to be friends then we could go out to eat and get acquainted.

Date someone special from United States. I'm in pretty good shape, no major disabilities. I go to aerobics 3X a week, with light workout in between. I'm allergic to shrimp, but enjoy most types of food, sometimes too much. When it comes to cooking I'm pretty utilitarian, certainly no gourmet, but I would feel privileged to have someone else cook for me occasionally.
I'm a copious reader, usually about 3 books a week, everything from current fiction to biography. Romances and sci-fi are not my thing. I'm an amateur artist, and exhibit a few pieces in my home including a wall mural. I also enjoy designing jewelry and occasionally sell a few items.
I am close to my two daughters. I am continuously amazed that I have produced and raised such marvelous human beings. And of course I have two of the greatest grandkids ever.
I have been divorced since 1975. Being a full time teacher, working several part time jobs, opening a business, going to grad school, traveling and trying to help my kids through college took up most of my time in subsequent years. I retired from teaching in 1994 and moved from northern Illinois to Tucson in 1996. I love taking care of my house and yard. I belong to several social organizations, and do a considerable amount of volunteer work. I'm an usher for the symphony, opera, ATC, and a reading coach at the local grade school. My days are pretty full, but I often think I would like a companion for dining out, theater, movies, etc. I don't mind doing these things alone, but there's nothing like the company of a compatible, friendly human being. Serious romance or marriage are not necessary, but good conversation or quiet, easy companionship sound good to me.

Meet people from United States. I am a very friendly person. I like other people as long as they're friendly to me. I have friends that I have known for many years. I am not looking for marriage. I would just like someone to do things with. Church is very important to me. I have been a Christian all my life. There was a time in my life that I didn't act like one, but now it's very important that I find someone who is willing to go to church with me.

. Self made person. I was the 1st and only female on Management at the time I retired. I am a Mensa member and would prefer to be matched with the same. I play cards and shuffleboard and would like to be matched with someone with like interests.

. 5'2" Widowed . 129 lbs.very active,friendly,caring,dependable,bendable,serious to a degree.stable,considerate of others. mix well,communicate very well .have worked most of my adult life ,have accomplished lots for a single woman. i know who i am and ,what i want in life and like my self. same to the gentleman. all these things, no heavy weigh ,that causes a person not to be graceful in activities and dressing. pretty silver hair. pretty smile. Has a twinkle in his eyes and get along with fellow man. not negative. loves to dance with his lady and romance her on the dance floor in a graceful way. has to have good ryhtum. Has traveled some, and likes to still do some traveling. he must be able to communicate well. make plans to gether .discuss things openly. Learn to stay on the same page. find things you both have incommon. you must love and respect each other. learn from each other... respect family on both sides..... willing to listen to each other about their ideas and wants. make plans together. learn to disagree with out altercasion. learn to change. learn to bend. learn to trust what he has to say.... be stead fast for the future to come.. believe in each dependable be a keeper. ask about his hurts to understand him well... let him know about yours, then he will understand you thinking..... always have good communication with each other... don't let him guess and wonder where you are coming from.