Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 50 year old

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. Well he's eight years old he's got a flour sack cape tied all around his neck
He's climbing up on top the garage figurin' what the heck
He screws his courage up so darn tight, that the whole thing come unwound
He got a runnin' start and bless his heart, he headed for the ground
'Cause he's one of those who knows his life
Is just a leap of faith
Gotta' spread your arms and hold your breath
And always trust your cape

Meet people from Arizona, United States. I'm leaving. This has been a surreal experience. Good luck to you all!
I'm a warm, genuine, loving, honest, intelligent, and communicative man and single father. I hope to find a woman of similar mind and spirit to share this human journey. What I'm NOT LOOKING FOR are women looking for an alagorical figure. If one is looking for a true partner, an individual, they cannot be packaged and sold on the basis of ticked boxes. Release your ideas of the ideal and expect the unique. You will find yourself rise. I may be there to meet you, take your hand, and listen to the stories you tell... Embrace the possible. These steps lead to me, for those who find me of interest. I'm looking for a lasting partnership. Now that's "drama" I CAN live with. I have a wonderful 8 year old son. So if that doesn't work for you, pass on by. I'd like to find a woman who at least has some wisdom for their years. I like to see the woman I love in her individual perfection, her unique poise and joys. These are not qualifiers. They are points of individuality that inspire me. I hope SHE is a muse. One can hope... I'm fascinated by stories. SHARE YOUR STORIES! I immerse myself in the possible. Are you possible? FYI: my membership expires in days and am on the fence about renewing. Well, that's enough. I'm more "charming" in person :) My self portraits are are current.

Date single man from Arizona, United States. I am looking for someone who is honest, fun to be with, attractive, easy going, a good kisser, tries to take care of herself but more importantly someone who is 'just herself'.
Oh by the way, I am not looking for a "hottie", just an "x - hottie" that is beautiful on the inside ...

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. Easy going, friendly, polite, respectful, peaceful spirited and ... a little goofy. That is what has been said by those who know me best. Hola, hola with a glass of CocaCola!!! Thanks for visiting my page. I'm also effectionate but, not clingy, self assured, easy to please, value honesty and good manners. I enjoy nothing more than to share a good laugh with my mate, being playful and silly at times. I've been asked if I discoverd the Fountain of Youth as I do not look my age, .. good genes and clean living I suppose. My sons are grown young men now but, I still take my role as a father seriously. I would be happy to share more but, .. much rather do so in person in the joy of discovering each other!!
I'm here to find my heart's effection and the delight of my eyes. A lady who can make me smile even when you're not with me. You would never take me too seriously and could make me laugh in case I took you too seriously. You know how to change your mind at the last moment and make it seem the most sensible thing in the world. A lady who can appreciate the simple pleasures in life and who can adore me despite my imperfections ... as I will adore and appreciate you just the same.
*** Currently I am not a paying member ***

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. I Am a very down to earth person.I have a gift of the old school family man. Yes, i am happy and i am looking for a sincere companionship.I don't show off... I do not need a social media page, my business is our business only. My loyalty and compassion to my family is very strong. I will always respect my partners ways as long as it doesn't hurt the family. I don't need or want a social site, If you are hooked on one or need to constantly be on line, sorry maybe i am not the right man. That interferes and ruins to many relationships. My social media is my family, I believe in a honest open relationship. I am looking for a very trustworthy person that I can prove and demonstrate that there are still good honest men in this country. I love to prove my passion and openness to my partner. My Ideal match will enjoy our time together and wont be afraid to recommend something she really enjoys doing, at the same time can have fun with Jr and myself at the pro WWE event and the monster truck show when they are in town. My partner and I will have fun shopping, hiking, weekend trip to pine top, or san diego, being silly is a must, My closest friends say i am too nice. That doesn't make sense.....Thanks for reading.....

Meet a man from Arizona, United States. Former Big Ten athlete and model seeking an intelligent, funny, witty, easy-going, thoughtful, romantic professional woman with looks to match. You'll get the same. Prefer doing something than sitting on the couch - exploring new areas, hiking, biking, camping, going to the lakes, shopping, movies, dining out, live music, art festivals, wine tasting, road trips, snowboarding, taking a class and watching storms on the patio.

Date a soulmate from United States. i am a man who likes people, all people, men and women. I like people over animals, over places, over travel, over art, over food, and I like people who like people with equal enthusiasm. I am comfortable with most people, and I think most people are comfortable with me.
As for women, I like women. I especially like strong women and confident women (well at least I think I do. There is something about vulnerable women that gets my attention). Strong women are often vulnerable, and they “do” things. Whether they act in the arts, business, education, medicine, real estate, whatever. They do things and I am interested in doing things. I prefer modest extroverts to shy or quiet women.

Meet people from United States. Please I live a simple life and love it! I have the luxury and time to fly by the seat of my pants and can leave at a drop of a hat! No strings,drama or need for it. Let's have fun and enjoy the time we have left on this great planet called Earth!
I love to fly and have my own plane so I fly just about every day. My partner must be comfortable in a plane as this give me the freedom and time to go any were at the drop of a hat. I also enjoy time in the woods with friends as we like to gather on the weekends up north to relax and enjoy time around a BIG-O-FIRE with a good bottle of wine! (the wine is my drink.. LOL).
All my info and pictures are current so I thought I would just see if Match really gets people together as they advertise.
PS if you live in bars or nightclubs we will not be a good match. I’m looking for real people only.

Date single man from United States. I recently shaved off the facial hair which normally I am clean shaven but which ever look the lady wants I am happy to oblige so showing all recent pictures. I have three children two who live with me part time ages 12 and 14, the oldest is 19 on his own. I am expecting my divorce to be over shortly so feel free to ask anything you want on that.
I would describe my personality as sharp, quick witted, bright and funny like in a 'Seinfeld' kind of way as I am always looking for and finding the funny side of the world. While I take my responsibilites serious I never lose sight that you must have fun in life today as tomorrow may never come. I have no problem poking fun at myself. While I grew up in NJ, I have lived out West the last 26 years and have been in the same Tempe home the last 18. I am proud that I have worked very hard and succesfully throughout the years to provide financial stability for my kids and myself.
I love traveling and been to I think 30 of the 50 states, been to Europe, Mexico, Caribbean, and really looking forward to many more explorations like Alaska, Africa, and somewhere I have never heard of before that maybe you can lead me to. I enjoy going to sporting events, football is my favorite (see my Superbowl 46 pictures, somehow I have been to six Superbowls), I've been to many concerts maybe 75. I like festivals, fairs really anything outdoors, spontaneity and being silly at times to bring a surprise smile to your face. I'm really enjoying hiking which I just started doing so if you know the paths I would like you to show them to me. I've always liked walking and biking, love my 2 dogs.
I am a high character person whose honesty can at times be too direct, which is likely the NJ demeanor in me so I am to the point.
I do truly know how to treat, love and care for a lady with dedication, loyalty, and concern for her happiness.
I hope to find a woman who is secure with themselves, outgoing, kind, fun and has some similar interests with me.
Good open communication is really important to me. I am looking for someone to explore and try new things with as well as do the simple everyday things in life like going to the movies, shopping, talking, walking and smelling the roses.
Did you find a possible match in me – not sure? Don’t hesitate to send a message, a wink or IM. I'm easy to talk to. Let’s share our thoughts, feelings, and interests. I am a good, stable man looking for a woman to befriend first one step at a time and see if we can grow it from there. I am looking forward to you saying hello!

Meet someone special from United States. Just a simple guy looking to meet and get to know interesting and intriguing people. My life is pretty busy and I have two teenage daughters. I try and live each day and each moment to the fullest and would love to share those moments with someone special.

Date men and women from United States. Hi. I'm an honest and hard working guy. I have a good sense of humor, sometimes twisted sometimes sarcastic mostly just fun. I like to laugh and have fun. I have a lot of interests and try to do as much as I have time for. I love being outdoors and look forward to every opportunity to hike, fish, hunt or camp out. I love a good science fiction movie. I love my music, I listen to Rock and Jazz. I have learned many skills and picked up some good hobbies during my life. I'm always trying to learn more. Life is good.
I would like to meet someone who has similar interests and some of the same life experiences as I do. Someone who does not mind being taken care of even though she does not need it.
If your still reading. I have worked outdoors for a majority of my adult life. My favorite job was working on a green chain at a lumber mill when I was young. In the Berkshire Mountains in Mass. Thats where I probably picked up my work ethics. Hard work every day. I worked in the Denali national park for the YCC for a summer. I spent time in the military and traveled some. That is where I learned my current profession as a Telecommunications Engineer. I always worked in tactical units and spent all my time outdoors. I worked in Maastricht at Tapijn Kaserne for a while and had the opportunity to see the middle east and Africa.

Meet a man from United States. The girl in the photos is my twin sister. Stocky doesn't mean I look like George Costanza from Seinfeld - I'm wide at the chest and no sweaty man boobs! I work hard and sometimes long hours - I will make time for you - I'm self-employed I do home maintenance and remodeling, I love what I do, everyday is different and a new challenge - no boss and no BS - I have the freedom to do what I want. I fix my vehicles, do electrical, plumbing, carpentry, electronics - there isn't anything I can't fix. If you like a guy with a sense of humor - I'm your man - I do many voices - like Jack Nicholson, John Wayne etc... People tell me I should do stand up comedy. I'm not a social drinker I will occasionally have a glass of wine or iced tea. Prefer someone who lives within a reasonable distance from 40th St and Cactus.
I rarely have time to watch TV or read the news paper, because I’m busy with my business and my two great respectful kids, so yes ladies that means you won’t have to compete with the remote or any sports and no fetching beer. I also don’t have any toys, although I’d like to get a boat, I’m not materialistic – I’m quite frugal, not cheap, I like organic gardening, hiking, fishing, remodeling, (That was original huh!) I help people who are less fortunate; the world would be a better place if more people helped each other. I'm probably the most trusting guy you'll meet ( I have references) when I tell you I'm going to do something - I do it - I'm always on time and if I happen to be running late - I call. I like to go out or stay at home and cook, have some wine, watch a movie, cuddle or HOT sweaty BBQ's (Yeah - I know what you were thinking!) I'm very affectionate. When you have a bad day - we all have them - go ahead vent - I'll have a funny voice or a really good line to cheer you up or a long slow kiss. I'm not looking to serial date - I'm looking for ONE great woman that's affectionate, intelligent, can think outside the box and has an out going bubbly personality and a great sense of humor. A life partner (NO - not that kind!) who desires a loving solid permanent relationship built on trust and mutual respect. I'm not looking for perfection or someone to support me. Visual attraction is a part of the chemistry - you don't have to look like a high maintenance Barbie - I consider myself average looking - so don't pass me up. I'm looking for a rough woman that can change the oil in my truck - I'm joking - no really I am.
I have to clarify a few things.
My deal breakers are...
Game players. Drugs - tweaking before dinner, Smoking - I can smell it on you, excessive drinking, drinking to the point of embarrassment or you get drunk and can't drive home. Insecure, low self esteem, bitter about life in general, take medication for psychological problems and have it wear off during dinner and I find out I’m having dinner with more than one person. I'm not a fan of texting - I'll do it - I want to hear your sweet voice not read your words and abbreviations LOL, LMAO, blah, blah, blah. It's obvious you didn't read my profile when you ask who the blonde in the pictures is - yes she's single and not gay - I've been asked. You spend endless hours and hours of your time on social sites like Facebook. I met two women that had the Mercedes the big house and lost it all they weren’t interested when they realized I wasn’t going to provide it for them so if you’re materialistic, greedy haven’t learned your lesson about over extending yourself and in debt to your eyeballs – pass me up. If you're a liar, cheater, controller - there's someone for you - it's not me. This one is funny - old pictures or no picture and lying about your age - when you lie at the beginning you'll lie all the time and you'll be gone in the end.
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: He is really a nice guy, handy and verrrrry funny, totally laid back with a hint of high energy. I will take you away from work for a lunch date.