Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 56 year old

Date people from Arizona, United States. What do I say? Ok, just tell the truth. I might be perfect. On a scale of 1-10, probably a 10. Oh wait, I'm gonna put a pic on here. Ok a 6. Wait again, I have a child that lives with me part time, now I'm a 4. I drive a prius, makes me a 3, a harley, most girls 2, and a big lifted truck, back to a 3. I am financially great, puts me back to a 10 ( most girls ), Great kisser and lover as long as you are, sheet, I'm a 12. I am looking for a girl to rub my feet and get me a beer. Ha, wrong city. Sorry, I have a hard time being serious. I am looking for the one, just like you. And I loved my mother...... and father a lot.

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I am good guy to hang with and have a lot of respect for woman. I work up north , on my days off i like to get out for a ride on my Harley and a movie then whatever my friend would want to do. I am very easy going and always happy. Don't always act my age,but then what fun would that be? When I find the right woman, I am very affectionate and totally commuted to her. I am a very open and honest person. I love affection, giving and receiving. Not looking for a woman to live with but one I can't live without! But most importantly..........must be my best friend!

Date single man from Arizona, United States. The world is full of beautiful people and I feel fortunate to have met so many of them. I feel that the woman that is my "perfect match" has not yet crossed my path, but I know she exists. Will I find her on match? Who knows. Is it worth trying? I Believe. Anything worth doing....I am honest, compassioate, caring, and sometimes old-fasioned, yet young at heart. Be positive, like me, and let's give it a try. imrhart

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. Looking for a lady that hold her own, that i have her back she has my heart and soul. just know we are together in this relationship i carry you , you hold me? Iam very relax and kick back no drama in my life are your love to dress/ like a woman to look good that make me feel good I dont drink, smoke sometime trying to break it.

Date a man from Arizona, United States. How does one describe themselves. There is the man I think I am, and the one the world sees. Hopefully, they are pretty simular?
I am a low maintenance guy. I am open to try just about anything. Currently, my career is the main focus and I need to change that.
I am an active guy. No Sat afternoon naps for me. I have been told I have a great sense of humor. When I am not at work, I am at the gym, hiking, biking, walking the dogs or yardwork. I play acoustic guitar, but so far, no recording
I don't watch a lot of TV. The last show I was following was House, but I believe the show has run it's course. Mostly a movie guy, football games or Discovery Channel type stuff. However, you may catch me watching Family Guy on ocasion. Have to give my giant brain a rest once in a while :)
I have read a lot of profiles about beach/ocean lovers. Just to let you know, we live in a desert. I like to be around water as well, but it does not happen all that often. I don't want to start a qualification list here. If you have a sense of humor, somewhat active and an IQ above room temperature, I hope to hear from you.

Meet men and women from Arizona, United States. Wow, describe myself this should be good!!! Well lets easy going level headed enjoy being in good company and family, yes family definetly is a big part of my life! enjoy traveling seeing places I never seen before, love golf, sports of all types, cooking , fine dining or a little hole in the wall! Qh, about my picture I do smile I love to smile can you help me put a big smile on my face? I'll make worth your while!! Oh ann for those who may have seen my profile before and were concerned that I was only separated no more worries I am Divorced now!

Date people from United States. I am a Hopeful Romantic! I am a math teacher. I love sports, animals, music, movies, and kids. I love to laugh and smile and make others laugh and smile. I love to touch, hug, hold hands, and kiss. I love to play Pinochle and Bridge. I am a good decent man looking for just one good decent woman for a LTR. Outer beauty fades but inner beauty lasts forever. Any good I can do, let me do it now, for I may never pass this way again.

Meet a soulmate from United States. It has been a long and strange journey, but I am almost done with my child rearing responsibilities
( does it ever really end?). Time for the next chapter of my life.I want to meet that 20% who find their partner online.
My daughter and son are away at college/Medical school. I am happy where I am right now, having struck a good balance between work, family and fun. I sacrifice income in order to have time to work out every day and engage in other fun activities
(stress kills). My children no longer require most of my time, so I feel that now is a good time to start preparing for the next chapter. I am seeking someone in a similar situation: likes working out, eating healthy and doing fun things.
I enjoy doing many different things: Day trips, short trips to California , love the beach, or simply staying home and watching TV/movie, while cooking food. I take multiple trips to Santa Monica/San Diego for the summer, every year! I love reading the paper or a good book.. Enjoy movies, museums, people watching and great conversation. Love cities, but also enjoy hiking in the middle of nowhere.
Simple things can be awesome, as long as they are done with the right person.
Addendum: I don't look like Brad Pitt ( more like a cute George from Seinfeld before he got fat-although, I have a little less hair, but my hair is nicer! ) , nor do I expect you to look like a movie star. But, I really do workout every day and watch what I eat, not out of vanity, but a desire to see my grandchildren grow ( I have none yet, so you get it).
Look, if this profile didn't bring a smile to your face-then we were not meant to be, if so, then thank you and good luck on your search....

Date single man from United States. Mostly Retired Mechanical Engineer (what else did you think BSME stood for?)
Willing to try anything and have fun. I believe in saving the good memories and forgive and forget the bad. Married once (19 years) and do not think that marriage at this age makes a lot of sense. Last relationship lasted 15 years, so I am a long haul kind of guy. Looking for someone to be with to eat, drink and be merry.
We all state the obvious so here goes ;-)
I can change the oil in the car and I do know how to wear a suit and tie (hell, I can even tie a bow tie if needed).
I believe that being friends first is the most important thing but we are here to meet a companion/partner.
Family is important to me but my son is not the one I live for. I believe that the one closest to me should have first priority.
First weeks of my USA tour/trip underway.All the way around the country see old friends and trying to make new ones. In Champaigne Il till July29, Detroit, Wheeling WV, Maryland, SCarolina Fla, and beyond. I would like to thank the 9 (as of 7/25/2012) out of 105 women that I e-mailed who got back to me.
Have not heard from many people anywhere across the country and I am beginning to believe that most of the profiles are old and no longer members. So much for, BOO-Hoo I read someone elses profile who stated that there were too many choices here and everyone is afraid to commit because Mr. or Ms. Perfect may show up tomorrow. She may be right.
Talley so far;
No Replys fron Stockton CA
1 good dinner and conversation (Eugene, OR) we are now friends
Got stood-up in Boise, ID A No show is so callous and what a cold thing to do
In Livingston MT, No-one here replyed
Jul 22 Deadwood/Rapid city 1 reply Yea !!!!! No meet or date
Jul 23 Sioux City IA / NE No Replys
Jul 24 Kansas City No replys
Jul 25-29 Chanpaigne, Il two contacts no connection
Jul 30 Morgantown , WV. WOW, Got one reply, one no thanks and a potential dinner. So West Virginia women are the most considerate to date.
I was very active in the past but now have my old football knee slowing me down. Love walking on a Caribbean beach slowly enjoying the sand and surf.
Spent the last year adjusting and contemplating life. That lifestyle has to change so I have started down the road to a better me and need someone to appreciate me for what I can bring into their life.
Never tried anything like this and still not sure it's right for me.
What am I looking for??? I don't know!! At this point in our lives I figure we spent 20 years growing up, another 20-30 years raising kids and establishing who we are and I figure the last 20 years of our life should be for having fun and changing the things and attitudes that we didn't like in the past.
If your looking to see how much $$ I can bring to the union don't bother. If you want unending love and companionship,

Meet someone special from United States. I run my own business and I really enjoy my work. I am secure in myself and in my needs. I enjoy riding my Harley and staying fit. For exercise I cycle most morning before work. I have worked all my life and now I have started to take time for me. I have the time and means to do all I want to do but I am lonely doing it by myself. I found a beautiful waterfall in the mountains of Colorado and no one was there to share it with me. That changed me and made me realize what I was missing.
I have dated a fair amount but I am not going to settle for just anyone. I am only interested in a woman who loves herself; she must know she has value and must take care of her physical body. I'm not a health freak but I don't understand people who let themselves go; those who smoke, drink to excess, don't exercise, and live life in front of a TV. I have found many women who have been deeply hurt by others, I feel bad for them but if they can't get over it and feel good about themselves they are not for me. I like women who value themselves and have pride in how they look and act. She doesn't have to be a rocket scientist but she must be aware or the world; She doesn't have to be beautiful, but she must think she is; She doesn't have to be successful for others, just successful for herself. She needs to do the most with what she has to work with and not worry about what she doesn't have.
Now I need to add a disclaimer; I have no intention of misleading anyone, I just want to make it past those pesky filters that we all use. Selling yourself is a bit like selling a house, you need to not get cut off because of a category like highest price or in this case highest age. I am over 56, when we meet we can talk about age if you insist on it. I hope this doesn't offend anyone. I am also going to send in more pictures as soon as I can. This one was taken July of 2012 and I'm sorry but its not a real clear shot but that is what I look like. Thanks for your visit to my profile.

Date a man from United States. * you know- there's no reason at all that some pretty, slim and fit woman shouldn't be attracted to me. specifically, i speak of the tenderness, need for loving security, and absolute monogamy which , in me, are innate. please don't allow my appearance to suggest otherwise.if i get the chance to meet the physical being and personality i seek, i will make here the happiest woman possible on this planet; in this phase of life ! : )
In most cases, attraction ignites everything. A person's aura is frequently absent in these internet attempts to connect; the obvious atvantages are often poorly compensated for by pathetically inequivalent means. For that reason, with really nothing to lose, here's my posting :
I am a passionate guy; a believer, and one with a health sense of humor; gotta make it FUN ! :) Passion, I'm sure, has led to some notable attention to my work by way of the media....but my work is only one passion of mine. Honesty, principle, humility and a good listening ear ( in the quest for my soul mate) are active components. My dream girl might have never really thought of herself as "hot." "Hot" to me is by no means "beauty by standard." I'd much prefer recognizing certain lacks of experience than that experience itself in many cases.
Femininity and what attracts me to a lady are most generally subtleties. Her appearance can be as plain and simple as she is around the house. A petite figure would be really nice, as I'm not a tall guy; I also appreciate a "natural woman;" a lady not "overly coiffed." Communication is VITAL !
If there is such a lady out there, probably under 5' 7", who could appreciate a loving, fun, honest, loyal man who is financially stable and always trying to improve, it would be my pleasure to make your acquaintance. thanks !
*i play (blues-rock) guitar with the best of 'em, and my revues, from RollingStone to the Washington Post, all endorse my God-given gifts emphatically. :) bobby

Meet men and women from United States. I am:
Kind, Gentle, Caring, Loving, Romantic, Sensual, Honest, Cuddly, Affectionate, Sexual, VERY Faithful, True, Trustworthy, Spiritual, Easy Going, Healthy, Happy. I really LISTEN when you talk! ( *Some Men DO have a clue! lol )
Kind of Woman I am looking for:
Kind, Gentle, Caring, Loving, Romantic, Sensual, Sexy, Honest, Cuddly, Affectionate, Sexual, VERY Faithful, Trustworthy, Spiritual, Easy Going, True, Healthy, Happy.