Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 22 year old

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. I'm a pretty down to earth guy. i know what i want in someone an im hopin to find it. i want to find a woman who's not afraid to get dirty. But still likes to get dolled up. Just be herself. Someone who knows what they want out of life. someone who like to go out an do things together. i'm not always the best at showing emotions, but if im with the right person i can open up a bit more. I'm lookin to treat someone good. I like to hunt, be outdoors, work out, I'm a firefighter an love my carrer choice.

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. My name is Fridel I have lived in AZ most of my life. I really don't get out much because I tend to be shy at first, and that never workouts for me because no one sticks around long enough for me to open up to them. I tend to be more be more talkative when I'm texting or e-mailing. So I'm give this website a try. I don't have a great job or a very stable one at that. I enjoy reading spirituality books, mostly stuff like how to enjoy life and get in touch my your inner self. I also run once in a while just to clear my mind, I ran a 10k recently and plan to run a marathon in the future. I'm in to all sorts of music and am always jumping from genre to genre, right now dubstep is my new muse. I like to work with computers and hope to enroll in school soon to expand my knowledge on computers and software programs. I'm a gamer, not as hardcore as I used to be but I say enough to still consider myself one. I'm also into animation, specially Japanese anime. There is just to much to list, but hopefully it was enough to get someone to look my way.

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. I love to ride my harley. Going to school to be a motorcycle mechanic. Looking for someone new! So i would love to talk to new people and maybe go out and have some fun. You only live once so i want to live it up.

Meet people from Arizona, United States. lookin for ladies that are single and in the mesa area and that are opend to alot of things iam young and ready for anything really lookin for encounters hot and heavy from young girls to older women reaiiy lonley and outgoing

Date a boy from Arizona, United States. I'm looking for a relationship with someone I can't wait to see everyday I come home to. I want to be able to talk with an intelligent girl that knows what she's doing with her life but isn't afraid to take chances.

Meet single boy from Arizona, United States. I recently just moved here from chi. Currently a personal trainer and looking for a firefighting job. I like to be healthy but not a health freak. I try and workout at least 5 days a week and play in a mens hockey league. As a personal trainer, being healthy is my lifestyle. My dream job is to become a firefighter, currently Emt certified and ready to test at a fire station. Going home knowing you made a difference and getting paid? What more could you ask for.
Everyone is different, therefor im open to meet a diversity of people thus me not having a one way preference.

Date a guy from Arizona, United States. My friends call me Cruz. Im not sure what to expect from sites like these it makes me feel kind of awkward . I work as manager at the movie theaters for about 5 years so i see tons of free movies. I drink way too much dr. pepper. Im very passionate about music and going to concerts.
I love to laugh and go out with my friends,Im looking for someone with a great sense of humor. My humor best described kinda a dry/dark type humor like Louis CK. I'm sarcastic. I'm a terrible speller.
i like to take photos / anything shot with a fish eye lens.
I have a slight case of insomnia which cause me to up at the oddest hours. I look young for my age.I'm attending school for Studio Recording, my true goal is to be in a band and do nothing but play music for a living. I see a lot of movies i can see anything from dumb and Dumber to inception to Evil Dead but alway open to something new. i like to do fun new things and take trips fun. If you wanna know more feel free to ask.

Meet someone special from United States. Name is Alejandro. I work for a Copper mine and have a degree in Industrial Technology. I work hard and like to have a good time. I may not be perfect but i someone you'd really like. Ill go out of my way to help anyone. Im the guy everyone calls to to talk about their problems Im easy to get along with and always a really good listener. I speak what's on my mind and dont put up with no bs. I go to church every Sunday and put god first in my life. I leave it up to him. Im a small town country guy who loves being out doors. Im pretty new to this and gonna give this a try...i can be a real good friend or something more just get to know me im easy going and can.make you laugh and put a smile on your face. All you gotta do is email me...

Date a soulmate from United States. I am looking for a long term, lasting relationship, that will hopefully turn into marriage with kids. I got out of a 4 year relationship where my other said she didn't want this and wanted to "fling" with other guys. So it is imperative that i find someone who wants to be happy together as a couple for a long, long time and is past their "flinging" stage as well as ready for something more real then a cheap rush. I know it may not be the first person i talk to through this, but i am hoping somewhere out there, there will be that one person who wants to be happy with me, be treated like a princess, and stay by my side through the tough times and the good times. I am hoping that there is someone like me out there, that wants to be happy. I am hoping i find someone that i can just be with, no matter where, and be happy. Wether sitting down at her or my place and watching tv, or exploring what is out there and having an adventure... I just want to find a person who makes me happy just seeing her smile, so being with her is all the more joyful.
idk, i hope that makes sense to someone.
In addition, i cook very well and have won awards for my quiche. I clean and often clean up after people out of habit. I am well mannered, for example: in the 4 year relationship i was in, i have never failed to open the car door, any door for that matter, for my ex gf. I always insisted i pay, because i asked her out. And i made it a point to get to know the parents, when allowed, and make my best effort to get them to like me, since i know that is always something important to a significant other. And i tried to drive when ever possible, so she did not have to, even if that meant driving to her side of town, just to bring her to my side of town.
idk, maybe i'm crazy for trying to find love here, but it is worth a shot i suppose. Maybe there is someone compatible with me just on the other side of this screen.
I have a big heart, i am told i am unlike other guys because i like to express my emotions, and that i am not only sensitive to myself, but others feelings as well. In addition, i was just told recently that i am a sentimental person, but i suppose if anyone wants to give this romantic a chance, they can find out for themselves. Worse case scenario, i treat you to a nice dinner and a great conversation, then we stay friends. Best case scenario, we both think the best of the other and move forward to see if there is a relationship to be had.
I suppose i should write a few more things about me as well:
1) I am a logic based person, but i am also a romantic and express my feelings in a good way.
2) I am very driven to work in the Tech industry as a Computer Systems Engineer or something in Networking and Routing.
3) I have 4 years of military experience with Arizona State University's Air Force ROTC program and was actually contracted for those 4 years as a member of the Air Force.
4) I do not have time for games, i want someone who will be real with me and let me be real with them. If we both like what we see in each other, then i know we can create something really special together.
5) If you want to find out anything else about me, just send me a wink or email, i would really like to get to know anyone who is serious about finding a lasting and loving relationship.
Sorry for the long thread here, i just wanted to set the tone. I am serious about finding someone to spend the rest of my life with, so i wanted to make sure that who ever reads this knows that and feels the same way.
For those who like me, i look forward to hearing from you :)
P.S. my profile pic is from when i went skiing recently. I like to do the double black diamond runs, so if your a ski person, we can have some fun come winter :D

Meet men and women from United States. My name is Rick and I am 22 years old. I recently obtained my bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University. I will be returning this Fall for a master's degree in Computer Science. I am currently an intern at a technology company in Chandler, Arizona.
As you may have already guessed, I have a passion for technology. Ever since I started college, I enjoy just relaxing and hanging out with friends. When I am done with school, I would like to travel more.
I have kind of a crude sense of humor. I have no problem telling a politically incorrect joke for some laughs. I am a big fan of "that's what she said", but I try not to be too obnoxious about it :).
What am I looking for? I am looking for someone that is responsible, yet does not take life too seriously. Someone that is shy, but blossoms around people that they are comfortable with. Someone that I can have both fun and serious conversations with.
Random Dislikes:
- The color green
- How I My Your Mother
- Elephants
- Dennis Miller
- Cinnamon
Random Quiz:
- Why are manhole covers round?

Date people from United States. Im 22 years old, born on june 28th 1990, I work, attend college, and like to spend some quality time with other people on the side. Im slender but in good shape, 6 feet tall, strawberry blond hair. Im full blooded irish and wasnt born there but lived there when i was a boy, have a huge family with most of them living in Dublin, Ireland. Like to travel, work out, play video games, listen to music, and just grow with my life but have fun as well. Im kind, funny, intelligent and a hard worker too. I think I will definitley hook up with a female because of my sense of humor but i just need to get out there and look, so hopefully i can meet a kind, attractive, and smart female to help me out with that.

Meet a boy from United States. I am a funny, outgoing, and loving person. I love to live life and laught. I am looking for someone to laught with me, go out or even stay in and watch movies or just cuddle and talk. I love humor, if you can make me laugh chances are you will have an amazing time with me. If not I still like to make people laugh so it will still be good. Someone with a good amount of college but if not im okay with that. Someone with a car so that they can get around until we become more involved. I love to drive. I produce music for a small independent label. My favorite music is rock, hip-hop and pretty much everything. I am greatful for my parents and my friends, they always push me to do better and be a better person. I am studying psychology and hoping to be a criminal psychologist or possibly just a counseller for people with chemical dependence or mental disorders. All in all just a fun loving guy :)