Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 46 year old

Date people from Arizona, United States. Easy going with little to worry about since life is to short. Thoughtful yet demanding, gentle yet assertive, caring but not mushy. Friends like my sense off humor. Outgoing. At ease one on one and in front of hundreds making a formal presentation. Looking to find a little excitement in my life. Recently divorced. My kids are first and foremost in my life. A consummate professional that is driven at work but know that what happens at work stays at work. My ideal match would be a working professional that has similar background and life experiences as myself. She will be a working professional that does not need a man to make her complete but to help complement her life. She will be independent on all levels and know exactly what she wants. Not looking for someone who is whishy-washy.Outgoing, self assertive, funny, charming, sexy, loving, caring, great legs, a smile that lights up a room. Not afraid to stand her ground; know when to be tough and when to give in. Did I mention great legs? Have a sense of adventure. Know what she wants from life and is willing to live on the fringe. No baggage please but if you have kid(s) not a problem as I love them. Most importantly she must be true to herself and not be looking to fill a void in her life by dating or wanting to be married. Believes that trust and commitment can come without marriage. Must feel great about herself. Someone who turns out the lights before getting undressed does not strike me as full of confidence.

Meet a man from Arizona, United States. I am a laid back guy who is fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I own my own business and love to travel alot to hawaii and california. I currently reside in Scottsdale where I own my home and have several business's. I am into all outdoor activities and love competition and alot of sports. I am an avid semi-pro poker player and frequent casino arizona all the time (it's right by my house). I would say I am a very low key guy who likes to keep things simple and make everyday a sunday. I did graduate college ( USC ) barely LOL but have a strong grasp of marketing and advertising. I do have a large family who I am very close too, including several sibliings. I am hoping to find a nice - traditional valued woman who want's to have fun and go explore the south pacific...

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. I am hard worker devoted to my business for 20 years and when I go out I make the best of every moment. I dont get alot of free time so time is very important to me. I like fun loving person that values their free time as well. I like people who value life and know how lucky we are to be here.

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I like last minute decisions & I want someone to share new experiences with Born in Chicago like it but love the southwest umm well I want a buddy that will lead to more we don't have to be soulmates & I'm back at the gym & lovin it getting my mojo back learning small changes make a difference umm haven't been dating so this all new but I don't drink never married no kids I like movies sushi fine dining

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. God-fearing Honest Hardworking Man. Just looking for honesty and just the Basics in a Happy and Healthy relationship. Looks or Money does not matter just Happiness and companionship is all that matters to me.

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. I am a man that likes to have fun, I love the outdoors. I would like to find someone that loves to smile a lot. I want to find a women that likes to go for walks in the park, and just hold hands and talk, and also likes to go for bike rides.

Date people from United States. Update; June 5th is my last day....
I am a very outgoing down to earth guy that goes that extra mile for someone I truly care about. I love sports, traveling, movies the outdoors, cooking and yes even dancing even though it has been a while. I'm Looking for a woman who is down to earth and likes to have fun at all times and knows what she wants and doesn't play games.
I am looking for strong character/integrity. Someone willing to go the distance by my side; life is hard/serious enough but when you find someone to make the journey with it's so much sweeter. You also must be able to be serious when it's time to be serious and know when it's time to laugh (especially at yourself).
I am definitely a true romantic at heart... I am a man that holds the door for the ladies and I like to send flowers to someone I care about just to say "hi and I'm thinking about you". I firmly believe that I will meet the woman of my dreams someday, someone who I wake up to and become overwhelmed with joy at the sight of their beautiful smile and loving touch with whom I will share the rest of my life with... someone who every time i gaze upon her beauty my heart pounds and my stomach gets full of knots butterflies... I want to be the last person to tell you "Good Night" as the moon arises and the first to say "Good Morning" when you wake to the morning sunlight. This woman is truly worth waiting for.. She will be beautiful inside and out, confident, great sense of humor, forgiving, giving, affectionate, passionate, full of joy, excited about life... committed, loyal, and deeply in love with me as I with her.....
I also am a firm believer in Family values, morals, respect for one another s time and space to reflect on the days happening.
And above all else, you have to be able to laugh at the little things in life and not dwell on the bad!!!
Thanks for reading. ... :)
PS... I do have a few lbs I am trying to lose but I'm not a slob...
Thanks... :)

Meet a man from United States. looking for that special woman to have longterm relationship and would be able to show her man that he is her joy of life nas i should as well. love to go camping and water sports traveling is a must. should be able to play with children as i have 2 who play big role in my life. i have found alot of the women here talk alot but yet to go forth with what they say. theres alot of women asking for the world to be perfect thus for getting how we ended up here cuz it isnt perfect and thats why we are on this site
im looking for real deal, thats meaning real human , real fun , real out going , real communicator, real into having relationship and really having physical companion yes i said that i may be getting older but not dead yet and if we cant face the truth then why you here , do you want someone to lie to you paint the world perfect then skip me and dream on , wish ya best of luck and take care

Date someone special from United States. Good, you're here, so let's get this party started!
About me:
I’m looking for an exclusive relationship with an emotionally stable lady with no children at home. Still here? Cool. I was raised with old-fashioned Mid-West values, so I'm a gentleman—not a player. Just looking for that one special lady with mutual chemistry who loves to have fun and appreciates a man who has eyes for only her. It won't take you long to discover I'm genuine and not into games. Things that define me are: optimism, compassion, honesty (actually 5-9 1/2"), a sense of fairness, creativity, and a giving nature.
My job lets me do a lot of traveling, so finding an adventurous travel partner would be great. Would you be up for a water-excursion during the day, dining at an elegant Oceanside bistro, then dancing the night away? Sounds like a memorable day to me...I just hope you can keep up! :)
About you:
A good match for me is a lady who is into open and honest communicator because secrets and drama are not part of my life (I failed Mind Reading 101). It’s also important she is up for fun, travel & new adventures, has a positive outlook, prefers meaningful more than superficial, and has girlfriends & hobbies. If this sounds like you, then a quick e-mail is preferred. Either way, go have some fun!

Meet a soulmate from United States. About me: I suppose I could say that I am a Renaissance man by that I mean...I am always learning and stretching my mind. A man who is willing to show his deepest feelings to the right woman...bare my soul and reveal my innermost dreams and desires. I am an extrovert by nature...but private about love and protective about the ones I love--I will always have your back. In love, I am romantic...very loving--and once given, my love grows and deepens. I will always want to hold your hand...look into your eyes...and tell you how much you mean to me-- this is natural for me. I am not a passive participant in life and to that end I enjoy playing a sport rather than watching it...give me or swimming...throw in running and good loving and I am a happy well balanced man. I am funny to the point of causing you stomach pains...and wise in words. I know when to be serious and when to be silly...and I never miss the moments that count...or the moments you should never have to explain.
My ideal Match: I want a woman who is comfortable being a woman because, dear woman, I love being a man--and I celebrate the differences...She must be loyal and honest to the point of it being a fault-if such a thing were possible. She must know how to be conversational and intellectual one moment and sensual or silly the next...and never seeing those states as being at odds with each other. I am looking for a partner--an equal in spirit...and a passionate companion...willing to explore both worlds of love and adventure with similar interest. She must be my friend in every sense of the word, but never forget that we must be gentle with each other for we have so much more. She must be smart...and understanding...loving to me always--to the rest of the world she can be the Winter's wind. She must be my calm spot in the island of sanctuary where I can rest my mind and I will be this to her as well. She must know that life has it's Zigs and Zags...and know that the only people who get from point A to B are the steady plodders in life and like myself...she meets the world with a grin.

Date men and women from United States. Hi. Thanks for reading my bio.
I suppose I should address why I’m here. (Thanks to for the wonderful service.) As you may have gathered from my profile, I’m separated from my soon-to-be ex-wife, and I have an 8 year old son part time. My son is the most important person in my life, as you might imagine. He’s my little man.
Lately, my friends and family have been urging me to “Get out there. It’s time. Meet a nice woman for coffee.” I agree in large part. Only I chose not to date until the divorce is finalized in a few weeks. I am however, comfortable finding and emailing back and forth with someone special until the moral "all clear" is sounded. At which time, yes, I'll be anxious to meet that special someone for coffee. So, that’s what brings me here. I'm glad to be here.
O.K. My profile picture is 6-7 years old. Forgive me. I’ll ask my sister to take some pics of me soon. I know my pic is black and white and staged and cheesy all that, but hey, I needed a pic like that at the time. I was showing in art exhibits. Oil painting part time. I needed an “artsy” self pic. Honestly, my appearance hasn’t changed that much. Though I have trimmed down some to a healthier weight. Most people today would say I look 40ish. (My mom’s genes. Thanks mom.) But, I’m thinking about losing the glasses.
Here’s the next big biography hurdle...job and income. My job today is job hunting. I’m out of work. If that’s a deal breaker for you right now, I understand. Check back in a couple months.
My friends and family would probably describe me as sincere, thoughtful, honest, compassionate, funny, creative and a good father. I can be shy in new situations, but then really open up. I’m curious by nature. Consequently, I have a lot of interests. I enjoy cooking for others, but not so much for myself. The kitchen is my kingdom (though I’m happy to share it). I enjoy travel, but getting through airport parking, check-in, metal detectors, etc. can be both adventurous and unnerving. I’d rather play sports than watch sports. I love the outdoors, but I’m also perfectly comfortable reading the latest economic news and following the markets online at my desk. I love reading fiction and U.S. history, but it’s hard to make the time. I do a lot of writing. I like writing.
I’m a big coffee drinker. I don’t drink or drug anymore—that was a long time ago.
The most important thing in my life is my relationship with God. I am a member of the Lutheran faith, but feel a closeness to Catholicism. I’m hoping that is true in your life. As for my faith, I am not evangelical. I’m a live-and-let-live kind of guy. It would make me terribly uncomfortable trying to push my religion on friends and neighbors.
And I’m conservative. Ironically, I was a liberal most my life. But today, I am very conservative—individual liberties, personal responsibility, limited govt, low taxes, free enterprise, work ethic, living within one’s means, giving to charity, etc. I am deeply patriotic.
Who I’m looking for. Trust and honesty are a must have. Loyalty. Family is very important to me also. I don’t have hang-ups about body type. If you are slender and your slenderness is in all the right places, or if you are curvy and your curves are in all the right places, wonderful, you have my full attention. Chemistry is a funny thing. Your eyes and smile will tell me much of what I need to know. The rest you can tell me.
I'm looking for Ms. Right, NOT Ms. Right-Now.
If I can’t make YOU smile or laugh, it’s a deal breaker.
What I am not. I’m not a 46 year old man who has spent the last 20 years having found his profession or calling. At least not yet. I do have goals and dreams to be sure, and I work hard to realize them. I'm just trying to alone like everyone else. The next chapter of my life is a blank page. I'm optimistic what God has in mind for my life. I feel like a box of chocolates.

Meet single man from United States. Hello every one ; I am an Old fashion guy A rose type a guy, very romantic, Passionate, very out going person, spontaneous, i love cooking home made food from my own recipe, I enjoy BBQing, riding my motorcycle during my spare time, I love watching movies, taking trips down to California, going camping, bowling, playing pool, volleyball, UNO, Chess, take my two yorkshire to the dog park, going to the gym, i love animals. I am always ready to try new things. go for dancing, or quiet evening I'll do the cooking and table set up, I will let you light up the candle, have dinner and then enjoying a good movie, I believe God created roses with one purposes only " So every women can have them".
I Raised two beautiful daughter, now they are all grown up, they mean the world for me, we have a amazing time wile y was raising them, Oh God i miss does times, well now my older lives in NJ and my youngest here in AZ.
I keep my self busy between Been a chef and attending my other business, because is my second job i do travel a lot to Vegas , Salt Lake City, NJ, Cincinnati, NC, Cali, Denver CO,it is fun, but some times it feel very empty come back home when is no one there :( , MY KINGDOM REQUIRE YOUR PRESENCE....So here I am Looking for you My QUEEN. Where I Coming from i grow up learning not just to become an educate man only , NO i BECOME A GENTLEMAN, here is the question GIRLS Have anyone been with a GENTLEMAN i mean no just pretending i mean A REAL GENTLEMAN ever before ?? You know Some one who open all the door for you, who also will pick up anything that you drop, who never will raise hi voice no mare what, NO ever Call you names other than What you have given by your parent ??? well you know the answer, i definitely want to hear it.
I need to warning you about something... I have a strong accent i am working on it to get rid of it, Work in progress LOL.
Well thanks for take your time and stop by, i hope I'll get the chance to meet you, so you can see the big Difference...