Date men and women from United States / Arizona / New River, 52 year old

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I am a secure and grounded woman. I am a hands on type person and I don't mind getting my hands dirty with projects or work. I am still a feminine woman and enjoy the comfort of the finer things in life like a night out to the symphony, or museum, or a soft rock concert. I accept life for what it is and will walk away from unnecessary drama when it presents itself. I try to enjoy each moment as it comes and take it for what it is. I am passionate to what I hold to be meaningful. I am true to myself in living a happy and peaceful life. I prefer to live somewhat of a quiet and private/reclusive lifestyle at home, yet I am friendly and gregarious, love to travel and enjoy being with good friends.
Looking for someone who is of like mind and is looking for a friend in a life partner. Would really like to meet someone who knows himself (temet poise," know thyself") and is comfortable in his own skin. Someone who accepts that men and women are different, yet knows we compliment each other and can bring out the best in one another with patience, understanding, acceptance and love. A good, casual, intelligent and easy going conversation with someone of like mind and wit is necessary as I believe a common ground is the foundation to any successful relationship. I live a holistic lifestyle and enjoy healthy cuisine. Although, as life is too short not to bend the rules, I allow myself to enjoy a nice Italian gelato or? I hold a great respect for others and nature. I would like to meet someone who understands the laws of physics and knows that this law; all actions and/or thoughts have an equal and opposite reaction, is very relevant in today's world
I have lived on, or near, the coast of California most of my life until moving to Prescott, Arizona in 93. I love to dabble in the arts i.e. playing my guitar, writing and painting. I enjoy playing tennis although it has been a while and I enjoy travel especially to where it is warm and bohemian. I've always loved the ocean and enjoy coastal sailing. I am a traveler at heart, but haven't gone as much as I would've liked. My first half of life has been committed to raising my 2 beautiful children as a single mom and successful entrepreneur. Now that they are off and running I am ready to bring the back burner forward and open my life up to change.
I am looking for someone who has been, or is currently successful in life, is intelligent and witty who also has a business sense about him, but doesn't take life too serious. Someone who can make a decision and know it is for the good of the whole.
Fate, like change, is inevitable. If you have read this so far, I thank you for your time. I am a rare woman and a gem. I would be an asset to anyone's life.
A bit of philosophy below:
Our lives are like a tapestry woven with our own unique design with many threads of color chosen carefully with time. They say that only fate sees the finished cloth. At our age the tapestry's pattern has been placed. I am looking for the person who can contribute their own unique threads in weaving the final design of a carefully woven cloth.
P.S. All photos are untouched and completely natural. I expect to receive the same courtesy. Thank you