Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 37 year old

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. Hmmm,,What to say,dont let that face scare you off or my mustache as i have been told,lol, i'm a real man with a big heart and i have all the confident in the world,,,Don't judge the book by its cover,,, I'm half Hispanic/Italian, down to earth guy,cool, my friends and family say i have a very big Heart, i dont mine helping people.I'm a good listener,I dont like Drama,love to laugh keeps you young ,I'm Honest, loyal and respectful .what i like to do is go to the movies,(love the movies) going to the suns game, (yea i know we s---k) lol,even chilling at home with a DVD, or doing a BBQ, going out dinner,sports bar having a beer and hanging out with family and good friends,also going to comedy shows,I enjoy the simple things in life, and love fixing up old car and going to car show, love to see how they fix them up, I love going hiking (cardio work ,@ south mt.) and weight lifting,if want to know more please ask ,,,,and as for Her be your self and lets get to know each other, some-one who is Honest,caring,down to earth,who can communicate with me,and respect her self and me,not mean and like to have fun where its at home or going out, no liars,,...

Meet people from Arizona, United States. I am a guy who is very reliable. If I say I am going to do something then I will get it done. I also am very loyal to my friends and family. I work hard but enjoy having fun on my time off as well. I am hoping to find someone who appreciates these qualities and maybe even shares some of them too.

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. First let me be honest, I'm not that great at writing about myself but I'll give it a try! I thought I would give online dating a try since that is the way things are going now these days, pluss my Best Friend talked me into it! LOL :) I'm looking for someone that I can start a friendship with and posibly a realationship. Someone that shares some of my interests and someone with a great seance of humor and loves to laugh and have a good time. I have lots of interests witch includes spending time with family and friends. I also like to go out for a nice dinner and to the movies. I enjoy going to concerts and sporting events or just staying at home and watching a good movie or football or baseball game when I'm lazy! I like being outdoors when the weather is nice and I enjoy working out when I can. I have lived in Arizona all my life but I'm a huge beach nut and love the ocean. My favorit place to vacation during are hot summer months is San Diego!
I"m a animal lover and dogs are my favorit. I have dogs since I was very small and it's something that I enjoy. I'm going to be place some up to date pictures of me on here. I'm not picky on who I talk to and I don't like to be judged and that's something I would never do to You. I have a great seance of humor and I enjoy making people laugh and smile.
Message me so we can chat! don't be affraid I don't bite... j/k :)
Thanks for checking out my profile but what are You wating for?? Message so we can get to know each other!

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. I'm simple. I work hard to make a good living but work doesn't define me, I love to enjoy my life outside of work. I have three beautiful children who mean the world to me and am a very involved dad so between work, being a single dad, and some play time I am very busy and hence why I am giving this online thing a works with my schedule. I am a very logical person. I believe good things happen for good people. I value honesty and integrity above all else and want someone who has high integrity. I don't take myself too seriously and can laugh at myself. Initial physical attraction starts the ball rolling but after that I need someone with substance...the whole package to live life to the fullest with!
...I am very athletic and stay fit. I am not an extremist in this regard but being healthy and fit are important to me as it affects the other aspects of your life.
....I enjoy going out with the person I love to have a nice evening but in the day to day grind I value someone who can just enjoy a night in relaxing and snuggled up on the couch together.
....I love the outdoors, hence the username. Hunting and Fishing have been a part of my entire life and I am passionate about it. I am not necessarily looking for someone that does those things but understanding of it. In addition to my career I invented, manufacture, and retail an outdoor product so it is not only a passion but a part of my life so naturally it would be nice to have someone who would be not only understanding but involved in the business if they chose to. Having said that, I enjoy some aspects of city life to like sporting events, a nice restaurant, and the movies.

Date a man from Arizona, United States. I'm new to the Nogales Arizona area and I'm looking for new people to meet, show me the area, share good moments and who knows maybe something else. I'd like to meet an easy going, smart, and happy woman... and please please drama free is a must!

Meet men and women from Arizona, United States. How's it going everyone? I am going to try this match thing again. Lets see a little about me. I work a lot (probably why I am on here), When I am not working I am working on my truck, or at the gym, hanging out with friends or relaxing at home having a beer.
I like to laugh and love playful banter. I dont take to much serious. In my line of work I have learned to laugh about almost anything. I am not a big hell raiser anymore I like my quiet time. Oh and one day I will race in the baja 500. If you have anymore questions fill free to ask away. I might tell you I might not.

Date a soulmate from United States. 4 Cool things about me:
• Country Girl by Luke Bryan is my theme song. It’s going to be the best day ever if I hear that playing on the radio. I only know the words in the chorus but it still really sounds good. :) I make up the rest as I scream and hum along. It also magically plays whenever I walk into a room.
• I have an air guitar that mystically appears when 80’s hair band songs play. And no you can't have it.
• When I'm driving in my car somehow I transform into a dancing machine that has a brillant voice.
• I have a license to kill issued by the Irish government. Or was that a license to drink? I should probably check that before my next adventure.
6 Un-Cool things about me:
• I refuse to ride a motorcycle because I am convinced I will kill myself :) and I am too young to die.
• When I die I want to go out like my grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep, not like the people in his back seat who were screaming.
• I will buy you your own air guitar before I ever loan mine out, my best friend still has my first one and refuses to return it. I have a brilliant plan to go get it but I think his house has fbi agents securing it.
• Everything about camping is cool up until you have to sleep outside.
• I have found myself on several occasions looking for my cell phone while talking to someone on it.
• I hope I die before I’m 90. But not before 80. I will probably start riding motorcycles around the 80th birthday…
5 Random things about me:
• If you are beating me at anything, especially chess, you are probably cheating. Haha! Just kidding :)
• If you have a jacuzzi at your house or apartment we will be best friends forever. Whoever invented hot bubbly water should be on the 100 dollar bill and we should have holidays in her honor.
• Debating the merits of something meaningless is always a good time to me. Or is it? I'm not sure now.
• I love running with my friends and will almost always let them win and pretend to be completly out of breath to make them feel much better about themselves.
• I only have 4 Cool things listed and that is really bothering me :) I’m way cooler than 4.
4 Things about me you should know:
• I am the friend you go to for advice and I tell you the truth; even if you don't want to hear it. Sometimes this goes over well and sometimes it doesn't but it always comes from a good place.
• I try really really hard to never judge anyone because I have found myself in some of those exact situations I've judged someone for and have lived enough life to learn that it's just silly. Experience is the mother of all teachers. She took me out back last year and suplexed me over her right shoulder.
• I do love to give people a hard time- it's my sense of humor- it's my nature so I won't be a good match for the thin skin types. Please have a rockin personality and sense of humor.
• I am a Christian and do my best to live with honor, integrity, values, morals, and love for all creation. I attend an amazing church in Chandler, AZ, my guitar never comes with, they have people watching at the doors for it.
4 Things about you:
• Family must be a priority for you.
• You must be honest, courageous, passionate, friendly, have good communication skills, have integrity, love to sing and dance, never steal my air guitar, and think that I can sing really well and that I know the words.
• You must love your mom.
• You must love my profile, and my mom!
I'm looking for a quality woman who has a positive outlook on life and a great sense of humor. I love a big smile, sharp mind, and a big heart. I appreciate someone with intellectual curiosity, maturity, solid values,and strong communication skills. I am usually drawn to a woman with passion and drive, someone who I can admire and respect. I'm looking for my best friend, someone who I have amazing chemistry with who will support me as I support her.

Meet people from United States. I'm looking for someone that can be a real person around me, Have their own idea of what thay want in life. This is my first time looking online to meet someone. Not all of my info is filled in, if you need to know just ask.

Date someone special from United States. Hey there!!! I know these ads start sounding repetative after reading a mere 2 I'll keep it short and just say write me!! My name is Chad and I'm a pretty simple guy. I like football, movies, music, wakeboarding, riding my motorcycle, theater, etc, etc... I'm raising my teenage daughter and she is my everything. Don't know where I'd be today without her!!
I'm looking for a woman that I have things in common with to hang out with and have some fun. Who knows what could happen from there. As my headline says "Chemistry is Everything" and if that's all good, I'll definitely hang on for the ride!! ;-)

Meet single man from United States. A few things about myself
I would describe myself as a "nice guy". I am independent, intelligent, caring, sensitive, and family oriented man. I have goals that I would like to continue and eventually complete. I am looking for a women who wants to be in a relationship and has the same aspirations as I do. She needs to be independent but wants to find a meaningful relationship. My friends always say I can't believe I am not married yet. Lol. I want marriage but I will wait until I find the right person. I am into sports especially football. As far as my passions go I like going out to restaurants, sporting events, and concerts. I do like to relax at home with a good movie. I am really laid back and I don't need to be doing anything if I am with the right person.

Date a man from United States. Easy going professional guy. work in managment for a manufacturing company for my main job. Also head baseball coach at a local high school. Love the work i get to do with the kids there.
Enjoy hanging at home, camping, fishing, sporting events, movies, etc.....
very laid back and easy to get a long with.

Meet men and women from United States. I am a fun-loving, laid back guy looking for a woman who shares the same interests. I like the outdoors and maintain an active lifestyle, but I am just as content sitting at home watching a good movie or sporting event. If you have the same interests, drop me a line.