Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 73 year old

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. My friends would say I am friendly, happy, a great smile, on time, helps others. I volunteered at the White Elephant for 6 years, and have retired now. Also volunteered at Blessing Hospital, animal shelter, and nursing home. A big smile comes across my face when I'm dancing and when I see my grand children. I am 5 feet 10 inches tall and weigh 245. I play golf 4 days each week, walk, and carry my golf bag. Looking for companion who likes to dance, go on week end trips to St. Louis, Branson, short 1-3 day bus tours, visit Museums, to name a few. No trips outside USA, except cruises. I like candles, cuddling, touch and to be touched. I like hugs and long kisses and whatever that leads to. Searching for a monogamous relationship. After graduating from high school in 1956, I joined the Air Force and became a jet aircraft mechanic for 4 years. After being honorably discharged, I came back to my home town and got a job in a factory for 2 years. I got married September 26, 1964 and started my insurance career shortly therafter. I served my community as a volunteer fireman for 28 years and was a supervisor of my township for 24 years. Also I was a member of the local Lions club for 25 years. In addition I was active in my church. After 35 years as an insurance agent for Illinois Farm Bureau, I retired. My wife died from Cancer on December 14, 2000. I will be moving to Green Valley on a permanent basis around Labor Day. Don't be shy. Send a wink or send an e mail. I like both.

Meet a man from Arizona, United States. presently, i work in security 40 hrs a week, im dicorced and looking for someone to enjoy each day with. i live in a comfortable apt in paradise valley near the shopping and fine restaurants to enjoy my offtime with someone special

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. I am very honest. In very good health at 73. Love life. I want to enjoy everything life has to offer. I like enjoying the best life has to offer. I'm a Christian man,who loves my church and usher every Sunday morning service. I need someone who can become my best friend for life. One who will understand my needs,and let learn to share my life with her,with a whole lot of understanding in knowing,we all got faults and none of us are perfect. I can give 50 per cent to learn to be understanding.

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. Looking for someone who wants a true, honest, reliable friend, with no hang-ups and a positive back ground with nothing to hide.
The past is over, as is that portion of our lives, it is time to live the present and future. I am looking for a person willing to do that, . A down to earth individual looking for a loyal, true friend to enjoy life and the company of each other doing things together that each would like to do. Not looking for a penpal or long distance relationship. Just a down to earth person who can be a loyal true best friend in our senior years
Out f here 7/23

Date single man from Arizona, United States. I think my friends would all agree that I am honest and demand the same thing from a possible mate. or friends.......I live for the moment and have shed all my loose baggage....Can't change the past but can insist on a happy future...Like to laugh (Especially at myself) kids and small animals(puppies,kittens etc).....More that anything I want honesty in a relationship......I am a hopeless romantic and love to touch and feel when I can...Not ashamed to show my emotions in public...I prefer to wear Western clothes(along with hat and boots) Would like someone to attend church with me on sundays......One of my favorite passions is my artwork...My greatest accomplisment is raising 4 wonderful children and watching them all become adults with their own children now....Want a life free of any conflict and stress.....I am grateful that I was born in this country and am a vet...God bless America and our troops wherever they be.!!...I would like to improve my social life...tired of going to places by myself....So if anything I have written here appeals to you let's get together and check each other out.!! All the best ..Fox

Meet people from Arizona, United States. Retired but still active. Looking for someone to talk and do activities with. I enjoy auto racing, shooting ranges and most outdoor things. I'm very conservative in my politics but not as active as I once was.

Date a soulmate from United States. soft spoken man looking for companionship with a woman who enjoys watching sports, going to the casino, seeing friends, cooking. would like a slender woman around 5'2". grown children and grandchildren ok. Dogs ok too

Meet a man from United States. I am and Artist whom enjoys life, non afraid to take chances, with a smile and cheers in one hand and wisdom and compassion in the other. I believe in commitment that comes with love, excitement and admiration that comes with passion. Happiness that comes with a healthy and just heart.

Date men and women from United States. I am a retired postal carrier, so I enjoy walking. I like movies, either at home or out, eating in or out. usually dress informal, shorts & t-shirts, but can dress up. I am grateful for being pretty healthful, even thou not perfect.

Meet someone special from United States. Loving pretty friendly nice amazing smart funny pet lover like massages on belly back feet and shoulders neck legs face sides like wheelchairs kissing movies dinner lakes boat pools tanning show her belly always or back

Date single man from United States. (Updated as of 6/30/12)
I bought a greeting card yesterday. It reads:
"Not all couples are lucky enough to be this close...the way we are.
It's like we have a special connection between us.
You know the real me, and I know the real you.
With us, there's no pretending to be something we're not -
we can just be ourselves.
And that feels so good, so natural, so right.
What I have with you is love and friendship
all in one person....
and that's the best thing that's ever happened to me.
I'm so glad you're in my life."
I bought the card and am keeping it to give to that very special someone, somewhere in time,
The object of my everlasting affection will be a beautiful person inside and pleased with herself outside.
I have the time now and the inclination to enjoy your company. I am very affectionate and receive more pleasure in giving than receiving. Would like to do some traveling with you. I try to be very up front with all the "warts". I don't like surprises either unless they involve chocolate or flowers. Financially I am OK, but extensive crusing would not be in my budget. I am not a gigilo, but would I go with you? Sure. You would be very pleased with my company, dressed to the "nines" and sitting at the Captains table. I can impress your country cousins and/or your more sophisticated country club group with equal wit and charm. I'm not bragging, I'm just sayn'.
If you are looking to be swept off your feet, I can do that. But to be whisked away on expensive travels you will want to look elsewhere or be willing to provide a good portion of the tickets. I can carry some of the load, but my financial cup, while adequate, does not runneth over.

Meet people from United States. I am 72, in excellent health, and seeking a female companion to join me for fun and travel. My friends tell me that I look far younger than my years. I am up early and usually walk (briskly) 4-5 miles every morning. I drive to visit friends in Colorado and California on occasion, and 2-3 times annually I visit my kids and grandchildren in the east (sometimes by car.) I have traveled extensively abroad and would like to do more.(I have resided for one-year periods in London, Barbados, Guyana, and St Kitts.) My favorite tourist destinations so far are New Zealand and the Caribbean. I can stumble around in French and Spanish, but I am by no means a linguist.
Most of my time these days is taken up by a book I am writing, a project that is both absorbing and genuinely interesting (really.) Of course I set my own schedule so I can be distracted by other pursuits such as walking and swimming. I am a passionate fan of major league baseball, and I try to attend a St Louis Cardinal series annually. And I have terrific season tickets for UA Wildcat basketball! I like to eat at restaurants and also grill outside, especially if someone brings the salad over. I am easy going, but I confess a quiet dislike of airport security lines, political extremists, and Tucson's many stoplights!
What are you like? I am seeking someone who is attractive, open, and honest and who has her own interests and activities that I would like to learn about and share.