Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Parker, 52 year old

Date a man from Arizona, United States. What people notice about me first? I guess it depends on whether I’m coming or going. But I’ve been told (yes, I asked!) eyes, smile, legs, posterior (yes!) and that I don’t look anywhere near my age. Although in my opinion the grey hairs are finally starting to sneak in so maybe eventually I WILL look my age!
Other things about me? Imagine a screeching cat in a metal garbage can and know that it sounds better than my singing voice. If you can get past that, you’ll find that I’m generous by nature and definitely been known to be there to help friends and family when needed. I fix and install things for friends, and I love buying spur of the moment gifts…especially for someone like YOU!
Mostly I like to plan ahead. I can’t help it, engineers tend to be organized. But when the weekend comes around and we’ve been too busy to make plans – well, that’s when my spontaneity (and I hope yours!) kicks in. I like variety, so let’s just open 5280 (or the laptop equivalent), see what’s out there and go do it!
Things I look for in my partner? Hopefully we’ll have similar interests and values. She’ll be someone who enjoys life and, like me, appreciates giving and receiving the little things in relationships. Affectionate, self-sufficient, active and fit (but not obsessive about it). A sense of fun, adventure and a sexy side that she’s not afraid to let show. Comfortable with or without makeup, dressed to the nines or in t-shirts and jeans.
A great smile and penetrating eyes will simply melt me, but I’m attracted to her inner beauty as well, especially if that comes with intelligence, curiosity, a glass mostly full approach to life and a positive attitude.
I do hope you’ll take the positive approach to this online effort, and if I email you, send me a response, even if it’s �no-thanks’? And I promise I’ll do the same for you. So what are you waiting for?

Meet people from Arizona, United States. Been looking for Love in all the wrong places looking for love in too many places, I am just Looking for you.
I am grateful for life, health, opportunity. Would like to find a nice lady to settle down with.

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. Shy at first but I warm up real quick. I am a very easy going guy. I am a full time father of 2 teenagers. I am looking for a friend first, then possibly turn into a relationship. I enjoy going out with friends, but primarily about my family. I am not a member yet so i have limited access.

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. Well I never thought that I would be on an online dating site, but here I am with the rest of you.
My friends would say that I am genuine, honest, dependable, a bit sarcastic, funny, and secure. You'll have to be the judge to determine if they are lying. :) What I am NOT is insincere, a player, a fake, or irresponsible.
I have 2 teenage sons who I love to spend time with, but I also have time for a relationship. I have a rewarding career and a lot of interests and look forward to new experiences. I like live music and sports, but I'm definitely not into the club scene.
I enjoy travel and adventure and have been to many countries, but I equally enjoy the beauty right here in Colorado. I love to run, hike and cycle, and most anything else outdoors. I ran my first marathon at 45.
I live a healthy lifestyle, but in moderation. Yes, my pictures are recent.
I like to dress up for an evening out but am equally content with hanging out at home with a pizza and movie. I feel I'm a pretty good cook and would love to cook for you, or better yet cook together!
I'm a bit old fashioned in that I like to open doors for a woman and hold hands while walking. If that makes you uncomfortable
then I'm probably not the guy for you.
I appreciate women who are confident, sincere, independent, romantic, and happy with themselves.
I'm not seeking a relationship to fill a void but rather I'm looking for a friend to share some fun times with and if we click we'll see where it takes us.
If you are still reading this and think we would be a good match, why not drop me an email?
Thanks for reading.

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. Don't run away because I am separated, I have lived on my own for a over a year. I have a larger house that I have been trying to get get sold and you know how that goes right now. That is what is slowing up moving forward. I am very active, but I like to relax too. I am retired from the Air Force. My time in the AF and my current job have taken me all over the world and have instilled a love of travel. I love seeing old and new places, getting lost and finding something out of the way. I am not afraid of exploring.
My interest range from DIY, books, camping, hiking, the outdoors in general and most sports. I was originally from northern Ohio so I am a die hard Cleveland fan (shows that I am a glutton for punishment), but I am a great supporter of the Colorado teams.
I work for the government and have volunteered to deploy to Afghanistan a couple of times. That is why the military related pictures.
I have two wonderful sons that I enjoy being and seeing things with. They are great entertainment and keep me young at heart. My life is far from boring in a positive way but I am missing that special person to share new and exciting experiences.

Meet someone special from Arizona, United States. Been hurt physically and emotionally; I am just putting my toes back in the water.
Former police officeradministratorcommand...
Got hurt; ex-wife left me after that; I guess she didn't understand the statement, "for better or for worse."
Lotsa surgeries, etc., but now trying to get back into a normal life.

Date a man from United States. I would like to meet someone who is willing to be close, not afraid to share their personal thoughts and feelings, and ready to try new and unfamiliar things, whether its a new resaurant downtown, or across the world. Comfortable outdoors or indoors, with friends or a large group of strangers. Has a sense of humor, appreciation of how absurd life can be, and a personal desire and a dream that they want to accomplish.

Meet people from United States. Most importantly I want to see life as though a child see's it, with wide open eyes and amazement! I've had my tunnel vision on way to long and haven't really experience what it really has to offer. Trying to be sucessful seems to put the blinders on to what's really out there. To love and be loved with total unconditionality. What a blessing that must be. I like to have alot of fun, but I work hard too. ( but it doesn't consume me ) I like long deep conversations, walks, hiking, fishing, the mountains and especially the ocean. I also just like lounging around. I don't drink or do drugs anymore ( been there, done that! ) and I'm not without faults. but, I can recognize them now and deal with them.
I want a lady that is tired of the regular modain day to day , and is wanting and seeking a WOW moment. A soulmate whom I can absolutely trust and grow with. Basically, a women who is seeking what I'm seeking. One who takes care of themselves ( body and mind ) and can let their hair down and be their true selves. Can laugh and be quirky, goofy, silly all at the same time.

Date a soulmate from United States. I like giving back to our community in different ways, such as volunteer service. I love history and museums. An occasional concert or the Opera. Fine Dining and good spirits. The great outdoors and new scenery. I marvel at the wonder of God's good Earth.
I am looking for a communicator. Someone I can confide in and discuss our lives with. Someone who despite our busy lives can pause and admire this great world and our place in it with me.
I enjoy a show at the Ellie Caulkins or Dinner and a movie. Cooking at home together is fun too. Dinner prepared by me for you is enjoyable. The Oktoberfest or St Patrick's celebrations and town festivals are fun because of handy-crafts one might find there. I love trinkets and shopping for them.
I am as active as I can be with my kids and their activities, but I need some down time too.

Meet single man from United States. Well I,m single and I would like to have someone who can be a good friend as well as have a relationship with.I,m looking for that special someone who likes me for me and just wants to hang out together.I,m an easy going guy who likes a good time as much as anybody else.I,m also a man of my word and I will do anything for anybody,give a helping hand.I like to be around people who are always happy and positive,life is too short to be unhappy,so you should enjoy it as much as possible.

Date men and women from United States. Update: 3/10/12 ... Going off of match for a while as my 3 months are up and I need to focus on other things for a while. Met quite a few nice women and that was a good outcome. Rob
I am a hard working and intelligent man who is also easy going. My career has been demanding and that is fine. I want to expand the experiences of life with those that I cherish. I love a good conversation and will engage you in just about any subject. Lately I have been working out with a trainer and that helps to push and keep me motivated. I am very comfortable engaging in a wide variety of activities ranging from hiking and skiing to classical music concerts. I tend to eat healthy and try to buy organic, but I am not an extremist and will eat my fair share of junk as well.
Right now I am selling my house in Parker and intend to move closer to downtown. The concept of walking to much of what Denver has to offer has become very appealing to me whether it be a relaxing coffee shop, a new restaurant, frozen yogurt, cultural events, festivals, etc.
Who am I looking for? Someone who is independent and can do just fine with or without a commitment to a long term relationship. Someone who is physically fit, has at least some spiritual pulse and is not driven by the acquisition of material things. Someone who is smart and can engage in meaningful conversations on a number of topics.

Meet someone special from United States. Professional man who enjoys life and people. I also enjoy travel, sports, animals and entertainment. I also love camping, movies and walking. I am a non-smoker, social drinker who loves to have a good time. I also love the water and like to fish, swim and play near the water.