Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Flagstaff, 52 year old

Date single man from Arizona, United States. i'm just a very easy going guy who love the outdoors, working hard, loving my family and enjoying my freinds and picking on my crazy dog! a big and important part of my live is to "smile" and i love to help others to smile...its a gift i have, sometimes i can be a little guffy and silly...but thats me!
i'm a very positive,open minded person, i'm a big warm hearted guy, love to help out other when i can, i'm a giver not a taker! i always try my best very day and i know theres bumps on the way,but i don't give in or up trying! i enjoy doing things with my hands, pretty good around the house, always keeping busy not much for sitting on the couch...couchies are for cuddling...and i love that!
well, just like we all are doing here...i'm look for that that special person that has a joy for life too...

Meet men and women from Arizona, United States. First off, the number in the age column is just a number...I'm way young in every way and you should be too. Out here in AZ defending wildlife from us people (biologist) and trying to save a little bit of what's left of the planet. I love nature in all its forms and like to be around people who feel the same. Getting lost in the mountains for days with only a backpack is a good thing. I'm a gymrat and it shows, looking to meet a women with pipes & delts and an equally pumped-up brain. A quick sense of humor is a definite turn-on, so is perceptiveness and compassion... great looks don't hurt either (i.e. please be hot). Relate best to people who notice and care about the world around them...who don't believe what they hear or do what they're told...who dig hair band music of the 80's and all things metal - if you don't like at least one Guns 'n Roses song it probably won't work...who think that what they do matters...who are always looking for an excuse to laugh.

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. I am just a simple guy,looking to find a real good friend,and maybe after some time together,it can turn into a beautiful relationship,never been one to complain to much about the oppisite sex,so as the saying goes,ill try anything one time and see what happens? so if anyone would like to chat some i would like so much to hear from you???

Meet a man from Arizona, United States. I'm finding life is a little lonely now that the son is out doing his own thing. I mean really.. how many movies and how much golfing can a guy really do alone.
My friends would tell you that I have a very quick wit and that I am honest, faithful and trustworthy. I would tell you that I have to agree with them. Who am I to disagree with friends??
I can do alone okay. I find ways to keep myself amused. But, it sure would be nice to share all of those sunsets with a lady that I really enjoy being around. I find it kind of hard holding hands by yourself.
It would be so nice to find a lady that is my friend... leading into my Best friend... leading into the actual real deal.
I'm pretty sure she's out there.......

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. just being yourself is best. don!t like fake people.I want someone who will take the good with the bad.a person who will be glad to see me no matter what shape I am in.the outdoors are very important to me go hunting or fishing whenever I can.

Meet people from Arizona, United States. Life is an adventure. It could be summiting new peaks, finding a new bike trail. meeting new interesting people or learning a new song. I guess the key word is new. I am looking for someone who can show me some place I have never been.

Date single man from Flagstaff, United States. i like to ride my harley all over with friends this makes me smile, i own my own buisness, i'm greatful for my family and kids, would like to attract a women that likes to do the things i like to do so that we can share our lives together. i looking for some one to share my life with! my social life is not so good just divorced after 31 years need to get back into the groove.i like to take care of the things i own and family matters alot.

Meet men and women from Flagstaff, United States. Good luck in your search, I am out of here,they do leave these up indefinatly ,I think,I need about 150 more "Chars"too finish this I did meet some nice wemen on here ,I do hope we find what we are looking for ,while being single is alrite there is nothing like a good partnership ,someone to share the life with ,that should be 200 Chars ,good luck ,God bless !

Date someone special from Flagstaff, United States. good looking easy fun to be with very compassionate loveing man people say they always enjoy my company im grateful im able to do what i enjoy for a livin life realy short so i feel we have to live each day as if it were our last

Meet a man from Flagstaff, United States. I have had a lot of hardship in the past 10 years. I lost my oldest daughter to a murder. This caused a hardship with in the family. The marraige of 18 years did not survive. Have had two spin surgeries that forced me to leave my occupation as a aircraft mechanic for Honnywell aero space. And just this past March I lost my mother of 81 years, but I still have three beautiful girls and 5 grandchildren. I know with God"s help I will get through all this. Not looking sympathy, just don't want to be alone. I will download phoito's in the next couple of days.,,
What I am looking for is someone I can share my life with, I hate beeing alone. Looks are not that important, it's what is inside a person that counts, I am a caring type of person, she would have to like to do things at a spure of the moment, like take a trip, go camping etc.., I love kids and spending time with them. Someone that appreciates life, God and just having fun. Honesty is also important so feel free to ake my anything, hope to hear drom you soon, Richard...

Date a soulmate from Flagstaff, United States. you all should know these forms were filled out by umetv"s neices our favorite uncle needs a lady disabled give him a try very carying man sometimes very very naughty we"ve been trying to raise him proper BUT he"s always lived free spirited an happy by himself he"s put in pen pal ads saying lonely winter camper but never a single reply yes he"s ugly an BIG and 100%MAN But maybe your all woman to he will reply to all emails female his favorite saying when departing is take care and he means it.....take care....ROCKY.

Meet people from Flagstaff, United States. Im easy going , work hard and like to make lots of freetime to do the really important things like; take my dog emma for lots of hikes, travel ,backpack,fishing,beaching ,live music,good food,gardening and hopefully sharing many things with someone else.