Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 51 year old

Date people from Arizona, United States. My friends describe me as being witty and funny. I have four grown kids that live away. I’ve got a job that I really like and enjoy my co-workers. I'm not very good at writing this bio's, so don't judge by this.
I’m have been divorce over a year I’ll be the first to admit that I’m very open about talking about my feelings to one another
I am a big sports fan; I will watch all types of sports especially football I do enjoy going to the movies, theater and any clubs.

Meet a man from Arizona, United States. im a hard working man and a like to travel to diferent places like to california to go to disney and magic mountain and i like to go to las vegas ones a year and i will like to find some one that will like to do this things with me.

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. Am not sure what to say here, am basically a shy guy, the introvert type. And sometimes I'm a stick in the mud when it comes to trying new things.
That said, I have a good sense of humor (though I've been told I laugh at odd things and at odd times) and am pretty patient, it takes a lot to get me angry. I'm a FreeMason, I collect small-format games and really enjoy the history of the OH, KY and WV area.
So what am I looking for in a relationship? Beyond the usual, I don't really know. It's been a long time since I dipped a toe into the dating pool and I'm just sort of feeling my way around again at something I was never really good at in the first place.

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. If I were to describe myself here or explain what others see or say about me, I guess I would have to answer that I am a Sensitive, Caring Person who loves Life and People. Music is a Passion of Mine for I both Compose and Preform it. I Study and Teach Martial Arts. I love the Spiritual Side of the Arts along with the Physical side, and believe that it goes hand and hand with My Music....for it both polish's the Soul as it Mirrors if you Enjoy Sports, like Running, Golfing, Boating or Fishing and Martial Arts as I Do then I am looking for you as a partner with whom I can have as both a Friend and Companion....Someone who likes to travel, and see this Crazy Planet Earth before it goes away..Its fading fast... Not into plastic, much prefer Platinum...also not able to answer you at present time....But I will....Thanks for taking the time to read about me......

Date single man from Arizona, United States. I retired from the US Army after 28 yrs of sevice. Im looking for someone that I can enjoy benning with.I like to travel and see diffrent things. I dont mind going shopping cause I feel if she enjoys it I will enjoy it with her.Im very stron minded and I like a woman who knows what she wnats.

Meet men and women from Arizona, United States. I'm an easy going type, but i do like to have fun. like dinning,nightclubs,movies,and traveling.I like reading and music,rock,alternitive and lite country.I am not a controlling person and can be humorous.looking for someone who is compatable to me not pushy,has a sense of humour and likes to have fun or can be content with staying home reading or watching a movie as well as going to the theater a sports event or a concert.

Date people from United States. My ideal match would be someone who could be my soul mate and my best friend.A person who is loving spirited and completely honest with them self and with me.Some one who enjoy`s children because my two grandchildren are a big part of my life .

Meet a man from United States. I am laid back kinda guy. I work hard to have nice things. I own property, and houses. I enjoy traveling around looking for off the wall shops, stores, and eating places. i like to camp, and fish. i love to enjoy nature, and all its beauty. I garden, growing veggies, and fruit. i coach baseball, and basketball for kids. basically am just a cool guy looking for the center of my of my life.

Date someone special from United States. I'm described as positive, humble, easy going, and a great friend. I live alone, have a great job, no kids, no drama, don't drink or smoke, do work out, and live in central Phoenix. Membership has expired, so can't read emails on here.
Looking to find a lady whose smile stays on your mind for days. She stays positive and enjoys life. She is willing to share the fun times or challenges with me. She takes pride in her appearance. She would enjoy the simple things, but every now and then enjoy the finer things in life. She has good morals and values guiding her through life's challenges and fun activities.
I get along with pretty much anybody, as long as, we communicate and understand each other's desires and boundaries. If any of this sounds like a foundation to becoming great friends, which may also lead to a possible long term relationship, definitely respond to my wink, send an email, you also have other options. Thanks for reading my profile and hope to hear from you whether its good news or a polite "No thanks". Its all good.

Meet a soulmate from United States. About me,
I see the glass half full, that`s why I`m trying to fill up the other half !!! I like to make people laugh. It`s kinda like my hobby. Although, I also have a very serious side to me. I prefer the mountains over the beach. Having grown up in Denver, and then living in Florida, give me the mountains. I like to go hiking, fishing, and just being in the mountains (in the summer). I don`t like extreme cold weather. I have a job,my own house,some dogs, Sponge Bob pajama`s and two cars. The cars aren`t much, but they`re payed for. I`m not to worldly and I don`t like debt. I have a small house that I am slowly remodeling. I actually find it therapeutic and a good way to keep my mind from wandering off to far. I don`t watch T.V. alot, but when I do, I like nature shows (and the History Channel) and watching movies. I do like to go out to dinner sometimes. It`s just not something I do by myself. I don`t sky dive, bungee jump, or go swimming where there`s sharks in the water. It`s a little dangerous just living here on this planet with all of the CRAZIES !!!

Now you,
It seems like I`m attracted to women on the short side. Like around 5ft.---- normally dark hair. I`m NOT attracted to women who wear alot of make up or women who use alot of cuss words as a form of formal conversation. Other than that, I really don`t know what I`m looking for until I find it. But, when I find it, I`ll know.--------- I think.

Date single man from United States. Intelligent, very good looking, (so I'm told), great sense of humor, outgoing personality. Interests include; bodybuilding, eating healthy, world travel, movies, sports, reading, hiking, cooking, and intellectual conversation. Street smarts due to East Coast upbringing, yet refined but never pretentious. Not boasting , but I am very grateful that I'm in better shape than most 32 year olds. Therefore I am looking for someone who takes good care of themselves but is also down to earth and genuine. Little bit of a bad boy with a big heart.

Meet men and women from United States. Hello! I'm a young 51yr old man, I have been told that I have a nice smile and I'm a hansom!, I have a great outlook on life the glass is always half full,!!! I like to do things right the first time and when you do that you save yourself lots of time and frustration. I believe that Honesty is always the best policy! GOD knows it. And we all do to. I am interested in meeting good dependable people! Fun lady's, I'd like to meet a women that's interested in meeting me. I have a lot more to say, I would like to tell you in person. I like fishing fresh and salt water! that 1 in my profile is 225lb's and I like to dabble with cars mostly corvette's, I love fast sports car's, And hate monsoon weather, Dust storms It's hard to keep the car clean. Great if you have someone to be with and watch the rain fall and snuggle and kiss and relax enjoying the storm outside! If your out there please let me know, I've been looking for to long, I hope you will soon we have a lot of fun living to do! Pack up the road is waiting for us to go on a little road trip to the coast or flag or Payson? it doesn't matter although San Diego is nice all year long.
Thanks for taking a lookie!
Thank you, Danny
I am looking for that special lady to come into my life, I would like her to be Honest, Smart, Pretty, A good sense of humor, A good listener, Likes some of the same activities as myself, Likes fishing, I will teach you!, Camping, Hiking and getting away exploring new places, Working out and staying in shape, Want to spend time getting to know one an others likes and dislikes, She would like to experience higher levels of satisfaction and fulfillment, Flexible, Likes to snuggle and hold each other close, Sharing quiet moments, She should be easy going, Have a positive attitude, Funny and loves to laugh, Likes the water and water activities, Swimming, Hot tubs and skinny dipping, Laying out under the stars hugging and kissing is a must! Wants to experience new things, Should be a non-smoker! No drugs and alcohol/ A nice bottle of wine is is acceptable, Health oriented, Likes to eat good healthy food, Doesn't complain as much as I do, LOL, Spiritual, Loves Jesus/God and herself, In other words finding my soul-mate/best friend.
I want only the best for her and myself, Like minded is a good ingredient! I want a healthy relationship one that will grow stronger everyday, Honesty and trust are key, I've been a matchless for quite a long time and I want to meet the right match for me/Her. I just think she's out there somewhere! When I do meet her It will be a great day! for the rest of my life!