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Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. I am an avid golfer and would enjoy someone that likes golfing. I travel extensively during the summer months in my motorhome. I enjoy seeing the country and exploring new places. U S History is very interesting. My up coming plan is to travel back to Alaska where i lived for several years. I am fun and outgoing and love to laugh. Please come with me on my adventures and we will have a great time. I spend the winter months in Sun City, Az. golfing, dining out and planning my next trip.

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. If I were to try to describe the most important quality that I could ask for from my soul mate, the best answer I could find would be an exact reflection of what I am willing to give to make a relationship last for as long as we share the same breath.
That quality enables a person to give true and unconditional love. It should be the main element in the enjoyment of all of life's adventures as they unfold. True and unconditional love is the only Real security we have. If you are ready to move to a level above a superficial relationship, please feel free to contact me.
I live each day with a sense of adventure, artistic inspiration, and a very comfortable, happy feeling that comes from inner peace. I could be described as an honest, kind, fun, caring, sharing person who is always looking for ways to improve. Women have told me that I am compassionate, a good listener, and supportive. My friends tell me that I have a gentle nature ( but not to be confused with weakness). If the need arose, I could be very protective of the my companion.
The only thing that I need to make my life complete and fulfilled is an everlasting, romantic relationship with the right woman, who shares my interests, values, and Spiritual interpretation of the purpose and meaning of our lives.
Thank you for reading this.

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. easy going, love to make people laugh and have fun. I grow up in Virginia and Uncle Sam put me at Hill AFB, Utah. I live in Glendale AZ. I retired from US Airway airline and plan to do some flying ,where ever they go. I love to clown around and make balloon structure.

Meet men and women from Arizona, United States. just a single guy wanting to share times with a special someone. simple, easy going, with old fashioned values; still believe in opening doors and pulling back a chair for a lady. am now retired,financially stable and able to enjoy what life has to offer. from strolling down at the lake, to 4-wheeling, barbequeing at home or going out to a nice restaurant, watching a movie at the theater or curling up on the coutch and watching at home. taking it slow and really a good guy at heart. honesty,communication, respect, acceptance and just being real without the head trips are important to me (a two way street). lived in so. cal. for 55 years and decided to move here for a slower pace of living. besides that, my 2 daughters and 4 grand kids live here also. who wants to enjoy life too and have a great time? thanks for visiting.

Date people from Arizona, United States. I live a happy, healthy, productive life. Ghetto gentry to opera. My life has been an enigma wrapped in contradictions. DA VINCI, MACGYVER AND INDIANA JONES ALL IN ONE....PASSIONATE GUY
I am six foot tall and weigh 205 lbs and look bigger in life and more muscular than my pictures.....Isn't that bizarre?
Looking for a long, LEAN woman with just the right combination of heart, smart, and tart! OK...a short, SKINNY, small frame woman, would be great too...someone slinky who likes to stay fit...
I am a man who treats his woman better than he treats himself, his horse, his dog aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand his triathlon bike......
I am an unpretentious, unaffected, touchy - feely - caring kind of guy with a great sense of humor. I am comfortable in my own skin, but would prefer to wear clothes in public. I have been accused of being playful and spontaneous. Being half Italian I am affectionate by default....the fault of my
Bizarre bio information:
I own 16 bicycles and 18 cameras.
Lived in Mexico and Argentina.
Worked in Milan, Munich, Geneva and Manila.
I am partial to Dobermans but love all pets. Like having at least one classic or sports car around. Had horses for years and years, near downtown Phoenix....don't ask...
Was a volunteer Hostel Advocate for about 20 years.
My Italian mom is from Venice and I have a HUGE extended family often...wanna go...
When I get bored, I build something...need to remodel your home, or how about an addition? lol
I am independent and outgoing, financially stable, devoted to my extended family, healthy, fit and culturally inclined.
Art and Design and of course Movies are my passion...well... there is also dancing (Old School Disco), music (especially the blues), fitness and the outdoors too.
Although I drive a 4x4, a car, and ride two motorcycles; I love peddling a bike to ASU.
I have more degrees than a thermometer (7) including a PhD. - from the Engineering School. Love Construction and dabble in Design.
I can go from Country to Ghetto to Ritz in a New York minute.
Currently I am a consultant-adviser. I have done research at ASU. Formerly a fashion and portrait photographer. I photographed body builders, models, musicians, artists and a whole lot of other people ...ok, ask....
I love adventure and have a bent for the exotic....I live vicariously through myself...
Mongolians depend on me for concrete advice....
I am known as an internationally ranked Javalin Catcher - Master's division...
While a mere lad, I owened Greenwich Village. Brill Building songwriters derived their inspiration from me.
In high school I won a footrace against a sub four minute miler.....
While in college, I took 39 credit hours one semester...GPA 3.9 / 4 for the semester. I did not want to over achieve......
My Hash House Harriers name is Einstein.....Einstein's name was Len....
I flew with the Mexican Air Force....
Art Museums insist that I touch their paintings...
Stay hydrated my friend.....
"Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the trouble-makers. The round heads in the square holes, the ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status-quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them. But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them, because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people, who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." Jack Kerouac
'Still Crazy After All These Years'!
Write me if you want to get to know each other. Then, let's have coffee together....Chemistry before Physics...and then.....oh boy...

Meet a man from Arizona, United States. I am loyal, I care deeply about others and I am kind. I appreciate the quiet beauty of nature, the meaning of touch and seeing others flourish. I am intentional about acting with kindness, disgusted by politics and a critical thinker. I refuse to accept what someone tells me on face value, and prefer to think for myself and stretch outside the box. I am, at times, a goof ball and more often than not light hearted. I meditate, run, work out with weights, and practice yoga regularly. I have a profession that I love which adds meaning and income to my life.
I seek the company of a woman who understands that true intimacy is more than just physical. While she enjoys the physical expression of affection as much as I do, she is also emotionally and spiritually intimate. She is considerate, kind and can fill the shoes of lover and best friend as easily as she does business associate, student, and teacher.
While looks will always catch my eye, it's really a combination of shared values, intelligence, and character that matter the most to me. Being on the same page about our relationship and our expectations of each other is an important building block to relationship success. My ideal partner wouldn't shy away from saying hello; I look forward to getting to know you.

Date a soulmate from United States. I never thought I'd find myself on a Dating Site, but when your circle of friends is small and mostly married, it's tiime to step outside the comfort zone! I've been divorced for 5 years, and know that I'm ready to find my last "best friend"! Its hard to write about myself w/o sounding like I'm submitting a job resume', so here goes -
PICK ME!, PICK ME! I have a sense of humor and try to bring a smile or laugh to those around me, even to a stranger who might be having a bad day. Regardless of Life's ups and downs, I always try to see that glass as half full. I live my life by the Golden Rule and take comfort in the Serenity Prayer!
Something very special is missing from my life.I absolutely believe in "Life Mates", and I hope to discover mine here. Life is meant to be shared with someone who's as special to you as you are to them!
I'ld like my Lady's face and voice to be the first thing I see and hear every day, as well as the woman I dream of at night! I'm caring and considerate of other peoples' feelings. I'm faithful and monogomous, honest and sincere, I am a true gentleman and know how to treat a lady and hope to find a soft-spoken and caring woman who knows a mans' needs as well! I'm an "open your door" guy, affectionate and passionate about love and life. I believe that eye-to-eye contact is as essential to true communication as being a good listener is.
I remember Anniversaries, and you will still get flowers and cards "just because". I have a kind (and freshly healed) heart, broad shoulders to lean on, and an ear if wanted. I'm willing and able to take the lead when it's my turn and although I'm nurturing - I don't smother! I realized long ago, the importance of allowing each other our personal spaces and friends.
I consider myself to be shy and somewhat reserved, but not boring. I prefer small get-togethers w/friends for B-B-Q's (maybe a cold beer or a glass of wine, but no drugs), rather than the typical noisy club scene.
I'm most comfortable wearing a Tshirt and jeans, and consider myself to be "low maintenance". There will be times when you'll see fresh dirt under my fingernails from the gardening and landscaping that I find so relaxing and rewarding. I love exploring this beautiful state whenever I can, but my traveling isnt limited to Arizona. My list of "places to see" is long! I also enjoy an occasional warm and sunny adventure are on my motorcycle. (YES, it will seat two) I like museums, boutiques, and its hard for me to pass up an antique shop or garage sale (even if I'm "just looking")
Here's where I list my drawbacks.... I cannot leap tall buildings with a single bound! I'm not sure what the difference is between "a few extra pounds", and "stocky"! (I havnt seen my 6-pack abs in years). Im unable to read minds! I don't like my lady to date other men! The only time I tune in to a sporting activitiy is to see the commercials during the Super Bowl. I dont believe in seperate vacations, and I'm pretty sure I had something in my eye at the end of "Pretty Woman" and a few other "chick flicks"! OH, did I mention that I dance like I have two left feet?
As for my lady, I need someone who can accept what I've conveyed about myself, and believes she has compatable traits, qualities, and interests to bring to the mix! My lady would accept me for who I am rather than who she wants me to be, and likewise. Yes, I know the value of being able to agree to disagree, and feel that she must also! She must be able to clearly communicate her wants, needs, and feelings; be patient and understanding, tender, caring, romantic, ready to spoil and be spoiled, low maintenance, laid-back, and have a positive outlook on life! I appreciate the beauty of a woman who has dressed herself to-the-nines, but I find myself drawn more to a lady who feels most comfortable in jeans or sweats.
I know its easy to "wink",but If you have a recent pic and feel a connection, drop me a line or two and we'll see what happens....

Meet single man from United States. Great person who has a slightly twisted sense of humor is looking for someone to tolerate me. I'm retired and own my own house even the mortgage is underwater. I am a well read person but always intellectually curious.
I am a pretty good cook since I have lived by myself most of my life. I enjoy movies, books real newspapers, travel and a great deep dish pizza if there is one in PHX. I am originally from Chicago (which explains the pizza thing) and had a successful career as an underwriter.
I am a great friend to have as I have friends I have known for 40 years. It helps that you have a good senbse of humor and the absurd. As a comedian once said, it's a sick world and I'm a happy guy.
Don't let the non-drinking thing be a deal breaker as I formerly drank wine (had a killer wine collection), beer, bourbon, cognac, excellent tequila and mixed drinks. I no longer drink because of medical reasons. Don't let that stop you from enjoying as I can always a no alcohol beer as all are not swill.
Intersted in more, contact me, if not, thanks for reading.

Date someone special from United States. Friends describe me as funny, down-to-earth, intelligent, good-looking and young. I apparently look younger than my actual age; it helps when you're blessed with good genes that run in the family.
A close woman friend asked me in the last two years why I was still not remarried after almost 20 years. Don't know exactly why, but I recently lost a parent(father still around) and find that I would very much like to share my life, fun and excitement with someone special.
In addition to my life philosophy(Ask!), I believe in expecting the best of people and am positive in my beliefs about life and others in this world. Sometimes I am easily amused, but always upbeat in the morning. There are folks who cannot stand that! After all these years, still tend to get up very early and go to bed late - trying to get out of that rut.
I tend to be pretty passionate about many things, but traditionally have held my feelings in until some 15 years ago. Fair to say that now I can be too open unless I'm careful. I have concerns about the direction our country is moving.
Have two wonderful sons, married and both live within a 7 hour drive. No grand-kids yet, but could be anytime in the next year.
Looking for someone who shares my values, who is positive about life and enjoys people, the great outdoors and can laugh at the challenges that life sometimes hands us. Honesty & integrity are absolute. Intelligent women attract me and chemistry is always an important factor. If you can handle my continuing curiosity about life and other topics, that is important. If you enjoy travel, that's a bonus.
If you like what you hear so far? ... let's get together for breakfast, coffee or a small lunch and explore things together!

Meet men and women from United States. .I am a happy fellow, which is to say I am grateful, optimistic, curious, have enthusiasm and creativity. Humor is a given. Sorry to sound a little cliche-ish, but it would be a plus if your base line was also at "happy." I can be impulsive, but I have no tattoos and I use no drugs. I do not rob gas stations, if you were wondering... , and ethics rate very high with me. My strongest trait is creativity. My health is perfect, and I like most foods, but gravitate towards things like sushi, wild fish and salads. Wish to become more involved with Phoenix through charitable orgs, etc. I like sports and am involved in running, but unless it is the Olympics, I really don't watch sports. For that matter, I doubt I could name a Sun's player. But I do find life a vast sphere of entertainment, and I have always been excited about it.

So there ya go. I wish a relatioinship with one who has gratitude, is ethical, and is enthusiastic. At the baseline is happiness, self respect and responsibility. Creativity is more than welcomed. I would like you to be balanced with an open mind, and a mindset that life is fun. I will assume you hike a litte, i.e. the Grand Canyon, or whatever, and it would be great if you enjoyed skiing. If you are looking for an abusive relationship, move along to the next guy. Thanks.
Photo dated mid-July 2012

Date people from United States. Are you looking for a charming, southern born and raised gentleman who values a classy, intelligent woman? Do you want a man who is passionate, has soft lips, loves to caress and hold hands, and really knows how to kiss? How about a really great back massage? …… . I AM A ONE-WOMAN MAN. I prefer to devote all my attentions to the most fantastic woman that I can find. Yes, that means a monogamous relationship. I live by the rule of right person, right place, right time, which means I believe that there is someone out there that is "right" for me and I am right for her.
I work out regularly and run almost daily. All the exercise results in a nicely muscled yet thin body. However, at this age I find it hard to describe myself as athletic and toned, so I have chosen thin instead. I enjoy water related activities. When I lived in Florida, a walk on the beach was always a favorite. Boating was and still is high on my list.
Cooking and eating healthy is not only important, but can be interesting and fun with the right kind of help in the kitchen. I also like fine dining (I avoid fast food), excellent wine, good music (Krall, Botti, Sade or some other smooth jazz or blues artist are fantastic for that romantic, at home dinner), traveling (I love new places, new cultures), and an occasional football or hockey game.

Meet a man from United States. My Seminary teacher (no longer am I a member of any religion) described me as being "too honest". I don"t believe it possible to be "too" honest. Honesty is a must for me and I expect it of myself and of whom I associate.
I do not kill animals for fun, profit, food nor ego, am against war (though a Veteran) and only trust governments to be untrustworthy. I am not a crowd follower.
The Scientific community discovered in the late 1970's that the Human Species is inherently designed to live and regenerate indefinitely. Though intellectually this is my awareness, there is much to be "unlearned" regarding "olde" dogmas, towards the accomplishment of this "new" information.
The Lady which I will allow into my life follows guidance from within rather than a popular vote of her "friends". She is confident in her spiritual direction rather than political. She confidently knows what she requires to fulfill her life and goes for it. She is ready and willing to accept the happiness and joy she is deserving of. She is emotionally available. She is able to accept having love, affection, attention, adoration and the like being showered upon her. She knows that there is a difference between men and women.
Competition and Creativity being each other's antithesi, the former, in all forms, I avoid.
There is not yet a photo posted of me because I do not wish to attract women who are shallow. I have been told that I look like Sean Connery. I respond that he looks like me. My hair has been worn in a 'tail' for over twenty years. I have worn a short beard for a little longer and have an 'imperial' profile. At present I still have hair on the top of my head (not bald). Other than the smile lines I've carried most of my life and my 'platinum' beard, most agree that I look as I act, which is ageless. My health is excellent, though I will get into better shape. I take no drugs nor medications.
He - whom - for the love, by the love and with the love - of the right Woman - can and will - conquer, achieve and enjoy any and all desired goal of existence - to the betterment and benefit of Mankind and Self - AM I.
I have been a "striker" for 25 years (ref.: Atlas Shrugged).
Your challenge is but to find me. And yes - you can! Wish you well, do I, in all of your endeavors.