Date men and women from United States / Arizona, 64 year old

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. I am an eclectic wizard working to increase the magic in the world through costuming, humor, sex, learning and love. I want a woman of a mystical bent looking to have fun doing the same. As a pair we should inspire others to attain the kind of caring that we feel not just for each other but for all existence.

Meet a man from Arizona, United States. I am a very easy going and a understanding guy. That is unless I am watching the MU Tigers, KC Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys or San Antonio Spurs. I spent a couple of years working at a winery in California and during the fall harvest season it smells so good.. I also love to cook and entertain friends. Have one son who lives in Texas., so I am pretty much able to go and do as I want. Love my life but would love to still be in the international air cargo and air charter business. Running around this old world was so much fun and challenging.
What I am looking for in a partner?
It's just that old thing called chemistry. When I walk into the room I want to see us light up. Kind of corny I know, but it is just the truth. Have a great smile and as I have always said, eyes that do say something more than hello on occasion. I love to work-out and I would love to have a walking and work-out partner. I am not much for being on the couch, so outside and in the warm sun is my kind of fun.
I also love a great glass of CA. red and smooth jazz in the background. Pair that with a beautiful lady and life would be just perfect. . Just looking for my next great adventure and a great tour guide to start it with, hopefully leading to a long term relationship.
I am solar powered and need the sun !..I decided a while back that I was only going to live in a place where flip flops were a fashion option 365 days a year. Helloooo Phoenix.

Date a soulmate from Arizona, United States. "Sitting here in Limbo
Like a bird ain't got a song.
Yeah, I'm sitting here in Limbo
And I know it won't be long
'Til I make my getaway, now.
Meanwhile, they're putting up a resistance,
But I know that my faith will lead me on."
I need to come clean right up front here . My real name is Mark, but I HAVE been called (Don Juan De)Marco on occasion..
I’m not sure what got you to this point, (I'm not sure how I got here either), but now that we're here, let’s imagine this together and see if it might become reality…
Do you think it would be really cool if we heard an old song together, that we hadn’t heard in decades?
The fact you know that Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings, would really help (LOL)
Let’s go on a scenic hike in Sedona or a National Park in Utah…or a trip to cooler climes in the summertime… We’ll build a fire and sit outside under the starry sky, where we can hear the wind whistling through the pines, or duck inside the RV during a sudden thunderstorm…
Show me your favorite out of the way cafe for a glass of wine and a bite to eat…or
we can cook the salmon at home on the grill.
Dance with me after dinner to that one romantic song you’ve always long as it's not by Barry Manilow.
How about a Sunday morning m/c ride to Rock Springs Cafe for breakfast and to watch longingly , others eating those delicious sweet pies. :(
What about the Johnny Depp movie mentioned above? Have you seen it? Whether or not, I’d love to watch it again,..with you. (note ; I haven't mentioned George Clooney yet, til now)
I could go on from here, but I think I’ll leave the next batch of suggestions to you, when you write me back ...

living touching being touched
spontaneous encounters Alt Country Cuervo Gold
Rte 66 GTOs lighthouses
kissintildawn the full moon ghost towns
First get -together;
If internet profiles and cheesy films have taught me anything, it's the fact that thunderstorms and monsoon rains make any situation at least eight times more romantic.
So...... we could do anything , as long as we get completely soaked in the process.....
I DO hope, if you�ve gotten this far, that you’re ready and able to move on with the rest of your life with that special someone . I’m certain that I am.
We're not here for a long time...We're here for a good time ....
Magic Marco
"I don't know where life will take me,
But I know where I have been.
I don't know what life will show me,
But I know what I have seen.
Tried my hand at love and friendship,
That is past and gone.
And now it's time to move along.
Sitting in Limbo,
Sitting in Limbo,
Meanwhile, they're putting up a resistance,
But I know that my faith will lead me on."
**** Footnote , Don't bother favoriting or contacting me if you don't have a sense of humor.
You can pick one up at Walmart for $29.95

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. I have Ph.D degree in physics I was a reasearch professor in ASU between 1988 and 1996, while, i created 5 patients. Right now I am in the real estate business in downtown Phoenix with a farm / orchard in San Simmon, Arizona.
I have 60 acre mature pecan orchard now, and I just complete the development of 36 acre new pecan orchard. The 480 acre farm is one of my most valuable asset, it cost me 936K to purchase, and invested $800K as improvements before 2008. The improvement including converted wells from gas to electric, and developed 200 acre riser system based on 60 miles underground pipe system from 15" down to 1" connected to all the 4 agriculture wells. This riser system allows me to plat 8000 pecan trees. The water of this farm allows me to develop up to 400 acre pecan orchard.
I have a total of 52 rental properties in central Phoenix. I have 40,000 sf dirt right in the downtown Phoenix zoned as S-5 which entitled a 15 story multi-use building, this is another most valuable asset of my.
My plan is to sell all my real estate properties in next 3 to 5 years depends on the market situation, and develop 400 acre pecan orchard, nice green family business.
I am a hard worker, healthy, down to earth true man, and want to start a new family with /without our own kids (depends on my new wife). I am looking for a mature young woman who is interested in a long term, committed relationship, and who can help me manage my multi-million family business.

Date people from Arizona, United States. I'm a very easy going, honest, fun loving person who enjoys, family, travel and just about anything life has to offer. A loving Father and grandfather .Feel and act much younger than my years.. I'm not pretentious and have a bad habit of calling a spade a spade.I would like to meet a woman who is independant, intelligent, has pride in herself and yet has not forgotten the fun of being silly Someone to share the beauty of a sunrise or sunset ,walking on the beach , the excitement of an amusement park or snuggling on the sofa enjoying a good movie, cooking in the kitchen and most important, family, I'm seeking a life time relationship of love, happiness, trust and honesty.
Welcome ot my world and thanks for stopping by.

Meet men and women from Arizona, United States. I'm a retired businesssman, in a relationship not
going anywhere. A snowbird in winters to Arizona,
enjoy long motorecycle trips, classic cars,
motorsports, aviation, horsesback riding, antiques,
music and art, mostly southwestern art.
Looking for someone to share life with. Also
interested in politics, conservative, and I am rather
passionate about my political views, however can be
very understanding on most other issues.
Love the outdoors, laugh a lot and seem to make
others laugh too. Fine wine, food and adventure
are necessary in my life and looking for someone
to share them with. I'm ready to take a 2nd around the world motorcycle trip, want to come along on back?

Date someone special from United States. I like the many ammenities that are offered in life to reach out and enjoy! Having good friends in my life is important to me because I appreciate good people with integrity, honesty, and sincerity. Making what time I have left in life count.

Meet a man from United States. living alone on a mountain top southwest of sedona, i share a home with two moronic cats, raise vegtables in season and run my hamlet's fire department in my spare time.
since i don't have to work anymore i have plenty of time to tour my state and world.
i also have occasional time to visit my odd but lovable grown children.
my ideal match has a generous sense of humor and can put up with the inherit incompatibilities of another human being. a healthy interest in intense intimacy would'nt hurt either cuz i love it. oh and like films because i have thousands of them.

Date a soulmate from United States. While I share the common human need for companionship and intimacy, settling or being with someone that I am not really "into" is out of the question. By this stage of life any kind of games regarding relationships should be well behind us.
I am extremly into health, nutrition, and fitness. Its just common sense, and although I haven't always been this health conscious I have been blessed with excellent health. It isn't just about looking good. Its about feeling good and keeping your body and all of your faculties strong into advanced old age. Quality of life.
Its a bit unusual for a man my age, but I have an almost 16 year old daughter who lives with me at least 1/2 of the time. She is a super kid, intelligent, compassionate, fun, funny, beautiful and she would love anyone who truly loved me.
Characteristics I find attractive are humility, kindness, compassion, intelligence, a sense of humor, and a sesitivity for the feelings of others. In other words, a "nice" person.
People are so divided on the following topics it makes sense to get them out of the way, so FYI.
Sports: I'm physically active but have no interest in watching sporting events
Golf: Was breaking 100 at 12 yrs old. Gave it up at 18 and no regrets. Fine for you though. My sister still loves it.
Music: I'm on a classical binge, but I grew up on classic rock, jazz, blues, R&B, a little Hawaiian.
Political: I am non-political. The world is getting plenty screwed up without my help.
Spiritual: These are deep waters. This subject is very important but for now lets just say "spiritual but not religious".
For fun: Check down below in the "favorite things" section.

Meet single man from United States. I consider myself an out going freindly person that is high energy,creative, healthy, lovable.and family oriented. My children are grown but I have four wonderful grandchildren. I have lived a great life so far but I would still like to see whats on the other side of the horizon
.I am Creative,active,healthy,attractive and debt free. The person That I am looking for must be active, attractive, and have interest that are not necesarily the same as mine but willing to try as I will thiers,and be financially secured. Having said all that. Be willing to compremise at times. I will also.
plus I like to fix things.

Date people from United States. I am an honest, faithful, and caring, young at heart self-supporting guy. I am in good health, own my home,I like to travel, cook, and pamper that special someone and would like to find a young at heart lady to share life with. I would love to take my soul mate to a great beach in Mazatlan or Hawaii. I am very affectionate and love to cuddle and massage your soreness away. I am complete, I am not needy or insecure. I just want to find that special lady that likes being spoiled, waited on, cared for by her man.

Meet men and women from United States.
I do not like the structured format of Match so here goes: Occupation, Muse. Ambition, none. Goals, abandoned. Dreams, OH yes, head is in the clouds most of the time. Activities, dance and sex with one women. Longings, to love and be loved. Coping strategies, World wide travel, loiter in coffee shops and museums around the world, buy stuff for women who take it for granted, yoga, street skating, snow boarding, hiking etc. Means, retired (financial solvent). Philosophy, postmodern nihilist (closet narcissist with broken heart). Motivation, will marry for major medical. Skills, great lap dog, also runs vacuum. Bonus skills, closes lid on toilet seat on occasion and can fix anything around the house (but seldom does). I am adorable, fit, and turned my mid life crises into a life style over five years ago.
Actually; my baggage is carry on, I am as reliable as a seeing eye dog, but don't quite drool as much.
About my partner. I'm seeking a gold digger!!! I don't care what age, I am hopelessly driven like Don Quixote. I have tried to change but can't. You must be highly intelligent, fit, attractive, have a wonderful sense of humor, great sense of adventure, and be willing to watt on me hand and foot 24/7. Independent women scare the hell out of me. You also must be ready to quit your job soon and move with me someplace of our mutual agreement away from Tucson and I promise to rub your feet the rest of my life. It is optional that you cried at the end of Toy Story Three (Oh that Woody), but need to know I cry at all dance movies. It is preferred that you "channel" Tina Turner thighs (I do, so it would be helpful). You do not quote Rumi ( well maybe on special occasions would be OK). This women must see me for what I can be not what I am and spend the rest of her life trying to change me! Just kidding; I simply need a witness who is capable of being my loving accepting partner, as I will be her witness and her loving and accepting partner. I am too old to go down the old roads.