Date men and women from United States / Arizona / Mesa, 52 year old

Date men and women from Arizona, United States. I enjoy the positive person who looks at life half full love to travel and wants that true something special in life. Life should be shared with the right partner for whatever it brings. Could this be you?

Meet single man from Arizona, United States. Hi! I'm 40 5'6 162 living in mesa. I'm looking for a woman preferably in the east valley. Friends first & ultimatly looking for a life long relationship. I'm down to earth easy going, except when it comes to my work. Then I'm agressive & progressive, although I'm well established in my career. I'm financially & mentally stable & own wy own home. I like to go to sporting events, comedy clubs, concerts, fishing, sightseeing, antique stores.... lots of different things. Some weekends I just stay home doing things around the house. I'm not real adventurous. I don't jump out of perfectly good airplanes, ski, rock climb, or bungie jump. But I'm open to new things. I'm a casual dresser (jeans & tee shirt), sometimes somewhat fashionable. My favorite color is red. Being independant gives me confidence to succeed, but I would like someone to share life with. If this sounds like this might be interesting to you, leave me a way to reach you & I'll get back to you soon. Thanks.I'm looking for someone with the same interests & wanting the type of relationship that I want. Someone for companionship-to do things with.

Date a man from Arizona, United States. Easy going and relaxed. Life is too short anymore to get carried away with the trivial things in life. Looking for someone who feels the same way. Someone who wants to travel and see the sights in about 10 years. Travel across the US in a 5th wheel and then on to Europe with the same type of travel in mind.

Meet a soulmate from Arizona, United States. family and friends describe me as a masculine man thats passionate and romantic and doesn't take life and people for granted everyday can be a blessing an opportunity that would change you life forever, im looking for someone how wants to enjoy life that loves adventure and the things that make life worth living love,companionship and family.

Date someone special from Arizona, United States. Looking for a friend to do things with, I'm into cars, sight seeing, movies and jusy hanging out. Like grounded people but I also like a little devil in my gal. Someone who is playfun and hasn't lost her inocences.

Meet people from Arizona, United States. I am not without a sense of humor and have not been beat in a battle of wit that I can remember. I can generally make people laugh very easy, and it is easy for me to become the life of the party (booze added). I don’t prefer a princess and I don’t need the beauty queen. I love the girl next door look and think that pajama bottoms and a t-shirt are sexier that some naughty lingerie. I can adapt to any type of get together though find myself more comfortable with simple folks. I do like to hang out with a geek from time to time since I have been one and still have some in me. I like to play sports though I really don’t prefer to watch sports, other than a UFC fight from time to time. I would like to buy nice little place when I retire somewhere cooler, hopefully in AZ and just enjoy life. I don’t mean that I will live like an old retired person, hell no. I will travel in my VW Bus, get in the woods with my H2 Hummer, party with friends, and still be crazy in general. Trust me, I have one vivid and wild imagination at times and I don’t think I have ever been called boring.
Some of my favorite phrases are: Get-er-Done, What in thee hell, tell you what, Sombitch, do ya get the idea. I relate well to red necks, hillbillies, farmers, etc., or maybe they just crack me up. I did spend my younger years growing up 30 miles from Larry the Cable Guy.
I believe in basic common courtesy and respect for all up to a level, and after that respect needs to be earned. I have problems with lazy people and as Katharine Hepburn once said “Hard work never hurt anyone, but a lack of it will destroy you”. I wake up every morning happy, which bugs some people and really try to be an optimistic person. I believe that the best physical relationships stem from one that communicates well and hate roller coaster relationships. It is hard to read people from simply wrting things down because you can't hear the expression in their voice or see the look on their face, so I will keep this part short.

Date men and women from Mesa, United States. I know about joy, pain, plesure, happiness, hope, despair, wonder, fear, love...etc that is what makes us human, but when we have someone that we can share the good and the bad, that's when we are whole

Meet single man from Mesa, United States. I like the outdoors, I go to the AZ mountains often, ride rangers, quads, fish and just enjoy the mountains. I have a Harley that I like to ride, but I'm not a biker dude. I also enjoy going to a nice restaurant and having a good time in town. My favorite foods are seafood, mexican & hot. I like to try foods that I have never eaten before, always looking for something new or interesting when it comes to food. I try to eat healthy but I'm open to a good steak or ribs once in a while. I'm great with a grill and pretty good in the kitchen as well. I like to travel, mostly ocean type areas, Maui is my favorite... Although the Caribbean and Cancun are very nice also. I enjoy a good joke and funny tales of life experiences. I like being around other people that like to laugh also.
I grew up in a small town in south/western PA, so I'm a Steelers fan and of course, Heinz ketchup!!! I have been in AZ since 1985, things sure have changed here since then. I love the diversity of the state and all that it has to offer. I try to travel the state on weekends and as often as possible, there are still a lot of places here that I would like to see.
I have three grown children, all boys 26,24 & 21. Two are in college and the oldest works for me. They are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I am so proud of my sons, they have turned into fine young men and I'm sure they will go far in life.
I live my life as an open book, anyone can take a look and I'm not ashamed or embarrased about what I have done or how I live. I live a clean and healthy life. But I still know how to have fun!! I am more spiritual than religious, but I do attend church on occasion. I have found that speaking the truth is a lot easier than trying to live in deception.
Good luck on your search for that special someone!
Thanks for looking,

Date a man from Mesa, United States. Like the outside and being around water, Lake , swimming pool. Love Eagles and like to adventure to see new areas. An American and do not like to talk about politics, even though I do keep up with current events. Seen alot of sports in my life,but not a pro football game, hope to see one this year in az.

Meet a soulmate from Mesa, United States. I am a person that works to much.I don't have much free time,but when i do i like to play golf or ride my motorcycle.I also like to just get out of town,like to the mountains fishing or hiking around.

Date someone special from Mesa, United States. You have probably heard it all and have that bit of hesitation replying back to a lot of guys on these sites however trust is the first thing on my agenda, without that we have nothing. .... ! Honesty, most of us have been lied to for one reason or another or we would not be on here so that is something you could expect me never to do. Respect, for a man to not have that for a woman is something I just don’t get, a real man should always and most importantly listen, and why wouldn’t you open the damm car door she is a lady dummy! I like to have fun and at this point in life there better be a lot of it and I am a lot of fun. I like the better things in life from traveling all over, nice hotels, see the sites kind of stuff to pitching a tent, or a cabin if you prefer. You would find that I can be very hard to keep up with however I do like to kick it sometimes and just hanging out at home grillin and chillin… or on the beach …or at the lodge after a day of skiing, that could be up to you I am easy when it comes to all that.
I have been on my own for the past six years raising my kids and they are both out of the house so it’s our time now. Just moved back to Mesa full time after traveling back and forth from Charlotte for the last five of years,sold my business however I still have a house there. I carry no baggage to the party so I will only carry yours if we are going somewhere! Strong willed and independent minded only please and like I said earlier it’s time to have fun and you won’t be disappointed .

Meet people from Mesa, United States. Hello, looking to continue to live my life one day at a time to the fullest. Each day is an adventure with all the normal ups and downs as we all expect. I would like to meet a emotional and physically fit Women to share our time together. I look at life with opportunity and optimistic that I will meet the Gal that laughs as much as I do and sees so much humor in life..ya..I enjoy the outdoors at least when its not 110. I am NOT active...on this site at this time,,,locate me contact page..Thank you.....)
A couple pictures are on the SET.. POOL SCENE ..NOW available on amazon or blockbuster .."Valley of the Sun" in Surprise, AZ. I had a few scenes at a pool party in Arcadia area in Phx. I can appreciate all the work involved in the movie and commercial business.
Please have current photos so not to waste our time meeting each other. Thank you