Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 43 year old

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. I am kind,generous,patient,funny,and sincere. I dont like drama, mean people, or selfish people. I love my kids and my dog. They bring me happiness. I am looking for someone who wants to have fun and live life to its fullest. I would like to meet someone who is easygoing and does not let the little hurdles in life slow them down.I am in search of truth and enlightenment. I enjoy learning new things and am apt to try almost anything. I love food, cooking,dogs, all animals,music,movies,art,the oudoors,gardening,astronomy,boating,MMA,fishing,ki
ds, laughing and almost everything else in this world. I am an entrepeneur and am working on my bachelors in business. My kids are very important to me, they are 13 and 17. I love kids of all ages, they are such amazing little people. No matter what age, they always bring a smile to my face. I am looking for a friend first and foremost, then hopefully it will lead to a lasting relationship.
I am looking for someone who is drama free and down to earth. Who is looking for someone to have fun with. Someone who is slim and fit yet they still enjoy fine food. I am also looking for someone who is sweet, kind,loving,cuddly,understanding, anger free,guilt trip free, and generally a nice person. I love to travel and see everything this wonderful planet has to offer, i would like to find someone who feels the same.

Meet someone special from Colorado, United States. I'm a construction worker that builds custom homes from Estes park to Greely and beyond. Looking for a lady who wants to build a life and home as a team. When i'm not working I enjoy getting out to see what the wold has to offer. I enjoy the outdoors and spending time away there. I was born in Montana. But have lived in Colorado all my life. I have two kids. My son is 25. My daughter is 22. Between the two them I have 7 yes 7 grandchildren.

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. I live a good life I go to bed late wake up early I cowboy for a living so I love my life values and so on I love the land cattle horses and beautiful women so all I need now is someone to share it with.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. I recently left corporate america and started my own business, a therapeutic massage and yoga studio in cherry creek. This may have been the best decision I have ever made... we will see. It is exhausting, but well worth it so far. Life is far too short to not enjoy what you do for a 'living'. I am finally beginning to understand that you create your happiness and ultimately control your day. You can choose to be open and experience amazing things, or be closed and frustrated. It's a true paradigm shift from the 'old' me.
I have lived in London, Cologne Germany, Boston and now Denver for the past 13 years. I love Denver and all it has to offer.
My sense of humor is by far my best trait. I LOVE to laugh, at myself mostly. I consider myself a kind, warm-hearted person who enjoys similar people and interests. This year I am committed to experiencing new things, seeing as many live music events as possible and trying a new restaurant every week.
I am not really sure what I am looking for in a companion... a sense of humor is a must though, along with no drama. Being new to match is somewhat overwhelming, but I look forward to the experience.

Date single man from Colorado, United States. I'm fun to be around . I'm a jokester . I don't like to be lied to or mistreated mentally .I am kind,loving ,hard working, kissable ,romantic but I also like to romanced too. I'm looking for the same. I try to be understanding to your needs and wants. I like to go for walks or to the movies or just hang out and get to know a person.My social life ,well there is none other then my friends .I'm grateful for everyday I wake up, I try to be the best person I can be everyday.I'm am close to my family. I belong to a car club so we have events on weekends during the summer and the first of every month

Meet a man from Colorado, United States. I am a loyal, caring, compassionate and genuine guy. I don’t like to play a lot of games and like to be very open and honest with my feelings. I’m very easy going and always try to view the world as a glass half full. I am new to the dating scene again and have never tried meeting people on-line before but I’m confident there is a wonderful woman out there who is looking for a genuine man to cherish her and take full advantage of time they get to spend together.
I am a very successful executive in the technology profession and have wonderful children. I travel frequently for my job and enjoy doing so. I want to meet someone who would be open to meeting me from time to time for extended weekends away in diverse locations. I like to be outdoors. I enjoy riding motorcycle. I’ve recently joined the gym again and am truly enjoying time there and the positive impact it is having on my life.
I am looking for a relationship with a woman is fun and adventurous, enjoys being outdoors and active while also being able to cuddle on the couch while enjoying a good movie together. She would need to be someone who can enjoy being around family and friends yet can cherish the time we would get to spend together one-on-one. I believe we should take our time, get to know each other and allow things to progress very naturally.

Date men and women from United States. Oh what to say...and how to say it without coming off as a cliche. Yes I like to laugh, who wouldn't except to go mad. My friends all have wonderful things to say about me, but you should hear the things my enemies mutter....ha! . My activity level is well rounded being somewhere between couch potato, although I do have my days, and hiking "14's". However, I will hike to find a stream to fly fish. Traveling the world is high on my list and is more attainable now that I am financially stable and have an extremely flexible the question is where to go...Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia...yup that sounds right! I was thinking about putting in the quintessential list of "things" I like, but why don't you ask me face to face. So much energy is lost in trying to determine a person's attraction over e-mail. A shy glance goes a long way and cannot be portrayed by a semi colon, space bar and parentheses'. I get to the gym for the endorphins and to balance out the nights I go and drink wine/beer and eat food I shouldn't. Balance is most important to me.
I am looking for that someone who is independent but will share their life with me and visa versa. She will strengthen me by challenging me and at the same time be my pillar of strength. She will be aloof and caring, independent but sharing, active yet relaxed, strong and sensitive, not extreme but in the middle. In turn I will never let her down, never have her shed a tear(except in joy), never take her for granted, never ignore her in any sense. I am a romantic at heart and want to experience and share life with another. I know we all have a type we are physically attracted to and perhaps I can make the case to try to get to know me before passing over my profile. You may just find that person you have been looking for.
Of course there is always the hard to resist case of..."commmeeee onnnnnnnnn....."

Meet someone special from United States. I like to have fun, but I am serious. If it's fun, interesting, has an element of risk, or a motor I'm game. I am focused on my business, which can take a level of priority, in the short term. I like good conversation. I'll add more later.

Date a soulmate from United States. I am a very nice guy to get along with. For the most part I do work normal hours. I would like to meet someone and try new things. We can have different intertests which will make things more interesting.

Meet people from United States. Love bowling a couple times a week, going to movies, comedy clubs, travel, and racing up at bandimere with a local car club. Looking for someone I can treat like a queen and enjoy at least a couple of these things together.
I grew up the youngest of 3, with 2 older sisters. I was taught to be respectful of women, and while I feel like I have great communication skills, I some how still never learned the Jedi Mind reading skills that most women seem to require from men.
I've recently started P90X. Yea I know, I know, but I've read nothing but good reviews on it. I will say that it feels like I've been in a car wreck for the last two weeks. Just getting out of bed hurts anymore, but still, I've enjoy most of it. I will say that the Yoga X portion has presented the biggest challenge of everything so far. I do love dogs, but if I never have to do another "Downward Dog" I'd be a happy man! I really should take up drinking, that might help with a few of those poses. But, I've got to keep my eye on the target and that is changing my "Body Type" in the profile from "Average", to "Athletic and Toned". I WILL get there, and when I do, I will have earned that title. ;)

Date single man from United States. Im a positive happy person with a adventurous spirit! I love to see what life has to offer next! looking for a lady who is positive also and loves life......must go with the flow.....have a adventurous side! Must not be afraid to try new things!