Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 51 year old

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. I'm relatively new to living in Colorado, although I've had a 'cabin' here for over 10 years.
I'm a person who likes to do things and I travel quite a bit. I love to laugh; at life, at myself and at others. I love to cook for myself as well as for others. Love wine and margaritas. Like Vegas, but not for more than a few days at a time. Enjoy riding my motorcycle off trail. Thinking I should buy another boat... I like to go to sporting events, art and wine shows and out to dinner. I enjoy photography and almost always have at least my pocket camera with me when I'm outdoors.
Some of my most memorable experiences involve seeing other cultures and Mother Nature’s gifts while hunting. Growing up in Iowa taught me that people are the most important thing in anyone’s life and they should not be taken for granted. If you don’t have people in your life, you really don’t have anything. I have two wonderful daughters who are both in college-one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast. Both of them are bright, independent woman who also happen to be excellent athletes. I am very proud of both of them for what they have already achieved in their young lives.
My music tastes are mostly classic rock and country, with some of my favorite artists being the Beatles, Tom Petty, Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Toby Keith and Brad Paisley. For TV, books and movies, I like action, mysteries and westerns. At home or the movies, popcorn is my favorite snack.
I’m looking for a partner who enjoys life and the outdoors. A perfect fit would be a woman who is active, likes the mountains and the ocean and enjoys traveling and experiencing other cultures. In addition to a home and a cabin in Colorado, I have a house in California where I escape to often.
I believe the key to a good relationship is being friends first and enjoying time together while engaging in similar interests. Clearly, we all need time to “do our own thing”, but that is not how one should spend the majority of their time in a good relationship. I also believe a good relationship also requires complete honesty, and emotional and physical attraction and a healthy sense of humor. If you do not enjoy romance, hugging, and kissing, I'm not going to be a fit for you.
So, if fly fishing in Alaska or Colorado, skiing, hiking, just enjoying the outdoors, traveling, beaches, or just a good fire with a glass of wine are things you enjoy...who knows....

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. At the age of 51 I would have thought that I would have figured out how to maintain a healthy relationship. OH WELL! My newest revelation is that the Spark/Chemestry thing has not worked for me. It seems that the spark/chemestry thing has blinded me to who the person I have fallen for really is. So I am trying a new approach. I have decided to focus on developing an unconditional freindship with someone who seems to have the potential to be compatable and could turn out to be a true companion!
My true love is being out doors. Hiking mt. trails, skinny dipping in mt. Lakes, mt. biking on back country roads, road biking remote paved roads with little traffic, cross country skiing in the back country, sea kyaking on mt. resevoirs and lakes etc. etc.
Nieset, my 11 year old daughter is the apple of my eye! We have a great relationship and I am really greatful for that. She obviously is my top priority.
I am looking for a woman with a strong sense of self. Someone who takes responsibility for her own life. Someone who genuinely loves spending time outdoors and wants to share lots of that time with me. I really want to meet someone who is interested in an unconditional freindship, desires a companion and wants to be with someone who is compatible. I am most attracted to women who are lean, physically fit and make that a priority. I love to give and recieve affection...thats a must!
I do have a romantic side. If you are my muse (one who inspires me) I will attempt to write poetry and play flamenco guitar music for you (however, it might me more laughable than romantic and you may feel embaraced for me). Candle light dinners are the norm (because I can't afford electricity) Dancing, cuddling and watching movies by my fire place is a nightly occurance (because the gas company cut me off). Although I don't drink anyore (except for the six pack of NA brew I drink a day), I love pouring wine and entertaining with friends.
I can occasionally have a sense of humor and be really goofy...but don't count on it all the time! I am a deep thinker and one who does my best to live in the present.
I love meeting new people and there is only one way to get to know each other...I will reply if you contact me!

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Caution: Don't let the gorgeous white hair fool you, I dyed it that color so I would stop getting carded at restaurants! ;-) My Dad handed me that fun legacy.
I'm relatively new to Boulder and I absolutely love this place! I'm hoping to meet someone with whom I can enjoy the romantic times this place has to offer, such as Strawberry Park Hot Springs after a day of skiing Steamboat. I'd prefer to start with friendship and if it leads to something more then I'm excited to follow that path.
The person that I'm looking for is good at or at least willing to learn to communicate, be completely honest and fair and capable of self reflection...someone who is willing to be as vulnerable with me as I am with them.
Physically she should be athletic, slim, fit and likes to explore the outdoors. I'm hoping to meet someone who embraces the mystery and joy in life, enjoys having fun and camaraderie with close friends.
I equally enjoy time having fun outside as well as cultural pursuits indoors. I'm always up for something new.
Indoor activities? I love restaurants, theater, live music, coffee shops...and the occasional interesting museum tour.
Outdoors, I also love spending time running, climbing, skiing, kayaking and camping, anything in the great outdoors - hence the move to Boulder! I love traveling to explore new places.
I'm a big strong, happy, very active and athletic man who's loaded with curiosity and passion for life.
If you find this intriguing, let's grab a cup of coffee and discover something new!

Meet single man from Colorado, United States. I am looking for a woman who knows how fortunate we are and who looks at life's difficulties as just another challenge.
In the short term I am interested in fun; biking, walking the trails, swimming, skiing. In the long term I am interested in a life partner.
I love to travel and think short trips to the Keys to swim and sun mix well with our high altitude life.
I am sold on Telluride as a quality place to live and hope to make it the epicenter of our life. Ski in the winter, hike, bike, ride, swim, sunsets, great restaurants, the place is magic.
I am always on the move, up early, have a million ideas, like to bargain, make compromises, keep the ball moving. I am fierce in love. Loyal. Generous. I love to travel and hopefully you are free to come and share in some laughs and exploration.
I travel to see my eight year old daughter, who lives with her mom, monthly. Sometimes Abby comes here to ski, swim and laugh. I love kids and like to get them all together in a good spot and set them free. So, if you have kids, lets make it happen.
I dont drink much, really not at all. Not 6 beers in 30 years. I am looking to share my time with a light or non-drinker; I am over the sloppy scene at this point in my life. I don't smoke cigarettes or pot or do drugs of any sort.
I try and work out daily and have recently found some success in this area. I am looking for someone who consciously evaluates their lifestyle, their diet, their exercise -we only get one chance at this, might as well be healthy. I like simple women, those who exercise, smile, know that happiness comes from inside.
I grew up Catholic and found this was a good place to start to create my own value system. I am very interested in non-spiritual practice and find that aspects of Buddhism really are healthy. Meditation, Non-attachment, this moment right now. If anything I believe in Mother Earth and Father if you are a devout Christian and can not keep an open mind in a comparative analysis we should probably pass...
It is a great world full of opportunities to have some fun and create love, peace and family. I wish you the best in your search and write if you think we might have some common places to start. Thanks..

Date a man from Colorado, United States. I’m searching for someone with dreamy eyes and easy smiles. Someone, who enjoys laughter and quick wit and shares the like in return, someone who enjoys a tender touch, warm hugs, lots of gentle kisses and yes, really hot and passionate kisses. I desire, someone who is down to earth, someone who is positive, supportive, kind, caring and understanding, in both good times and bad. Someone who gives encouragement through highs and lows, while sharing, experience, strength and hope, along the way. I’m looking for my soul-mate! I’m looking for my best friend forever (BFF), companion, someone to love, honor and cherish. Thought I’d found her a couple times, but not. Maybe I/we didn’t try hard enough. Sometimes trying harder is not an option.
I’m a Colorado Kid, born and breed (Wonder Bread (Wonderfully Breed)). I was born and raised in Fort Collins, the youngest of six hellions (currently, all valued and restricted in their fields and communities). Yes, I’m the baby. I’ve also lived in Gunnison, Rifle and Glenwood Springs, never living outside of Colorado, but willing to try. I’ve never been east of the Mississippi, but have made it to the West Coast and North into Canada a few times, and also enjoyed a trip, to the tip, of the Baja. Oh, what a sheltered life I’ve led. I would like to spread my wings and have someone with experience show me the way, while walking side-by-side. But, if you do lead, I�m a good follower, and I can lead when needed. I prefer side-by-side and while holding hands. I do however, understand that there are times when someone needs to lead and someone needs to follow. For example, when hiking and the path narrows, bicycling on busy roads, or dancing.
I have loved and lose! However, by loving and losing, I have gained great experience which lasts forever and this can never be taken away. Please keep in mind, I am only human, and a man, and a Taurus. I can be from Mars or Venus; I can never keep that one straight. I can be stubborn and bullheaded, but yet can be flexible, kind and caring. Life is give and take, yin and yang, tit for tat, compromise is key while settling any debate. I have made errors and mistakes along the way, some bigger than others. I think of these hiccups, bumps in the road or pit-falls, as growing experiences. Some people say their glass is half-full rather than half-empty, for me, my cup runeith over. Staying positive is important and often easier sad then done. My lord is teaching me perseverance while I try to overcoming adversity.
I am; trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. Sorry, I had to borrow the Boy Scout Law. I try for humility, while trying to be humble, with serenity. I try to live each day to the fullest, like it might be the last.
I love water and all natural resources, water and the hydrologic cycle what a marvelous thing. I love family and friends. I love laughter, the sound of children playing, puppies, and purrs of kittens, the smell of horses, fresh cut grass and/or hay. I enjoy, all seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, maybe thus being the reason for Colorado Roots. I love hot sunny winter days (don’t forget the sun screen) and cool summer nights and everything in between.
I’ve worked at the some Salt Mine, for the past twenty-five years, most be doing something right, enjoying internal and external customers. I try to treat people as I would like to be treated, with honesty, dignity, and respect.
If you like what you read or see, let me know. I’m just a couple of mouse clicks away and right at the tip of your finger tips.
Regards and may you find what you’re searching for.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. I'm passionate about my Christian faith, helping youth maximize their potential, all outdoor activities with hiking, telemark skiing, downhill skiing, kayaking, landscape photography, and wildlife photography/research near the top. I'm comfortable in my own skin. I'm looking for someone who is fit and enjoys serious physical exercise in the outdoors, has a passion for living out her Christian faith, loves family, and enjoys having friends over. When I'm with you I want you to feel like you're "home".
I'd prefer to develop a relationship with someone in the Loveland or Fort Collins area where neither of us has to travel or uproot if the relationship turns into a lifetime.
Please, no winks or anonymous notes on my locker between classes.

Date someone special from United States. Hi there !! My name is Kevin. Some of my friends call me KC.You'll get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from me. Fair warning, some of it ain't very pretty. Moved to Colorado Springs in 1976 as a military brat. Class of 80 AAHS. Lucky to have survived the 70-80s party. But I'm doing okay all things considered. I had to quit drinking because it was going to kill me or somebody else. I work my a-- off as "'a fix it all handyman" trying to get ahead in this crappy economy. I run an add in the Cheyenne and Woodmen Edition newspaper. hint hint.. ;) Working and looking for a 40 hr wk job that pays the bills and doing handyman to make ends meet. I own a fixer upper home, have the basic responsibilities/ obligations we all have. It's difficult to find the time/ energy and motivation to get out into a social/ dating environment, and sometimes I avoid it. Know what I mean? Match wants me to shell out the hard earned money to find the match women....... I'm a slender guy. Stronger than I look. Dynamite comes in small packages. Being so slender I'm in search of a slender gal.

Meet men and women from United States. Cautious and optimistic to this on-line dating, I’m curious, creative, patient, good listener, genuine, honest, dependable, hard worker, easy going with a sense of humor and sometimes a bit sarcastic, not about sweating the small stuff, have an aversion to drama, not one to take life too seriously. That infamous nice guy with old fashioned values, but with a modern day twist and of course handsome… lol
I enjoy spending time with family and friend’s barbequing, hiking, boating, water sports, still working on my snow skills, exploring the mountains, downtowns, old towns or just working around the house on a project. I enjoy outdoor activities, most sports, music, concerts, comedy clubs, have traveled some and always up for new adventures to the mountains or anyplace to find that perfect view, that little piece of paradise! It’s always great hanging out at a local patio for drinks, live music or conversation just not into the club scene and the games.
Definitely an outta the box thinker who’s mechanically inclined, an inventor, a craftsman of all sorts. Ha, MacGyver doesn’t have anything on me except maybe a tv show and one of my favorite quotes, �A good relationship is allot like a car. If you want it to work smoothly, you gotta put allot of work into it, and have the right tools.’ MacGyver'
Looking for that person I can’t live without, that’s fun, easy going, sassy, honest, has a bit of a tomboy side, enthusiastic but not hung up on any one thing, also has an aversion to drama, is open to making new friends, new adventures, the possibilities are endless when our chemistry clicks. You’ve read this far… why not take a chance? We may be amazing together. But we’ll never know if I don’t run across your profile and you don’t say hi. So, please send me a brief message while you’re here.

Date a soulmate from United States. not very good at these but here goes I am hard working and dedicated I could best be described as a survivalist I dont mean the nut case kind just do what I have to do to get by I am tired of being alone or finding the wrong ones I will write mre later

Meet single man from United States. I have travel the world in my past life. I still enjoy the beaches every now and then. I enjoy the Colorado mountains so much that most of my weekends a spent in them. Retired from one job and working on my second retirement. I love anything to do with getting out of the house. Like hiking , fishing, camping, or a combination of both. Most summer weekends I beat the city heat in Park county, I try to exercise at least 4 times a week during the summer and 5 to 6 times during the winter. I eat healthy most of the time but cheat from time to time.
I am loyal and honest no need to start telling lies now this late in the game.
I come from a large southern family that enjoys each others company. I have a few close friends that we would do anything for one another .

Date a man from United States. Under-construction.
Have you ever started the day seeing it as a blank canvas. What would you do if you could start all over?
Starting over is where my story begins. My comfortable corporate job left the state just as I was becoming the primary caregiver for someone I loved. More on that later. Now I am launching a new career as a network engineer and I am also getting pretty good at being a landlord.
I know friendship and love comes in stages. The tricky part is that the good stuff follows the goofy early stages. I was in love once and it was the best two and a half days of my live. Just kidding. My point is you have to spend time together and share experiences both good and bad to really know someone.
I have a big heart and always route for the underdog. I am a big softy yet tough as nails when facing a bully. I love being in a partnership and I think life is best served when shared.
Did anyone see the movie The Razor's Edge staring Bill Murry? In this move Bill dedicates his life to living a deeply mindful life which takes him to India and beyond. Here's the kicker. In the end he still does not get the girl.
I am involved in the local yoga community and I feel it will continue to be a part of my new life. My new job is demanding but I leave it at the office at the end of the day. I like to balance my yoga practice with cross country running and I am trying to be the best man I can be. Only time will tell whether I get the girl.
I've lived in the Denver Area for the past twenty years so it is easy to find out if I am for real or not. If interested send me a wink.
Now if you have read this far I want to reward you with a few poems that I like.
"If", by Rudyard Kipling
"Call Me by My True Names", by Thich Nhat Hanh
"Do not go gentle into that good night", by Dylan Thomas

Meet people from United States. Im an easy giong person like the out doors fishing hicking camping etc thankful for every day GOD lets me open my eyes just looking for an easy going person life is to short for drummer that can always be found