Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 53 year old

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. I am a healthy person who enjoys getting up every morning to see what the new day will bring.
Living here in Colorado most of my life has been a blessing as there are so many things to do here
I am honest, trustworthy and loyal. I am faithful in a relationship. I am funny, athletic, will eat anything and drink anything.
I am not controlling and accept people for who they are and expect them to accept me for who I am. I am not perfect nor do I pretend to be. I have many strengths and a few weaknesses.just like YOU.
I cycle several times a week, weightlift, play golf occassionally, tennis in the summer and racquetball in the winter. I ski and snowshoe too. I like hiking, going to the movies, going to sporting events, concerts and museums.
I am looking to meet a woman who is likes to laugh, easy to get along with, sees the positive in life and has an outgoing personality. She will be physically fit, silly at times and not afraid to be herself in any situation.

Meet a man from Colorado, United States. I love a good joke, but rarely remember them. It seems I am better at delivering quick quips instead. I find it cliche to say I love to laugh. Who doesn’t (sorry if that’s on your profile)? I keep looking for a profile comment like, “I’m way too serious so no jokes.” But there must be a balance. Life can be both fun and not taken as a joke.
I enjoy a wide range of music, dancing (no mosh pits and though I’ve never owned cowboy boots would like to find a good pair – still looking) and social settings. My latest discovery (ok - I'm slow) is Airborne Toxic Event - great acoustics - take a peek at their web page.
My sense of adventure is huge… Skydived 23 times (22 times while in my twenties and once this past summer with my two daughters - my son wants nothing to do with it), SCUBA certified since 1982, didn't mind getting my butt kicked in Tae Kwan Do (though I've been away for four years), fell in love with skiing in 2010; willing to try most anything. Regarding skiing; I am comfortable on blues after two seasons. I hope next year’s snow pack will allow for some fun, first time, DEEP-SNOW, Black run tumbles. If you don’t ski and would love to try, I am the perfect, patient partner. If you are a double diamond demon AND do not see yourself ever waiting for someone on the slopes, well, enjoy reading the next profile.
Travel, seeing new things and different cultures intrigues me. The Great Wall, Taj Mahal, Tibet, the Great Barrier Reef and Machu Picchu are on my bucket list. There are also many places closer to home that I still need to visit and enjoy; starting with right here in Denver. Living in Parker I have not yet fully appreciated what downtown has to offer. And, beyond Denver there are many great mountain escapes to discover. I could use a good guild or fellow adventurer.
Over the years, I've lost touch with my outdoorsy Pacific Northwest childhood, but would like to reconnect. I have fond memories of my family's two week summer vacation on the edge of Nation Forest land near Seattle. Heading out, we must have looked like the Clampetts (I’m not Jethro in this visualization, cuz I can do me som syfrin). We would stuff 8 or so of us into our Ford Fairlane 500 sedan with my Dad’s expertly made roof rack pilled high for the hour drive to Valley Camp. I am sure the tires were nearly flat. We are sooo lucky not to have busted an axle. They say it is not the destination, but the journey… I am sure that is NOT what my folks thought. But, once there, we had a blast fishing, hiking, swimming the Snoqualmie river and just being kids.
I recently read something about being realistic. All the great adventures in the world, local or in far off places, are just a dream if not put to plans or action. Regrettably, I do not foresee check marks next to my entire bucket list. However, I do hope to find a partner who has some of those same listed items and start planning a few.
Good friends say I can be patient to a fault. Oh, and my kids say I'm a little geeky. It is not true!! (most of the time). All that said, I work hard, enjoy time with my three teenagers and while I like to get out, I am equally comfortable with just doing things at home.
What am I after from a relationship perspective?
A few compatibility questions to get things started.
...Pork-chops, lamb-chops or mutton-chops?
...Cake or eat it too?
...Far away or close to home?
...Artichoke or Asparagus (minus the smelly pee – Yes, I wrote that)?
...Close to God, close to nature?
...My way or the highway?
...Foot rub or back rub?
...Sound of thunder or learn from a blunder?
Not all are mutually exclusive. If you like mutton-chops, forward a picture for consideration (not).
Ok. Seriously. I want to find someone to just hang with and go from there. I look forward to sharing time with someone that is open and honest. Is witty and intelligent, but also knows how to cut loose.

Date people from Colorado, United States. I have been on Match for a little while and it seems much more difficult than I first imagined but nothing worthwhile is ever easy.
I am looking for the same things as most everyone (I think): My best friend, someone to cuddle and be romantic with, someone to laugh with, someone to share my inter-most thought and dreams with, someone to lean upon and have them lean upon me and someone to just share life with.
I believe that integrity, honesty and trust are the most important qualities one can possess and add a great sense of humor and youthful positive attitude to throw on top. I try to learn form all my mistakes and grow to be a better person each and every day.
I would like my partner to be compassionate and believe that everyone is created equal. I would hope my partner would love to cuddle and be romantic, travel abroad as well as quick weekend getaways, dinner out or in, quite evenings at home, biking/skiing, or whatever we decide together to do.
I am from a small family that I love very much and was a big part of my niece and nephew’s life growing up and have a very strong and close relationship with them today.
I live in the Colorado Mountains (about and hour from Denver) and try to stay healthy by taking advantage of all it has to offer. I would be at home anywhere however, with the right someone. All my pictures are recent - within the last 12 months.
I am excited to meet the person to share the rest of my life with and hope everyone finds who they are looking for.


Date someone special from Colorado, United States. Please don't let my Separated status scare you. I am a happy go lucky kind of guy looking for a friend first and then want to see where that leads. I'm not afraid to open a conversation and have some fun with a total stranger (I am very Gregarious). I love to make people smile, laugh, happy and bring joy into their life and want someone to share that moment with. I'm looking for someone who will appreciate a hard working honest guy. I'm a guy who opens the car door more than half the time and consider myself a gentleman. I enjoy helping others, especially the Elderly. If you are on this site for one night stands please don't bother. If you like taking a ride, site seeing or taking a hike in the woods, let me know and we'll go. I have some College education in Business, Engineering and hold current series 63 and 22 licenses as a licensed Securities Broker.

Meet single man from Colorado, United States. My interests are, dirt bike riding, fishing, camping, golf, and playing pool.I love to joke and make people laugh, but at the same time don't want to hurt anyones feelings. I can be compassionate and am a very good listener. I love a good conversation, but at the same time can be romantic. I have a heart as big as this world, so you will see I don't have many enemies, or none at all. I also love to cook and have been told my many, that I should open up a restaurant. I am looking for a woman who dosen't mind being pampered. I want a woman that loves to laugh, but at the same time affectionate. I want someone who dosen't hold grudges and carry their baggage with them everywhere they go. If a match is made with me, I can guarantee they will be treated like a Queen.

Date a soulmate from United States. I've got a crazy idea, would be willing to share it if you want me to. If your going my way, I'll go with you.
I laugh constantly, mostly at myself! My play is my exorcise. Work hard, play hard. Working on a second career, it's not as lucrative as the first, but definitely more fun. My friends like me, my children love me.
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Meet a man from United States. I am a pragmatic, clean athletic person who does not like to control, dominate nor argue. Love the mountains and adventures and open minded people who don't take things too personally that don't really matter.
You: motivated, smart, does not waste words all the time, shows people respect, listens, formulates, believes in staying in shape, likes the out of doors. Likes to laugh, have fun and is open to new ideas and things. A good positive attidue is key.

Date people from United States. life has all types of twists and turns, but at the same time very exciting.
Dating again.
I am blessed to have a great profession (teaching golf), where i get the opportunity to meet awesome people every day. My passion is to help others reach their goals, with a guided self discovery. I love seeing a smile when someone has that moment of transformation.
I have always been driven to perform at the highest level, learning every step of the way
I grew up in a family that taught old fashioned values and traditions where men and women respect each other, and work together as partners in life. This is the person i am excited to meet, i want someone that has values, and is willing to grow in life as it comes.
I want to meet someone who smiles, laughs, and enjoys life. Someone who is excited, exciting, likes to travel, and is motivated to have fun

Meet men and women from United States. I'm really cool and I'm hot too - wait that's a contradiction - but if I'm both of those that's a paradox - I'm really cool because I have a quiet confidence and I'm confident because I've been told by so many women that I'm good looking which is to say 'hot' - however I do not have two doctoral degrees - which would be a little overdoing it don't you think?

Date someone special from United States. I'm a singer/songwriter and I love what I do. (yes that is my full time job, I promise) I am so lucky to be able to share my music with people around the country. I have lived and worked in Los Angeles, New York City, Hawaii, and I come from Oklahoma. Now I live in one of the prettiest places in the world, Southwest Colorado. I'm always excited to see new places and meet new people and learn their stories. Everyone has a good story if you know what questions to ask. Those stories sometimes become the inspiration for my songs.
I have many good friends and a handful of friends that mean the world to me. . . I come from a big, talented family (8 siblings) and we get together as often as possible. Five of us are professional musicians (I'm the only country/folk artist, the rest are classically trained Broadway stars and Cabaret Entertainers). When we all get together it's a party, a very loud, wonderful, musical party.
When I'm not performing, I'm playing guitar, working out, playing golf, reading a good book, or spending time with my wonderful 15 year old daughter. I also spend a lot of time doing charitable work and fund raising for several different non-profit organizations.
I don't need a date, I'm looking for a true relationship. My life is already very fulfilling and it will take a very special woman to inspire me and challenge me and expand my life experience. I hope you feel the same way about the man you are searching for. . . I'm looking for a woman who is sensitive and strong. Spontaneous and grounded. A woman who is intellectually stimulating and physically fit. A woman who will be a partner and a best friend, but there must be a chemistry between us that makes sparks fly.
I know I probably sound like a hopeless romantic, but I know there must be another hopeless romantic out there somewhere. . . .
PS. If you like to country dance or are willing to learn, we can have a lot of fun on the dance floor.

Meet single man from United States. I believe that choosing a companion should be done with great care and divine inspiration. It is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make in their lifetime. As I read profiles it seems everyone wants pretty much the same thing, that passionate relationship you can't live without...a best friend or soul mate if you will. A partner you can count on no matter share joys and sorrows. A place without fear, to feel free to be home. That sanctuary from the cares and pressures of the world. Some parts come naturally and will inevitably require effort from both parties to one degree or another to keep that spark alive. Communication is the key, love, trust and passion grow where there is respect and a genuine caring for one another.
My story...lived in Southern California as a child and young adult. Left College when I got married to work full time. Worked in Engineering, Construction, Transportation and Sales. Moved to Colorado in 1990. Been single for several years now, had a business that went under during the economic struggles and high fuel prices. I now have a job I enjoy with a growing company. I travel some, usually last minute. I have traveled in Europe, Canada, and the Middle East and hope to visit Asia and Australia someday.
I am attracted to women who take good care of themselves, mind, body, and spirit. I'm over my emotional trials of the past and I'm ready to enjoy a healthy relationship for the rest of my life and hopefully eternity. Thanks for the look...