Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 37 year old

Date people from Colorado, United States. Thanks for stopping by. I divide my time between Colorado and California: Aspen, Boulder, San Francisco and Venice are my usual haunts. My schedule is flexible so I take advantage of it. ... I haven't bought shampoo in a decade. Why would I when I can hoard all those little Aveda bottles from swanky five-star rooms? I stay in a hotel at least once a month. You should see my bathrobe collection.
You should be someone in Colorado or California who has a sense of humor and can hold an intelligent conversation. You shouldn't take life too seriously except in matters of love and health. Bonus points if you have a real job and like it. You are engaging, no longer crazy and love a good adventure. You know the difference between "it's" and "its" and read something other than Us Weekly. You have a solid grasp of who you are and what you want in life even if you aren't sure how you'll get there. You like long walks on the beach and short walks to the bar. You don't smoke cigarettes but you might smoke pot. You appreciate a delicious, healthy meal and a nice glass of wine. You don't hate that I love sports, or that I have to pay attention to politics. You are smart, a little sassy and supremely independent. You are attractive but not conceited. You are sweet and caring. Where are you?

Meet a man from Colorado, United States. Some people would describe me as shy until I get comfortable. I like to say I'm just holding back my awesomeness at first. I'll try almost anything once. Sometimes twice. I ride motorcycles. I also like to, spend time with friends, read books, watch movies, listen to music, and run. I'm the kind of person that can be happy either doing all kinds of different things or just relaxing and doing nothing in particular. One of my friends once referred to me as a high functioning nerd. I guess she was right, I do like technology and science type things but I also like to workout and be outside. You name it, if it's fun I'll do it. Except I don't dance and I don't sing. I know my limitations. I like travel, it can be a weekend road trip on the bike or in a car or international air travel. I enjoy being places I've never been before and seeing new things. I haven't been out of the country in a while but I keep my passport current just in case. Very similar people can make good couples same goes for very different people. I think all it takes is to respect each other an to have a special "connection". Well that as well as trust and communication.

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. I am someone who has the biggest appreciation for life. I consider it a gift and give thanks for every day that I am able to experience the world around me. I have traveled to... and lived in some amazing places and have no regrets in life about where I have been and what I have experienced. I am definitely someone who has a story about life and also has many memories that I like to share with people. Throughout my travels I have made the most amazing friends all across the country and am very thankful for everyone who I have crossed paths with along the way. I am just missing that one special person that will complete my life. This is a new approach for me and I am excited to see what can happen.
About me: Grew up in St. Louis and graduated from the University of Kansas. I have lived in Breckenridge, CO, Jackson Hole, WY, Charlotte, NC and just moved to Denver from the beach in Charleston, SC. I was in the south for 11 years and I have definitely acquired the traits and manners that come with a southern gentleman. I am a huge music fan. I have traveled all over the country seeing music and believe in musics ability to do many things. Going to see good music on a random night in a small bar or heading to Red Rocks during the summer to see a big show are all things that I like to do. I have such a appreciation for finding new music and if you are able introduce me a new band from time to time then I would be so happy! I thrive on being active outside and am definitely an athletic type of person. There is not much that I dont like to do if it involves having fun in the outdoors. I am so excited to get back on my snowboard and take advantage of all the things that you can do here in the Mountains. It would be absolutely amazing to find someone who I can do all of the those things with. Although a hike every now and then solo is good for the soul... I really want to find someone to experience adventure with. I am competitive with myself and like to work for success but don't get down in the dumps if things go my way. I try to stay very balanced. I am dog lover and miss my dog who is no longer with me. Someday soon I will have another. I think I have a great sense of humor... more on the dry/sarcastic side than all out comical. Laughter is something that I need every day. I enjoy both going out for a fun night on the town or staying in for a mellow evening. Everything is new for me here in Denver so finding that new, fun spot is something that I am in search of.
What I am looking for... Confidence, independence, style, ambition, physically active, educated, romantic, music fan, respectful of others interests and beliefs, polite, non-materialistic, natural, happy, likes to laugh, not afraid to fail, someone who will push me to be a better person and in return will accept the same, someone who appreciates going out for a fun evening as well as staying in and having a mellow night together, passionate, someone who's "glass of life" is half full.... not half empty...

Meet someone special from Colorado, United States. I am a divorced father of two that still has a friendship with his ex wife if that may present a problem please don't waist my time.
Well there's not much to say, I'm a open book.
have two wonderful boys.
I Am clean living person except smoking been trying to quite.
I'm not into the bar scene or drugs.
Any other questions please don't be afraid to ask!
I love all kinds of music and movies
Even the ones most men won't admit to lol

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. I just moved to Denver from Las Vegas. I'm an artist with a lucrative way of living :) I'm not too fond of blabbing my whole life story on here however... I am a very very honest mature man so ask me any question and I would be happy to answer you truthfully. I have a crazy sense of humor and I'm pretty sure Id have no problem making you laugh or entertaining you if we do end up meeting. Oh and I love quiet time at the library, romantic candle light cooking, and long walks on the beach lol. OK BYE.....

Meet single man from Colorado, United States. Really, 200 character minimum. Well I'm a buck toothed knock kneed aerospace engineer and entrepreneur, and I don't even dress up nice. I'm not very funny and I chew with my mouth open.
I've been told I'd make a good budist
and a good Marine,
Not at the same time though.
I've been proposed to... Twice.
Come on really! I'm not going sift through hundreds of profiles just to text with someone. I'm not paid up, just looking.

Date people from United States. Hello, I'm new to this but am willing to give it a whirl. I am a single father of three looking to find a fun caring soul to spend time and share experiences with. I enjoy camping and fishing and most outdoor activities with the exception of fighting Mosquitos. I spend lots of time with my kids and they are numeral UNO right now, but would like someone to pass the time with. I also enjoy reading, cooking, gardening and a host of too many hobbies. Probably too many. I like to think of myself as a caring sharing person who can be bullheaded at times but let reason and patience win out. I'm a bit of a handy man as I like to do home improvement projects, fix things after taking them apart( not everything gets put back together.) a jack of all trades and master of a few.

Meet a man from United States. Freindly, honest, caring, and giving man seeking someone to share my life with. Enjoying outdoors or skiing a big plus. I enjoy seeing live music and going out to eat. I like bbqing and hanging with friends and family. In a woman I feel emotional availability is a must as well as being stable and caring. I tend to be straight forward and love to flirt and snuggle, but not into the testing games.

Date a soulmate from United States. Colorado born and raised. I'm an action/adventure/lifestyle photographer by trade but dabble in home remodeling and rebuilding motorcycles. I'm 37 but nobody believes me. I constantly get 32. I'm constantly in motion, always tinkering, building and creating. I like to call it 'creative ADD'. I ride my bicycle every chance I get. I try to do 3 or 4 rides a week. I was on the swim team in high school and try to do 2 miles a week nowadays. I'm a cat guy and have got 3 of the little monsters. I love dogs too, but am just not ready for one right now. I've been on HGTV. I don't like sports although I've been to three Nuggets games and have to admit that they were fun. I grew up riding bikes, camping, skateboarding, snowboarding, and riding motorcycles, which explains why I'm not crazy about organized sports. I'm a bit of a grammar snob but as long as you know the difference between your, you're and there, their, and they're, we'll be alright. Midcentury modern fanatic. I love welding. I have two degrees from CU Boulder, neither of which have ever been seen by anyone.
Ambition, drive, weird hobbies, sarcasm, and a biting wit go a long way with me.

Meet someone special from United States. Happy, hard working, new to Boulder looking for a woman who has similar interests. I like to stay active and fit by running and cross training. I am an artist by nature, thoughtful, and spiritual. Love music and comedy.
I like to cook both at home and professionally, create art, and read. I have lived all over the US. born in Lansing MI. when I was young we moved all over the place to Phoenix, then Dallas, then St Louis. I moved to Chicago for college, I spent 10 years there and loved it! I have spent the last year in Miami Beach. I loved the weather, natural beauty, and the ocean but didn't fit in with the party scene. more of a rocker and dive bar fan then the electric house club thing! I come a big family ( I have 7 sisters)
Really hope to meet a true friend an take it from there!

Date men and women from United States. I'm a pretty easy going guy for the most part. Doesn't take a lot to make me happy. Enjoy the outdoors, mountains, camping, hiking, skiing, and a lot more. Willing to try most things at least once. Have an odd work schedule, with long days, and split days off. I'm hard working, loyal, caring, loving, and try to do whats best in any situation.
I'm looking to find a lady who, is honest (even if it hurts), caring, loving, loyal, likes to snuggle, kiss, and wants a long term relationship. Really miss all the little things of being in relationship. Although I also relize this takes time, and am willing to take the time to do that.
So if you think you might be interested, there's a lot more about me, but will leave that for some conversation. And hope to hear from you ;-)

Meet single man from United States. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I just moved to Columbia and I'm looking for someone to show me around!. I'm a kind-hearted, positive-outlook kinda of guy who's looking for someone special :) I love hitting the gym, biking, skiing and just being active. I'm a big Family Guy and South Park fan and I love a good footballl game (go Steelers!). I also love to travel, I've spent time in Australia, New Zeland, the Caribbean (my favorite!) Canada and about 40 states (but don't ask me to name them all on a first date though ;) I'm a big fan of small brewpubs, getting together with friends and doing things I've never tried. General rule: if it's fun, I'm in!
Who I'm looking for: First off someone who's nice too. I want someone who loves animals, someone who's not afraid to get dirty on a hike...who's not afraid to try something new. She has to want to have fun everyday She's someone I can hold hands with, laugh with and feel lucky everyday that I have her. I want someone who can go out for a fancy dinner, after hiking a 14er, and someone who's got a sense of adventure and a desire to never stop learning or growing.
Up for the challenge? Message me, and let's go on an adventure :)