Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 39 year old

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Hi! For starters, I'm not George Clooney, Zach Galifianakis, or Albert Einstein, but if you’re looking for a handsome guy who will make you laugh and can hold an intelligent conversation, then I hope you will keep reading even if my name is not George Galifianakistein.
Laughter and having fun is HUGE to me. I laugh, I’m silly/sarcastic, and although I am emotionally mature, I really am young at heart and hope to stay that way. I do have a bit of an edge to me but I’m also very easy going. I am a product of my past experiences and prefer to be appreciated, and not judged, for that. It has enabled me to become very well-rounded (as in diverse…not fat). Speaking of which, I do workout regularly and think it’s important to look and feel good.
What I hope we find in each other:
We avoid drama, excessive maintenance, and love triangles.
We can balance time alone with being surrounded by our closest friends.
We have a quick trigger on our smile and can appreciate silly moments.
We are good companions during a long road trip, a quiet night at home, or under a down comforter.
We can both express ourselves emotionally and believe communication is important.
We enjoy making dinner at home as much as a big night out on the town.
We can sit in a room with no noise yet enjoy one another’s company for hours.
In a nutshell, I’m a sucker for a cute laugh and a sweet smile. I have dated beautiful women in the past but am really looking for beautiful WITH substance and refuse to settle for one over the other. We are all going to grow old and less attractive so becoming best friends is what I am truly seeking. I am hoping to meet someone who is beautiful but has no idea how beautiful she really is, who is funny and likes to laugh but not always at my expense, and someone who will go out for girl’s night to tell of all of my funny and annoying habits but can’t wait to come home to them because they are what makes me…me.
I am a bit hesitant and skeptical of using a computer as a means in finding my match but I am giving it a try and am excited to see what comes of it.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. I'm a single father. Like to go for walks, road trips, fishing, camping, anything that has to do with outdoors. My daughter is my life. I have a great job it lets me have nights and weekends off. If you want to know more just ask.

Date single man from Colorado, United States. I was born & raised here in Denver & joined the Army at age 23 to fulfill my childhood dream of flying helicopters. I got out of the Army at 32 due to missing my family and Colorado. So I've been back since '04 and am staying put for good. I enjoy fixing up my house that I've been in for 7 years, spending time with my family & friends at our family cabin, spending time with my two sisters and two nieces (2 & 7). I have a great dog...Chloe, the Goldendoodle (doesn't shed...oh yeah!).
btw...The picture of me in the train was when I worked for the railroad for two years after the Army. I had my MBA and couldn't find a job to save my life. (The overalls were actually I enjoy life and I've learned from my several deployments in the Army that life is short and can be taken from you at any moment.
I enjoy bike riding, hiking, snowboarding (would like to learn how to ski), fishing, camping, 4X4ing, playing catch at the park, drinking beer at a Rockies game, or just doing whatever is fun at the moment.
I would like to find a fun, outgoing woman, independent, honest, caring, somewhat drama free girl that wants a family someday. I'm in no rush but dating gets old & I would like to find an awesome person to start a relationship with. I have my safety profession job that I will retire now maybe there is someone out there for me....
Enough about me..... :)

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. About me...Honestly, what's NOT cliche anymore?
My friends call me a geek, a dork, sarcastic and blunt to a fault. Most times, I never let them down. ;) I'm an open book for those brave enough to ask.
I prefer Eureka over Bones, Breaking Bad over House, and Justified over Law and Order. I love music (can play acoustic and bass guitars) and prefer intimate venues over large stadiums.
I love road trips, camping, amusement parks, NFL football, the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet and the silence of snow falling.
Now to the hard ideal match:
Don't know. Haven't met her yet. But I'm hoping that she shares most of my interests, can engage me intellectually (just one of many facets...), and is looking for a partner in life, not a provider. I'm looking for a relationship built on equality, openness, and respect. One based on laughter instead of drama.
And finally bonus points if she knows where the quote in my title came from...

Date a man from Colorado, United States. You know I always hate this question in a job interview.
"So tell me yourself"
Ugh :)
Born, raised, attended college in "real" Virginia. Third time I've lived in Colorado.
With a return trip to Virginia and a time outside Seattle in there somewhere.
10 years this time, thinking I'm here for good. Although I almost moved to Scotland a few years back
Love being able to get outdoors and play pretty much year round.
Soccer and the Denver Gaels take up a more than a bit of my time.
Enjoy snowboarding, rafting, hiking, & camping, don't do enough of them.
Always up for a nice pub, with good friends, good conversation, and great craic.
Live music is always a fav, looking forward to 3 shows @ Red Rocks this summer.
And yes I have an extra tix for all three.
Looking for that uniquely Colorado tomboy.
One who is as comfortable outdoors as she is getting dressed up and going out for a nice dinner.
Sense of humor and a big beautiful open mind are a must
If you are not in Colorado, or are really into Jesus, I'm not the one for you.

Meet someone special from Colorado, United States. Hi there!
I'm glad you took a minute to view my profile. Like you I am searching for that special someone, but the usual methods haven't been a success, so I thought I would branch out & try online dating.
To describe myself I think it is important to stay positive first & foremost. I enjoy helping others, but am not involved in charity work at the moment. My friends & family can always count on me for sound advice or assistance & I am hard working.
I believe that from time to time we need to get out of our daily shell & experience life. I have lived in Europe for five years as a former member of the USAF, enjoy weekend getaways, sport/music venues or a broader experience in another country. A woman that can plan surprises & just simply enjoys the little things in life is what I desire.
What a person does for work is really not an issue as long bills get paid, you invest in your future & have enough to get out of the house. I believe that in order to form a strong family that the parents need to lead as parents, not just be friends to their children. With that being said I am spiritual in my own way & would like for my future partner to appreciate that even if we don't agree 100%, because life is never equally balanced. Two people look at life thru different eyes & experiences, but it is the willingness to take a step back & try to understand one anothers point of view that matters to me.
In regards to specifics about my future partner I would say that I am looking for an overall great sense of what life is about (experienced). That means open to other points of view, can logically think, not just emotionally & dreams of creating a beautiful family with the right man. I believe that our greatest joy in life is thru teaching our children & seeing them grow to become men & women to generations.

Date a soulmate from United States. I'm a single father Raising a 4 & half year old son. ( No crazy baby's mama) run my own business.MMJ
I am a hardworking honest man. Haven't had much time for dating. But it's time!
looking for an honest woman. don't have time for games!!!!!!!!

Meet people from United States. Let's see... I like adventure and travel. I am a big fan on jumping on a plane to anywhere with clear water to Scuba dive. For as much as I golf, I should be WAY better than I am. I know two jokes, and they are hillarious. I am a Leo on the cusp of cancer. That's not one of the two jokes. I am really, really white, and while the sun is not kind to me, I can riverdance with the best of them.
I'm a salesguy. If you asked me what I wanted to be when I was a kid, Salesman would have been a good way down the list. Still, I have a natural ability to communicate ideas, and am great at thinking on my feet, so here I am.
I am not looking for casual hook-ups, rather trying to find someone with similar goals and interests with whom I can build a little empire. I'm also not a jealous type, nor am I controlling, and do not want to date anyone who is.

Date single man from United States. I am a very confident, passionate, and motivated younger man, looking for someone fun to spend some time with.
I work full time nights, but my job is nice because it is flexible. I have been in the restaurant business for years and have done every aspect of the business. I am not a chef by trade, but I can definately cook to pleasure. I cook for charity, and do other things to help the needy, when time permits outside of my job. It keeps me busy.
I have lived in Denver since 89, moved to Littleton about 6 months ago. I enjoy it here, it is much more relaxed and quiet compared to downtown Denver. I am enjoying the more calm state of life. Not really easier, just calmer.
Some traits about me are:
Passionate, confident, easy going, open minded, trustworthy, motivated, caring, humerous, spontanious.
Take care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Humor. I love it. I have to be fun... I like to laugh and have no problem being laughed at. Not a big fan of miserable people.
Like treating a woman like a woman.
I enjoy life in general. Life is too short to sweat the small things.
Life should be fun, so lets make it exciting.
I do have that thing about speaking my mind, I tell it like it is. Sometimes it gets me into trouble, but I feel honesty is best. If I cant get honesty, I dont want anything at all. I like the phrase "It is what it is." I do not sugar coat anything, unless it is food.
Traits about her:
Any of which I posses. Someone who likes to laugh. One who can teach and be taught.
Humor--have to have it. I cannot deal with a drag.
Do not need to know how to cook, I got that.
Just takes pride in herself.
Not afraid of being a lady.
Spontanious. I believe spontanuity is a big aspect of something genuine.
First impressions, great! But no need to pretend.
I only assume responsibility of friendship as a basis. I expect nothing more, nothing less.
But, if anything more comes out of it...Awesome

Meet men and women from United States. Me....
I am an ambitious, motivated and optimistic man who is passionate about health, fitness, business, learning, new adventures & challenges, and music. I hate drama/negativity & like to surround with people who add value to my life. I am optimistic about my life, future opportunities & am looking to find a life partner/best friend with similar interests to share it with. I have learned a great deal about myself & the most important qualities I am looking for from past relationships. I have learned that no experience is a bad one, even as awful as things may seem at the time.
Some of the my most valuable life lessons were taken from those experiences & have made me into the person I am today. It is so important to be true to yourself, who you are and never lose sight of what you want to be. I am not willing to settle out of convenience or loneliness. I have learned actions truly speak louder than words and we are all capable of anything we put our mind to as long as we want & believe in it.
For me specifically, I have realized that it is necessity for my partner to be able to communicate effectively, be emotionally connected/healthy, be supportive, have a similar financial perspective, ambitions, future goals & outlook on life. I am looking for a someone who is confident (not to be confused with cocky), intelligent, has a sense of humor, capable of emotional depth, likes to travel, loving, affectionate, reliable, optimistic, loyal, honest, supportive, sensitive, likes animals and is able to communicate.

Date a man from United States. OH BOY. !! Discribe myself and what I'm looking for in a relationship. We are going to wait a bit on that one due to the simple fact that this is not one of my strong points and will need a little time to write something that reads half way inteligent .

Meet someone special from United States. I'm looking for a woman that communicates well and is open with her feelings. Someone who likes to share their opinions or add input. Openness is is a must and a good sense of humor is also a plus. I'd like to meet someone that enjoys traveling, in the near future I'd like to go to Ireland or just some place on a quiet beach.
I like to laugh and to make people laugh as well. I love a great sense of humor. I enjoy music and playing the guitar, not as much as I did in the past but I'm starting to pick it up again. I also like seeing live music whether it's in a small club or a concert.
I make it to the gym at least 3 times a week and enjoy exercising. I also like being outside and going new places. The beach and the mountains are two of my favorite places to be.
I'm looking for someone that I can travel with and experience new things. Someone who can go out or stay in and still have a good time.
I know it's been said before and it's difficult to truly describe yourself here. I'm finding that to be true, so I'll stop here. Hopefully the future will bring something great...