Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 41 year old

Date a man from Colorado, United States. I just went through a divorced awhile back and have decided to get back in the dating game. I am not looking for a rebound relationship I am comfortable being alone but do miss going through the joys and the struggles of life with a partner. I have no expectations just want to live life and have fun and see what happens. I live in Georgetown which is a small community and there aren’t a lot of quality women to meet. The internet opens up more possibilities to meet a special woman. Even though I live in the mountains it is only 30 minutes to Denver so I am very open to meeting someone in the Denver metro area. I would like to meet a women who is in a similar situation as I am, single parent who loves their children and family but wants to enjoy some adult companionship and if that leads to romance then great but if it don't at least I get to meet some people who are going through the same problems that I am. Let’s get started and see what happens.

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. iam a very easy person to get a long with. As long has know messes with my friends then i come on glued. Its not what they ask for in war it differnce i was over sea fighting to to stay alive and i also was where if it was my day today.

Date people from Colorado, United States. really dont know what to say. I guess you would have to find out about me. Iam new to this site. please lets try to be friends and move on to more then this lets give it a chance at it and see what happens.

Meet a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Okay, I'm sure I will get some heat for being direct on here but here's the deal. There's nothing like being in a long-term relationship with a woman with whom there is a mutual connection on many levels. I love that and that's what I ultimately seek.
However, it's certainly possible to meet someone with whom there are shared interests and at least superficial chemistry even if it's not infinitely clear you're on a 'tenure track' program with each other.
Perhaps you're a gun-toting Highlands Ranch Right Wing Republican and can't imagine sharing a household with me, a dyed in the wool Left Wing Liberal transplanted New Yorker, but we can enjoy a lively discussion about the merits of each perspective. Isn't it possible to have a respectful, positive relationship between two such evolved people, for example, so that when Mr. and Mrs. Right come along for each of us, we don't break their backs from human affection starvation?!
How dare I suggest intermingling the search for love with the search for 'like.' Indelicate, maybe, but pragmatic at the very least. Perhaps we'll agree and be the loves of each others lives...

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. . rosey peaches ugly fat guy...40 with no hope for tommorrw. guitars. long wet kisses. and trucks. dont pick me please. dont bother if your shallow. i am so ugly. but i can give my mate pleasure i love it. i wish i was blind. i got huge truck to drive inside your garage. i go all night night when im in your room. i can go as long as you can. ill wear you out. huge melons in spring are good for handling. kissing rassberries is a taste my mouth loves.rosey cheeks all creeks of cherryness. to smell flowers and honey almond necklines and the curves of tan tweeks.

Meet single man from Colorado, United States. Me: Busy, Comfortable, Entrepreneur, Intelligent, Driven, Witty, Stubborn, Work Hard, Play Hard, A Cowboy, A Gentleman,A Dad, A little bit Crazy, Compassionate and Passionate, Direct, Athletic, Always Moving, A Good Horse Trader and Poker Player, Good in Bed, and I never take myself or life too seriously.
You: Attractive..inside and out, Ambitious, Emotionally Intelligent, Can have a Good Conversation and Express your Feelings Easily, Sensual, lacking an agenda...except fun and see what happens from there...other than that I am pretty open minded.
I started out as a CPA and ended up somewhere totally different, I now own 3 businesses and also raise buffalo in my spare time. Looking to shift gears and slow down just a bit more, especially travel more....which will be something new for me. My intelligence and directness can be intimidating to a lot of people...but I feel like I have learned a lot from these past 41 years...and I am really looking forward to the next part as I finally have at least a few things figured out...and the means to enjoy myself....and I am looking for someone worthy of my affections to share it with. I'm picky but I am sure you are out there....

Date a man from United States. I am a fun, single guy in Aspen, Colorado. I am into almost everything, I am very versatile minded and talk in depth about existentiality and spirituality and crack jokes and be very light hearted. I am looking for a fun, well rounded intellectual, cool woman to share good times. I like women who step outside their comfort zone of day to day life and people.
I like to read a lot. I also exercise a lot and go for walks and hikes. I like to have good conversations that can go on for hours. I am open to relationships, women with children, marriage, but I like to take things slow.
I understand it is awkward to meet someone on line, so after writing to each other a couple of times, I would like to meet you soon after to see if we have chemistry in person. A meeting for lunch or a mid afternoon sit down coffee for 20 minutes and I think we would be able to decide if we want to meet again for an actual date.

Meet men and women from United States. I work hard as a Real Estate agent, and I love what I do.I love meeting as many new people as I do. Whether I enjoy the people or not, it's all about the experience. (Ha, just being honest!) Yeah I know everyone says this, but I love to travel. I travel every chance I get. I love interesting sights..Indulging in cultural treasures while taking in the night life.. it's all about the contrasts. I love to try new things.
I tend to go with the flow and not be the person who organizes things. I'm impulsive and indecisive, which basically means if you have a plan I'm down! I love to laugh and make others laugh, I keep a healthy lifestyle and work out regularly, but have a huge weakness for ice-cream. (Don't judge me!) I am loyal and compassionate to those closest to me and I expect no less. Most importantly I am a gentleman and I am looking for a lady.
So what am I looking for:
Intelligence, energy, and lets be honest... beauty. I am drawn to adventurous women who have lived interesting lives and have lots to talk about. I like someone who can be content hanging out at home or going out for a nice evening. Fun is the bottom line. I want someone who can keep me equally excited in a conversation as out and about on the town.

Date people from United States. my friends would decribe me as fun loving, i am grateful for the life i have been given and all the blessing I don't deserve. having just moved to a new city my social life is a little slow right now but I enjoy going out and doing things. I am looking for someone to enjoy life with.

Meet a soulmate from United States. First and foremost, my daughters are my life. That being said i'm pretty cut and dry, what you see is what you get. I love the colorado outdoors, camping, fishing, four wheeling, bla bla bla. Pretty much anything outside is good, especially in the mountains. I am funny, pretty easy going and laid back and just enjoy peace, no resistance, no games, and no B.S. I get enough of that at work. I'm a little on the wild side I guess and like to have a good time. So now for those of you who judge a book by its cover ......... I have several tattoos, both my ears are peirced and I've been known to get a little foul while drinking. Never dangerous just sometimes a little vulgur. Oh well, I am who I am, again what you see is what you get. No hidden agenda, no B.S., just want to find a good person with good chemistry. Thats a little hard to be aware of by texting or emailing all the time, face to face is always the best judge of character.
Take care,

Date someone special from United States. We are a fun loving couple, who enjoys many things life brings. We enjoy going to the gym, playing sports or watching them on the tv. Camping & enjoying the out doors. As well as trying to spend time as a family with the kids.
We are looking for a woman or women with similar interests, to join us on our adventures of life! You never know if you don't try! If you are a woman who likes the samethings as we do & are not affraid of taking a chance? Then take that chance & contact us! Thanks Joe & Sharla

Meet single man from United States. I am a well rounded person. I love to laugh and am always wanting to learn new things. I want to travel more in the more. Family and friends are vital to me. I am the "go to guy" if someone wants or needs help. If you don't care about helping others then you can keep searching because I am not your guy. I am looking for someone who loves kids and wants to be a great mother someday. I love stories and believe that no situation is wasted if you can take a good story away from it. I can laugh at myself and I will laugh at (with) you! Life is too short to take too seriously, but I know when to be serious. I have a great story about a psychotic squirrel and another one about getting stalked by a mountain lion....good times! Let me know if you want to hear the stories.