Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 31 year old

Date single man from Colorado, United States. I'm always a glass half full kind of person. I live in Estes Park, but spend a lot of time in the Thornton/Denver area to be with family and friends.

I love life and try to enjoy it as much as possible! I always try to make others laugh even if its at my own expense. A sense of humor is a must I think! I also enjoy the little things in commercials that are actually funny, finding $5 I forgot in a pocket and spending it all on candy! How beautiful the stars are at night. Things like that! Oh and string cheese lol.

I'm easy to get along with and always love meeting new people. Some days I cant get enough adventure, and some days I need to relax and take it easy. I was born and raised in Colorado and absolutely love it!

I love sports (especially Colorado sports), movies, music. I love the outdoors and try to get outside whenever I can. I also enjoy cooking, inside and out on the BBQ! I love going to Broncos, Rockies, Avs games...even CSU games. I enjoy the zoo, flea markets, restaurants, movies, and places to dance. I'm a fun guy!!!

I'm looking for someone to get to know, and then possibly move to build something spectacular together off of trust, honesty, and compatibility! Someone who will go to the fun places I mentioned above with me, as well as show me places you love! Help me go snowboarding more, or teach me about a lake, landmark or country you have been to! Maybe even show me where to get good sushi cause I've never had it..maybe I'll like it...or maybe you can laugh hysterically at my funny yuk face!

Family is important to me, I consider close friends my family too, so if your looking for a family oriented guy, who will treat you great, respect you, always make you feel special, and make life truly happy and memorable for you....message me and find out for yourself how great it can be!!

Meet a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Moved to Colorado in 2009 to start my own company and it has been the best thing that's ever happened to me. I only wish my family and friends were here to enjoy everything this Colorado life has to offer. Im open about people, life and happiness and want to see the world with my friends and family.
I like to work and invest in other things. And believe the right woman will balance everything out.

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. Well first off my name is Dave, I'm an outgoing person. I'm moving to Omaha in August and going back to school.
I'm a hopeless romantic at heart, I can get very mushy at times. I'm crazy when I'm playful, and at times you'll look at me like I'm from another world. Though, if you like to laugh, be romanced and just enjoy a good conversation or even act like a kid at times. Then drop me a line.
Looks aren't completely important to me, but if there is no initial physical attraction it does take me time to become physically attracted to someone based purely on personality.
Basically I want someone to stimulate my mind and someone to snowboard with, or exercise with, swim with, go camping or hiking things like that. Also i like to game, which includes cards, board games and video games.
I am a Christian and that is important to me. Someone who is the same is important, dating someone who is not just makes things hard on both people. He is the source of my joy and my peace. So if that doesn't work for you then we probably won't work either. My job unfortunately keeps me from attending service on Sundays so i do what i can to keep Him in my life. If you've read this far you must like something i said so drop me a line.

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. I am a tall, blond (balding lol), funny, athletic, and adventerous person. I am most proud of playing professional football in Europe, working with at-risk youth, college degrees, and having fun all over the world and our great state of Colorado. I like to do whatever is fun at the time like hiking, hitting the slopes, and even just hanging at home. I am looking for a person who is positive, spiritual, and makes the best out of every situation.

Date people from Colorado, United States. I'm an athletic guy with an affinity for all the exciting things in life, except for maybe five things :)
I cook, clean, and sometimes I starch my apron.
I think dinner is too common and uneventful for a first date. I think a movie is even worse.
If I emailed you it wasn't an accident :)
I have an iPhone and I will remind you daily or I will tell Siri.
I enjoy sarcasm and innuendos.
I don't wear skinny jeans.
I think women's purses are getting bigger every year.
Kids are cool, but for crying out loud don't have them in your pictures.
People with 25 pictures, but 20 of them show trees, buildings, water, etc. Those people suck.
I drive a Honda and I pretend it's a Honda everyday cause it's a Honda :)
I change my own oil and tires and pump my own gas.
I always have shotgun and I will remind you that the light is not green.
Extra points if you know what Wallabees are, but minus five points if you Google'd it.
My favorite store is Macy's and you might find me there on Tuesdays.
I miss Prison Break, but I love Mad Men, Criminal Minds, and The Walking Dead.
I like a woman that will have my back in public even if I'm wrong.
Competence is my watchword...wait a minute...add Loyalty too!
I like exciting women who can engage in harmonious verbal jousting :)
No preference means no preference :)
I only drink Corona and Dos Equis so BYOB.
Please have teeth or some really good fake ones.
I am a Florida Gators fan.
Sometimes I wear baseball caps.
I rarely use my dishwasher.
I wear boxers not briefs and dudes that wear boxer briefs are confused.
Ich kann ein bisschen deutsch sprechen
Mi espanol es muy bien en Lunes.
I love European accents.
I want to ride in a kangaroo pouch -- what's it called again??
I know the difference between Austria and Australia.
I will occasionally use words like troglodyte and highfalutin.
My favorite actresses are Eva Mendes and Megan Good.
Girls with tattoos are sexy
I like almond honey bunches of oats and OJ with the pulp.
I will use the self checkout
I like all kinds of music as long as it doesn't make my head hurt.
I will make a scene if you skip me in line.
I've been to the top of the Eiffel Tower and I've touched the Leaning Tower.
I will open the door and pull out your chair.
I might make some sounds while I'm checking you out.
I don't send naked pictures.
TS/TV are cool with me, but I'm not down.
I'm not ticklish and I win every pillow fight.
"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
-George Bernard Shaw

Meet a man from Colorado, United States. I Have a lot to say but don't like posting it.. I would much rather talk on the phone or in person. So if your interested contact me or I will contact you. I feel people think they get to know someone over a computer whether its an online dating service or Facebook. While theses are useful tools to put people in contact I feel you don't really know someone until you talk to them or meet them in person. I will tell you I am looking for someone to share a very fun and exciting life with me... I want to see and do it all. Maybe that's the wrong way to look at everything but that's the way I'm looking at it for now. If you have an interest contact me we can talk. ;)

Date single man from United States. Im a single dad and have my daughter most of the time. Shes 3, my best friend, and a huge part of my life. I own my own home, and have a good career. Not lookin to support someone, and in a relationship i look for a partner and best friend, someone who goes through things with me as i go through them with her, not someone i always have to take care of and visa versa. Not lookin to jump into anything serious immediately, just keeping it casual and see how things go! Friends, possible relationship, just see what happens. Really easy going and like to do all kinds of things. Huge movie buff, love working out n lifting weights, pretty excited that hockey season is here n love watchin the avs play. Tired of finding rebounds, or girls who say they want a nice guy and when they actually find one, flake out completely. Not into games, just be honest and yourself and you'll get that in return. Anything else just ask :)

Meet a soulmate from United States. one cool,intelligent,smart,eager,willing,honest,FUNNY,
dumb,crazy,durrable,nice,mean rukspin,with a cute twin,cant break or bend,but can hurt,im not scared at all,but i cry sometimes,cat you will ever meet...

Date someone special from United States. A little about me, I'm a hard worker, very driven. I'm a Leo and it fits me to a T. Very loyal and caring but I can at times be a little stubborn. I know what I want and will always fight for what I want. Always looking to improve the person I am. Really would like to find someone who shares similar interest and someone who knows how to have fun with life. I have two wonderful kids, a son and a daughter who mean the world to me. They are with me a few nights a week.

Meet men and women from United States. The Aurora shooting affected me personally and even though this probably isn't the right place to do it I feel a strong need to say what I feel right now. As one human being to another, 1) value those around you because life is temporary and death is certain. 2) No matter how tough life is, you press on, keep your head up and do the best you can. 3) NEVER lose faith in humanity no matter what. If you don't get anything else out of my profile, at least do what you can so that some permanent good comes out of this tragedy. Work towards the greater good. RIP-Rebecca Wingo. Now I'll return to my normal profile and lighten the mood a bit... I'm on here because I thought I'd try the match crowd and see what happens. Here's a little story. Three six-ft plus guys were crammed in the back seat of my Civic and didn't have their seatbelts on as we rolled up next to a police car. The female cop in the passenger seat rolled down the window and said "It looks like you guys need a bigger car." Without hesitation I replied back, "No, I just need smaller friends." The cops laughed and my friends and I couldn't stop laughing for the next five minutes. I'm a very determined optimist and believe that life is wonderful even when it sucks. I'd rather solve a problem, make the best of it, or see it as an opportunity instead of freaking out. If you have done it, I've probably done it or I'm in the process of doing it. I've done everything from planting organic onions on a farm at the base of the German alps to riding the biggest rapids on the Colorado in the last 30 years. I loved going to Burning Man and I look forward to going to Iceland in October. Work-wise and life-wise I'm a jack-of-all-trades. I wake up on the happy side of the bed 790% of the time (these numbers don't make any sense! Don't worry, I'm good at math), grumpy side 1%, and goofy side of the bed the other 100% of the time. You probably see my innocent face with that twinkle in my eye and think "this guy must be a troublemaker.' My sense of humor is pretty wicked and I frequently make dirty jokes but it's not ALL smut and perversion with me! Perhaps a little bit of a nerdy side lurks beneath my bronzed, muscle-bound and god-like frame... just kidding, I'm not a d-bag or self-centered a-hole. I want to find someone who is as open to life's possibilities as I am. If you want to do these things with your partner than write me: have the kind of relationship that Gloria Steinem would probably approve of, hike and backpack, snowboard, travel, eat good food, go to the gym, watch football, and getting together with friends. My life goals (and I'm actively working on them) are to find a good woman who would eventually like to have and raise at least two children with me, own and operate a buffalo ranch, climb part way up Mt. Everest, teach college classes, run a marathon, and help strengthen ties between Bavaria and Colorado. I like women that are open-minded, active, adventurous without being an adrenaline freak, and passionate about life and passionate in a relationship. I'm easy going, do things on the spur of the moment but I get a lot done too. I have a Master's in City Planning and will start working for the Feds in September. I make pottery, build furniture, cook, backpack, travel, read just about everything, learn, write poetry, get out with friends, and there's just too much and I can't give away all my secrets

Date people from United States. New to Denver, looking to meet new women. Trying this free version out to see what's out there. I can only see winks, so I can't send or receive emails on here right now.
I'll share more later.

Meet a man from United States. Well, I am new to Colorado so I would like to meet new people. I just moved here for work and am trying to make some friends! I like to have fun, but more importantly I want other people to have fun with me. I may not party as hard as every one else but I can keep up. My hopes is to meet someone to have a good time with and see where things go. To put it simply I need to meet new people! If you would like to get to know me better just drop me a line and we will go and have a good time.
There is a lot more that I can write on here but I really would rather spend that time with someone that is interested in getting to know me better. You know, like have dinner, sit there and talk till the close the place down. So let me know if you are interested in something like that and we can go from there.