Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 40 year old

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. I can sail a Sunfish, teach snowboarding, make bangers and mash, tile a floor, do my own taxes, fix a computer and learn to do anything I put my mind to.
I'm a fan of the movies but much prefer the art house theater to the megaplex. I love good museums and at least twice each year find sanctuary in the Calder room at the National Gallery. It is one of the things I miss from living in DC. I was undoubtedly spoiled.
At home I enjoy honing my culinary skills. The results range from near disaster to reasonably tasty. I would love to have help with these experiments, or at least an enthusiastic guinea pig. I'm also an occasional if not terribly knowledgeable gardener. I prefer tending to the garden over fighting with the lawn. I've owned a house for some time now and tend to remodel in fits and spurts. I pick up the skills I need as I go and the eighty year old guys at McGuckins are absolutely indispensable.
I learned to drive in Cleveland, honed my skills in the snow in Maine and perfected them on the DC beltway. Late night drives are the best, especially when all the roads are clear and the lights cooperate. I'm a fan of road trips and exploring, especially with good company.
In the summer I'm on the trails by bike or foot. In the winter it's the slopes by skis or board. Anything outdoors makes me happy. Yoga helps keep me in one piece.
I read multiple daily news publications, the residue of formative years spent with politically engaged parents in Washington DC. I vote.
I have a job and career I enjoy. I take great pride in my work and am fortunate enough that at the end of many days feel I have contributed something useful to the world.
Every summer I spend a week reunited with my closest friends at a rustic cabin on Cape Cod. Nowhere on earth am I happier.
My partner in crime... She is bright, kind, caring, thoughtful, warm-hearted, honest, dependable, authentic, silly, inspiring, creative, adventurous, understands the importance of making and keeping commitments and values friendship above all else.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. I am looking for someone that knows how to be selfless and mature while being able to enjoy life.
I enjoy fishing, hiking, 4x4'ing, and exploring new areas.

Date a soulmate from Colorado, United States. I recently relocated from Colorado Springs to Broomfield. I'd love to find a new friend in the area!
I was watching "Up in the Air" and heard this quote which perfectly describes me! - "White collar, college grad. Loves dogs, likes funny movies. Six-foot-one, brown hair, kind eyes, works in finance but is outdoorsy ... you know, on the weekends. I always imagined he’d have a single syllable name like Matt or John... or Dave . In a perfect world, he drives a 4Runner and the only thing he loves more than me is his golden lab. And a nice smile."
I'm Ben, an attorney working in the risk field for a bank. I just traded in my 4Runner for a smaller SUV, and I have the sweetest lab ever!
I like hiking and the outdoors, but that means getting the dog out on the trails often and car camping occasionally, not a week of backpacking. I grew up in Colorado, but never skied enough to get any good, so I snowboard once a year.
I’m an outgoing introvert. I can be the life of the party, but it wears me out. I recharge with down time, but too much of it bores me.
As for what I'm looking for - It is a little bit like trying to describe art - very difficult to put into words, but I'll know it when I see it.
I would like to find a person to join in the next set of adventures. Someone who is confident and open to what the world has to offer. Someone who enjoys being spoiled but doesn't expect it.... Intelligence is vital, as is a sense of humor.
Drop me a line - what have you got to lose?

Meet a man from Colorado, United States. I am an easy going, fun loving gentleman who enjoys the outdoors. even more so when it is HOT. Although i am passionate about my job and enjoy it very much i do not live to work, I work to live. When i have free time I most likely can be found doing yardwork at my house or aroud my neighborhood helping my neighbors who cannot do their own. I have neen called a "Jake of all Trades" but I have yet to master any. I have not liked going to bars for some time now but still like to go out for drinks and listen to live local music. I also enjoy going to live sporting events. I'm not a Bronco fan but a quick trip to Denver to watch some football or to catch a Rockies game is always a blast. For athletic recreation I enjoy bike riding, eithor mountain biking the Kokopelli trail or just cruising aroud the neighborhood. I think my favorite place to get away to would be Lake Powell. You can just lay back and forget about all your troubles.The sceanery down there is amazing also. I am interested in finding someone who has some of the same interests so we can enjoy those times together. If this sounds like you send me an e-mail so we can chat.

Date single man from Colorado, United States. I consider myself to be very easy going and enjoy the simple things in life. I have a very dry, sarcastic since of humor, love to make people laugh and have no problem laughing at myself. I'm the type of person that doesn't mind living alone, in fact I think it's important to have your own life outside of your relationship. (honesty and trust is a must)
I'm kind of a home body but love to be active expecially doing things outdoors. (biking, hiking, boating, fishing, camping, golf and more) I consider myself to be a little old fashion when it comes to treating a lady and feel you should treat others the way you would want to be treated. Even though I wear a suit and tie to work I prefer jeans and kinda of a do it yourself type of guy.
I work to live, not the other way around and I believe in living in the moment as much as possible. I try not to sweating the small stuff or getting worked up over the little things. I am looking for someone who is outdoorsy yet sophisticated, who is self-disciplined, motivated, and responsible, but can relax, let things go, and not affraid to make a fool of themself. (I know I have many times) Someone who has achieved some balance in their life in terms of work, health, relationships, and leisure. Someone who appreciates simplicity, the small pleasures of life and is always true to themself.
I guess you could say i'm looking for my best friend that could maybe develope into more but doesn't have too. (meeting new friends is always good) I would love to meet someone who brings out the best in me and hopefully I could do the same for them!!

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. I have a great smile love being outside. In the mountains; fishing in the ocean i love. Hiking and hunting riding my harley r my passions. Cook on the grill yummm. :) I love to go out and dance im not that good but im not afraid to try. I like a women who is very open and outspoken. I want to be in a relationship with a women who very passionate about all the do . Im very affectionate and love to be with that person no matter what we do. I treat people with love and respect. Just like i want to be treated. Im a very hard worker i dont need no support just someone to be my true friend. Someone i can share everything with whether it be good or bad. Im a great listener too.

Date someone special from United States. I'm jumping out of the Match plane.
If you'd like to join me, and you're clever (as well as sexy, funny and smart) then you should be able to find me via my username at the mail that starts with a G.
If we don't talk, good luck on your hunt.
Ciao Bella.

Meet people from United States. I am not afraid of change or trying something new. In fact, I love it! I’m a great conversationalist, well educated and a deeply seeded river of passion flows through me. The hardest part about “this” is getting someone to open the cover – adventures await us, I promise. I don’t have hang ups about weight, disabilities, looks or race. I am human and I seek a like-minded human of the opposite sex to share great times with, maybe even years worth!
I have never been married. I am in a wheelchair and have been since I was in my teens. keep reading My life has not been an easy ride. I had cancer at 5 1/2 year old and broke my neck twenty days before my 16th birthday. I have never given up. I just keep on going (kind of like the Energizer bunny!) I have never let anything stop me from getting what I want. After my accident, I went to college; graduated with A BS in MIS and OM. I wanted a great job, now I have one.
Don't let my disability scare you away!! It has made me the man I am; it has allowed me much time to ponder life and what is really important. I have a strong faith in God. I am a loving man, when you loose so much, you love to treasure the small things. I am loyal, understanding and because of my disability, I see things differently. I do not stereotype and judge people. There is so much more I want to share – if you drop me a line, I hope that you will share your story with me also.
You might be asking yourself what a man like me can offer a woman like you. Fair question. I seek a serious relationship outside the realm of my disability. Where there is a will, there is a way and together, we can work it out. Aside from the physical aspect of a relationship, you will find that I am devoted, generous, loving, caring and above all, a truly unique individual.
If I sound even a bit interesting…Take a chance and see what is behind this door!

Date a soulmate from United States. If you want to read the whole thing, fine but to resume,
I just want a woman with a good heart.
I am a person with good manners and easy going charm to prove it.
I enjoy to get to know people from other cultures. I graduated in Systems Engineering.
I am open for a friendship to start with and the time, destiny and we together will decide the future.
There are more things that you will get to know later. So, I hope to see an email from you. I love photography. I wish I can work for National Geographic and take pictures of this beautiful state with a special woman next to me.
I am from Bogot'a - Colombia.
I have been in USA for more than 11 years.
I work in the Information Technology area.
I have been on and off with and not luck, do not why... I like to express what I feel at the moment.
A phone call in the morning to say "good morning" or a txt message to say "thinking about you" I am very passionate for what I like, my career, my photography, my girlfriend.
I like to watch foreign movies: Indian, Colombian, etc, etc.
I would to explore the beauty of this state Colorado. For example, camping on the Great Sand Dunes either in summer or winter, Mohab, snowshoe Horsetooth Mountain.
You might have been already there but why not be with me again.
I am not a bar/club guy but once in a while I like to experience the club scene.
I am all terrain guy, I can have dinner in a fancy restaurant or have dinner in the shop right here in the corner as long as the food is good. Or, I can stay in a 5 star hotel and also stay in a hostel as long as is clean and good bed.
I hope I can find some one who likes to adventure/ride with me through La Vida.
I have a young spirit.
I am always up for good conversation.
I believe honesty and communication to be important in any relationship.
I am planning to start my Master in IT Management in July 2012
What I appreciate in a woman is her uniqueness, honesty, kindness and sensuality.
A woman who is interested to get to know me as a person and little bit of my roots, Colombia.
A sense of humor would be nice but do not want a comedian.
A woman with purposes in life, someone who wants to explore and try new things, going out to the movies, eating out in a multicultural restaurant, dancing, hiking but not like a pro, camping or just staying at home together and watching a movie.
A woman who challenges me mentally and spiritually and with whom I can freely communicate and express my thoughts.
A woman who enjoys the outdoor activities and want to to explore the nature and the beauty of Colorado state.
A woman who enjoys spending quality time with their family once in a while would be nice
A woman who can understands my goals I want to achieve either professional or personal.
A woman who is a little bit sophisticated and passionate.
She needs to be attractive
I want to be loved for who I am, not what I can provide
For me, physical affection is essential
She has to get my jokes and sense of humor
My next girlfriend has got to be straightforward and patient
If you feel you are the one then drop me a message.
Hope to hear from you.

Meet a man from United States. I am a guy with a very big heart. I am loving, compassionate, considerate and generous in nature. I am good at compromising, a good communicator, and very loyal. I'd so look forward to meeting an amazing lady with those same traits. I should mention, I've been "single" for about 9 months now. The "separation" is very much permanent.
I'm a more intelligent and sometimes sarcastic (but not harsh - unless it’s really, really warranted by mean people, LOL) class clown type. I frequently joke around, laugh and have fun. A lot of times, I am the one bringing this to the table. Although I also do take things seriously, I try not to take them too seriously, whenever possible.
I really like romance, just don’t tell my buddies. I don't really dance - although I'd slow dance with the right lady all night long.
Although I am a very down to earth, laid back guy that loves to enjoy some of the finer things in life, I do have a "tough guy" good ole boy side too, along with being very professional when the situation warrants it (business, high end parties, etc...). Kinda the best of both (all) worlds. I am an extremely nice guy - too nice most generally, but when called out will also most definitely stand up for my lady, or for fairness and decency - no issues there.
Even though I played high school ball, lifted a ton of weights, and played most other sports throughout my younger years, I really do not enjoy watching sports, although catching a live game from time to time would be cool if you enjoy it.
While I did not directly come from a small country town, I very much hold all of those morals and values - strong family values, honesty, opening doors, being respectful and considerate, etc. My family, half a generation or so back, were farmers and ranchers. Some close extended family still are.
I was more of a raised in the city - country guy - without the look or accent but with the values, having spent much time around the rest of my family. That being said, I enjoy a small town type family get together or feel more than right at home at higher class, much more elegant and upscale city parties, spending time with associates or friends, although I still remain fairly down to earth, even then.
I listen to most every type of music. When appropriate, I like it LOUD. Everything from Maiden to Bocelli (not much HipHop or Opera), lately it's been mostly Country.
Just to let you know a little bit more about my professional and work life... "part of the total package". When I was younger, I was a cook and a sous chef at nicer more upscale hotels. During my culinary stint, I was also a drummer for a fairly popular "Rush" cover band here in Colorado for about 12 years. In my high school years, I used to like drag racing classic muscle cars (I know a bit about them, although I'm not anywhere near to being a fully qualified mechanic).
Even though I've never done it as a career, I know way too much about construction - framing, plumbing, electrical, all of it – so I can pretty much build a house. To describe myself as "handy" would be a very lacking description.
I have always been very motivated to better and challenge myself. About 15 years ago, I educated myself to become a computer engineer to leave the culinary industry and now I work from home, leading a team of engineers, for a large company. I did this, not by attending a technical school or college, but with a lot of hard work, long nights and a little help getting started from my friends (new one's I'd made along the way, cooking for them, for years - good story). I do this now as a subcontracted consultant for other companies, so I'm a good technology guy to have around.
You’re probably asking, if you are such a great guy, why are you going through a divorce (20 years)? If you'd like, inquire... You'll find out just the type of guy I am.

Date single man from United States. I'm a down to Earth Guy looking for a Down to Earth Gal to enjoy life with. Originally from the East Coast Boston proud Champion Town although we fell short this last SuperBowl I Love Sports played em and coached all my life. So looking for an athletic woman to workout with.

Meet men and women from United States. i get along with almost everyone my kids are the best thing in my life and i want someone to share my life with to be my best friend someone i can trust with my heart and will love me as much as i do them and enjoys the outdoors and going to other citys just to have fun i am a country boy but i like to shop and dance and all kinds of other things and i like all kinds of differant music as well