Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 19 year old

Date a guy from Colorado, United States. I love to rodeo. I'm one of those guys that that don't put up with anything and if.I disagree with something ill tell you. I hate dishonest people. I love my animals. We run cows year round. I'm easy to talk to. I like girls to be honest easy to talk to and have a good sense of humor.

Meet a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Whats up my nanes daniel :) i like to party n hang out with my special someone n go out to movies or walk in the park or chill at her place n spend time n watch movies. I like girls that like to have fun n be playful n lovable n adorable n likes to drink n kick back n dance. Anything els just hmu n get to know eachother

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. Hey my name is Conor and my life basically revolves around technology but i am always open to trying new things. Some people may say I am a bit shy and cannot always keep a conversation with people I know nothing about ^^. I love video games of all types and play them quite avidly. I am Just looking someone I can spend my time with and feel comfortable with no matter the situation. :) I don't have a Subscription so I can't really do much on the site. Anyways if you want to know more just hit me up :D

Meet people from Colorado, United States. In two words I can describe myself, laid back. I enjoy most outdoor activities including camping and hiking. Some of my most prized accomplishments are joining the military and surviving boot camp. I hope to attract a fun, loving easy going girl. Someone who I can have fun with but still at the end of the day cuddle up to and watch a good movie. As a country raised man I know how to treat a woman but she need not abuse that.

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. Laid back easy going, working hard, making plans for college, I my current goal is to get through an apprenticeship as an electrician and maybe move out to the east coast, I am looking for someone fun that is also goal driven and can keep things interesting.
Hey, i'm Mike. I just graduated highschool, and on a whim moved out to lovely colorado. I'm an easy going laid back person who loves to try new things, but hanging out outside by a fire, camping, dinner and a movie those are all fun too. I'm an aspiring electrician and I begin my training soon. I like to work hard, play hard, and relax like a king( if I get the time to do so)My perfect girl would be someone who is outgoing, fun, very family oriented, trusting, trustworthy, kind, and hard working also. I want a girl who is always up for a nice date, but wouldn't be dissapointed if we stayed in and watched a movie. Someone who is spontaneous and willing to put up with the random crazy whims that I am inclined to.

Meet single boy from Colorado, United States. Not much to say atm. I'm a hard worker that likes to have fun! I really enjoy making other people happy, and love being physically active!
I'm pretty happy where I am, atm. But would love to make friends. Also, I'm pretty shy once you first meet me, but I try!

Date a boy from Colorado, United States. I am a college student currently attending Frontrange, I am looking to transfer in one year in the hopes of pursuing a career in business or criminal justice. I have strong moral values and I am looking for someone to spend my spare time with, I like to go out and have fun playing frisbee or other sports with my friends. I am open and looking to do new things to expand my horizons, I might be a bit shy at first but I will open up if given a chance. I have a good sense of humor and am really good at making people laugh. I look forward to meeting you!

Meet a guy from United States. Hello so first off if you dont know my name is adrian. I'm Chicano and speak English Spanish & sign language. I love a girl that can make me smile as I do the same. I can make you laugh and most deffinetly make you smile if you let me. I'm not the type too stay stuck inside. I like the nice hot sun. I like swimming even tho I don't know how :). My favorite dish is enchiladas beens & rice. If u can cook that u are the person I'm looking for :)). I've live in Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, Utah & Cali threw out my life. Every place is different but I love my city DENVER of course!! But N E WAYS....... Get at me so I can learn something about you 100% straight

Date a soulmate from United States. im a pretty shy guy at first but once you get to know me I'm a blast to hangout with. I'm not afraid to crack jokes at my own expense, to make others laugh. i like being active and outside. I'm also down to just chill and watch a movie every now and then. message me if you want to know more!

Meet someone special from United States. I'm a previous wrestler. I'm a hard worker. I am a sophomore in college. I work a part time job at UPS during the midnight shift. I'm looking for a girl that isn't gonna mess around. I want something real

Date people from United States. I like to chill and hang with friends. I like to go outside and be outside as much as possible. I love going to the movies and making new friends. I like model trains and have a huge model train layout tin my backyard. I'm going to college to become a civil engineer with a minor in explosives engineering. Hit me up if you want to talk. =)

Meet men and women from United States. For starters, I feel it is important to tell people that I am a type 1 diabetic. It has a profound impact on my life as I am still working on trying to how it fits into my life. I am a quite and nerdy guy. I love to chill out and watch movies and play games. I also love to go on walks and hikes and just plain hang out with people. I've been told I can be a very laid back person and but when it is needed, I can be very serious. I'm not very good at selling myself, never have been, and I've always had trouble describing myself to others.
What I feel I am looking for is a beautiful sweet, kind lady that I can be myself around. Someone who can go with the flow and be very easy going. I'm really big on showing affection and just being with the people I care about so you better get used to it if you are going to be hanging around me.