Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 18 year old

Date a boy from Colorado, United States. Im a very caring guy that knows how to treat a girl. I am looking for a beautiful girl that likes to play sports and is athletic.I am also a very funny guy and im easy to get along with. I love playing basketball and i always keep my promises.

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. I can be a variety of people at the same time. If your upset I normally would ask whats wrong, and even push to find out. If you're enjoying yourself, I'll try to make it even better. If you're annoyed or bored, I'll do anything I can to make things or situations better. I guess you can say putting myself before others describes me best, but I am not afraid to stick up for myself, or even defend myself. If I truly think something is wrong or someone is in the wrong I have no problem telling them how I feel.
Getting me to smile is almost as easy as walking. I love humor, any type. I want someone who loves to laugh and have a good time outside and inside as well. Someone who can still be fun and energetic while being in a home environmental. Relationships have been rough in the past, primarily because I'm more open than other people about relationships.I'm just looking for someone who wants to be around me, but at the same time doesn't think I try to hard to make things better for them.

Date a guy from Colorado, United States. I'm looking for a girl with a sense of humor and likes to get into deep conversations. I have a wild side, and love to party. My favorite music includes metal, grunge, alternative, rock and party music.

Meet people from Colorado, United States. Im a very sweet guy. I love the outdoors and sports! Im funny smart enthusiastic and outgoing. I love relationships, Im more of a commitment guy. When Im single Im down for anything. Im 6 foot 6 and athletically toned. I use to play football but I had to lay down my dreams because of a dirt biking accident. I have baby blue eyes and many other great features. There is a lot about me so if you want to just send me a message and you'll see the great man I am.

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. I like working on cars and want to pursue a career in it. I enjoy motocross or mountain riding. I like camping, sports mainly football. I can be fun and am willing to try new things and explore new places. I'm looking for someone who I know I can get along with and can accept me and what I do for what it is. I realize I'm not the sexiest guy around. It would be nice to find a girl who doesn't really care about that. Someone who would enjoy doing activities and fun stuff with me.

Meet a soulmate from Colorado, United States. First off about me i am a very out going individual i love to learn i am very much into working out and constantly looking to get in better shape and to get stronger i do work out every day of the week at twenty four hour fitness and will be go to school in september to become a respatory therapist i love poetry and litature so i write alot not to mention that i do draw alot
i love to read philosphy there is so much you can learn from some of the early philosphers such as plato and socrates and even as late as bruce lee one of my favorite things to tell people is that i do not bielve knowledge is what gives a man power i bielve that applied knowedge is what gives you power. yes i guess you can say that i am a fast paced fella but that doesn't meaN I doesn't mean i don't like to slow it down and cook diner for you and lose ourselves in a conversation and perhaps even eachother if you can;t make me laugh and and carry out a conversation while cuddleing up in a blanket watching the stars don't even bother i love a classy smart compassionate women who is self empowered and gets what she wants i do want a women who can work out with me and share interests with me and i do love to travel.

Date single boy from Colorado, United States. Ah Let's see I'm very genuine and I'm very outgoing and I love to speak. There's nothing I don't try at least once, I don't mind kids,pets,etc. I love women who can stand by my side and help me do little work around the house. Umm I wake up every morning to run. I wish to have children with a beautiful woman some day... And yeah thanks for reading this!

Meet a boy from United States. I'm funny, shy but if i know you i wont be, I'm play football, and drink sometimes, dont have the looks, but i can cook you a great dinner, i play a lot of games, i never had a girlfriend before, been singe alll my life, here to find the one!

Date men and women from United States. I am very driven and focused, I'm going to college and playing 2 diff sports at an NAIA div one school. I love new things, the sun, lakes, and music. I want a girl who won't cheat, loves life as much as I do, wants to actually spend time with me, and is fairly attractive :)

Meet a guy from United States. Hello, I am Tony . I work hard for a living. In my free time I play guitar and draw. I am awesome to be around, my energy just over flows ;) I'm looking for a girl to make me feel special and basically be there when I fall. :) I'm generally easy going and I like to laugh at myself when I mess up haha. I like just going and relaxing and talking. :)

Date people from United States. I love children no matter what background they have came from. Iv been in foster care for most of my life and has had a failed adoption when i was younger. I want to help as many people expecialy kids that has had anytype of hurt in life. It would be wonderful to find a girl who loves kids from all backgrounds and is loyal because she is going to be my only one. I want someone who i can sit on a porch and hold as the sunsets and watchs the stars late into the night. Someone who will grow old with me and share a lifetime of memories and love that will be charished tell the end of time in the heart of both our souls.

Meet someone special from United States. my friends in my life r every thing , i always happy so i dont care about any thing , i leraned English fast , i wold like to have girlfriend to have fun whit her and to development my second language
USA is the best place i hop , i find girlfriend