Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 55 year old

Date people from Colorado, United States. 54 year old male divorced for a number of years. two girls 34 and 19. the youngest just moved into an paprtment but is still around quite a bit the oldest lives in south carolina and has two kids. im just looking for someone to hang out with dinner movie spoting event. I feel its time to start dating again because my two girls are out on their own

Meet a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Hi Im Marty Im a avid sports fan I also like dogs that is big dogs I was born in Ottumwa Iowa I now reside in Colorado I love the mountains I love to go camping and im ready to meet some friends and get connected with a match

Date a man from Colorado, United States. NOTICE: my paid subscription runs out on 5/26, so send me a message soon if you're interested! Is there anything stranger than trying to get back into the dating rhythm after years of married life? I think I'm starting to regain my balance now, and you'll be getting the benefit of several months of trial and error experimentation. My philosophy has undergone a change from cautious skepticism to living in the moment and being open to success and new experiences. As a result, I'm enjoying life a lot more, and being in an honest, fun and loving relationship with someone would make it even better. I've done a lot more mountain biking and hiking lately. I work out every day, mixing in boxing, weightlifting, swimming and running. My heart skips a beat (a little scary when you're over 40 ) when I see a tall woman, and I love that sensation of standing eye-to-eye and lips-to-lips with a date. My ideal mate would be fairly fit and enjoy working out, but she's not obsessive about it. She's not afraid to indulge in a sumptuous meal with wine on occasion (why work out if you don't get something out of it). You enjoy outdoor activities (along with biking and hiking, I want to do more skiing and/or snowboarding, as well as golfing and road cycling). You enjoy a night on the town (and you look good in a little black dress, because I don't (well, I would if I did a substantial amount of waxing)). You're equally at home just laying out and watching a movie. Having children of your own (whether at home or already moved out) is a plus, because I have two daughters (ages 9 and 12) that are extremely important to me. Even if you don't have kids, being comfortable around them is admirable. You're honest and quick to speak your mind. You enjoy your alone time, but you're happier when we're together. You're spiritual and always seeking out the answer to why we're here. You're very sensual and playful, not at all reluctant to show or receive affection (public or private), and you want a mate who shares your intensity. If this sounds like a good description of you, contact me right now. UPDATE: I just adopted two dogs from the local shelters, a blue heeler/lab mix and a black lab/border collie mix, and we're all going through obedience training together-I'm learning to balance a biscuit on the end of my nose right now...

Meet men and women from Colorado, United States. I am a hard working man who doesn't have a lot of time to be looking around. My job keeps me busy but in my off time I would like some female companionship.I'm not into bars or nightclubs and I work nights so it's hard to get out and socialize. Dating can be difficult when you work while most play! I'd like to meet a woman that can handle that be a good freind as well as a loving sexual partner! Think you 've got what it takes?

Date single man from Colorado, United States. I subscribe to the notion that friendship precedes love, and the cornerstone of any relationship is predicated on mutual respect, honesty, fidelity, trust and communication. I am a hopeless romantic. I am a strong beleiver that Love should be expressed everyday no matter how simple the gesture. I have a terrific sense of humor. I enjoy going out socially with friends, movies (yes, chick flicks included) comedy clubs, dining, the theatre, dinner playhouses, sporting venues, or just snuggling up at home by a fire with a glass of wine while engaging in stimulating conversation. I love to dance. I will dance with you even though we may be the first out on the floor. Someone has to get everyone else started. I am sensitive and a very good friend and listener. I spent many years being an attentive father, baseball coach, and role model to my children. I enjoy travel, cruises, playing board games with friends, and short overnight weekend trips to the mountains. I will open your door, pull out your chair, and help you with your wrap (that's wrap not rap) If you think chivalry is too old fashioned, I am probably not the one you are seeking. You are one who enters a relationship with an open mind. We are a blank book and do not judge each other by merely skimming the pages. You believe two people in a relationship should write their own chapters. You have learned from the past but do not live in it. You look forward to a future together with infinite possibilities. You enjoy spending quality time with your partner no matter what your surrounding. You have a great sense of humor and love to laugh. You have a playful side and gentle nature. You do not beleive in going to bed mad. You can have a good time in any social setting or just be comfortable in the solitude of your own environment. You are not afraid to fail and realize failure is a necessary step toward success. You like the intimacy of a kiss and the warmth and security of a hug. You appreciate the little things life has to offer. You do not sweat the small stuff. You love to cuddle, hold hands, and show your affection.

Meet someone special from Colorado, United States. Joy is a result of finding someone with whom you may share life. Who can walk together unless they be agreed? That seems to be one of the luxuries of the Internet: finding the most suitable fit among many postings. I appreciate the effort so many have made.
One can only suppose that everyone aims to give a fair description of self in a brief space. I guess it's like the salesman who figures he has about 30 seconds to close the sale before losing attention. Better get to work here.
The ancient Book said that it was not good for man to be alone (nor women). We are social creatures in want of companionship. Even a sliver of company can satisfy. It's good to share thoughts; one's heart with another.
I like company, and people. It's important to me to listen, give understanding, support, respect, nurturing, and encouragement. So, those characteristics would be important traits in another. Do you value these things, too?
It seems to me that this is a fine beginning. I have no other expectations to place upon others. It's like Dr. Laura says, 'Men are simple creatures--feed them and, well, provide them admiration, respect, and nurturing. Men can be taken at face value (no pun intended)!
So, if you even somewhat share these ideas, get in touch. Talking is enjoyable; good friends are priceless!
Briefly, about my personal convictions, I am a Christian Protestant who prizes the teachings of the Reformation (from the 16th and 17th centuries). I value the five 'solas' (if you don't know them, please ask), and believe that the two primary issues at stake in the Reformation are just as critical today: the question of divine authority (the source), and justification by faith alone (from whom does righteousness come).
Others have described me as serious and assertive in conviction, but with a sometimes gut-busting sense of humor. Hardly laughs are good. In fact, a few years back I nearly laughed myself unconscious due to some very witty, sarcastic, timely humor that just broke the iciness of a stern dialog! I could hardly stand up! What a hoot and howl! So, anyway it keeps life balanced.
What can bring the biggest smile from me (on the inside if not the outside) is love and adoration from a sincere heart. Want to have a man in the palm of your hand? This is the inestimable power of a wise woman. Being romantic and sentimental by nature, I have little or no resistance. ;o)

Date people from United States. I am a hard working man who is honest and sincere, Not here to play mind games or joke ,i am here to find the right woman for me , I have been through alot in life and I am giving marriage a last chance , If it doesnt work ,i will count my self out of marriage , All I want to say is that I want to meet a woman to settle down with ,share and spend the rest of my life with .

Meet a soulmate from United States. I'm a happy and grateful person, looking for lady for friend and like the thouht of being married again someday. I like to laugh and have fun but also am serious minded person, don't like head games, want to treat everyone as I would want to be treated. Like to find someone to go out have some fun with, some drinks some laughs and whatever might come. Always treat women good and have a romantic nature. Still fit and active, . Still ride my motorbike like I was a teenager,but not with passenger. Financially secure and although time is moving by quickly still ready to go for it. Want to enjoy life and have some fun, lets do it.

Date a man from United States. I'm friendly, alittle shy.I'm a little romantic but I don't know why. I would like to meet someone to share precious time with. To get to know each others little secrets. And cherish the love we create.

Meet men and women from United States. 200 character minimum? SHEESH!!!! I'm just looking for someone that is pleasant and likes to laugh, Also someone that enjoys going on motorcycle rides. I'm only home once a week so she needs to be flexible. I miss having that one on one relationship with a woman and sharing the ups and downs of life.

Date single man from United States. Opposites attract, but I doubt they make good long-term partners...
ABOUT YOU: 1) You're intelligent, attractive and fit. 2) If you're divorced, or have ended a long-term relationship, you've taken the time to process it. 3) You don't live hundreds of miles away—real relationship equals doing real, everyday stuff together. 4) You recognize something of yourself in the "ABOUT ME" section, below. I don't know what the specifics of your life may be, but If this doesn't resonate for you, we probably won't match.
ABOUT PHOTOS: The "dark beard" shots are the most recent. In many of my photos, I'm out hiking or running. That's about the only time the camera comes out. Perhaps a bit misleading. Though I'm pretty active, you're as likely to find me reading, writing, or browsing a bookstore or flea market. Most of my photos are recent and labeled with the date they were taken. Please be honest with yours, as well.
ABOUT ME: Reading profiles online could lead one to conclude that everybody in this cyber world is deliriously happy. Apparently, everyone sails right through divorce, trouble with their kids and financial losses without a scratch—ready for baggage-free relationship the next day. Really? Can we just drop a bit of the posturing here and tell each other the truth? Perhaps harder than we thought in this smorgasbord of humanity. Many of us put our best foot forward, keeping the slightly malformed one hidden for as long as possible. But there's no denying—we've all got our story. And while I'm not claiming to be an exception in this regard, let me assure you: No big scary issues here. No hidden substance abuse, anger issues or mental illness. My divorce is eleven years behind me and I've thoroughly processed it. I've been with the same employer since 1998, surviving a half dozen reorgs and layoffs. I could be "creative" with my age. Biologically, I test out to be anywhere from my early 30's to early 40's. (a test on 12.11.11 showed my arterial health is that of a 30 year-old). I'm very young for my age, both physically and mentally and I seek someone who is the same, whether they're 46 or 56...I see myself as a playful, inquisitive and compassionate guy—accepting and laid back about most things, passionate about a few. I take a sympathetic view of my fellow humans (except when they're cutting me off in traffic), so I attempt to live without judgment. I have a pretty high I.Q., but have done some incredibly stupid things. I think most of us are trying to meet the same emotional needs—however blindly we stumble around in the process. Attempting to live with authenticity, self-awareness and a commitment to continual learning are life goals of mine. I have great relationships with my four adult daughters. The Meyers/Briggs profile consistently shows me to be INFP—near the borderline on the I versus the E. I've earned a living as an Art Director and graphic designer since 1979. For 11 of those years I freelanced, mostly within the music industry in Nashville. Had a little antique shop in my 20's, explored a couple of publishing ideas and at one time, considered becoming a counselor. I'm naturally inquisitive. As a kid, this natural curiosity led me to discover that if you boil Pepsi, it turns into a clear liquid and if you melt brown shoe polish, it separates into green and red wax. Of course, my curiosity has gotten me into trouble at times, but it's also saved my life. I value fair-minded skepticism and rational thinking highly (but not sarcasm or cynicism, which can make anything seem stupid). I control the health factors that I can, in order to live a wide-awake life for as long as I can. I work out regularly and eat an extremely healthy diet 6 days a week. (Currently, the 7th day is cheat day.) It's important to me that you be committed to a healthy lifestyle as well.

Meet someone special from United States. My friends would describe me as fun, honest, confident, successful, accomplished and someone who enjoys life, family and rich-friendships, with a huge heart.
I live an active life, work hard and play hard too. On a weekend a variety of things I like to do are sailing, or power boating, water skiing, golfing, taking a motor cycle ride and or camping with friends. Snow skiing in the winter months is a favorite. I like to entertain, go to concerts, movies, dine out, dance and cook. I have future aspirations of owning a live-aboard sail boat in the Caribbean and looking for the next favorite beach or sailing up the eastern seaboard. On any given day I might workout take a ride on my mountain bike to stay in shape, or I might just jump in the hot tub and take it easy.
I'm not looking for a bunch of different women for these different activities or to occupy my time! I know guys who do this and it does not interest me a bit. I'm looking for one, extremely special lady. I have prepared myself, this is a process and it may take a while and I'm ok with that. I'm not sure it will happen at first site or not but I do have expectations of the relationship as a best friend relationship. Filled with laughter, honesty, trust and intimacy.
I am most attracted to a social, honest woman with integrity are planners, have a soft-sincere heart and lots of energy. A couple of things I don't care for in any person are game players, people who judge or the controlling types, high maintenance or the drama girl. Being Pretty or attractive is a plus, and taking care herself organized and clean. About all I have described,
So where do we go from here? Well,give it a chance…isn’t that why were here? Send me an email lets see if there are some sparks and have some fun.