Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 29 year old

Date a boy from Colorado, United States. down to earth guy just wanting have fun with someone. enjoys hanging out after a long work week and relaxing. love to ride my motorcycle on long rides does not matter where. love going camping and fishing

Meet single boy from Colorado, United States. Hey. Well, to start with I'm a Colorado native. I'm not interested in meeting someone in a bar either. Something different. I stood behind one for six years before I moved to the Denver area. I'm most happy and comfortable around my friends and family. I love kids. Any chance I get I like to go spend time with my neice and brand new nephew. Kids are the future.
I enjoy going to professional sporting events, live music, moutain biking, karoke, hiking, swimming, pool, dominos, etc. I'm a very honest, faithful, laid back guy. I'm looking for someone who can make me laugh and smile. I'm looking for someone who is a good listener and someone who isn't afriad to speak their mind. Someone who will support me as I will them and someone who can introduce me to new things also.

Date a guy from Colorado, United States. I am looking for a woman to be best friends with that is interested in a Romanic relationship. For example, I like to spend quality time by entertaining the relationship by giving her the attention she need around the house. I like to hug and be close when helping cook dinner or while watching movies. Also, I would like her to be part of most everything that I do within the relationship, but she does not halve to be part of everything I do. Farther more, I am willing to make self-changes to meet the needs of the relationship as needed. This may include having differences in taste of what type of house we want to live in or life style. I can make adjustments as needed based on circumstances so we can both be happy.
I love traveling to many different places. So far most of my traveling has been done, when I was still serving in the military. I want to travel more now since I’m outside of the military. I hope that the woman I date will want the same too. She can pick any place she wants to go and I will happily go along with joy. If anything, we can fill are hart’s needs and desires in anywhere we shale want to go. Also, I want to enjoy life's pleasures as much as possible with a companion to do things with.
I absolutely love to run and bicycle ride. I run three miles every other day during the week just for fun. Next, I bicycle rid in-between those run days. I ride my bicycle just about anywhere. Just pick a place to ride and I will go along with you. In particular, I absolutely love spontaneous bicycle riding trips to cool places that I have never been before.
If you have a lot of the same interest as me, or willing to try to find a happy median where we can both do what we want. We might just be a perfect mach. I can be flexible in how we do things together as a team. I don't do things to a set particular standard. Also, I’m always up for new ideas if they shall arise, and I hope who reads this article will keep an open mind on me!

Meet people from Colorado, United States. I'm coming up on a year since I have moved back to Denver and I must say that I'm glad I made the move. I lived in Laramie Wyoming for 10 years and moved back to the Denver area where I grew up and looking to start another chapter in my life. I love the outdoors, camping, fishing, a hike with my dog. I love athletics, I played college football so you can say I have a competitive side but for the most part I'm very laid back and enjoy the company of family and friends. I'm not a 100% sure about this online dating thing, but who is. I'm am just over the Bar scene and I'm looking for a down to earth girl. The type of girl I probably wouldn't meet at a bar because she is over that scene too.
I'm looking for someone sweet, kind, and would be interested in having a fun time. Whether its going out to dinner, an event or just enjoying each others company.

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. Im Alonso 28 Latino Good Head in my shoulders im a contractor for CenturyLink And looking for that right person im divorce 2 baby boys and well just wanna meet some one reel not married dnt wanna be the sancho had to much luckon that so if u are married dnt reply whats mine is mine dnt like to share who will lol but anything else just ask ????

Meet a soulmate from Colorado, United States. Where will I be in 6 years? An arbitrary number, I suppose, not unlike any other. If you ask me that today, I may not have a striking answer for you right off the bat. Why? Because sometimes life just doesn't go as planned. Things that one once felt, ebb with time and new passions and expectations take their place. What I do know is that I'm energetic and and very much alive! I feel as though I am standing at the threshold of something unknown and exciting, and its just waiting until I press on just the right spot!! I do have high hopes and plans for the future. Eventually I want someone to share that with. I want someone that I am excited to see at the end of the day and someone who is just as excited to see me. Physical and spiritual connection... As well as similar passions or a Passion(s) that I find fascinating and vise versa. I want to be captivated! It's all too easy to focus on what could have been or what did not work out like we thought it should have. What we should see is that because we aren't wrapped up in one thing there is a whole world of possibilities that are now open to us that we might have overlooked otherwise!! So here I am, searching for redemption in a world of possibilities.....
I moved here from the East Coast about four months ago. It was high time for a change of scenery. I had vacationed in CO several times and of all the places I've been, here seemed to fit me the best. I absolutely love it here.
I thrive on being outside and am interested in almost any activity that allows me to do so. Hiking, camping, rock climbing, snow boarding, just to name a few. I enjoy team sports like volly ball or ultimate frisbee for social interaction. I've also dabbled in rodeo, racket ball, tennis, soft ball, soccer, horse shoes, and drinking games :D I also volunteer as a FireFighter and EMT with multiple certifications in both.
I work out so that I can do the things that I really do enjoy- even better. I like an occasional fitness class, swimming and I just started yoga not that long ago! My favorite quote about working out is one engraved on a post topped by a comrade's helmet which read "When I feel like it, I exercise mind and body because my life depends on it. When I do not feel like it, I exercise mind and body anyway because someone else's life may depend on it."
I enjoy all sorts of animals and pets. I grew up around horses and hope that one day I can acquire one again. I also hope to have a Great Dane or a Great Dane/ Shepherd mix. I know it sounds strange, right? But I want to train it for Search and Rescue here in the Rockies. I think a pet fox would be cool.
Career wise I am currently a Foreman for a construction company. My ultimate goal is to switch careers to be a Professional Firefighter, and I am continuing to work in that direction. I am also training for a specialized branch of the Air Force that I will be testing for sometime in 2012. If I pass that my life will most likely never be the same. But that's the exciting part, right? The unknown.
I tend to enjoy tv series more than movies, although I'm usually a season behind. I suppose it is the aspect that it continues to go on and you can get to know the characters better. Bones and Dexter are probably my top two. Movie wise, Dinner for Shmucks was hilarious, and I'm not even a big Steve Carell fan.

I am not without belief, but neither am I religious in anyway. I strive to be non judgmental in every way possible. My Mema use to say "those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones".

I could go on about laughter, and how I have a good sense of humor and enjoy making people laugh. How I dont mind laughing at myself or the comedy in life. Or how I like good wine and long walks on the beach. But honestly, all that is so relative. I dont believe that connections are always instant. At some point one mus

Date someone special from Colorado, United States. Down to earth guy,like to do things outside. enjoy the simple things in life and no drama. like goin on long rides on my motorcycle to clear the mind. love to party and have fun with a sexy woman. I am hard working man and have worked for everything i wanted, not a quiter.

Meet a boy from United States. I guess I would describe myself as laid back, but extremely ambitious. I am very goal oriented and I go after the things I want. I am really close with my family and have a group of friends that I have known since I was 4. I consider loyalty and honesty to be very important. I think its important to treat yourself to something nice every once in a while. Laughter is the best medicine for nearly everything.
I would like to meet someone that is ready for a relationship and is ready for some adventure. This means that they want to travel and learn about other cultures and other people. Someone who wants to try new things and have experiences they will never forget with someone special. I want to be with someone that loves family and friends.
If you want to know anything else about me, just type me a line.

Date single boy from United States. just trying this out. Maybe 2012 will bring me love and fortune. But if not I know it will still be great. Adventure and a smile drive me. And a little security to catch you when you stumble makes the adventure even more rewarding!! (i.e. never look back!)

Meet a guy from United States. i am most proud of having learned to dance, although i'd really like to dance like sam rockwell. every movie that guy is in, he dances.
i'm mainly looking for someone who likes to talk and dance. and travel. have you seen davey dancing blog? it'd be great if we could do something like that as a couple, right? dance and travel.

Date people from United States. I will make you laugh and smile! A good sense of humor goes a long way with me. I'm very laid back and don't take myself too seriously. At the same time, I am serious about my work and my goals in life. Keeping a good balance there is important to me.
I've traveled quite a bit in the last several years, but have been in Colorado for almost a year and am happy to be getting settled in here.
I am blessed to have a great family and generous friends, and enjoy being able to spend time with them. I'm looking for someone who surrounds themself with good people.

Meet men and women from United States. I tend to let others judge me as they see it rather than trying to boast about my own personal awesomeness. However, I do enjoy playing around by pretending to be much more awesome than I really think, though I'm pretty sure it's pretty transparent when I do it.
I'm very sarcastic, and if you can't take a few verbal jabs from time to time then you and I probably won't mesh very well. On the flipside, I do care very deeply about anyone that I have decided is my friend. Loyalty is a very important thing to me, and to those I am loyal to I will go nearly any length for.
I am very easy going. I tend to just go with the flow, so to speak, letting things work out in their own way, though I will work to fix negative things when they start to have an impact on others.
My spiritual development is currently a very important aspect of my life. I can't describe how this will affect anything, really. I have a very open view about religion and similar philosophies or beliefs. I'm still trying to determine where my path is in this regard.
I am a nerd in almost any way you can look at the word. I'm continually in the process of upgrading my own, personally built computer. I play video games regularly and eagerly anticipate the release of certain future titles. I play table top roleplaying games (dungeons and dragons or other dice-using games). I entertain myself by reading, writing, listening to music or just hanging out with friends.
I enjoy the simple things of a relationship. Being able to spend time with one another, cuddling in front of a movie, holding hands, talking, or even just being silent but near. While it would rarely seem to be true, I tend to be a very sensitive person, though I can be rather oblivious to a lot of things.
Its just as difficult to describe my ideal match as it is for me to describe myself.
She should be supportive, though she should also challenge me. When I'm feeling down I need someone to help share the burden with, but when I'm doing well I need someone to push me to do more and to excel at what I already am doing.
She should be able to get along with my rather nerdy inclinations. I'm a pretty smart guy and I do tend to talk about things that interest me, though some people might not have any idea what I'm really going on about. So either being able to keep up with me is important, or at least being able to roll your eyes and go along with it.
I think that there is probably more that I could go on to add, but I can't really put the rest of my thoughts into words right now, maybe I'll update later!