Date men and women from United States / Colorado, 52 year old

Date people from Colorado, United States. Hello, I am an honest, straight forward, and loyal kind of guy. I like to have fun and enjoy being around other people. I am motivated and career minded, but like to take time to have fun and enjoy the finer things in life too.
I like small talk, but am more interested in getting to know the real you. I like to travel and visit tropical and exotic places. I would like to do more while I am young enough to really enjoy the experience. I am very active and enjoy skiing, running, biking, concerts, and taking a late romantic evening walk at sunset. I like challenging myself physically.
If you have a quick wit, a sense of humor, and self-confidence, I would really like to hear from you. Winks are great, but a note is better...

Meet a man from Colorado, United States. What people notice about me first? I guess it depends on whether I’m coming or going. But I’ve been told (yes, I asked!) eyes, smile, legs, posterior (yes!) and that I don’t look anywhere near my age. Although in my opinion the grey hairs are finally starting to sneak in so maybe eventually I WILL look my age!
Other things about me? Imagine a screeching cat in a metal garbage can and know that it sounds better than my singing voice. If you can get past that, you’ll find that I’m generous by nature and definitely been known to be there to help friends and family when needed. I fix and install things for friends, and I love buying spur of the moment gifts…especially for someone like YOU!
Mostly I like to plan ahead. I can’t help it, engineers tend to be organized. But when the weekend comes around and we’ve been too busy to make plans – well, that’s when my spontaneity (and I hope yours!) kicks in. I like variety, so let’s just open 5280 (or the laptop equivalent), see what’s out there and go do it!
Things I look for in my partner? Hopefully we’ll have similar interests and values. She’ll be someone who enjoys life and, like me, appreciates giving and receiving the little things in relationships. Affectionate, self-sufficient, active and fit (but not obsessive about it). A sense of fun, adventure and a sexy side that she’s not afraid to let show. Comfortable with or without makeup, dressed to the nines or in t-shirts and jeans.
A great smile and penetrating eyes will simply melt me, but I’m attracted to her inner beauty as well, especially if that comes with intelligence, curiosity, a glass mostly full approach to life and a positive attitude.
I do hope you’ll take the positive approach to this online effort, and if I email you, send me a response, even if it’s �no-thanks’? And I promise I’ll do the same for you. So what are you waiting for?

Date single man from Colorado, United States. OK, .
First, the basics, I am an honest, hard working, career-driven person. I would consider myself even-tempered, deliberate, thoughtful with a decent sense of humor. My friends mean a lot to me. I have many varied interests. I am a very passionate person about things that are important to me, that includes my daughter, my relationships and how I live my life. I love to experience new cultures, I love to be physically active and to play golf. My relationships have all been long term. But, I realize that I am not perfect for everyone, so in the interest of being honest...
The top reasons you WOULDN'T want to date me…
1. I tend to work too hard. We all have that internal balance that divides our personal with our professional lives. I try very hard to balance it out. However, I tend to gravitate more of my time to work than personal. Of course, the first step is awareness!
2. I am not a party animal. Everyone knows that person that “has to be” at the party for it to be a success. Funny and highly entertaining to the masses. OK, I am not that guy. One on one, I do great, as well as, being with a more intimate group of friends. Put me in a loud club/bar environment and I am not the guy with my shirt off dancing on the table.
3. I cannot sing. Seriously, I cannot underscore how true this is. I can clear out church. So, if you were imagining the two of us driving down the road singing at the top of our lungs…..well…. I will be the Milli Vanilli of the duo.
4. I love to travel….a lot. I know just about everyone on this site says �Love to Travel”. Well, I love it and really do travel. I do spend some time on the road for work. But, I also try to schedule 3-4 trips a year plus the assorted “lets go _____ for the weekend”. I realize that isn’t for everyone.
5. Two words…follicle-ly challenged…notice the pictures…enough said
6. I am not a super athlete. I love working out and playing golf and I am pretty good at it (at times) I see so many on here looking for a mountain climbing tri-athlete. Good luck, that’s just not me. I love being competitive in the sports that I participate in.
7. OK, about the “body type”. Your choices on here are “a few extra pounds”, “about average” and “athletic and toned” Well, I am an athletic person. However, I have a few extra pounds. (about 15 to be exact) that I need to lose. So, maybe an athlete that could lose a few pounds?
8. I do not read a zillion books a year. Seriously, reading is something that I do when I have time to relax. That can be on a plane, a little before bed, but, mostly I read when I am on vacation.
9. I am a dreamer. I love to think about things and come up with new ideas, thinking of creative solutions to issues, new business ideas, what things I would like to do…it is my mind candy. I love to have a relationship with a person that is my “sounding board”, my confidant, my partner and best friend. Of course, if you are that person, that means you get to listen to all of my crazy ideas….
10. I am not a good skier. I know, living in CO that is a sin. So, if you see me flying down a double black diamond....please contact the ski patrol so they know where to look for my body
Scared you off? Well, those are my negatives (as I see them). I also believe there are a lot of positives as well
What am I looking for? Well, that is really hard to put into words. A highly personal mixture of funny, intelligent, engaged, understanding, caring, sexy, passionate, driven and a few “intangibles” (see-Chemistry)What the proper percentages of those attributes are- still remains to be seen. I really would be lying if I said that looks didn’t matter, I know that there does have to be a physical attraction
Hey, and finally, and seriously, no one can get a clear read on a person by reading a little profile. Certainly, you can’t find true love solely this way. But, I do believe you can find true “like”. The rest is more of a personal (and much more fun)process. So, let’s get starte

Meet someone special from Colorado, United States. looking for that special someone, I could love with all my heart, body and soul.Family is very important to me. I am a low maintenance type of man who seeks a good woman, i work very hard but value little things in life...i am not seeking for a perfect woman because none of us are perfect, I love to find experiences and to share them with someone close, but I have no special person in my life to share my dreams and excitements with.I have an affectionate, sweet, outgoing personality. I have a strong sense of humor, but I know when to be serious. I show patience and sympathy for the feelings and needs of others.. i hope my dream woman is out here....IM Me ill respond

Date men and women from Colorado, United States. I would like to find someone who ejoys life.. I enjoy the simple things in life, it is important to smile and have fun be able to relax in each others company and see what life brings our way. I have 2 kids that live with me half of the time and tend to spend alot of time on the soccer field and doing other things with them. Not to say that I wouldn't have the time to spend with someone special. A nice evening would be go out to a nice dinner and then go for a walk or maybe a movie and then who knows.... My perfect lady would have to have a zeal for life enjoy playing in the outdoors. She would have to like to travel but also be comfortable at home. I need someone that is confidant but not overbearing. But most of all someone who is honest and likes to have a good time.

Meet a soulmate from Colorado, United States. I love to ride motorcycles, and explore. I am pretty laid back and mellow, don't need BS or drama. just want to live life to the max. love the road, but also love long nights at home. I like to educate myself, whenever possible.

Date people from United States. my friends swould describe me as a loyal,trustworthy person with a great sence of humor whose glass is always half full(not half empty).I believe in treating others as you wish to be treated.
I believe that chivalry is not dead and that life is too short to carry any grudges.
Im hoping to meet someone who has similar interests as mine.
Im a firm believer is Chemistry and am looking forward to seeing what happens.
Thanks for checking out my profile

Meet a man from United States. Best way to describe me is I work hard, and play even harder. Healthy and very active person who loves living in the great state of Colorado.. such an outdoor playground. Enjoy scuba diving and lounging at the beach as much as hitting the slopes in the winter. Although I'm not too much into the nightlife scene, I do enjoy going out to local dives and listening to live music... occasionally hitting the dance floor. Learning how to salsa would be a riot!! I am a romantic at heart... snuggling up with my special someone to watch a good movie would be a great way to end the night ( or get it started...). My woman should be confident, independant, with a positive outlook on life.. a great smile and a wonderful laugh are contagious! I am interested in an active partner who shares common interests and likes to do activities together. I am old school in terms of the way I treat my woman.. respectful and attentive... my focus.. When you are with me, you will know it!
Enjoy traveling and exploring new places and cultures... my childhood taught me how different life can be for different folks.
Vegas is a favorite spot.. enjoy the shows, people watching :), and blackjack!! Golf is kinda fun in 100 degrees too... HA! Still get a kick out of learning new things... dancing for example... Dancing with the Stars opened my eyes to something I haven't really tried before...looks like fun, with the right person,that is...

Date single man from United States. It’s always hard to write about yourself, so I’m going to have to depend on what my family and friends say about me. I’m very easy to get along with, compassionate, care more about others than myself, and I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I’ll go to great lengths in making sure my friends have a good time whenever they’re with me. I’ve been known to spoil my friends, especially the female ones, when it comes to their birthday or for a special occasion.
I’m a sports enthusiast looking for someone to share that seat next to me at the Av’s, Nuggets, Rockies, and Mammoth game. I enjoy the theatre, a good movie, dining out at some of our finer restaurants, and special events that come to Denver such as Cirque du Soleil. I’m and avid bowler, bowling in two leagues, I enjoy racquetball in the winter and volleyball in the summer, and I run, play, and coach in one of the largest softball leagues in Denver. I spend a lot of my free time with volunteer work in helping those who are less fortunate, with my two beautiful daughters, with friends as often as possible, and babysitting so that my friends can go out and have a good time. I bore easily and I'm one of those who likes to be busy, life is too short to be home doing nothing.
I’ve been a single parent the past 15-years raising two now grown daughters. There’s nothing I enjoy more in life than my kids. My only regret is not having more! You can often find me with kids that belong to my friends. I enjoy spoiling them as much as I do my own and it gives my friends’ quality time amongst themselves.
My mother always taught me to treat a woman the way I would treat her! I’m looking for a friend first and a partner second. I’m a strong believer that you need to be friends first and get to know each other before you can become partners. I’m shy at the beginning, but once you get to know me you’ll find me to be a wonderful person, as many of my friends have said.

Meet someone special from United States. I'm genuinely a good honest guy. An Iowa farm boy who parent's raised right. I love outdoor activity and life in general. If there's something to do let's go. i don't watch TV, ok the superbowl if it's on. i work hard and play hard, and if i fall in love i will cherish you.
I'm looking for someone who is real, who will make me smile, who is active, who is comfortable with themself, who is independent, and loves life.
Someone who can be a friend, who enjoys romance, who is comforable dressing up or walking around the house in their birthday suit, who will travel with me. I'm looking for someone who is internally happy.

Date men and women from United States. NO WINKS, PLEASE! I'm looking for someone capable of writing a meaning message.
I'm a playful, high-energy guy with lots of passion for the things I pursue be it work, play, or romance. I'm intelligent, educated and mostly casual although I like to get spiffy once in a while. My personality varies between gregarious and contemplative. An intellectual connection with my partner is essential.
I waited a long time to get married - I was 49. Upon marrying it began to disintegrate almost immediately. But I'm a naturally optimistic person, and now, I am delighted to have 2 adopted children and 1 child of my own. Kids are: girl 12, boy 9, and girl baby of 20 months. I LOVE being a dad! I am tireless in dedicating my life to helping them to be ready for the world. I didn't have the best childhood when I was growing up, so I want to give them what I missed: a home with lots of love and affection, opportunities to do sports, encourage academic excellence, and most of all, to help them to form great ethical and spiritual values.
With my future wife and family, I envision traveling-exploring Colorado, this country, and the world. Although I'm a family man, I still love some adventure! I have traveled to many parts of Europe and Asia, and hope to continue my travels.
I am health-conscious, mostly an herbivore, and take great care of my body by regular swimming, running, and biking. I'm a people-person. I'm sensitive, warm, and communicative. For me, my physical pursuits keep me integrated; body, mind, and soul.
I'm self-employed, running my own software consulting business. Although my 9-5 job is high-tech, I much prefer to spend my free time pursuing artsy-like endeavors like theater, movies, museums, classical concerts, and fine dining. I love to read both fiction and some non-fiction, and I'm writing a book in my spare time. I have a side business-hobby of teaching the Enneagram to couples, individuals, and groups. I'm balanced between being indoors and outdoors. When outside I like to hike, snowshoe, backcountry ski, bike, raft, and swim across a big lake on a hot summer day.
Someone who values a strong a family experience. Either you never had the opportunity to have kids and you would like to enter into a ready-made family, OR you have kids and would be pleased to merge our families. I'm open to having another child or two with the right person, in the right situation.
Although I have 3 kids, I'm not necessarily looking for a mom - if you like that role, then great! I'm seeking a partner for me. I've already learned how to juggle my career and being a dad.
I am seeking a BEST FRIEND. Someone who values emotional intimacy, who is feminine, verbal, and shares her emotions. I long for hours of intense and satisfying conversation! I will enjoy sharing with you about our values and how we view the world. I seek someone to truly partner with. You can be extroverted or introverted, but you are seldom flamboyant, and you have a centered, peaceful demeanor.
I hope you would enjoy riding your bicycle or hiking. I would be energized and delighted if you would share your emotions/thoughts of the day with me. Do you know the Enneagram? If so, I have a natural attraction towards types 4 and 6, although any type is possible. I have many years of a Catholic past, but during my 2 years of marriage it was not pursued. Now that I'm starting fresh again, I'm looking forward to finding a partner this time who is serious about her faith, someone who wants to grow together and celebrate the joys of family life.
I'm pretty conservative when it comes to sexuality and dating. I strongly feel that friendship and emotional intimacy must be present, first.
And sorry, but I'm just not much into professional spectator sports unless I know someone playing. I do love watching the Olympics.

Meet a soulmate from United States. I am a tall masculine man, moving to Colorado Springs for living.. I am an intelligent, sensitive and hard working man. I am well educated, and I know how to treat a lady. I have a nice job, that allows me to travel a lot, but also gives me free time to do the things I like to do... I have humour.... I like closeness and communicating.. I also like just to be there... being able to be in the same room, without having to talk all the time...
I live alone, but I have 2 grown up daughters and a wonderful Grandson on 3 years of age.
I am looking for a sincere feminine woman, who knows what it takes to make a relationship to work. Who are still able to trust a man, and who is free of her past.